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Huh: From MTV's recap of last week's show: "Ever the complainer, Alicia moans one time too many about her back, and Al tells her to leave." That didn't seem to happen on the show I watched - maybe the read the situation strangely and/or knew about something the rest of us didn't? Oh yes, Anni talked in so many generalities and non-specifics she didn't really say anything we were interesting in hearing, you know? Maybe that's why they don't let her talk on the show.

TV PG L open - wait, no S? I'm disappionted already.

Previously: Alicia was cut for her won sake. Jessie couldn't take it any more and quit. Not Shown Before: Hawk thinks Jake needs to be more patient. Pete and Jackie have something, but Jackie's got a boyfriend and surely won't let it go too far.

Jake explains that when they came home to the hot tub, everyone (but him) went in the hot tub - not just Pete and Jackie as we saw last week. I see Linda (wondering why they brought out alcohol and not Pepsi), Pete, Jackie, Kenny and Hawk - maybe no Anni too. Jackie says she had a coupe more shots there - "maybe that's what put me over the edge." Anni says that Pete thinks Jackie's very attractive but knows she has a girlfriend, so it won't go any farther than that. Jackie does a somersault in a tub while Pete checks her out. Kenny says Jackie's got it's made. Pete makes a toast "to sins forgiven." Kenny says any time a girl's there and her boyfriend isn't, it's opportunity. Eventually, people start leaving - first Linda, then Hawk. We watch Pete and Jackie fool around in the pool and Kenny watching and wondering why Jackie isn't grinding with him. Kenny breaks his glass by accident. Linda wonders to us why Kenny was in the hot tub so long. Kenny leaves so Pete could "further his activities." And now they're making out. "I was not pushing him away, by any means, at all." Yea, she's looking like an equal participant here. Jake: "Jackie, when she's drunk, obviously, she has no control." More making out. Jackie breaks another glass. Anni says she didn't hear anything, but from what she heard, they were pretty frisky. They're all over each other and making out but no one loses any clothing...and then fade to black.

The next morning. Broken glasses still out there. Here's a picture of Jackie's boyfriend to make her feel guilty - well, if she'll wake up. Pete tells Anni that some stories about what happened last night are beginning to develop. He's all "I got laid, but I'm trying to be gentlemanly to tell you that I GOT LAID, so I hope those subtle hints that something - something like me having sex with Jackie - might clue you in that I got laid." Kenny's cleaning up the mess by the hot tub - I'm not sure if he was so out of it he forgot how the first glass got broken or he's just wondering how the second one did. Jackie's not in the giddy mood Pete that Pete is.

That day, Jackie, Anni and Pete went to Melrose to go shopping - this is National Wear Black Day, apparently. As they compare clothes, you compare stories: Pete to us: "We haven't talked about what last night, we're kinda waiting for the right moment." Jackie: "I think both of have an understanding of what happened." Pete: "I had fun last night, it was a good time." Jackie: "I regret it. I really really regret it." Pete: "We both had a really good time." Jackie: "Mistakes were made." Pete: "Obviously, we're both attracted to each other." Jackie: "I think we both know were each of us stands." Pete: "I don't know what's going happen."

Later that day, Big comes over, with the Tough Enough trainers, who get a tour of the house. And the messy rooms. Ivory: "Walk in closet, love it!" Ivory takes a moment to brush her teeth (coffee breath) and asks Jackie "what did you guys do this weekend?" Jackie does not say "Pete", but does explain that they went out and people were "hooking up." Also, "I kissed Pete." "You kissed Pete? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh my god" Ivory is awesome. Later, while they're still in the bathroom, Jackie says it was "body over mind, and I just made the biggest mistake of my life." "That's not the biggest mistake of your life. It's a freaking kiss." "Yea, I know but..." "But you know, if you got the job, it's not the last time that's gonna happen..." "Oh, I know that." Big calls them down before this conversation can go on - I wonder when it occurred to Ivory that it was actually more than a kiss. 

Anyway, everyone's in the living room - short story shorter, they're going to JAKKS Pacific to get scanned for their own action figure. And then they go there. Karl Meyer (owner, Gentle Giant Studios) explains the process - they're doing a full body scan and a 360 scan of the head. They have to sit really still and the scan goes around their face - we see the scanning and the rendered result on the computer screen - both Pete and Hawk note that they looked more ripped on the computer. Jake doesn't twitch at all.

En route to Trax, Big explains the story on Jake: he's got a very marketable look, but he hasn't been mentally good in the ring. That's out of nowhere. It's never a good sign when someone says "the other left foot." Chavo says you can't just be a muscle dude, you need something upstairs too. Al helpfully writes L and R on Jake's hands so he can keep them straight. Chavo says if Jake could bring his mental aspect up to his physical level, he'd be a very marketable guy. Bumps. 

Jackie and Pete practice (wrestling) outside of the ring. She talks about needing to stay focus, and not on her boyfriend who she's had for a very long long time. She doesn't know how she's going to tell her boyfriend (who's name turns out to be Jason) other than saying "I made a huge dumb dumb mistake." Well, why not do it right now - we go to the house and Jackie on the phone with her boyfriend. "We were out last night. I had a couple drinks. I mean, I didn't do go too far." "Okay, well, how far did it go?" "No kissing, or anything like that." "So there's no kissing?" "Like a friendly peck, and that's it." "Could you define that for me?" "We kissed on the lips. Nothing else was involved." "For how long." "Like a second." First, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Second, we cut away to Pete here, and he says one of the stupidest things ever said on this show: "I thought, her boyfriend is so far away, why does she have to tell him?" You notice those camera Pete? See, you're being taped and soon, you will be on TV and he just might find out then, while others laugh and laugh at you. Third, this leaves plenty of room for a cut on the phone call conversation, so who knows how much closer Jackie's gotten from "no kissing." Jason: "You cheated on me...after...four weeks." "And I'm saying I made a mistake, and I'm asking you to forgive me for it." "Just like you walked out on me last night, I'm walking out on you." "J, I didn't [click]" Jackie cries while Anni hugs her. Break.

You know, if you're gonna tell someone "I cheated on you", it's always seemed to me that you're best off telling the whole truth right away - if you deal it out little by little, they're always going to suspect there's even more you're keeping from them.

Jake and Pete in the kitchen. Jake: "Pete wants a little something-something from a certain somebody." Pete: "Pete would like. Pete would like. But Pete's not going to get." "Pete could get, if Pete wanted." "You think so?" "I know so." "You know so?" "Oh yeah. Because when a person's been drinking, it brings out the true self in them." Oh wow Jake just totally lost me right there and I'm not a fan of him at all. Pete congratulates Jake on the good theory, because Pete is some kind of dork. In their bedroom, Pete (pro) and Kenny (con) debate Pete's chances of a relationship with Jackie. Kenny to us: "You can't erase five years in two weeks, that's what I'm telling him." Kenny says he told Pete not to get feelings, because he's going to get hurt. Pete tells Kenny that he's so attracted to this girl, and it's not a physical thing (it's a "hey, she seems to like me and we're living together already" thing.) Kenny tells him not to do it. Pete: "I've never been in love, so I don't know what the [bleep] I'm missing."

Pete, who wears the same shirt for every interview, says he left Jackie a rose on her bed, and we'll find out how she accepts it. Jackie's hard to read, but she's sure not on in love. Jackie and Kenny talks in the kitchen. Jackie: "Just to create more, he got me the rose." Pete: "Way to stir the [bleep] soufflé." Jackie: "Exactly." Hey Jackie, maybe you're wrong about both of you knowing where you stand and perhaps you should have a word with Pete already? I'm just saying.

Trax. Al explains the armdrag - it's dangerous if it's done wrong, and it's about leverage and balance, not muscle. We zoom in on Jake in case you don't get the idea of where this is going. Al shows does it to the kids - some of who forget that thing about landing on the back. Pete and Jake blow one. Pete says Jake is stiff when he works. Jake says he has a good chance to win this, but the adjustments they need to make are in the ring.

Night time - guess they're going out to party and you know Jackie's gonna be watching what she drinks. As it turns out, Jackie and Pete are in one van, while Jake, Hawk and Linda are in another - no Anni or Kenny. You can tell that people in both cars have been dying to have a group conversation about, but can't do it when the two groups are mixed. Jake: "What they did right there, due, Jackie and Pete-" Linda: "Oh, what they did-that was cheating, I'm not gonna lie. They had practically having sex without having intercourse, truthfully, I ain't gonna lie. I watched a lot of it, and I'm like 'Damn!'" Pete: "I don't regret anything that happened except that it, uh, f[bleeped]ed your relationship up, you know what I mean?" "Yeah." "If I can go back and do it again, I'd probably do it again." Linda: "She was begging for it! I'm talking begging, with capital Bs!" Jackie: "Don't take it to heart or whatever, but I would do anything in the world to change what happened yesterday." Linda: "She's ready for something new, though, she ready for something new." Hawk: "She's too young. She's 20." Linda: "Exactly. She's 20. She's too young to be with someone that long anyway. She's ready for something new." Pete: "'cause Jackie, in all honesty, from the outside looking, you know, he's got the good thing going. You know, like, you don't have the good thing going." "No, I do." "No, believe me, he's got the good thing going. You did nothing wrong." Pete has found his angle, and Linda was funny up there (even though when she talks about how young everyone is, I remember she's only 23 herself.) 

The next day, they had a visitor at the house - hey, it's Edge (w/Al ). I think I know him! Montage. Edge checks out the house and talks to the kid and the kids kiss up to him. Edge makes fun of Hawk's spaghetti eating habits. "You damn freak!" Edge says, growing up, he was a big Hogan fan. "The onus is not on big guys anymore. It's not, it's not the 80's anymore. It's based on your workrate now." ha ha. Everyone's inspired like always when a WWF guy comes on. "The hardest part is no off-season, just go go go. I had a month and a half where I had three nights at home. So it was like, I'd get home, fly out the next morning." Later, Edge happens to touch on this weeks plot: "You'' go through ups and downs and trials and tribulations in relationships when you're living that kind of relationship, it's to be expected." 

Jackie calls Jason. "Hello?" "[click]" Well, that's not going so well. Jackie says it's always good to talk to some friends, so she thought her mom was the closest person who to talk too. Her mom is her closest friend. Keep that in mind, as we head into the least supportive family conversation in the history of Tough Enough (which is kinda saying something, with this being the show that apparently no one wants their kids on) Mom: "How are you?" "I'm okay." "You don't sound okay." "No, um..." "What happened?!" "On Sunday night, I had a couple drinks and I...kissed another guy here." "My god, Jackie! That's what you want to do - throw away you whole life? [voice quivering in anger from here on out] How could you do that?"  "I don't know." "I never in a million years expected this!" "Neither did I." "Then why did you let it happen?" "I don't know, I don't know." "Who is that ass? Is he one of the ones in your house?" "Yes." "Great! That's just great! You've just blown your entire future, do you realize that? Is that CRAP that you're doing over there worth all of that?!?!?" That's just so mean, it's tough to laugh. Tough. I wonder if Jason's an eccentric billionaire or something.

Pete and Jackie wrestle (in the ring.) Jackie says maybe it's a little awkward, but she's not going to act any differently too him. They're less than communicative in the ring, and Al asks them what's up - I think Al may know what's up here (Ivory told him?) but he's trying to get them to say it so maybe they'll get over it. Big says they need to be focused on one thing and one thing alone here, and that's working in the ring. Break.

Sunday Night Heat this week - Hulk Hogan, Triple H, Steve Austin and Undertaker won't wrestle.

Big says the whole group is at a pivotal part of their training - they know the basic and it's now if they can put it all together and feel it. Hawk and Jake aren't feeling it, yo. "I was on Jupiter, and he was on Saturn." You know who said that. Al says that the best way to have them feel it is to have them to do something completely ridiculous - like wrestle the invisible man. If they do it right, like they are in these shots here, you can almost see someone else in there with them. If they do it wrong, they look like they're having some sort of seizure - here's Hawk and Jake again for examples. Hawk is cracking Big and Al up, and Jake isn't even close.

Jackie says Pete is a good friend, but "dangerous to be around." Linda says they're not focusing, and we can see Pete not confusing and almost getting knocked out in the process. Al says Pete that he's in the "Nether realm - it's the realm that Hawk's in all the time." Pete says he came here for a contract and everything else is secondary. Jake says you have to be relaxed in there, instead of all tense, and he's starting to get it. Jake does something right so we can resolve this plotline.

Mail at the house - an Express Mail letter for Jackie from her boyfriend Jason. Pete (as loud as he can in hopes that Jackie will here him): "I hope I ruined everything in that relationship! That man does not deserve her!" Jackie opens it and read it, but we don't get to. Making a phone call. Jason: "Hello?" Jackie: "Hello." Jason: [click] Hahaha. Pete again says that Jason is the biggest moron in the world. Jackie calls home again - it's worth noting that the phone room is right next to were Kenny, Hawk and Pete are playing pool, so they can get hear just about everything that's being said. "Mom? I just called him and he hung up the phone. "Has he talked to you at all?" "He just sent me something today, just two lyrics in a song that were...rather sad, but no, he hasn't talked to me. Mom, I don't know what else to say. It was a mistake, I wasn't thinking." "There's got to be more than that, Jackie." "What do you mean there's got to be more to this, that I've got these deep inner feelings? And I didn't think and I thought 'oh, maybe I can get away with this'? No! I don't know what I was thinking. People make mistakes, people do this stuff, and I know that sounds so stupid and so cliché but it does, it happens! You know he means everything to me, you know that!" "I think, to be quite honest with you Jackie, I think he needed to be a little stricter with you and not give you all this freedom and all this support. I'm damn sick of hearing  these men of the '90s or these men of 2000. It's up to you to figure out how to make this right, if you can. Without a doubt, this is the hardest thing you will ever do in your life, but so is love. It's the greatest thing, but it's also the greatest pain." He sent SONG LYRICS over EXPRESS MAIL? Now I have no one to root for - everyone's extraordinary silly.

Anyway, Jackie leaves the phone room and goes upstairs. Kenny explains that Jackie kept on saying that Pete was an accident and a mistake, and Pete heard it and hurt him a bit. Pete sulks outside while Jackie cries in Linda's shoulder. Pete: "I've never felt this strongly for a person before. If I don't try, I'll always go through the rest of my life, 'Why didn't I try with that girl on Tough Enough?" Pete? Fool.

Next: Al says they're not exactly where he wants them to be. Pete says an attraction does not go away in a week. Al introduced Nidia and Maven. Bob wants to know why Hawk is crying and come to think of it, so do I.  

Tough Enough episodes air Thursdays on MTV at 9pm CST, give or take three minutes and rerun a few times during the week (including right before Sunday Night Heat). Tough Enough's website is

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