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Welcome to this week's Tough Enough report, complete with all the pre-report filler you've grown to love over the past couple weeks. Some guy liked the pre-crap so much he wants me write more than once a week. Are you nuts? Anyway, let's get started...

ReviewSSS: So I was at Best Buy, and it looks like the Sony/WWF merger has already taken effect. I couldn't be happier. I go into the store, and usually there's once of each DVD the WWF has ever made IF YOU'RE LUCKY. Today there's about eight copies of WWF Judgment Day and Hardcore. PLUS, the rate was dropped from the usual 21.99 to 17.99. God bless Sony. So, I picked both of them up despite owning the VHS of Hardcore already.

First off, there's WWF Hardcore. This covers the time where the title was created all the way to about Summerslam 2000. The main parts of the movie include Mick Foley and how he got the title, Hardcore Holly and Al Snow running into the Mississippi River, and 24/7. No kidding, if you're a Crash fan, you will love this. Anyway, in addition to this there's TWENTY uncut parts of RAW/SD/PPV that they've put on here. Again, there's tons of Crash footage, including the 24/7 defenses at Funtime and the Airport. Good stuff. Also there's the hardcore matches from WMX-7, Backlash, and Judgment Day if you're too cheap to buy the other DVDs. Pretty good buy over all...

Then there's Judgment Day. If you have short term memory, here's the match listing followed by Scott Keith's rating:

William Regal v Rikishi *1/2
Kurt Angle v Chris Benoit ****1/4
Rhyno v Big Show v Test **
Chyna v Lita 1/2*
HHH v Kane **
TAG TEAM TURMOIL (APA, Dudleys, XFactor, Hardys, Jericho&Benoit, E&C) ***
Austin v HHH ***

This PPV of course set up what was in my opinion, the best RAW since Jericho's debut. Included on this DVD is Angle's Medal ceremony on that show, with all the confetti. NOT included is the awesome Austin/HHH v Benoit Jericho match. I'm sure they are saving that for a later DVD. Again, all in all a good purchase for 17.99.

Once again, if you want to contact me, but are too lazy to e-mail or form some telepathic ability, you might be able to catch me at Wrestling Forums. Even my grandmother can remember that. Come on by, I don't have a website, so this is the only plug I get.

Enough of this crap...let's go.

Tough Enough #8
Party Hardy

The recaps from previous episodes include Greg gawking about HHH, Harvard boasting about his talents, and Paulina leaving but not before hugging Nidia goodbye. Greg. Harvard. Nidia. Check.

At Trax, Al Snow takes the tombstone of Paulina, and talks about how's it's going to get tougher. Jackie tells it like it is to the two remaining girls, Taylor and Nidia. They're competing now. Who wants it more? Nidia says since the beginning it's been the two. According to some of the other roommates in the secret room, they seem to pick Nidia over Taylor. Al Snow talks about how things are due to get tougher, because there's less and less.

The rookies are banging into a turnbuckle and practice selling it. Ouch. At one point Taylor doesn't have to sell it because she really hurt her back. But she's a trooper. Greg also gets hurt in the jaw at some point and takes a breather. Then, a few second later (on the show) Nidia hurts her knee falling on an armdrags. So it seems like everybody has their bumps and bruises to show.

Some scary muzac starts and Al Snow gives a warning speech. They are now going to be lifting others in the air. The lifting person is responsible for the safety of the person in the air. Al Snow does bodyslams on the rookies. N'Josh takes one hard. It seems like he bruised a bone. Or at least that's what Dr. Snow says. Here's the scary part if you are Al Snow. Now the kids are body slamming HIM. Then we go back to Snow slamming the others. Oops, looks like Nidia took a bad one this time, hurting her shin on the fall. She takes a seat next to a sad looking N'Josh. Jackie and Tori just talk about how it goes.

Greg tells Tori's breasts that his back hurts from all the bodyslams. Al Snow talks about how some of them are beat up, but warns them not to get freaked out about how he is treating them. When he ran school, the same thing happened. They go back to work, with the two injured kids on the side.

Snow tells them they are being taped now. Duh. Oh, he means that the match is being taped for them to watch themselves. SO they do a lot of different moves then sit down to watch them on a tiny TV. Snow provides some amusing commentary. Nidia is scared of Taylor now, because she's taken a small lead in her mind because of her sitting out some of the practice. At the house, everyone takes time to heal from the long day. Nidia is the worst off, feeling like crap. Poor girl is near the breakdown, and in tears makes her first statement about not being able to finish. Golly, I love doubt. Thank you MTV.


Still at the house, Nidia limps around. Greg notes that "Seems every week, we have a new gimp." "Yeah, you were one of them," Nidia throws back. Greg laughs at that. I think it's the next morning because everybody is loading up into the cars to go. Yup, it's Trax. Well, Team Xtreme is there today, complete with ladders. Nidia always has had a thing for Jeff, like there's a girl that hasn't. Matt asks the crew if they are big wrestling fans. Greg speaks up and says that he's followed it, but he never thought he'd be doing it. Lita talks next, and Taylor tells the secret room about how ever since she's been interested in wrestling, she's wanted to model a career after Lita. Lita didn't really like wrestling, but was drawn into it until her love for the sport blossum'd. Lita also talks about how it was so cool that Stone Cold beat the crap out of her on the most recent RAW.

Snow says to gets the gear on, expect for Nidia and N'Josh. N'Josh is upset and nearly cries like a little bitch, but sits nonetheless. He later says he DID cry, but he did it in the bathroom as though not to be ridiculed. Armdrags all around, only delivered by the Hardyz. MATT DOES THE HILLBILLY SCREAM!! Hell yes, legdrops for everybody! The hillbilly cry isn't quite as effective in a crowd of about twelve, but I still watched it about five times. Greg likes the move too. Right on Greg. Soon after, we say goodbye to the Xtreme. But not before they say that when you're in the WWF, you're ALWAYS injured somewhat.

We're running now. Everybody goes outside and Snow looks at a stopwatch while the rookies run. Then there's more armdrags. You'd think you'd get sick of this, but in my opinion this is awesome. NOTE TO MTV. THIS IS HOW YOUR RUN A WRESTLING REALITY SHOW...WITH WRESTLING! Thank you for providing me with at least one episode of this.

Greg was the next casualty to injury. Greg took a hip toss the wrong way, and ended up in tears, which shocked everybody because apparently that means it hurts BAD. Greg talks to Al Snow, and sure enough, it's bad because he's crying. Off-screen Greg talks about how he thinks the best chance in his life just flashed before his eyes.


We're back, and we just learned that Greg has a herniated disc already, from way before he came to Tough Enough. Snow is still talking the corner with him about all the injuries he's got. Snow is going to have to talk to Big about what to do. Big talks about how Greg has a great look, and he was just becoming comfortable when the injury happened. He's been taking shots to heal it for the PAST TWO YEARS! Wow. I don't know how he hid that from the producers.

Later, the rookies drop him off at the doctor's office (I think.) At Trax, Nidia is doing some working out today. She was able to run if off. I guess the Hardyz inspired her. Back to the wrestling. Nidia takes a bump. Jackie makes sure she's OK. She is.

Snow talks about how they are forming matches now. They have to think about what moves to do while he gets the camera going. Taylor is still feeling good about herself. She's going to fight Nidia is a match. Various clips of the fight show more excitement than any Big Show match ever. At the end everyone is all smiles, especially Nidia who Harvard compliments. Snow teases around with the girls, who are really happy.

Greg shows up to applause. The doctor, I assume, said that it might be tough to get back into the ring by Monday, but we'll see. Greg talks to the camera about how he feels like a part of the WWF family, and he really doesn't want to let that go.

Fade out.


What happens next show: Who knows, they don't feel like telling me. Just watch RAW and I' sure you'll see fifteen previews.

SSS out.

Super Shane Spear

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