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Contains maybe 50% Content: I love running gags, don't you? Oh, wait, you didn't read the other ones and aren't laughing, never mind. Anyway, this is NOT THE CASTING SPECIAL (maybe CRZ will throw a link so you can click her and read it) but a clip show with new interviews from Nidia and Maven looking back at the first season. For fun, I'll work out my pre-existing annoyance of the second season before I even start writing about! Fun for the whole family. Anyway, I don't mention every single clip by name;  they all happen too fast and if you saw Tough Enough already, you already have an idea what happened, the idea is get more a Behind The Reality Show viewpoint.

TVPG L attitude. Let's Look Back at Coach and Trish's saying goodbye at the end of their not-so-good hosting job of the finale - I hope they learned their lesson and made the last episode feel more like the rest of them this time. Sticking the Excess hosts in for no good reason is not a positive. 5,000 videotapes - here are some of them - 250 go to Las Vegas, and here are some of them. This happens in the Casting Special so I'll recap it then. "They are hoping for a chance at this..." And there's Maven (w/Nidia) walking out for a match. Nidia says she likes it. Walking through the curtain is good, Maven explains. Here's clips from the match - hey(man), I'm glad I don't have to hear you anymore. 

Let's Look Back At The Season One Opening. Maven, Hardcore Champion. Victoria's probably gotten bored and quit three different jobs. Shadrick was training/working down in Texas. Chris Ni. probably isn't doing anything. You'd think someone would have said "Hey, Bobbie Jo's in Playboy!" if she was by now. Greg worked some indy dates despite still needing that work on his back. You may hate Chris No. but you've give him credit for getting himself booked all over the place (and now in his new role as "Maven's Biggest Fan".) Hey, speaking of, there's Tori and she's fired. Al, Al. Jason, doing nothing. Taylor's seemed to do the least of the five finalists - maybe she's otherwise busy. Paulina was spotted at Colorado shows. Josh still kinda looks like Spanky. Nidia is friends with an OVW referee. Darryl can't get on TRL. Vince is still Vince.

Auditions. Maven says that he was watching RAW, and when JR plugged Tough Enough, he was like "well, yea! Of course." Nidia explains her video - wearing a cloak, large tongue studd (or at least it seems that way), tried to roll her eyes back and yell "Die! Die! Die!" Maven's promo video is far less interesting - he filmed it in his kitchen. He took off his shirt and sounds the same. "[vampire voice] I am the UnderNidia!" And then she started laughing at herself.

WWFNY. There's Maven in-ring audition - oh, so we can show the wink to Miss Jackie again. And Coach wearing the Phoenix Coyotes jersey for no particular reason. For the first three weeks, Maven was "the guy who winked at Miss Jackie." They edit it to make the meaning of what Maven says different this time - that's why reality shows suck, you know? You get enough footage and you can almost make up your own stories - there's got be a trust to believe they're true, or it's really dirty. Well, to me anyway. Nidia's in-ring - we show this for her argument with Miss Jackie - to show that she didn't back down. Stephanie announces the thirteen. Tom? TOM who? Maven says he knew he'd have to quit his job and give up all he was comfortable with. Maven says he knew that day would be remembered forever.

MAVEN hype for Tough Enough 2. 

You know what's funny is that there's a Britney Spears Pepsi commercial in the group right here, and there's no way in the world you'd see that for any other WWF show, Heat included. (Well, I assume, if paid attention to Heat. I'll check Sunday.)

Day 1. Nidia compares entering the Tough Enough house to what the Real World people do. Maven said he wanted to be easy to live with as possible, and with 13 people in the house, it got a little bit crowded. Big explains the rules about who wins, how they get cut. Maven says he was most concerted about Jason, while Nidia worried about Paulina. Big talks about Trax - Maven suggests TE2 participants bring the aspirin with them the first day.

Trax. Nidia says it was a reality check. Here's Miss Jackie's Miss Jackie speech - Nidia compares it to Boot Camp (but the trainers weren't as mean.) Taking the bumps - Nidia says it looks easy but it's not easy. Al explaining things. Maven says his biggest difficulty was hitting the ropes - so we show him whipping Chris No. into the ropes. That's just dumb. Here's him going off the ropes but it shouldn't take you two tries - maybe they didn't have footage. Headlocks, including Josh landing on Al's head. Locking up. Nidia says you're so tired from locking up and headlocking, you pass out.

Tazz attacks. Nidia was half asleep and didn't understand what was going on right away. Mud wrestling, which Nidia reveals wasn't just mud. Maven voice over from the time is pretended to be new commentary. Tazz yelling at people as they walk back. Nidia says she realized how out of shape she was. 

Fitness center. Nothing happens.

Moonsaults - Nidia remembered saying in the audition that she wasn't afraid of anything, but that wasn't quite true when it came to moonsaults. Everything came in the end.

Injuries. Maven uses the "if you're afraid of getting hurt, you're going to get hurt" line. Paulina's injury - Nidia says even though she thought she was her biggest competition, they lived together and were friends and she was sad to see her go. Greg's injury - Maven says that if Greg didn't get injured, he could be sitting in Maven's place today. Maven says Greg was a great guy. Great Guy Greg. Here's Nidia indeterminate leg injury. Did they every specify which part of her body it was? They don't here.

Quitters. Did we see this clip of someone saying that they already started packing their bags? I don't remember. Maybe mind's going. Jason leaving - Maven thought Jason would be the one to win the whole competition. Bobbie Jo and Victoria quitting together. Chris Ni.'s "not my time yet" speech. Nidia says she was too surprised to see "them" go (which them she's talking about is totally unclear), because they were talking about doing it since Day 3. Tazz's "they're quitters" speech - Nidia (there's FAR TOO MUCH NIDIA on this show) says she agreed with it but didn't want to say it. She's wearing these ugly gloves too. 

Cuts. Darryl, goodbye. Maven says that the more advanced you got, the more you put your body in the hands of someone else, and you couldn't safely do that with Darryl. Here are some Darryl goofyness - Nidia was happy to see him go. Shadrick, and Tori yelling at him. He was a great guy - but he wasn't picking things up as quick. Miss Jackie got sad because he was "a cool guy."

Maven's Mom. Maven says he would have quitted if his Mom's condition would have gotten any worse. Here's his return. Nidia says that Maven was like their dad. I think it's because he's mature and some of the rest, not so much. 

Al hype for Tough Enough 2. Maven's was better.

A paint by numbers reality TV show, that makes me want to watch it. Stupid MTV.

WWF Superstars. Maven says every WWF superstar brought something different. There's the people we don't call Team Extreme. Mick - why do we leave in him calling Josh "Jonathon?" Kurt Angle. Triple H being mean. Let's use a clip to make it look like Triple H interacted with Nidia when He Did Not. Maven says Triple H is right. Ivory - Nidia says she had a great impact on her. Kurt Angle - Nidia says Kurt was inspiring "because he stuck through and made it, just like me." WHERE ARE YOUR GOLD MEDALS, NIDIA? Back to Foley, talking to them and working in the ring. Stone Cold Steve Austin - Nidia's acting like a Bobblehead in the clip. Sensitive happy music for Austin, what's with that. Maven says "passionate" maybe three times in one sentence.

Down Time. At Smackdown - Nidia was happy to meet the various superstars and travel with them. Maven says it was the best four days. Maven explains the fire - "Josh and I were wrestling, and I kinda kicked Taylor's candle over." Nidia: "Dumbass." Nidia brings up "Stop, drop and roll!" and we relive that at the time and in the car (with Darryl feeling left out.) Taylor getting drunk and Chris and Nidia trying to get her to kiss Maven. Josh is such the anti-social drunk here. Hey, it's Josh dressed up as Al in Milwaukee. "That was one of the funniest things I've ever seen." Circle game. Maven says, even if Chris lies about it, he liked parading around Yale.

Final Days. Maven says the rock quarry challenge was like all the others, except you know we actually saw this one. Creepy looking Vince. Did he look this creepy the first time? Probably. The match against the trainers - it wasn't a wrestling match, it was an initiation, Maven says.

Final Show. Maven must be lying when he says he had no clue who was going to win. Nidia talks around a similar question. Maven wins - he always considers Josh a friend. Nidia's speech about Taylor - she doesn't get to talk about Taylor (at least on TV), but instead said that Chris treated it all like a business, so he didn't connect as much with everyone else. Maven says he didn't like Chris, but he respected him.

A Dream Come Through. Let's combine footage of different Maven/Tazz matches! Maven and Nidia have liked winning. Here's Maven's upset. You've got to get 100% for all 9 weeks, Nidia says. It's better than the dream. The greatest rush you can ever imagine.

Here are scenes from Tough Enough 2! Yep. What, you want me to tell you about them or something? Maybe later.

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