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Charlotte Coliseum; Charlotte, North Carolina

19Nov011RAW(02:45)SinglesWWFWomen'sTitle-G1451-2-1-2ReverseSlide-Pin;Some early sloppiness,;still with effort, watchable
19Nov012RAW(04:27)2v1HandicapTagTeamTables651-22-1-E-23DThroughTable;Nice balance for a handicap match; good action
19Nov013RAW(06:09)Singles(WCW)WorldChmpship-G1852-1-E-22-E-1-2-1RollUpCounter-Pin;Fine execution and constantly active and effortful
19Nov014RAW(03:06)Singles55[:02]2-12-2DQ Chairshot(Kane);Stable pace and good exchanges with a little lacking
19Nov015RAW(00:54)Singles05[:02]2-1RegalStretch-Submission;Near, if not totally, pointless;unless Tazz won

MOMENTUM KEY: (*) Denotes Interference; (E) Denotes Even Momentum ; Numbers to reflect substantial momentum changes or consistencies; [0:00] Denotes pre-bell action (not counted in official times), if any; Subscripts in lieu of continued momentum (i.e. 13 is same as 1-1-1).
FINISH: Final move/ incident (in favor of) brief comment.
RATINGS: I still continue with the system of using pre-match action and post-match to value a contest while giving the primary emphasis to the match itself which includes basic ring psychology, pace, mechanics and execution of move sets and high spots, the finish and its enjoyability, and how much the match advances a story line, if there is one to advance. But another element that I must convey is that I let the opening match or two set a baseline and then perform some degree of comparison of later contests to the baseline.


        1RAW 1. Lita with Matt Hardy    2. Trish Stratus
        2RAW 1. Rob Van Dam             2. Dudley Boyz with Stacy Keibler
        3RAW 1. The Rock                2. Kurt Angle
        4RAW 1. Chris Jericho           2. Kane
        5RAW 1. William Regal	        2. Tazz


    5 Matches and 0 NoContest/Non Match (17:21) about 13.9 % of showtime; AverageMatchRating (5 Matches) 51.0 Overall show rating: approximately 73 Though the Alliance is now defunct, wins and competitors will still be classified by previous affiliations
      Tazz, William Regal, Dudley Boyz, Stacy Keibler, Rob Van Dam; classified Alliance (Tazz has not been officially deemed WWF despite recent action) Interpromotional Matches, 0
    Personal Best Match of the night: 3 RAW The Rock v. Kurt Angle (85)
    Personal Worst Match of the night: 5 RAW William Regal v. Tazz (05)
    4 Singles (2 Title Matches), 1 2v1 Handicap
    0 instances of interference
    Title Changes: 0 Turns: None official, though still waiting for Tazz to be deemed as WWF.
    Show assessment:
      Matches were good (5 RAW exempted); McMahon amount was a classifiable overdose (-5); Foley segment fair (+3);Lack of any interference a definite plus (+5); well placed reactions to Angle (+4); Final segment with Flair was superb (+15).
      Overall good showing; better if a certain McMahon Regal segment was absent, more so if Vince was scarce altogether (maybe once).

First Match: Match suffered some sloppiness in the beginning but that could be overlooked. Action was quite fair for a women's match and Matt's major end-match error helped advance a storyline to an extent so that works. Match was kept concise which is good because even though Stratus is improving, she does not seem ready for extended contests. Fair.

Second Match: When you think Handicap match, you think of two things normally. First, you think that by default, the lone fighter has the odds of winning. Second, you think that the offense up to the finish is likely to be extremely unbalanced, hence, this match was quite refreshing as RVD got his share of hits in and that Frog Splash attempt was crazy. Good.

Third Match: Though I would have expected a little more time for this match, for what they were given, this was a fine contest. The general move execution was good and the non-finisher finish is always a plus as a deviant from the norm. Good form demonstrated here from both and the match demonstrated the supposed tension. Best of the night here.

Fourth Match: I normally do not enjoy a DQ finish yet this one was quite compelling in furthering Jericho's egotistical mean streak. Both competitors got their fair share of momentum in this contest. No really shining marks in this match and the pace seemed a little off from time to time but it was nothing too detracting from the match overall. Good.

Fifth Match: These constant Tazz demolishing spectacles become more pointless by the show, even though the premises for them are generally sound. I cannot, for the life of me, understand how they can give Tazz good reasons for seemingly interesting contests and yet not give him anything to work with in the ring. Disappointing on all fronts.

1. From Foley to Flair; things, dare I say, may be looking up in terms of hope for something good to watch.
2. Last part of the equation we could ask for is Triple H. Get back soon.
3. IMHO, changing the title from WCW Championship to World Championship is unnecessary and makes it seem more valuable than the WWF Championship.
4. Continuity of old storylines that normally fall through the proverbial plot holes, are always a plus (reference to Shane's/Stephanie's sale of WWF holdings earlier on).
5. Nice starter show for the road to WWF Vengeance. 5A. Speaking of which, was it really necessary for the WWF to change the name from Armageddon? it seems like unnecessary over-appeasement to me.

Robert Ortega, Jr.
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