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Doubt Reigns (AKA Alien Ant Farm sucks...)

Congrats to all the people who correctly answered all my quiz questions correctly last week. For those of you who missed last week's review, where were you? Oh, and here's the answers.

1. My head hurts. Maybe it's from the bumps, but it could also be from my annoying housemates Bobby Jo and Darryl. For fun I like to put out fires. Who am I?

ANSWER: Stunt-woman Victoria

2. Everyone must follow my workout plan, even though I look like I intake a mid-sized pig everyday. I drive a black hummer, and these damn kids don't know what they are getting into. Who am I?

ANSWER: That would be BIG John.

3. I've always been the second banana. Not only in my own house, but on this show as well. I almost wasn't picked, but made it in barely. Who am I?

ANSWER: Greg the Alternate

4. I'm a little bitch. Sure, I'm smaller than Spike Dudley, but I've got heart. I've got soul. I've got--oh god! Is that Triple H? <Stares off into space for about 20 minutes> Er--Who am I?

ANSWER: Of course it's my favorite target, Josh.

5. I work out five days a week, but have chicken legs. I like women, but not when they get me angry. They don't like me when I get angry. Who am I?


Those who got it right lists as follows: Hottchopz, KidRock654, Scott Christ (Damn, I feel important!), XXXGoonXXX, Larry Gonzalez, Tim Meister, Swantombomb, Bigmarq, Joe Resowski, David Price, Jobberforlife, Austin B, Ryan Mulligan, Eric, Blink847, Robin Gerhardt, S. Costales, Richard Montgomery, Brood777, Julie Magro, Jon Perez.

I guess this mean I'll have to make it more difficult next time. Keep your eyes peeled to see my next cheap gimmick to get mail. I mean, it's not as though I have anything better to do. Oh yeah! The show...

We're down to twelve. On the last show Triple H hit a cord with Jason, who decided to pack it up and go home. He's still in the credits for some reason. Last week highlights show the doubts of many of the rookies, focusing on Bobby Jo and Paulina. Starting this weeks show, in the fun house we see clips of everybody getting up, eating, getting their shoes on, and leaving in the minivan.

In the hummer, "Big" John asks the ones riding with him how they feel about Jason leaving. Victoria thinks it sad, and also says she's not sure that she can make it as a wrestler. Big says that he's always believed that things happen for a reason, and to give it time to happen. Victora tells Big that she's never given up on anything in her life, and she's not about to start.

At Trax, Al Snow reminds the rookies and the viewers that this is a competition. We finally get mention of the first cut, as Snow says that this is the 24-hour notice. Maven asks if it'll be one woman and one man, or just one. It turns out it'll just be the one person per week. Shadrick hopes he's still around after this week.

Snow says that they are going to take some more bumps every day, because last week was learning it, and now it's time to reinforce it until it becomes a second nature. Makes sense. Everybody does their flip bump, and when Victoria does hers it looks like it HURTS. Josh and Greg popped in with taped comments about how they can't even bear to watch her in the ring. It's that bad.

Next, our heroes will be learning how to turn someone over in a headlock. Snow is the turnee in this case. Many of them practice on him, and we stop on Josh looking at Snow while he's still in a headlock. "I get cranky when people land on my head a number of time. This is now the seventh time, so wait for me to take the bump, then come down or next time, I'll bite you in the nipple and spit it at you." I think he'd do it too...

Snow tells Darryl that this time he'll be flipping Darryl over. Everybody else tries it out as well. We take a lapse in time, and now everybody is working on head-scissors. Darryl has Snow in the head-scissors and Snow asks him if he ever washes his pants. Snow is going nuts from the smell. Snow gives him the "advice" that he should wash his pants daily. Geez. Off to the side Maven and Josh are chuckling. Snow asks if his shorts smell that bad. Darryl says no, so Snow tells him to go change. While he leaves Darryl is caught talks under his breath, and is called back to the ring by Snow. Snow tells him that he acts like his eleven year old son. Darryl (in the interview room) talks about how he doesn't have to worry about Snow not liking him. Hello? I *think* that he would have a major say in who gets cut 'Tard. Greg brings up the fact that nearly everything Darryl says or does pisses somebody off.

Outside of Trax Paulina complains that she doesn't want to be partners with Darryl. Nidia mentions that he's real sloppy. Paulina says that she was about to walk out because she didn't want to wrestle him. Thanks, we got your point Paulina. Oh no, wait! We obviously didn't get the point, because we get to see Darryl headlock tossing Paulina around 3 times. Once again, my money says that these are the three worst that were taped, but editing is used to show he sucks.

At the fitness center, everyone has their respective bruises on their legs to show us. Darryl, the quotable, has another gem. "The only person I'm worried about is Mike Tyson (pause) and Tazz. Holyfield I think I'll get him by decision. Riddick Bowe, I can take him in the ninth." I just stare at the screen, because this guy is that unbelievable. A few seconds later, Darryl is Ali shuffling. Maven and Harvard just stare at him, dumbfounded while Greg comments, "What a crock of shit."

At home, everyone wakes up, and in the room Victoria realizes that she really doesn't want this. In the background Bobby Jo whimpers, "I'm calling out sick today." That gets a giggle out of her roommates. Paulina wonders if she can really hack it out there. At Trax we see all of the above girls take their bumps, and have a rough time getting over them. Big says that Bobby Jo and Victoria didn't know what they were getting into. Darryl says that Victoria will be the first to be cut because she's moving slower and slower.

Tuesday, at Trax, Paulina notices that Bobby Jo and Victoria are talking to Big. The camera goes over to catch the conversation. They both says that they don't want to be a wrestler. Then we fade into...


Big says that if that's what they feel in their heart, then they have the option, the choice to do that. After they go, Big gets on the cell phone, and updates somebody that Bobby Jo and Victoria are gone. A lot of people were surprised that Bobby Jo were going, strangely none of them were on the internet. The two gets goodbye hugs from everybody, including Al Snow. Awwwww...what a softie. Mean while, Paulina's doubt just multiplied, what with Jason, Victoria, and Bobby Jo dropping out, why should she stay?

They have a meeting with the ones left, and CHRIStian says he was surprised to see them go. Darryl asks if the cut will be moved back, while silently praying I'll bet. We'll find out about that later. Al Snow is not going to back off just because three people quit. At home, they all talk about how they aren't going to quit.

Darryl is on the phone with his mom saying things are rough, but he's still around. His mom tells him to be sure to give thanks to who got him there, and who keeping him around. Darryl immediately left to go find Jason, Bobby Jo, and Victoria to thank them for quitting so he wouldn't be cut. Nah, he didn't do that. Instead, he went to bed, talking to himself.

In the girls room, we hear Maven calling out, "Hey, is Josh bugging you?" As a joke, Nidia calls him up to kick Josh's ass. Josh and Maven get to joking around, during which the bitch whines, "MAVEN!! YOU'RE GOING TO GET ME KICKED OFF THE SHOW!!!" Without knowing it, they drop a blanket on a burning candle, starting a small fire. Shadrick shows up and tells them to stop drop and roll even though nobody's on fire. It was funny, and I think it was Shad's first speaking part in weeks. Maven shows up and asks, "What happened?" Taylor looks like she's about to cry, it being her bed and all.

All I can say is it's a DAMN shame that Victoria wasn't there. ^_^

Anyway, in the van coming over to Trax, Paulina is still talking about the fire. Darryl, oblivious to all, wants details. Nidia is still cracking up over the Stop, Drop, and Roll line. Darryl is kind of sad that he was left out because he was asleep. I'd be more worried that the smoke alarms didn't work personally. At Trax, Snow says that there will be no cut this week, so Darryl will be on next week's show. He takes the two extra chairs and sets it aside next to Jason's.

WWF--er--ECW superstar Tazz is at Trax for the first time on this show, and he doesn't mince words as he calls Bobby Jo and Victoria quitters. He thinks the crap has been weeded out. And that's all we get from him this episode. Also at Trax, we see Paulina trying as hard as she can, but still doubting herself.


We come back to see Darryl on his hands and knees, and Al Snow is talking about how he is teaching them how to practice getting out of a chokehold by smothering them. Everybody tried to get back to their feet, and finally somebody does it. It's Greg who gets a backpat from Snow and applause from the others.

Paulina tells us that Stephanie McMahon came by to take them all to lunch. All the guys are jealous, as they should be. At the eatery, everybody talks about the WWF and how surreal it is to see her father (Vince McMahon) kissing another woman (Trish Stratus) while her mother (Linda McMahon) was in a wheelchair watching. Nidia guesses that it's because Trish has big boobs.

At the house, Darryl is chilling with THE HAT eating dinner. He's keeps talking, and talking, and talking about his college football team at Northern Michigan, boring Josh and Greg in the process. Josh bitches about being tired of listening to Darryl talk about himself. Later, we see Darryl playing foosball with Harvard, and Darryl is singing about how he going to kick his ass at the game. After the game, he took Harvard aside and talked about the tension in the house. Harvard told him flat out that everybody, including Big, thinks that Darryl just doesn't try as hard as he should. Darryl says he's pacing himself, and that's he's only saying he's a cocky sonuvabitch. Harvard reminds Darryl that people hate cocky sonuvabitchs.

Darryl has the same kind of sit-down with Greg and Maven. Greg tells Darryl pretty much that same thing Harvard did. Maven eats a sandwich and says that he's only worried about himself, and he doesn't have a beef. As a matter of fact, Maven seems to admire Darryl for seeking them out, instead of the other way around. Maven tells him later not to change himself totally, just to work out the bothersome qualities, and to just be himself.

At Trax, Big congratulates everyone on a good day of work. There's a change in schedule because Al Snow actually got a match on Smackdown. So, as a surprise, all of them got invited too. Everyone is excited. Snow reminds them to be excited and not to walk around going, "Oooooh, look! There's Rocky!!"

At Smackdown we see them happy, and excited, and sitting in the front row. Tazz gives them a little nod on the way to his broadcast seat. Meanwhile they once again dream about being in that ring someday. Harvard thinks that he had better win this thing, because it'll be so hard to go back if he doesn't. Austin given Maven a high five and a quick hug. They all realize that THAT is why they want to be a wrestler, and we end the show.

Next week: There WILL be a cut. Oh and...


SSS out.

Super Shane Spear

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