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Previously: It's two weeks in, so it's about time to start adding clips in Previously that NEVER HAPPENED - like these ones where Linda talks about not wanting to make friends and Jessie talking not nice about Linda. Also, Aaron may or may not be dead.

Aaron leaves the hospital (oh, he's not really dead) and explains what the heck happened. He didn't eat breakfast. Also, he was taking some drug "that's not really recommended by most doctors" to try to give himself an edge. He couldn't get a breath, after midway in the course. Alicia, Kenny and Hawk pick him up in a van and take him home while he explains. Aaron's heartbeat was 150 a minute. All he could do is pray. Anyway, the doctors wanted him to stay overnight to monitor him, but he got himself released because he didn't want the trainers to see this as a problem. I think once you're getting carried away in the ambulance because of your own sillyness, it's not gonna help much to come back a day early. Pete thinks Aaron's a good guy, but it was a very bad thing to do. Kenny doesn't think it'll hurt Aaron at all - I think he means physically, not his chances here.

Trax - Big tells Aaron's out till they get medical clearance (so coming back early didn't help at all, since he has to go back anyway.) Aaron knows he's being constantly evaluated, so it's killing him - to sit out. I think Aaron really doesn't seem to grasp the level of screwing up he's done. 

Moving on - Matt tells us that Bob's riding Hawk hard. Hawk's the nutty ADD kid and Bob doesn't seem to put up with anything nutty (maybe peanut butter) so I could see that as a bad mix. More push up for Hawk - he isn't getting high enough on them. Hawk says Bob's giving him more attention because Bob sees something in him. That's a theory.

Somersault flip back bumps. Robert can't get his head over. He's not going straight over, he's kinda corkscrewing it. Robert says he's not a quitter, but it's tougher than he thought it was.

Aaron shows his papers to Big - he's cleared. Big sends him back to training.

In the ring, they're doing an exercise we only saw a little bit (and seemingly much later) last season - one person (then it was always Al) is the attacker and puts the victim in a waistlock while they both sit on the mat, and the victim tries to maneuver or roll their way free while the attacker tries to keep the waistlock on. Linda and Anni do it, while Anni explains Linda seems to beat people up in the ring. They break for the day.

In a van, Pete, Danny, Jessie and Aaron are all semi-annoyingly saying goodbye to Bob as he gets in his car - Hawk is smartly saying quiet to not attract attention. Pete says: "We'll miss you!" and Bob gets annoyed - everyone in the van starts pointing at Hawk for saying it. He begs off but it's four against one. 

House. Robert's talking on the phone to his girlfriend (and playing with an Undertaker action figure.) He knows he's lagging behind. He knew it was going to be tough, but he doesn't think he can do it. He doesn't like his chances.

Kitchen. Oh yech, ants in the kitchen. I hate ants in the kitchen. Linda and Pete have a long drawn out argument over who's dishes are dirty, who's actually cleaning them, and who's responsibility everything is. The point you're supposed to get is "Linda does not play well with others." Pete does not like her at all. Anni says Linda doesn't get along with a lot of people.

Trax - Hawk and Linda lockup. Hawk accidentally beans Linda in the head when they transition into a side headlock, and she falls hard to the mat. Thing is, I watched it happen three times and didn't pick it up. (And for some reason Linda and Hawk are both smiling during this.) Anni says that Linda, being a basketball player, "overacts a little bit." She often tries to draw non-existent fouls, I think. She takes her time "hurting" from the injury - Bob and Ivory both loudly mention how odd it is that when Linda gets accidentally hurt, she's down for quite a bit, but when she hurts someone else, it's not a thing. Jackie says Linda's overly aggressive. Al has a sit down with Jackie, Jessie and Anni about Linda - Al urges them to stand over for themselves, you can't wait till later. Al assures them that if he thought Linda was a real risk, he'd stop her. Break.

Linda says her mom said that you always need to figure out what's wrong with yourself. If you don't, someone else will. Al and Linda are having a chat now - Al isn't too harsh, just trying to get her to relax a bit and let other people in control a bit. 

Waistlock excerise again, but now Al's the attacker. Aaron does well. Ivory asks him if he had a heart attack, but he says no. Chavo and Linda - Chavo gives Linda credit to keep moving. Bob and Jake. We get a triple replay of a takedown for some reason, and Jake ends up falling out of the ring to escape, but lands on his feet. Bob and Hawk - Jessie says they have a love hate relationship. Bob has Hawk face first down on the mat in an armbar, telling Hawk if ever says he misses Bob again, he'll rip his shoulder out. Haha. Hawk thinks Bob likes him, but if he closes a line, "he's gonna kick my ass!" Bob promises to make sure Hawk doesn't miss him.

It's a limo. Well, it's the Big Show. I thought it was someone important, har har. Big Show montage. Big Show enters Trax and says hi to Bob and Ivory. Danny estimates the height at "eight feet." He says it was breathtaking - everyone claps for the Big Show. Jessie explains that Big Show probably weights five or six times than she does - so of course, it's the Big Show holding her and Jessie trying to get loose. Show hold her to tight, just kinda makes a circle with her arms that's still enough to lock her in. Matt and Big Gut (sorry) lockup and do a sequence. Matt says he learned a lot - especially about how to do things for a guy his size. Kenny and Linda do a sequence - I can't tell if Big Show is amazed that they're this far along already, or that it took Linda a couple tries to kip up out of Kenny's leg scissors. Robert's having problems doing a single leg takedown - Show: "If you roll through it like a sack of [mute], it looks like a sack of [mute]!" Al has Aaron explain why he's called the 9-1-1 Kid. Show explains that if you take things that speed up your heart, you just blow up quicker.

Big Show speaks the to assembled masses. Big Show explains that he came into the business a lot like they did, and he ended up facing Hulk Hogan at Halloween Havoc for the WCW Title. Insert clip here - that's some nice work, production people! Hey, it's the Taskmasker. "You know what's that called? 'Creating a [mute] damn egomaniac!" Show asks Chavo what Show was like in WCW - Chavo gets muted, but it ends with "hole." Bob agrees. Show asks why - Bob says it was because he didn't have respect for anything. "Then, they send me to Louisville." Show didn't think he'd be their long - he'd surely be back soon. Two months in, it finnaly hit him - if he didn't get his act in gear, he might never get out of there. Big Show said he had all sorts of stuff - size, charisma, whatever - but he didn't have humility. Linda tells us that she can relate to the Big Show, she's gotta to learn to be humble. Big Show says he the world given to him on a silver platter, and all he had to do was be respectful.

Al shows the kids folding chairs stacked against the wall, with their names on them. They each grab them and set them up. Al explains that they'll be basically repeating last year's "chair as tombstone" concept but with names so we can remember who's gone. And that'll happen soon - there will be a cut in 24 hours. Al reminds them that they're judged all the time in everything we do. Big says anybody and any amount of people being cut - so not just one per cut this year - and it's always better to be cut than quit. Robert says he doesn't want to quit, but he's been pushing himself so hard he doesn't know how much longer he can make it. Hawk wonders if Linda might be cut. Linda says someone's gotta go - will it be her or someone else? Break.

Optimum Fitness - on the beach. Later that same day - everyone's wearing the same clothes and there's still this very large person there, those are my clues. Aaron wants to improve from last night. Big: "Tomorrow, they'll be a cut, so do your best." Kenny says he knew it was going to be a tough day.

Tough Day montage. Looks like this isn't as much of a timed event as last time, but more of a group - everyone does the exercises at the same time, instead of one person going through the course (or parts of it) at a time. Show says the "this is ONE TENTH of what it takes" line in here. Linda gets yelled at by Bob for talking back to Raphel (I think that's how I saw it spelled.) Bob tells Hawk that anyone who stops today will be going home tomorrow. Robert says he's trying his best but it doesn't appear that'll be good enough. Hawk says everyone's scared of what happens when they're cut. Robert's really struggling - just on the edge of quitting today, but making it through.  

In a TOTALLY staged scene, Jessie gives Big Show at super-sized toolbox on behalf of the kids. When exactly did they have time to shop for him? Why did they get him a toolbox? Was this just here so we could hear people making "lunchbox" jokes? You'll never know. Big Show does the Tim Taylor growling or whatever that is.

The trainers and Big look at pictures and figure out who should stay and who should go. Pete's fine, Matt's terrific, Danny is good, Kenny is respectful, Jake is competitive. Robert - and Al thinks he's acted defeated and beat, and wonders how much desire he had in the first place. In Robert's defense, Chavo points out that he's pulling a lot of extra weight and everything's quite a bit harder for him. Aaron - he handles everything well, but he's kinda bland and even, and he failed Optimum Fitness miserably. Linda's got drive and determination but at the same time, she's a drama queen who's never wrong. She gets put in the Maybe pile. Jackie is athletic. Anni handles everything well. Alicia takes good bumps. Jessie has a lot of heart. Hawk - "Ah, Captian Spaz a lot!" Ivory points out his feet are all over the place in a lockup, and Al figures it's because he's afraid he'll make a mistake and Bob will kill him. Bob agrees. One last look at the pictures. I was so distracted by Chavo's blue "WCW Greed" T-shirt throughout this scene. 

Cut day, morning. Quite morning. Hawk says he was quiet. Kenny (who's quickly becoming the narrator here) says that everyone was tense, wondering if this would be it. It was a dismal day. Trax. All the chairs are in one big semi-circle today. Big lays down the rules - Everyone stands up by their chair, and Al will walk up to each person and either tell them to sit down, or that they're cut. Matt wonders who and how many will be cut. Alicia looks cute in her knit hat in this scene, but at the same time scared out of her mind. Jake's wearing a muscle shirt so show off his muscles. "You can't cut me! I've got many muscles!" and so forth. Everyone stands quietly and stares forward, very nervous.

Sit down, Kenny. Matt, sit down. Jake, sit down. Pete is told that he's working hard, but he needs to work harder if he's going to have a chance to survive, and sit down. Hawk sits down. Hawk says he didn't have time to be worried or confident. Show's still here? I guess he's got nothing better to do. Alicia and Anni are told to sit down. Jessie is told that she needs to be emotionally tougher, and also sit down. It's almost like they remember what happened last week. Danny sits down. Jackie sits down. Oh oh, Al's going over to Robert in slow motion, that's not a good sign. Al doesn't feel like he's at the physical level that he'll be able to continue on - he's cut. Robert says inside, he smiled - he rather be cut than quit. Linda is told to sit down - Jessie complains (using her hands quite a bit) to us that Linda wasn't warned about her behavior (the same way Jessie was.) That leaves Aaron, UH OH SLOW MOTION. Al points out he failed his physical challenge "and we don't feel that you've progressed to the level we need you to. I'm sorry, you've been cut." Aaron didn't know what to say - he felt betrayed, he felt like it was a slap in the face. Hope he didn't mail that letter!

Al tells Robert and Aaron to say their goodbyes. Robert's upbeat - they didn't break him, he didn't quit, he just got cut. Aaron thinks it sucks to be one of the first ones cut. It's very tight - one screw up could lead to your downfall. Especially if that one screw up is "taking a drug and getting an ambulance ride", I think. Big gives them the "if you really want it, don't let it end here" speech. Kenny says Robert got to accomplish something. Aaron says taking the drug turned out to be the biggest mistake he could've made.

On the next: Hawk says "something absolutely wretched is eating away inside of me." A worm? Alicia visits the doctor - she's got a muscle strain in the lower back. The doctor asks what's going to happen, physically, tomorrow, and Alicia is without words. Something happens at a bar. And everyone wears very little at Trax. 

Tough Enough episodes air Thursdays on MTV at 9pm CST, give or take three minutes and rerun a few times during the week (including right before Sunday Night Heat). Tough Enough's website is It's been more than three weeks and the "WWFToughEnough Insider" page has yet to be updated.

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