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I [heart] Alicia"Pete and Kenny bother me. They try to get women and they're not really cute. They're both very cocky despite what people have seen. Pete said to Nidia that he was more the guy with the big heart instead of being cocky, but that was a joke. That made me laugh when I heard it." Also, she notes the same thing about Jessie's exit I did, and puts together the story on Hawk MTV wanted us to believe but hasn't actually put together.    

I think I'm missing someone, but looking at the names of people who've already done their pieces, there's a person left here who still hasn't gone - Jackie. Wonder if she'll have anything to talk about. 

This Just In: Odds are, if you tune in MTV right now (or any time between now and the finale), you'll see a Tough Enough rerun. A full marathon (plus sure to be pointless Tough Enough CD Special) airs Sunday, starting at 11AM and going all the way through Heat - tape it now or pay later! Check local listings for complete information.

TV PG L open. This show is so disconnected from it's other programming that it didn't even occur to me to note the changed WWE logos - but you still can see it during the open - the price they pay from ripping the footage straight from TV, I suppose. All the graphic logos have been changed, but there's so many old logos in the footage - clothing and posters - that you kinda forget there's been a change. 

Previously: Hawk quit in South Africa. Jackie foreshadows by saying she's never been a believer of walking out on things you love. That was some nice foreshadowing, because it didn't seem out of place but works well with the shot of Jackie hurting her knee. Kenny explains that this would not be a good time to get hurt - thanks, Kenny.

Jackie is howling in pain - and also swearing. Bob tells her to stay still, and Al runs and slides in the ring to ask what happened "The entire thing is just broke! The entire thing felt like it went flying in five different directions!" Jake watches on from a neutral corner - so do the rest of the kids on the outside. The Medical Person With No Name (must not be a doctor), Bob and Al help get Jackie out of the ring. Linda says you're always worried about someone getting hurt. They sit Jackie down on her chair - I think most of the pain happened at that instant - she doesn't seem to be in as much pain now, when she's getting an ice pack. Slow motion replay as Jackie narrates - she pivoted with her right leg coming off the ropes, and she could hear everything snap and when she stepped again, everything buckled. Medical Person and Al carry Jackie to the van - she's going to the hospital. Al gives a "get back here quick because you have more to do [and we're hoping you're not seriously hurt]" pep talk. Al's depressed for her - to come this far, to go through what she's gone through, and have some freak accident take her out, that's unfair. He knows how bad Jackie wants it.

Back inside Trax, Al calms down the kids - "don't let anyone else get hurt, please." Matches, but we're all really thinking about Jackie. Anni says that any injury could seriously harm your chances, so she's consciously trying to play it safe. As we see clips of her blowing moves with Linda, Al says Anni is hurting her chances by holding back character-wise and in the ring. Al tells Anni she's thinking too much and the more she tries to protect herself, the more likely she is too get hurt.

Oh good lord did Jake and Linda blow that hiptoss. Linda never really got over and landed right shoulder and neck first. Chavo wastes no time in stopping everything and checking on Linda. She's in some real pain, though she claims she just got the wind taken out of her by landing on her shoulder. It looked a lot more serious than that. Chavo reminds Jake (who's really not having a good day now) that it's his responsibility to make sure Linda gets over - he didn't do so well with that. Al: "You look like a million dollars, but this isn't a body building contest. I look like sh[bleep] physically, but I'm where you want to be. Why? [points to head] I got this." Chavo says Jake's got to use his mind instead of his muscles. 

As the kids get ready to go (well, Linda's actually going to get something out of the locker room), Al gives them an update on Jackie - there is no update. She's still at the hospital, he doesn't know if they've got to her yet or not.

Daniel Freeman Marina Hospital (Emergency Service). Jackie says she's really upset that her knee got hurt, but she's just got to nurse it or take care of it however they want and keep going. Dr. Todd Molnar tells us that Jackie has a little bit of looseness in her knee. (I resisted a really obvious joke there - but I guess saying this gives away I was thinking it? Sorry.) Anyway, she may have a torn ligament, so they'll get an MRI done. As Jackie crutches (with a large brace on the knee) to the van, Dr. Todd tells us he doesn't have a good feeling here, but the MRI has proven him wrong before, so we'll have to wait and see. Jackie meets the rest of the kids at a Gold's Gym (huh? was the workout equipment at Trax not sufficient or are they doing extra work?) and relates the above - Pete asks if she's leaving and Jackie says no. They decide to go home. 

House. Jackie actually can walk without the crutches, although she's limping. She says she's had injuries before - though not this injury - and she's not gonna let it stop her. The kids discuss how many people will get to make it to the final. Pete figures there's a chance they could do as they did last season and keep all six of them. (Well, six was five then.) Pete says he doesn't see anyone getting cut. That's psychology right there - how often has Pete been right on this show?

Morning.  We haven't had good stock morning footage in some time.

Center for Rehabilitation Medicine. Jackie explains what she's doing there - she figures the result could be anything from an ACL tear to a "really bad sprain" and you know which one she wants to happen. Knee guy examines and says he can feel the bones moving a little more than they should. Doctor Who Doesn't Yet Have A Name shows the MRI results - lots of fluid on the knee from one shot. And from the front, a torn ACL and also a partially torn ligament. It's completely detached. Jackie cries and tells us how much she wants this contract - she's got a passion for it now. Tears to break.

Doctor - I don't think this is the same guy as last night, but I'm wondering if it is now that they still haven't given him a name - uses his model of the working knee (where do you get those things? Is it a graduation present upon completion of knee specialty school?) Anyway, what he's explaining to Jackie here is probably not anything new to anyone who already knows what an ACL injury is. "It will never itself." If she doesn't get surgery, she gets a brace. Doctor explains that if she didn't get surgery and continued with the knee brace, her knee could buckle  (again) or collapse and do even more damage to it. Is is possible to keep going? Maybe, but the odds are against it. She's got some serious decisions to make.

House. Jackie talks to Jason (MTV's demoted him back to "Jackie's Boyfriend" though Jackie says his name) which is probably a better idea than calling her mom. Jackie cries more (I would be too at this point) and complains about this coming so close to the end. Jason (not surprisingly) seems to be taking the "you should stop and come home" side - "everything happens for a reason." Jackie wants this SO bad. More tears. 

Trax. Women's Locker Room. Jackie and Big discuss. Jackie fills Big in. Jackie tells us that she could choose surgery or she could get a knee brace and tough it out. She wants to tough it out and stay here. Jackie says that her heart is here. Big tells Jackie his gut instinct is to tell her to go home - Jackie doesn't agree. Big makes sure she wants to do it - she's positive. Big tells us (being all melodramatic) that for the first time in the two seasons, someone's gotten hurt but decided not to go home - hey, what about Matt this season? You guys kinda made him go home. I'm pretty sure Greg would've toughed it out for a week if that's all he had left last season, too. Anyway, this makes Jackie really good. Jackie tells Kenny (though she downgrades it to "ligament damage") and that she's gonna suck it up for a week. Kenny says TE is very unpredictable. Jackie and Anni hug.

Linda explains that William Regal showed up. Regal montage. Regal's music is unsuitable for MTV so they substitute their own generic stuff. Everyone shake hands. Al sets up the kids in matches, so Regal can watch and evaluate. Big thinks Regal watching will put more pressure on the kids - huh? He's no longer WWF Commissioner - I don't see what kind of power he'd have to sign new talent. Regal (tip for aspiring recappers: always refer to him by his last name, so you don't call him by the wrong first name) gets frustrated watching Linda and Jake wrestle - specifically with how Jake's taking a shoulderblock. Jake kinda just stood waiting for Linda to hit him - Regal does the same thing with Jake to demonstrate why standing and waiting looks dumb. "Now, if I stood here and can see you coming hit me, why am I gonna to stand here? I'd be a complete di[bleep]khead to stand here and let you run into me." Jake says Regal gave them advice on what they were doing wrong and ways to correct it.

I would have liked to see Regal's correction for this problem, but no, we skip to Pete and Anni having a match. Anni's forearms are effortless, and not in a good way. In fact, I'm not sure if they're really forearms - she's kinda pulling them, and kinda hitting with the area near the elbow. Al and Regal call for a stop - Regal asks the others if that looks like how he would do it, and they shake their heads no. Regal says the US term for it is snug and in Britain they call it solid - he works very solid. "I hit people very hard in safe places." Anni says it was scary when Regal said it, but she'll remember it. Pete tries out his British accent. Eh. Pete gets a forearm in the back, and then a couple European Uppercuts - Pete doesn't seem to be in much pain (though he could be pulling a Jake and trying to act strong) and Regal tells him that if he can't take that, he should try doing something else.

Jackie sits in a chair on the sidelines. Jackie says that she's the only one with a bum knee who can't do anything, but character is just as important and maybe she can make up there. Coincidentally (not), Big tells the kids that they do a lot of improv, so they need to learn how to do that as well. Big introduces the kids to Steven Pierce of the Ground Rules (Groundlings - CRZ) - "the premier improv group in the world." I'm guessing they did a lot of different exercises, but the one we get to see has someone do a promo, and than everyone else takes a turn imitating that promo. 

Steven does not endear himself to me by asking Pete to start with his promo. The difference between now and previously with Pete? Well, although he's stressing his points stronger (same old points about being short, of course), the real notable change is that he's yelling it a lot louder. Not a good thing. Linda says Pete selling himself as a short man is selling himself short. Now, the imitations: Jackie: "Everyone alive wants a part of this little Petey! Woo!" Jake: "I'm 4' 2", 95 pounds!" Jackie says it was fun to jab everyone. 

Since the imitations are clearly better than the promos, we mostly get those. Jackie's next - Anni (with weird accent): "Hi, I'm Jackie and I'm from o-hi-o!" Pete imitates Jackie's breasts. Jackie chews her gum and wonders how drunk she must've been. Kenny - Pete: "You ready for this big black ass? Oh, you can't handle that!" As Kenny sits over on a turnbuckle, Linda walks over: "I'm good at what I do, baby" - and then she starts humping the corner and Kenny's legs. Everyone laughs. Linda - Jackie gets to make the first "Hot Sexy Mocha" joke. Jake talks about his sizzling butt, ha. Al gives Jake credit for really coming along way in the character department - he's certainly not the same guy who was stuck on the name Chisel, and he's getting in to his Linda-imitation here. Al gives credit for the work ethic, too. When it's time for the Jake impressions, it's certain that they haven't forgotten Chisel - Pete: "I have veins that are bigger than some people's eyebrows!" Anni - Pete: "Anni is the protector of all that's right and good, and no one's going to see any part of my body!" Kenny tells us that Anni's a little uptight. Jackie says that Anni still hasn't broken out of her shell, as far as promos go. Anni tries to cut a serious promo but cracks up. Anni tells us she couldn't think of anything to say and kinda froze.

Big talks to the kids - they're coming to the end, and they're hurt, but they've got to pull it all together to get through it. "And, with that said, we're gonna make some cuts on Monday." Jackie says Big is buzz killer. Kenny supposes that Anni will get cut - it's not looking good for her. Anni says Linda has things in her past that might hurt her, as far as her attitude goes. Jake says that since Jackie can't go in the ring and do anything, she'll probably get cut.

Heat features Steven vs Bradshaw for the Hardcore Title. In the original airing, they just hyped RVD/Undertaker clips after that - this one adds Bossman/Dreamer and D'Lo/Justin ("D'Lo will try to show Justin who's really Incredible!")

On the original airing, a commercial for next week's season final revealed the finalists (and the cuts) during this break.

Jackie ices her knee. Linda says she's not performing. Kenny says that when there are cuts, you have to get in the ring and show the trainers what you can do. Right now, doesn't look like Jackie can do that. Chavo's demonstrating how to do a clothesline - just like a shoulderblock, and you need to be careful not to hit someone in the face or hit someone in the neck. Al (and footage) takes us back to Season One and Jackie's particularly painful clothesline on Taylor - Taylor got it in the neck that time. Al demonstrates on the kids off a whip - one for Pete. Linda. Kenny. Jackie talks about how frustrating it is not to be able to do anything, while everyone else is learning stuff. More clotheslines. Chavo gives Jake a clothesline, and says that Jake took it the best yet. Bob tell us that Jake is a slow learner, but with a little bit of experience, Jake will do fine.

On the other hand, Anni. Let's watch her do the "fall down before the clothesline hits her" bit. She laughs about it and Al reminds her what's supposed to happen. More tries and Anni still isn't getting it right. Jake says Anni isn't really intense in the ring - and it took her "20" times to take the clothesline right. We see her run right through a clothesline, hurting Al's arm.

Jackie: "Rather than completely sitting out, like I kinda should [chuckle], I want to get in there." Jackie says it hurts, but she can work through the pain - it's just a matter of doing it. Al and Jackie seem to have another "are you sure you want to be doing this" conversation. Jackie limps into the ring. Ivory says that when you have an injury, it's really tough to stay focused on what's going on in the moment. Jackie very slowly bounces off the ropes and take a clothesline. Better than Anni, actually. I think we get clips of her and Pete working a match - or at least a small package - which is kinda incredible. Wow, they're learning how to do a back suplex. Jackie executes one that Chavo would be happy with. Kenny gives Jackie credit - her knee wouldn't stop her from doing what she had to do. More clotheslines and back suplex, as Bob gives Jackie props too. "That right there is heart and determination." Oh wow, now Bob's giving them The Best Dropkick In The Business, but we're still in Jackie Is Doing Good On Her One Knee mode. "It's good to be back - it's really good to back."

House. Anni talks to her mom - she's getting along with everyone. Her mom hopes she's home soon, but Anni tells her not to say that, with cuts today. Jake thinks Jackie will get cut due to injury. Kenny says he could see Anni being cut for being hesitant. Anni talks her way around saying "I hope they cut Jackie instead of me." Linda thinks Pete will get cut - he's not a marketable guy. Pete (to no one in particular): "I'm excited to see who gets cut! It interests me to see who gets cut." It sounds like someone hasn't been talking to Linda and doesn't think they're a possibility. Jake wonders if all four trainers are involved in the selection for some reason, and Kenny says yes.

Trax. All four and Big are there for the final cut. Six people left, Two people will be cut, leaving four finalists. 

Jake. Ivory: "I think he's a 2x4." Al: "He's got a captivating charisma. He catches your attention by his appearance. He's got a marketable look." Chavo (w/clips of blown Jake moves): "Anything with that has to do with finesse, he just does not get." Al: "He's very physical, very aggressive." 

Next up (well, not really, they're switching the order for whatever reason) is Kenny. Chavo (clips): "When he works with someone, they look better. There's not to many people here who can do that." 

Anni. Al: "She's beautiful, and she has a presence about her." Ivory : "She has a potential to be a WWF superstar...and she just gets in her own way." Bob (clips): "You can tell, by the way she moves in that ring, she doesn't have enough self confidence." 

Linda. Chavo: "She blames everyone else - nothing is ever her fault." Al (clips): "She has got the personality to be a WWF superstar." 

Pete. Chavo: "I think he does have a naturalness in the ring...but Pete's issue is his size." Ivory (clips): "For a small guy, he doesn't fly. He doesn't get his ass off the ground." Big: "Do you see any chance of him becoming a WWF Superstar?" Bob: "I dunno." Ivory's expression says no.

Jackie. Al: "I think she's proven, time and time again, especially now, that she's injured, but she doesn't quit. She has the desire." Bob: "If she gets picked, and she rein juries it, she might ruin her career."

The chairs are reset, and the trainers wait for the kids to arrive. Al: "I hate it, I hate it." Big: "You're doing fine." Al slaps himself a few times.

Kids are here, and standing in front of their chairs. Al: "This decision is never easy. I'm not going to drag this out. I want you to know that we're going to cut two people. And just because you may be one of those people who are cut, it does not mean you do not have what it takes. Okay? Pete, I'm sorry, but you're cut. [Handshake hug] Thanks." Everyone's tense but this is totally obvious to anyone who's watched this episode - oh, right. "Anni, I'm sorry. You're cut." Hug. Jackie looks sad. Hugs all around. Pete: "I think I was cut because I'm the smallest guy. 170 pounds, five foot eight, five foot nine. They're looking for someone a little bit bigger [shot of Jake here - hey, doesn't this fly in the face of what Edge said?], a little more meat on them." We pay extra attention to Jackie and Pete hugging. "I'm gonna lift, I'm gonna do what I have to do. But I'm gonna go on to the WWF." Anni is a lot more teary-eyed. "It's a big disappointment, but what can you do but keep trying? This is the coolest thing I'll ever do." Anni and Pete walk out of lives.

"Jake, Kenny, Linda, Jackie. We started with thirteen, now down to four, and we go down to two. We're not done yet, and neither are you."

Coming up: The last day of TE2. Do they do backstage vignettes? Matches. It's a chance Jackie took - hmm, it looks like Al's working on that knee. Also live - hey, maybe Jackie's mom will show up?

Tough Enough episodes air Thursdays on MTV at 9pm CST, give or take three minutes and rerun a few times during the week (including right before Sunday Night Heat). Tough Enough's website is Hey, I made it through without making an "Anni, are you okay? Are you okay Anni?" joke, good for me. 

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