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Random Tough Enough Bio Tidbit: Taylor has many things common with me. She's very smart, but feels isolated from society. Also, both of us have been on TV very little as of yet. I'm working on it.

Open. There's "Live the dream." They didn't take Jason out.

Previously On: Jason left. Triple H was there. Paulina, Victoria and Bobbie Jo are all in various states of shock. We're on the fourth show so, if you don't know who's who know, I'm too tired to figure it out.

Morning. Every wakes up and stuff. Nothing more. Why do they show us this week?

Everyone loads up in the cars to go to Trax. Big is there and says that only one other person gets to ride in his Hummer today. I guess that's Victoria since she's in there now. They discuss Jason - Victoria says his leaving is sad. As for herself, she's not sure if she wants to be a wrestler anymore. She doesn't think she can do it - she was surprised she got picked in the first place. Big says that he believes everything happens for a reason, but you gotta give it a chance to let it happen. Victoria says she never quit anything and isn't ready to start.

At Trax, Al informs the group that they will be making a cut tomorrow. Maven asks if it'll be limited to one of the guys or one of the girls - Al says it'll just be one person. Shadrick tells us that if he doesn't get the contract (pause) at least he gave 100%.   

Time for back bumps, as they need to get used to it. Here's a montage. Some people, namely Victoria and Bobbie Jo, are still having lots of trouble. Josh and Greg comment on the painful way Victoria's landing. Moving on, instead of taking the headlock takedown, they learn how to give it. Montage. Al doesn't like it much when Darryl lands on him. Greg (who's got to be the favorite by now) seems to do it pretty well. Josh lands on Al wrong, and Al asks him to do it right or "I'll bite your nipple off." 

As everyone else seems to be on break, Al calls Darryl over to go walk through it another time. Oh, they're just all on the side of the ring we can't see. They're learning how to do the leg scissors reversal of the headlock takedown. People practice on the floor while Al and Darryl do the same in the ring. Darryl has Al in a headlock. Al: "Do you wash these pants every day?" Darryl: "No. Not like in two days." They break and Al has a discussion about it - he's got to wash his work out clothes everyday. Even though his shorts have a hole in them (as we heard about last episode), Al tells him to go put those on. Maven and Josh overhear the conversation and laugh about it. We look away, and when we see Darryl walking away next, Al is yelling at him to come back to the ring. Al's pissed because Darryl was talking while he's walking away from him and tell him not to ever do it again. Darryl tells us that he doesn't have to worry about why anyone doesn't like him. Greg says that Darryl's ignorant to how much he offends everyone one. In one van, the group talks about how much they don't want to wrestle with him, because he's so sloppy. We see him and Paulina working together, and Darryl screwing up time after time. Paulina doesn't want to work near him either.

Fitness center. We see some of the bumps and bruises on knees, and hear the girls talk about how tough it is and how much they hate parts of it. Meanwhile, in Darryl's world, he's talking to someone (maybe himself - someone seems to be in the general area but isn't at all listening) about how he could be a boxer. The only two people he isn't sure he can beat are Mike Tyson and Tazz. Holyfield would go down by decision. Riddick Bowe would go down in 9. The Chris talks about Darryl's weird behavior, while Darryl shows off his jabbing ability.

Morning at the house. We see the clip of Victoria telling us again that she's not sure she wants this, and because of it, she doesn't think she's giving a hundred percent effort. Victoria tells Paulina about all the medicine she's planning on taking. Quite a bit. Bobbie Jo wants to call in sick. Paulina's bit about not being sure if she can make it, since they can't. Victoria asks about calling in sick too. Bobbie Jo tells that this is crazy - it's a lot of work. Trax footage. Victoria and Bobbie Jo talk on the outside. Big talks about Victoria and especially Bobbie Jo not realizing what they were getting in to. Darryl tells us that Victoria's slowing them down, and going slower each time. Victoria says it's a lot diferent than what she thought it would be. She's been hurt all week.

Paulina narrates for us - they went through a couple drills, then she noticed Bobbie Jo and Victoria talking to Big. It's so obvious that someone knew what was about to be said and they wanted for the camera to get over there to actually start talking. Victoria: "Ah, I don't want to be a wrestler." Bobbie: "Me neither. I can't do something unless I want it, and I don't want it enough." Victoria: "It's not fair for me to be here and not want it." Break.

We pick off right there, with Big saying that if they feel it's not for them, then it's their decision. They're postive, so he tells them to go pack up, he'll get them a car and they'll go for them. Big calls someone and tells them that Bobbie Jo and Victoria are leaving. Bobbie Jo, looking happier than we've seen here for some time, gives us some final words: everyone was surprised (no.) Someone hugs Bobbie Jo goodbye. Victoria (a little more relieved) thought she wasn't giving a hundred percent and had to do that for this to be worthwhile.

Back out by the ring, Nidia is crying before Al even informs the group that Bobbie Jo and Victoria are leaving. Maybe Nidia was the one who went back to the locker room to hug? Victoria and Bobbie Jo come back out to say goodbye to everyone, Al included. Meanwhile, the work goes on. Paulina: "Three people down, and it's only Tuesday."

The group talks about them leaving - Darryl asks about the cut, and Al says he's not sure about that right now. Al says he's not going go easy just so people won't quit.

Back at the mansion, Taylor (hey, now that the two girls that we've spent the majority time talking about have left, we might get that invisible duo on a little bit) and Chris Ni. talk about people talk about quitting. Taylor thinks if one person does, it might start a chain reaction. Nidia talks on the phone about how tough it is - of all the people, they get the 13 top ones, and 3 of them have already quit. "It's f[bleep]cking crazy!" Paulina says she's having a bad day, her whole body hurts. Darryl talks to his mom. "How are things going?" "Pretty good, um, not really, I mean, things are rough as hell but I'm still here and I keep going." Darryl's mom reminds him to respect God. 

Next thing we see, Darryl's taking of his pants and going to bed - all the while talking to himself or to God about how he wants to be here and show the world how good he is. He's asleep - remember that.

Everyone else looks to be getting ready to go to sleep, but Josh is hanging out on of the now empty girl beds. Josh tells us that Maven wakes up and kicks him out of the girls room all the time, just to be funny. And, after Nidia calls him, here he comes again - they wrestle on the bed and into the hallway, Josh trying to trick him into stopping by saying he might get kicked off the show for doing stuff. As they fool around in the hallway, we look back in the room - in the midst of their struggle, the two knocked over a candle that Taylor had on the floor, and now part of the room is on fire. Shadrick (hey! there's the other one!) tells us that he was in his room, but he saw a light and was sure he turned the lights off, and I guess from there noticed the fire. Shadrick to Nidia: "Stop, drop and roll, dammit! Don't throw that water you -!" and Nidia does anyway and it works and she smothers the rest of it out. Taylor asses the damage to Greg. Maven comes back and is all surprised about what happened. "Nobody's fault, you know?" SURE.

The next day, as we're driving to Trax (I guess), the people in the car talk about the scary fire. Darryl, driving, was asleep during the whole thing and just now finds out about it. Darryl is annoyed that no one told him. Nidia brings up the "Stop, drop and roll" line and everyone but Shadrick (just shaking his head) and Darryl (feeling left out) laugh. Darryl says he feels left out, but "it might just be jealously or stuff." Just when you start almost feel sorry for him, he reminds us who he is.

At Trax, Al says there will be no cut this week. Al then puts the two empty chairs by Jason's. Greg says that Victoria and Bobbie Jo leaving was a total surprise - not as much Bobbie Jo as Victoria. Chris No. says Bobbie Jo had no passion for it at all. 

Here' Tazz. He talks to them all, calling those who left quitters. "You can say the whole politically correct thing - 'it's not for me', bulls[bleep]it." Chris Ni. say to us that he's happy that they're didn't stick around to get beat up any more. Tazz says they weeded out the crap, and that everyone needs to be supportive, but remembers this is a contest and they are competing with each other. 

Montage of people doing fireman's carry takeovers. They're not working so well. Al takes Paulina aside - she's trying to protect herself because she's hurting, but it's causing her even more problems. Paulina talks about being in pain, and Chris tells us that he notices it too. Taylor gives her credit for trying despite the pain and frustration. Paulina says she's barely holding on.

Back in the ring, Al explains that they weren't doing a drill realistic enough, because they weren't aware of how it actually felt to have someone on top of you, trying to smash you to the mat. To get the feeling, Al decided to do it for real, with everyone.  Al has to work hard but gets the best of everyone. Darryl says he almost got Al. Al: "You almost got nothing." Greg, who's so gonna win this, does get the better of Al. But it's probably because he's really tired. Tori tells him good job.

At the mansion, it's raining. Like the two biggest dorks in the world (or like something I'd do), Chris No. and Josh are sitting out on the porch and grilling something. Up pulls Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, to take the girls out to lunch, but we don't get to see Josh's jaw drop this time. Lunch montage. Nidia thinks she's so real and loving - just like everyone in the WWF. Steph tells the girls that she can't imagine how her mother sat in the wheelchair the other night while her husband kissed another woman. Taylor: "[Steph] is a totally cool chick. She felt like a friend, like someone you'd hang out with." At the lunch, and after a little prompting from Steph to say what you meant - Nidia: "You've got pretty big boobs, do you?" Paulina says it helped her remember there was another hole side to this. Think that someone was worried about all the women leaving and wanted to boost their spirits?

Meanwhile, the guys are stuck with Darryl. I feel so sorry for them. They're all eating, and Darryl's talking about his college football career. Everyone's ignoring him. Josh is tired of hearing about him. "Blah blah blah blah." Chris No. and Darryl play foosball, but Darryl then asked Chris if he a problem with him. "He said he was feeling tension between us." They go up to Chris' room and discuss - Chris brings up Darryl fooling around in the weight room, and Darryl says he rather not push himself if he's worn out, knowing he'll have to do it again tomorrow. Chris says the issue isn't that Darryl not working hard - he doesn't really care how hard he works, it's Darryl talking. "You're like a peacock, showing of your feathers like you're the best." Darryl says he's just a cocky son of a b[bleep]tch, and Chris tells him that people don't like cocky son of a b[bleep]tches.

Later, Greg and Darryl have a similar discussion. To Greg, Darryl demands respect but gives none back. Maven tells us that he respects that Darryl came up and talked to them about it. Maven tells Darryl that he has no problem - he only worries about it. He advises Darryl not to try to do a complete turn around. Darryl: "I'm still going be me, I'm just not gonna talk about all the great things I've done, so much."

The next day at Trax, everyone gathers at the end of the workout. Al's gotta be on Smackdown tonight, so workouts will be pushed back tomorrow. But, since Al's going to Smackdown, so is everyone else. They're thrilled. Al tells them to all act like professional - don't embarrass him. Oh, by the way, they're in the front row. The girls jump around in the locker room in excitement.

Smackdown montage. They list the city as Providence, Rhode Island. EXCEPT, they just start to throw in clips of random shows at some point, as you can watch Test fight about three different people and the ropes change from red to blue out of nowhere many times. Everyone really like going and they want it even more now. Chris No. got the People's Elbow. Paulina: "That's why I want to be a wrestler."

Next week, someone gets cut. For real, maybe. Darryl telling us that it's his contract to win or lose. Someone throws up. Shadrick is uncomfortable in the ring. Paulina still doesn't believe in herself.


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