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WWF Tough Enough by The Cubs Fan




HEY let's start two minutes early (two minutes before Smackdown ends!), why not.

5000 Hopefuls, (TV PG L), 13 Finalists, 2 Champions. The Prizes: WWF Contract. Are You Tough Enough 2.

Fireworks. Here are some random WWF clips - whoa, that Pedigree on Kane wasn't right, why'd they show that? There's Angle's (forgotten) Moonsault off the top of the cage. Nidia: "Did you ever wonder what it feels like to be a WWF superstar? Now there's Tough Enough TWO." Maven: "13 finalists, 9 weeks of the most intense training, with some of the most intense trainers [quick look at Al Snow, Hardcore Holly, Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Ivory - a shot of them and then their names via entrance video] in our business." "And at the end, two contracts for the World Wrestling Federation." "Now, the only question that reminds is - Who Is Tough Enough?" While they go back to WWF clips, I'll point out that Maven was talking from a Smackdown taping and Nidia was at WWFNY.

Montage of videos - 5,000 were submitted (up 1,000 from last year.) Surprising amount of nWo shirts - remember, these were sent in before the nWo was even talked about coming back. Every guy takes off his shirt to show his physique - even those who shouldn't. Some people act dumb - one guys "accidentally" hits himself with a nunchucks. Lots of weird people, but it's more "people acting weird" than the freak shows of the first one.

Las Vegas. Establishing shots. 250 people are invited to try out - that's up 20 from last time, but a lesser percent than the first year. I know you care. They have GAMBLING in Las Vegas, wow.

5:45am, Caesers Palace. A long line of people already - let's talk to some. If they don't have their name in lights, they don't matter. One girl gets her last name muted, must be a funny last name. Some guy (wearing Jericho's Flames shirt) tells us that he's been there since 1PM the day before - here is some video proof. This guy lost luggage. This one had to quit his job to come here. She looks so young she gets carded every time she goes through the casino. This guy is Josh's Brother. Yes, that Josh. "It's really hard to watch him achieve MY dream." Geeky looking #1 goes in. Everyone goes in. Everyone signs up. Looks like they got breakfast. 

Here's the ring set up - outdoors with lights, because this may take a while. The judging panel? Al Snow (there's a "blink and you missed it" clip of him fighting Essa Rios [01/28/01 HEAT] that's the WWF saying hi to me), Bob Holly, Ivory, Chavo Guerrero Jr., John "Big" Gaburick (still WWF talent manager and this is probably the only time I use his full name this season), Jim Ross (WWF Senior V.P. of Talent Relation/Boomer Sooner), Kevin Dunn (WWF executive producer), and MTV Judges (about five who have no individual names.) They have a new font this season and get this, I like the old one better.

BOB tells us (you know you're a midcarder when the only one who wears your shirt is you) is someone with athletic ability. Here's a some pushups - Al explains that they have do clapping pushups, run back and forth across punching bags and kip up. (That's when you flip to your feet from the mat.) Chavo's says they're looking for an athlete - to last as a WWF Superstar. 

We take a look at a big, muscular guy. With a small yellow triangle mohawk on his head. He tells us his name is Jake (23/Weldon, CA), but I like to think of as "Jake, the guy who sure looks like a ringer." Jake's a firefighter, and since we see him firefighting (well, not really - we see him and some other firefighter-types holding a hose and pointing it at something, but the way they zoom in, we don't see what they're firing at.) Anyway, Rule Number One of Casting Specials is if you see a clip of someone when they're not at the casting special, they made the cut. Jake's in. Jake tells us also runs up and down hills carrying 70 to 80 pounds of weight. Here's him doing the athletic stuff well, and here's him cutting the promo - it's the typical "I'm a very strong man" stuff, though referring to his arms as "20 inch pipe" makes me laugh for some reason. "My veins are bigger than some people's arms" makes one of the MTV guys laugh (probably thinking it has to do with something he's injecting into those veins) which causes Jake to start challenging random MTV judge. Of course he starts to lean on the ropes, the WWF guys tell him to get off the ropes, and he's too thrown off to continue his diatribe. He's not afraid of anything.

Katrina (19/Milan, MI) is a college student. She's been amateur wrestling since six - her dad's been her coach all along. She tells the judges that she's won six national championships, she's fourth in the world, and this has always been a dream for her. She takes nervous pauses between words and the judges call her on it - she says she just wants to do good. A judge asks one of their standard questions - What's the Toughest thing you've had to deal with, and Katrina starts crying while talking about being in a car accident - she broke her back. Bob calls her on crying - she wants it really bad, she says. The thing is, if she's nervous and crying now in front of 10 people with this pressure, she's probably not gonna do too well performing in front of 10,000 people.

People getting loose in the waiting room. #20 cuts a promo to the camera and says he's not going home without the title! #19 asks him what title he's talking about and #20 laughs and says he has no idea. #20 turns out to be Robert (23/Chicago), who's kinda like me, except he's a very big black guy and I am not. Large size wise. He had a hard life growing up - no dad, mom raised for kids. His worst time - he was homeless, living in the back of a hair salon. Nothing to eat but chips. Robert says that was his wakeup call - he had to do something different with his life.

Next up is Cosmo (doesn't matter), who is very very fat. He's got udders or something. Also, his pants are somewhat down and showing his butt crack. It's very disgusting, and then he starts moving and jiggling and I don't ever want to see this again. JR explains you have look like an athlete. Non-Atheltic Montage! Rule Number Two: Lots of Montages. Dunn: "She wasn't average, folks, she was ridiculously clumsy." 

#54, Greg (24/Salt Lake City) we saw early, holding his mom and his dad on his shoulders. He's a big (six six 280), somewhat muscular (no six pack) Mormon. An MTV guy asks about the possible conflict, and Greg says there's none that he can tell. He should lose just because he obviously doesn't watch the programming. Greg says him being a Mormon gets brought up, but it's not much of a problem. So far, he's the least annoying Mormon ever on an MTV reality show. Greg also doesn't have sex - he's waiting for marriage. I just want to know if he put "I don't have sex" on his application or if the WWF asked, why would they ask?

#159, Danny (21/Durham, NH) - wait, he's Danimal! This is his opportunity to show all the Fanimals that he's got what it takes! Eh. He's "pushing five ten" - Big says that means he's five nine, and Danimal says he's "five nine and fifteen sixteenths." He's entertaining, but he's short so his chances are slim. Danny (from the semi-final interview, so he'll make it that far - Katrina talked from one of these two, she's she'll make it that far too) says he thought he had to do something special to make himself stand out, so he decided to do a little dance number at the end of his audition. Danny dances - there's the running man! Danny shocks no one saying that he hasn't taken dance lessons, as he's more of a "goofy and off the wall" type person, as this dancing shows. Danny's next bit in his routine is a Kurt Angle impression, which makes Ivory and Chavo laugh. "Thank you very much, Danimal." Ivory gives him props for trying to entertain, and Bob agrees. Kevin says it was one of the worst Kurt Angle impersonations he's ever heard. This is something Danny wants to do very badly, and he'd like to do it. Break.

I don't think we were supposed to see the header credits right there for this commercial.

Establishing Shots. Rudy, aka Josh's Brother (23/Toledo/Jealous) basically tries to get on the show with little more going for him than the fact that he's Josh's Brother. He's not in good shape, he's got a "I'm owed this" attitude going and it just ain't happening. John Miller (Sr. Vice President MTV, and the guy who I've been talking about when mentioning a MTV judge) asks why they should put another person in their family on TV. Rudy says Josh was the lesser member. Rudy says it bugged him that Josh made it in "their dream" and he didn't.

Ivory says there aren't that many kids there that are that gifted. Someone with Jericho's hair does Shakespeare. Here's a bad promo montage. Ivory says that she's most disappointed that they're not bringing things to them that the WWF can make something out of.

Matt (25/Fairfield, CT) makes the 25. He's another big muscular but not jakked guy who can't kip up, despite at least three tries. Kevin asks how it felt failing to do the kip up, and Matt says not good but he'd like to keep trying. Matt tells us that he's very motivated, somethings you have to fail at things before you can succeed, and you have to learn from failure. JR asks if Matt comes from a big family - his brother is six six, his mom is six one. After Matt leaves, JR says he really likes Matt's size, but if he's 25 already, he's got to do it now.

It's night. Really.

Alicia (18/Bend, OR) is very peppy, the opposite of our judging crew at this point, thought it seems to wake Al up at least. "Ready to rock and roll or what?" She considers herself hardcore - she got into fights in high school. Here's Alicia in her yellow pickup (that makes two for sure), with stylish "White Trash Princess" and "Player Hater" stickers. Dice hanging from the mirror. Alicia tells a story about some girl picking a fight with her and Alicia beating her down, having to get pulled off because she was the only one throwing punches. She's pretty happy with that experience. Alicia's parents despise professional wrestling but as you might guess, Alicia could care less what her parents think. "I'm a Lone Ranger!" Ivory's amused by her spunky attitude. 

#110 is Anni (23/Monument, CO), who'll make it because she a weird spelling of her name and thirteen weeks of typing it will drive me batty. The fact that she's a six foot tall muscular (but not too much) blond maybe is more important to the judges. She holds the Colorado bench press record at 225 pounds - let's watch her press to confirm I'm right. That makes three. She's always been a very large girl - she was called King Kong in first grade. She's always been teased, but she's proud of her size.

We've had two locks, so let's go with a montage of people who can't kip up. C'mon, even I can kip up, I don't know what's wrong with these people. Mostly that they have no idea what they're doing. Al looks like he'd like to die right now. Bob: "[bleep] danmit!" I wonder if the Mormon knows that God is a swear word on MTV?

This guy, he can do pushups. Shad (20/Lithonia, GA) says he's six eight two forty. He's been a boxer and played college basketball, but right now he's a bodyguard. Shad looks skinny, but toned. Shad's a black man (as in "MAN, look at those arms") and says that everyone's first impression is that he's a thug. We see him hanging out with friends at home - that makes four. He can be laid back when he's off, but he's a beast when he's working. 

Ivory voice over complains of being there so long and being so so bored. Here's a montage of bad promos. Everyone who says they have charisma in their promo kinda doesn't. Everyone cuts the same basic promo. Some guy says "penis envy." Some guy cuts his promo in Spanish. Bob: "[bleep] danmit!" Now they're just picking on Bob. Anyway, nothing inspired.

Ivory heads into the waiting room to talk to contestants - she wants to give some advice. "Make the biggest asses of yourself that you could imagine ever making. You know, usually, when you're making an ass of yourself, you're doing a great job, as an auditioner. It works, believe me, I do it every day on TV." Ivory leaves, telling the camera man that she hopes that works - different strategy than Tazz, at least.

Hawk (20/Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, second round) says he's "The craziest sun of a bitch you'll ever meet!" He hoots while jumping punching bags, which wakes up the judges. Ah, he's got ADD. He's no longer on any drug, because he's mastered of it. Right. Ivory asks if he's always this energetic, and he says yes. So Ivory asks if he's crazy enough to jump in the fountain over there - and he runs and jumps in it. The judges love it. JR: "That sonofabitch is goofy as a pet coon." He runs back and he's still wet. Chavo (who calls him Jonathon - kinda thought Hawk couldn't be right) tells him to go do it again, and he does! JR likes him. Break.

Establishing Shots. Aaron (23/Virgina Beach, VA)'s video says that last time, he accidentally sent he and his girlfriend recreating Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson's video. He and his girlfriend have been together for a 1.5 year. Aaron kisses up to Ivory. His friends describe him as a Mac Daddy. He's a white guy. He pulls down his pants (he has undershorts) to do something embarrassing. Ivory's eyes bug out a little. He complains about shrinking.

Brendan (24/Newark, NJ) cuts a Rick Rude promo. Here are some pictures of him looking very very muscular. Now here's Brendan in the flesh and he's a very out of shape person who can't do anything. Beth Holmes (supervising producer Tough Enough) pulls out the picture and asks what the heck happened. He's like 125 pounds heavier. What happened? Ivory asks if it was a computer generated picture, but Brendan says he just likes to eat. Brendan says the extra fat is just from Halloween and his birthday. Must've been a very filling birthday. Judges brush him off, having enough of the pathetic lies, but someone wishes him a happy Thanksgiving.

John (22/Palo Verdes, CA) has long sideburns. Also, he's very toned and very athletic and here's his semi-final interview. Long sideburns. He talks about being part of a gymnastics club, a kung fu club, and break dancing a couple times a week. JR's impressed by his athletic ability. Here's his promo. John says he gets motivated by doing a physical skill, that's when he has a good day. JR asks if John can do a Spinaroonie. John says "what's a Spinaroonie?" and JR gets on him for not actually watching the WWF. John puts down the microphone - there's a debate if there's a cut here where they explained what a Spinaroonie is, but the next thing we see is John doing one with about about five more spins and flourishes then normal. Ivory: "That's a good Spinaroonie."

Linda (23/Cincinnati) asks for everyone to make noise for her. No one does. She's the first to graduate from college in her family of ten - here's a look at her family, so she's number five. Linda says people thought her mom gave her the most support, and she talk about playing basketball - here's some of her playing basketball. She's tall, you see. Linda says graduating from college was like a thank you to her mom, because not all of her children turned out well. JR asks if Linda was a finesse basketball player, but Linda assures him that she was a tough, tenacious player. That's a nice reverse layup. Kevin sarcastically asks for her to have a better attitude next time they see here, and she laughs.

Pete (20/Manalapan, NJ) has Steve Blackman's body from the neck down. Not that his face is ugly. Up till about four years ago, he was a chubby kid, but he started wrestling. Kevin (smoking) asks what the chance are of Pete trying to hook up with someone in the house - Pete says probably not, because he's not that self confident. He's only confident about certain things - women isn't that one. Pete thanks them for the chance.

As we see people doing gimmick promos, Chavo tells us that he'd rather see an energetic version of people than some character they're trying to do or telling the judges about how all the women want him or that they need them. Here's some of those promos. Here's the girl who bends herself so she can spank herself. More guys who love themselves. She's a diva and totally out of breath. Here's a guy with way too much eye make up. Scottish McRock, which at least is funny. "Call 911, I should be arrested for looking this good!" Please stop this montage, I need to get off. Someone does the Worm, but Al believes she's having some sort of seizure.

Kenny (20/Las Vegas) is slightly out of breath doing his interview, but that probably has more to do with him being excited than tired. He tells the judges that if he does something, he wants to be the best at it - and jumps the bags while wanting to be the best jumping bag person ever if he does that. Same thing for dancing. Same thing for making love - he humps the mat. But the WWF Superstar is what he really wants. Dude's very energetic. Kenny says he loves wrestling - his freshman year, he stayed in a burning building to watch RAW. He thought it was just a drill.

Al says a lot of people say they'll do whatever it takes - but will you really when you have to? That's called FORESHADOWING. That's how subtle it is, too.

Jackie (19/Columbus, OH) is also a tall, built women. People have compared her to Tori and that's pretty close. You know, they've had a lot more physically impressive (in terms of size) people this year - maybe those tall people figured out that they had an above average shot if they put the effort. Ivory asks if Jackie's a crazy girl, Jackie assures her that she is. Ivory asks if she'll do anything to get in that house, Jackie says pretty much. Ivory asks if she'll jump in the fountain right now. Jackie's hesitant (wearing a white top with maybe nothing underneath is probably a reason) - Jackie says she would, but she doesn't want to be pushed and pulled around. Ivory tells her not to bother than, and wishes her good luck. Dramatic pause. Yes, she goes for it - dive in. "You did the right thing, baby!" 

Dan (19, Eureka, CA) is cutting the generic promo, and Al is evaluating suicide possibilities. Dan is nothing special, but we go back to his video where he's talking trash about getting right in Tazz's face. Bob asks why he doesn't like Tazz, and Dan says Tazz is a "piece of [mute]." Al makes fun of Dan's pajama's bottoms and Dan makes fun of Head. What a great idea - instead of being a moron in your own home, why don't you drive out to Las Vegas and be a moron in front of WWF people! Kevin tells him that he'll go a long way in life hating Tazz. After he leaves, Big tells Kevin off microphone that he wants Dan in the 25, which surprises the heck out of Kevin. Big has a surprise from him - wow, watching Heat pays off!

Well, not really. But I like to pretend.

Jessie (21, Greenfield, WI) says her little cousin told her that she should push up her muscles to make them look bigger. She's not that physically impressive and she's asked if she's ready to work out eight hours every day. Jessie says a lot but doesn't really answer the ring - she thinks she can. "Are you ready to get thrown around the ring? "I hope so! 'cause if I'm not, I'm screwed, right? I'm so screwed if I'm not!" Kevin: "So are we." Jessie she's doesn't look tough, but she's a normal people, like the fans. No kip up. Kevin wants some proof that she's tough, because he doesn't believe it right now. Jessie explains that she's been living on her own since she was 17, paying her own bills and her mother's bills. Her mother suffers from bad depression. She has a tattoo of life on her back, from the first time her mom tried to commit suicide, because she was sure her mother was dead. She's survived, and she's done in on her own. JR and Al voice worries about her physical ability, but Ivory loves her attitude. She's like Tara from the first casting special - great personality, lacking physical. Hope it works better for her. Break.

Establishing shots. It's Day 2, and everyone's waiting for the 25 list. We talk to some of the people we've seen before as they believe they've got a chance - here's Jackie, Robert, Josh's Brother, Matt, Katrina (still in close to tears mood and planning for next year in her mind), Shad and Jessie. 

Big is out to give a speech that distills down to: You did a good job, we appreciate the sacrifices that you made to come here, some will go home disappointed, but don't give up on this if your name is on the list. 

Big posts the list - the way they're already crowding around the name, I don't know if he'll be able to get out alive. People check out their names and start to come in. Everyone on the inside is thrilled. 

Inside, most of the semi-finalists talk and shake hands. Jake the Ringer sits away from the rest of them. Dan's wearing the lWo shirt from his promo - he tells Jackie that he's wearing it every day from now on. People call home. Jake says that 25 doesn't mean anything - the 13 is what counts, so he's staying separate until then. 

Josh's Brother is sad that he didn't make it, but he really appreciates the chance. Blah blah go away now.

Ken Mok (I think that's his name - he's one of the MTV guys and I remember getting his name last year) says that everyone's here, but one - White Trash Princess Alicia. Big say she must not think highly of this if she showing up late. Alicia shows up - she didn't know they needed to be there at 11, just that list was going to be there. She says sorry.

Big address the 25. They'll have two things happen today - physicals, and interviews.

Physicals montage! Robert ends it with a semi-pretend whine upon get a shot.

Judges Conference - while some MTV person interviews the contestant, the non-wrestler portion of the panel watches via video camera in a different room. Alicia says she figured everyone (and perhaps their mom) would be here at eleven, so she figured she'd come a little later and not have to wait around forever to look at the paper. She didn't know that they were needed to do something right at eleven, because they never said that. Kevin says that's what he would have done it. JR heart Matt. Kenny talks about being laid back and cool. An MTV guy says the audience will like him and Kevin says he's just so regular. MTV guy says that's not mad good and Kevin shoots him such a look. It's hilarious. John MTV dude like him. John talks up the WWF, and Kevin doesn't like him because he feel he's being patronizing in his interview - plus, he seems more interested in doing things that WWF people do - like flip, but not particularly wrestling. Big and Kevin want to take a pass. Anni says his dad was a decathlete. JR worries that she's a little beefy, but she's got a great frame. Carol Eng (VP MTV - wow, why are all the top MTV people here?) says "Le Fem Nikita." Jake says he and his dad clashed a lot - they're both hard headed, and it made him tough. JR says it'll be tough to push Jake, but it might make for some interesting television. Linda says she hits the court pumped. Beth Holmes (supervising producer, I've said this before) thought she was flippant before now thinks she's serious and tenacious. I don't know how she got flippant out of what we saw before. Maybe she saw something different. Greg puts the panel to sleep. John Miller says he's not had coffee in two years but he's gonna have some now. 

Interview montage! Katrina was in an orgasm contest in Cancun, and shows her technique throughout. Jackie barks like a dog. Hawk drove a girl to another women. Robert says he's a retired player (wink.) Dan makes fun of Tazz's height. 

The panel looks at the cast, as they've decided, as Ken explains that before they finalist the list, they're going to give the 25 a challenge, and they'll be able to change their mind afterwards.

Day 3. Red Rock Canyon. It looks kinda warm out there. Two buses take all 25 into the middle of nowhere. They have no idea what's going on. Hey, it's Dan! Why in the world would be focusing on Dan - oh, there's a van pulling up. I wonder who just might be in that van. HMMMMM 13. Hello, Tazz. Let's look at Dan's Tazz taunting video, and go to break.  

Tazz wastes NO TIME in going into Dan's face and talking trash. Dan is intimidated. "Your best bet is to shut up! You ain't [mute.]" Tazz tells them they'll be doing three mile run. The lesson is that you're always being evaluated on the show, even when it isn't obvious. You're always being watched. Today, it's Tazz's turn. 

Running, and like the Tazz episode in the first season, he rides in the back of a car and yells at them while the run, or try to. Running. Running. Tazz. Running. Robert is down to walking already. "Hey Dan, if I hadn't mentioned it before, you ain't [mute] and you suck!" This is very fun, but how many people will try next season (if there is a next season) to tick off Tazz or someone else just to see how far it can take them? Running. Robert's walking. Jake's in the lead. Tazz looks at Jake's hair and says he thought HE had a funny haircut. 

Tazz gets everyone to stop - where's Robert? Looks like either Matt fell back or he held back to jog with Robert in. Tazz bugs them to hurry up. Now that everyone's here - the half way point - they can have water. Also, packs, containing 15% of your body weight. You have to keep on your back throughout the run. Tazz not so nicely gives Dan his bag. 

Bags on, and they're running again. Running running some walking walking no one gives up running walking some out of shape. Tazz yells at Dan some more. "Sorry sir!" Running walking. Robert knows he's last but he's not going to quit. 

In first is Danny - he guaranteed in his audition that he wanted this more than anyone, and thinks finishing first shows that. There's Jake the plant. Jackie. More people. Hawk is slow of the line. Alicia and Jessie are near the end of the women. Some of the guys run with Robert across the line. 

Big tells everyone that they'll tell them who it is, in a few minutes. He redoes his earlier speech about keep trying even if you lose. 

Various people size up their chances to the camera. Everyone's nervous and hopeful. Robert hopes he's judged overall - not just by one performance. 

Elsewhere, the panel is looking at the selections again, and Ken's asking if there are changes that should be made. Craig Borders (supervising producer, Tough Enough) seems sure one should be made - Danny should be in. Richard Glatzer (supervising story editor, Tough Enough) says Danny was boring yesterday, but good today. Danny thinks it's not for sure since he was first - nothing for sure. Big asks who they'd take off, and Pete's name is mentioned - they've very similar size and look people. In the end, they decide - but don't tell us.

Tazz gives the "don't give up even if you lose here, because you must've had something to make it this far" speech before naming the thirteen. The people who aren't picked are alternates. That came into play last year. Tazz announces the names:

Anni - the Colarado bench presser.
Kenny - who wanted to be the champion what every he does
Jake - the ringer
Alicia - White Trash Princess
Matt - the guy JR loves 
Linda - basketball player
Hawk - master of his ADD
Shad - not a thug
Jessie - personality but not physical ability
Jackie - dived in the fountain
Aaron - has girlfriend
Pete - formerly fat
Robert - fat, but formerly homeless.

Guess they didn't decide to make the switch after all. Same mix as last time - 5 girls, 8 guys. Winners are happy and giddy. Robert's kinda in tears - he's happy but sad for the people probably deserved (you get the feeling that he's not sure if he deserved it, almost.) Hawk's happy to do this, because so few get too. Matt sees hard work ahead. Jackie's happy that the second time was the charm. Jacob almost seems like he's not a plant here. Shad feels blessed. Linda is out of words. Jessie is over by herself, so happy she's in tears. I don't think she thought she had a chance either. Pete thinks luck is looking up for him right now - he doesn't know the half of it.

On the other side, Alicia is in tears (not a shock) and promising to try again next year. We did see no one from the first 25 in this 25, you know? Danny cries (a lot) on the bus - despite his claims to the contrary, he sure seems like he thought he won. Danny thought beating Pete in race would matter (and it almost did) and he had convinced himself - it's pretty tough to find out he wasn't. We look at Alicia and Danny in the Losers Bus as the winners talk and chat, and that's it.

You'd think we'd talk more with losers who didn't make it - but we didn't talk to that many non-Final 13 to begin with (a product of time being taken up with the challenge), so there was no reason too.

Next Week: The house looks cool, but they can't get inside. Oh, someone's missing. AGAIN. Is this going to be a running joke? I think see Pete, Jackie, Anni, Alicia (trying to force her way in - it's only been an hour but it's like I know this person), Kenny, Aaron (I think - I don't really know him well), Jake, Jessie, Linda, Matt, Hawk (in another clip) and we saw Shad at home before so...put it together. Jessie has problems holding - Ivory takes her aside but it doesn't look good. She's thinking about quit already. Aaron hurts his knee and Hawk thinks he might die - or at least he was acting that way.

Cold, "Done Away" is a song on the next Tough Enough album, I bet. It's right here over the credits.

Tough Enough episodes air Thursdays on MTV at 9pm CST, give or take three minutes and rerun a few times during the week (including right before Sunday Night Heat). Tough Enough's website is . Reading that even Big thought it was a surprise Nidia beat Taylor last year (over on the Observer site) was funny.

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