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WWF Tough Enough by Shane Spear




The Triple Haitch Show

Welcome welcome my friends, to this show that never ends. We opens the show with previous bits and pieces on how they've all gotten there. Then we see all the rookies working out. By the way, in honor of Triple H day, there's a game at the end. Games are fun. So read the whole things, then it's TIME TO PLAY THE GAME!!

You know you can't have a episode without Darryl whining! He's on the phone talking how the whole show feels like an ass kicking. But then again, everyone has their own marks of the first episode. Bobby Jo has cuts and bruises everywhere. Taylor can barley walk upstairs. Bobby Jo talks to somebody on the phone about how everyone is breaking down. You know, expect for the people who aren't on TV. Shad talks about how Jason is into the training, and how he's built like a brickhouse or something. Maven also talks about Jason's physique and fitness. The point? Jason will be the focus of this episode.

Off we go to Trax, where they've all been told to be excited about something happening today. Some think it's just a mental endurance trick. But nope, former WWF champion Triple H comes through the door. Josh is stunned. Or dumb, definitely one of those. Greg tells on non-wrestling watching community who it is. Clips of H show him doing his pose, and kicking the hell out of Test. I'm surprised it's not Chris Jericho.

"How you guys doing?" Trips asks. He asks who among the group is sore. Some hands go into the air, including Josh's naturally. Trips dubs Darryl "Big Guy," and asks if he's taking the bumps tough. He asks if it hurt. Darryl silently nods. "Big fucking deal," is the reply. Afterwards, Trips orders all into the ring.

Jason takes a bump for Triple H, as do Josh and Darryl. Trips cringes as he points out to everyone that one of his balls is showing because Darryl has a hole in his shorts. Way to be noticed Moose! Trips does a bump of his own. One for forceful, dramatic, and powerful. He then asks for the difference. He explains that the point of a match is to tell a story, but not one with words, but rather with their bodies. Clips are shown of The Game fighting Chris Benoit.

Trips gathers Greg and Jason together to practice punching. Greg pulls off a punch on Jason. "Good snap," says H, but then asked to be hit. He does a much faster, much more precise snap back. Then Trips takes a couple of shots on Greg. He does a good job on the snapping. HHH, unfortunately, does not just lay into him for real. THAT would've been a hoot. Trips tries to hit Jason a few times, but his snaps are poor. "You look like that in the ring, I'd tag you for real."

Trips addresses Bobby Jo, asking her way she wants to be a wrestler. She responds by saying that she's always looking for a challenge. Is she a fan of wrestling? She shakes her head no. HHH: "So you just saw it on TV one day and wanted to get your ass kicked?" Same question goes to Jason. Jason loves every aspect of it. The athleticism, the--the--the... He couldn't come up with anything else so he said "pain." Trips cuts him off by continuing what everyone else though he wanted to say, "--the fame, the glory. Wanna get laid? There's a lot of chicks who watch wrestling."

"The way I see it is 200 plus we're on the road. You got kids, they grow up, and you're not there. Your wife, she's sitting at home. What's she doing? Don't know. You got a husband at home. What's she doing? Don't know. You go home, you've been gone. You're tired, you're beat up. You're not done. It just starts. Now you've got to be superwife, or superhusband, or superdad, or supermom. It's not an easy life. Careers are short. I'm not that tough. I'm no tougher than anybody else in the business. But I love our business. I put my life on the line every day for our business. I gladly do it, and I will continue to do it. Until I can do it no longer.

"You guys are on the easy track, and in this business you have to earn respect. It's not given to you, you have to earn it. And right now, you guys are a mile ahead of where you should be paying your dues. You are being given the greatest opportunity in the world, by in my opinion, the greatest business in the world. Do not fuck it up. Because if you do, then you piss on everyone who has come before you. You piss on my friend, [Droz]. Can't feel anything from here (the neck) down. If you're not serious about this, don't waste our fucking time."


(NOTE: At this time, my tape went kaput, so I had to put a new one in, so the whole second segment is from memory. Since it's MTV, I'm sure it'll be replayed 15,902 times, so I'll tape it then. Then I'll update this with more details, until then let's take a trip into my memory. Blah.)

After the break, the kids are on the phone talking about Triple H showing up. All the other parties are excited about that. Jason tries to make his phone call, but nobody is home, so he leaves a message. We also learn at this point that they only get 15 minutes on the phone at a time.

Later, we find out that the MINUTE Triple H leaves, Darryl decided to horse around by taking one of the girls in a headlock. Nice. Real class. Victoria, the girl in the headlock can't believe that he's really 25, because he acts like he's 16.

Meanwhile, back at the house, it's time for a night on the town. Everyone gets ready to go, but there's one major person missing. Bobby Jo. She's upstairs nursing blisters on her body. Meanwhile, Victoria is on the prowl once again, bitching that Bobby Jo takes too long getting ready. Once she does come down, Vic comments that her hair doesn't look good anyway, so what was the point? Who to blame here? Victoria, for being a bitch? Bobby Jo, for not treating her blisters earlier? MTV, for only showing the negative? Toshiba, for making tape-eating VCRs? Who knows? But they sure are making Bobby Jo looks like the Prima Donna of the group. Like I predicted, she has most of the female airtime on the show, but hasn't been made out to look as bad as could be yet.

Nidia and CHRIStian have been getting close as well. They met at the audition, and have been friends ever since. We see clips of them cozying up in different areas, and listening to music together. They share that one moment that ALL MTV reality show couples have. Nidia decides the music that CHRIStain needs to listen to. By the way, in the confessional, CHRIS acts very un-Christian like by talks about women, culminating in calling them "Chicks." Class all over. Sigh.

Finally, Jason had an epiphany listening to Trips. He's been wondering if he's ready for this. He's always wanted a family, and maybe he couldn't stand to be away from them. They show clips of Jason in the hot tub, and getting out because it's too hot now. Some of the girls make fun of him about not being "Tough Enough." Jason calls his mother on the phone. She asks him how he's doing, and he wasn't feeling well at all. As a matter of fact, the other night he had everything packed up and ready to go, then realized what we was doing and had to stop. We fade out...

Commercials...I get my tape back going again.

In the hot tub, we find our new favorite couple, CHRIStian, and Nidia. Nidia was attracted because eh looks like someone from *NSYNC. They check out each other's feet. Suddenly, we hit the highlight of the show, as CHRIS suddenly goes psycho. "I'm a very moody person. I can turn the switch just like that." Then we get many MANY shots of him grabbing her. Not in a forceful, harming way, but still weird and peculiar. Nidia seems to like it at first, but then complains about how he keeps dunking her under the water. Nidia: "He didn't respect me when I said no, and I told him no quite a bit." She's gets out of the tub, leaving a pissed off CHRIS in there. Then, get this, this is GOLDEN. "You get too close to me, and if you're a girl, you need to back up a bit." Damn. That's all that needs to be said, except that when he's left in the tub, he gets these REALLY evil eyes. Nice editing MTV. I'll bet Nidia is wishing for the evil custodian right bout now.

In between Tough Enough soundtrack ads on my screen, there's a show to be watched. Everyone wakes up, and Josh is making some breakfast. He's still chewing over Trips words. He talks to his girlfriends, and says he misses her.

Nidia has apparently upgraded Chrisses, because now she has Harvard, making a cameo appearance, laying in her lap. CHRIS glares at her from the corner, while Josh looks like a chump. Nidia talks about how he went from one extreme to the next. Once he gets that down, then he'll be alright. This usually means, that they'll hook up again later in the series.

The hummer comes around, and Big John is there. Jason takes him aside to talk about what Trips said. He needs some advice about what to do. John confirms that life is difficult for wrestlers. Jason finally makes the decision that it's time to end it. He packs his things. He says goodbye to Harvard. Darryl has something to say, "I guess it increases my odds of winning." Je-SUS! Darryl, the only way you have a PRAYER of winning is if the other six guys quit too.

Jason leaves by quoting somebody in saying "I chased my dream, but when I got there, I realized it was only a dream." Farewell Jason, we hardly knew ye.

The group is quiet on the ride to Trax for the next day's workout. Al Snow removes a chair from the group and sets it against the other wall. He says it'll pretty much be a weekly ritual of sorts, meaning either he expects someone to quit each week, or they'll start voting people off soon. With Jason gone, Paulina becomes the one wondering about whether she should be there. We close with the group taking the usual hard hits. Bobby Jo really wonders whether she wants this.

The screen shares the HHH story after the show.


He IS Tough Enough. Period.

Let's see how much you know about the show so far. In this game I'll make up a statement that one of the TE stars might say. You e-mail me with the answers. Win, and you'll get to see you're name in lights (or on whichever website you see this on...whatever.)

EXAMPLE: I'm a WWF superstar who hates stupid questions. Get in my fact, and I'll kick your ass in more ways than one. Don't make your bed when I'm around. Who am I?

ANSWER: Tazz, of course.

Fun? Here we go.

1. My head hurts. Maybe it's from the bumps, but it could also be from my annoying housemates Bobby Jo and Darryl. For fun I like to put out fires. Who am I?

2. Everyone must follow my workout plan, even though I look like I intake a mid-sized pig everyday. I drive a black hummer, and these damn kids don't know what they are getting into. Who am I?

3. I've always been the second banana. Not only in my own house, but on this show as well. I almost wasn't picked, but made it in barely. Who am I?

4. I'm a little bitch. Sure, I'm smaller than Spike Dudley, but I've got heart. I've got soul. I've got--oh god! Is that Triple H? Er--Who am I?

5. I work out five days a week, but have chicken legs. I like women, but not when they get me angry. They don't like me when I get angry. Who am I?

Hope you've enjoyed, get those e-mails in right away
Super Shane Spear out.

Next week: They all go to Smackdown. Al and Tazz yell some more. Fun for all.

Super Shane Spear

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