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Previously on Tough Enough: Greg was thrilled to sell a punch from Triple H. Chris No. thinks his only competition is Greg. Paulina left and Nidia was really sad about it.

Al says that since Paulina left yesterday, we're down another person, we have to fold up her chair and put it up against the wall. This has become such an important institution I totally forget that we didn't do it last week. Al tells them not to let them affect it negatively - they're in control of their own destiny, and their decisions affect that destiny. Miss Jackie reminds them that it's down two two girls now - who's gonna want it more? Taylor tell us that it was down to the two toughest girls at that point. Nidia says it's been her and Taylor from the beginning (huh?) and it's neck and neck right now. Maven thinks Taylor has the best chance - she wants it. 

As we go back to practice bumping, Al tells us that it's getting tougher, both physically and mentally. He's being tough now so they don't get hurt later. Of course, that toughness now is hurting quite a bit - here's Chris No. taping up an injured hand, Taylor going too hard into the corner, Chris Ni. getting his jaw snapped hard (because of Josh?), Josh landing hard, and Nidia hurting her leg.

The music stops right there so this is the important injury. Nidia rubs her right leg and explains to us that when they were doing armdrags on Tuesday, she "dragged too long" and got trapped underneath, hurting her knee. 

Moving on, Al explains to everyone that they're going to start picking people up, and whenever you pick someone up, it's your responsibility to make sure they get back down again without getting hurt. Greg says that injuries are in the back of his mind, but he's not gonna get hurt and he doesn't want to get hurt. Oh, by the way, he's got a previous injury to his back (disc) that he might have reinjuried sometime recent. "It's a very unique injury, in that it never heals on his own." Oh wow, it's Tommy Dreamer!

Al shows how to bodyslam with Chris No. as an example. And slams them down hard. The way he does it reminds me of the WWF Warzone game; the pick up and hold is very exaggerated (to better show to students, I'd assume) like in the video game. Josh is slow up and holding his back after he's been slammed down. He got the wind knocked out of him, and Al tells us he got a bone bruise on his hip. Miss Jackie asks Maven if he'd like to rub the sore.

More bodyslams by Al. Now Al lets some people slam him slowly. Now he slams Nidia. Nidia is limping because of that knee/shin injury. Miss Jackie tells us that's just the way it is - you're gonna get beat up in wrestling and you get used to it. Tori tells us that the bumps break down your body, but then it gets used to it. Greg starts to tell Tori about his back injury, and Tori tells him about her fused back and his pain doesn't seem all that great. Al talks to the group - they're hurt, but that's supposed to happen. He's not doing anything different with them then he's done with other classes he's trained. It's the natural progression of things.

Nidia says things have been very emotional. It's down to her and Taylor, and she's hurt and losing ground. Taylor slams Al pretty good. Nidia feels stuck - she's hurt, and if she goes back soon, she's gonna be even more hurt and be able to do less.

Al says that they're gonna have everyone work with each other in the ring for ten minutes, and they're gonna tape it and watch it. Psuedo-matches for them to dissect later. Josh and Nidia watch from outside. Chris Ni. and Greg wrestle. Maven and Chris No. pair off. Greg pulls double duty and wrestles Taylor as well. They're looking pretty okay. Well, there is one bad bodyslam by Taylor. Al has them shake hands after.

Watching the tape. Or only a little of it, sadly, becuase it would be cool to see what they could do. On the other hand, isn't that all we're watching right now? Al makes fun of Taylor's "old lady" walk in the ring. (She's probably walking like that because she's hurt, but it is goofy.) Nidia watches and again mutters to us about falling behind. Taylor tells us that she doesn't want Nidia to drop out, she doesn't want this handed to her, she wanted to earn it. Nidia and Josh are SENT HOME (well, only to the mansion) while the rest go to work out. They have a fun exchange in the parking lot.

Chris Ni: Have you realized that, Taylor? It's just you or Nidia.
Taylor: Yea.
Greg: Two words: Stay Healthy.

Of course, the MTV producers stuck it in so we could push the Nidia hurt plot and not as a remembrance to Rock vs Stone Cold. Nidia tells us that she feels like crap, she's hurt, people are leaving - she doesn't know how much more of this can she take? She might have a breakdown and she might not finish. Let's take a break.

Mansion. No particular time of day. Nidia tries to ice her shin by wrapping it around her leg, but it falls off while walking. Greg tells her that every week, it "looks like we have a new gimp." Nidia reminds Greg that he was one (huh?) and he agrees. Vans. Taylor looks cold. Nidia is using crutches. 

Trax. Chris Ni. says Monday and Tuesday were low, and he didn't know what was gonna happened on Wednesday, but he walked in the door, saw the green and purple and knew it was the Hardyz. Hi Matt! Here's some highlights of all of Team Extreme. Al introduces Matt, Jeff and Lita to the contestants. Nidia tells us (in the same interview as the Kurt Angle one) that she's been trying for years to find Jeff Hardy and he was right there in front of her. That sounds like stalking, girl. Josh thought seeing the Hardyz was unbelievable. They all shake hands. Maven say it was pick me up. Chris Ni. says that these guys make him want to get into the wrestling business.

Matt asks if they're all long time wrestling fans - they all shake hands. Matt asks if they've all followed it growing up, and Greg starts talking about it being larger than life and how could he pull it off and then Matt's talking about how they set in their heads about how they're gonna do it [wrestling] and Jeff and Lita look at him like they've heard this story before and I think they're condensing three conversations into two lines. Maybe editing out the Hardyz "how we got to the WWF" storyas well. Jeff has funky pants. 

Lita says she didn't grow up watching wrestling, and we clip to Taylor talking about wanting to be a wrestler after seeing Lita for the first time, because Lita did the stuff she wants to do. Lita says that she didn't get wrestling, "just rednecks fake punching each other", but looking back now that she knows about "stories and psychology" she appreciated it more and a lighting bulb went off. Lita says that she heard they watched RAW last night (but it's Wednesday? Maybe they don't get cable and that's why they get the tapes?) and they all got beat up on Monday. Lita says it so exciting to have Stone Cold beating her up. Jeff says it was exciting to be in a match with him and not get a six pack poured on him. Lita says it was a career highlight. Matt says it was quite a journey and he wouldn't change a thing.

Al sends the crew to go get ready. Then he talks to Josh and Nidia - they're too banged up to wrestle right now. Josh is disappionted. I guess, being a huge fan (and being a backyard wrestler), it makes sense that he really really wanted to work with the Hardyz. Al tells us that Josh begged him all day to get in, but it was more important to Al to make sure Josh was ready to go again on Monday. Josh tells us that when he saw the Hardyz bumping with everyone, "I went into the bathroom and starting crying because I couldn't wrestle."

Lita and Taylor wrestle. Then Matt gets a turn, with Taylor. Then more general stuff. Much to everyone's enjoyment, Matt does the second rope legdrop on Greg. Let's watch it again from the "Josh is sad" camera! Greg tells us that Matt doing the legdrop on him was a "undescribable (sic) experience" and proves himself correct when he tries and fails to describe it. It was great. 

Later, there's a ladder in the ring but Al tells everyone to say goodbye so we'll never know what that was about. Matt assures their fears about their pains by saying that when (when?) they get into the WWF, they'll never have a moment when they're completely healthy. Team Extreme is beat up all the time and work five days a week like that. He says it's amazing how much you can do beat up. They say good bye. Nidia tells us that she really wanted to get back in the ring after seeing the Hardy Boyz. Nidia ask Taylor how it felt to be slammed by Lita, Taylor sounds pretty wowed by the whole thing. Taylor tells us that, out of everyone's who shown up, Lita and the Hardy Boyz have been the most inspirational.

Back to work - Al has everyone who's not hurt take a run outside. I guess that's a fair trade for getting to meet Team Extreme. And they're off. Special note is made of Taylor keeping up with the lead pack (Maven, Chris Ni. and Greg - where's the other Chris?) Miss Jackie cheers her on and says she he can do it. Wow, this is Boot Camp all over again! Now Taylor in the ring executing moves well, in order to make you think Taylor's in real trouble. 

Moving on, here's Greg doing the same stuff. One bump (not even really his, a hiptoss to Maven) aggravated the back injury. He got out of the ring, tried to walk it off, and try to figure out what happened with his back. Nidia tells us that she was checking on her leg, Greg took a small bump and fell wrong (which isn't what we saw) and next thing she knows, he's crying. Visual footage confirms that to be true, and Al's over to see what's up with that. Greg's talking about how it hurts a lot. He says he torqued it. He's mumbling between tears, but you can tell he's really worried and scared that he really messed himself and this is over. "The best opportunity of my life just flashed in front of my eyes." Break.

Al tells us that he just found out about the injury, and "he's going into the game behind the eight ball, so to speak." Al reminds Greg what the Hardyz told them. "What they told you, what I've told you on a daily basis, this is what you live. People don't understand that. I didn't have back problems when I started, now I have so many. You have one already. Tori, I dunno, two?" Al tells us that has as much invested in this as Greg does, and the last thing he wants to see is Greg "come to an edge of a cliff and jump off." Al says that he'll talk to Big and make him aware of the situation. Big tells us that Greg has a great look, a good personality (given the time to develop) and he was just getting up to the point where he was becoming comfortable in the ring when he got hurt.

Mansion. Greg tells some of the others (Josh, Nidia and Maven) that he knows what's wrong with him, it's just that he hasn't felt it because of the Cortisone shots. Greg's not to thrilled with the idea of giving it up like that. 

Morning, vans. Greg: "It always seems like whenever something really important is going into my life, this back always appears and tries to shoot it down." He mentioned baseball way back sometime earlier, so I guess he's talking about that. It would be cool if they told us how he got hurt. Greg gets dropped off at the Doctor's office. Maven says that Greg's got a good heart.

Trax. Al gets everyone ready for stretching. Nidia says she's ready to run. Al tells us that Nidia's determined to no fall far behind. She's doing extra calisthenics for the ones, on her own, to make up for the ones that her injury isn't letting her doing. Nidia power walks through the run, but makes it through. Nidia says she feels like she's "graduated to another level of pain - it really hurts bad, but now it's no big deal." Check out the Chyna9 fitness gear.

Warm ups, and then in the ring for some bumps. Wow, Taylor's got a huge tattoo on her lower back. Al says it's time for them to matches, and there are no limits on what they can do. (Maybe there was before?) Miss Jackie listens and advises as Taylor and Nidia plan their match. Miss Jackie suggests a body slam but Nidia still hasn't learned them yet, which she reminds us in the "I have to catch up to Taylor" way. Taylor tells us that she feels very confident about herself and you can't think otherwise.

We see parts of the Nidia/Taylor match. I had an argument about if they've reached Kat/Terri levels yet. I was against, pointing out the lack of a bodyslam so far. On the positive side, the moves they are using look better executed. Chris No. referees. There's the bell - Al asks Nidia what Taylor did to piss her off that much. Shake hands. Chris No. says Nidia really impressed her - she was in control and had a match in her head that made sense; she's really understanding that stuff. Al narrates the match and points out Nidia dominating again. Nidia tells us that she really wants to continue this lifestyle - it's all intense and she doesn't want to go back to his old way.

Greg has returned. Doctor said it might be tough to be back in by Monday. I don't know if he means the ring or the doctor's office. Greg tells us that a lot of things he's done in life haven't been for himself, but this is. Greg shakes everyone's hands. Now that Greg's here, he doesn't want to give up the dream.

No Next Time On? Odd.

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