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WWE Tough Enough by The Cubs Fan




One Year Ago On Monday: Lance Storm runs in and superkicks Perry Saturn, starting the WCW Invasion. As a sidenote, Al Snow hyped the debut of a new WWF reality show, promising "it wouldn't suck like those other shows." Weird how that worked out.

Over on - Jackie: "As far as Pete goes, it was good to see him go because it really got annoying over the past week. There was a lot of teasing from Pete, and it's not that I couldn't take that, but I'm glad to see him go. I really don't have much to say about that situation with Pete." "Pete was upset that he only had me when I was drunk. He came across as very childish and he was cut…and that was that." It's nice that we all can agree on Pete. Also, Jason Tait pointed out - but I haven't gotten around to checking it out much.  

Prediction I Typed Before The Show Started: It won't be till the end of Tough Enough 3 when we realize how lucky the WWE got to stumble upon Maven.

Also: Jackie (after the way they've been putting her over, and not really saying anything about Linda except when required to) and Jake (from day one, all he had to do was not screw up and not get hurt) win.  

TV 14L(!) W open - still here, cut due to back injury (bye Essa), still here, quit, knee injury, still here, cut because he wasn't good enough, cut because of (bad) supplement use, quit due to injury, cut because she didn't show enough, cut because he was stuck personality wise, still here, mercy cut. There's your season in review.

You are looking live at the outside of WWFNY the World ("Tough Enough 2 Final Episode Live from World tonight 10-1pm") in Times Square, NYC. Coach says the cast of Tough Enough 1 and 2 are here tonight. I didn't hear that the first time and was kind surprised when I started spotting people. To start a show long theme, Darryl wastes no time in trying to attract attention towards himself, as he's the only one who stands up and waves. Four way shot - which two of these people will be Tough Enough Champions? This is a good as place as any to note that Jackie is running up against some bad karma dying her hair totally blond like that - blonds went 0-3 last year. (Also the whole "we wanted an exotic person so we choose Nidia - and hey, that blond hair makes you look an awful lot like people we already have" thing.) Anyway, let's go to the taped portion of the program.

Previously, on Tough Enough: Jackie completely tore the ACL. Big thought she should go home - Jackie didn't agree. Instead, Pete went home and Anni went home.

Wild camera shots around Trax (the folks from Amazing Race have all sorts of free time now, you see) while we here Al explaining that he'll show them some basic suplexes today. "We're gonna have some fun today - we're gonna have some fun!" Back suplexes, and some snap suplexes thrown in. They also learn some dropkicks - Jake is too high with his first one, Jackie's too obviously protecting herself when Jake tries it on her (but that may be on purpose), and Kenny does a top rope cross body on Linda. Linda tells us they become more focused yet free after the cuts; they made a lot of progress. More ring work. They need to work on the dropkicks. Kenny says he's pushed himself harder than he ever has before. "They're gonna have a tough decision to make." Jackie is still taking bumps despite the bad knee. She says it's starting to hit that it's end. Jake points out that Al has a big say in who wins, and you've got to prove yourself. 

Al says he's got to keep testing them, to see how far they can go. Kenny explains that they learned back body drops (you may call them back drops - I may call them back drops) and that's it a really high bump. Kenny's face says "and it's a really scary bump." You don't get over here, you land on your head. Al and Chavo demonstrate. Linda says she thrives off the excitement, "being nervous gets me going." Jake messes with an eye brow. 

Al and each kid work a segment off the match, then Al whips the kid out of the corner, they rebound out of the opposite corner and take the bump. Jake first. And he makes it. Everyone celebrates him not landing on his head. Al: "I'm pleasantly surprised by Jake's progression. There's something about him, there's that special thing. It makes you want to pay money to watch him." 

Kenny. Chavo: "Kenny is a natural. The first time I saw him wrestling, I knew this kid has got something." Kenny - takes it all right. Celebration and hug from Al.

Linda. Ivory: "The obvious reason why Linda might succeed in the World Wrestling Federation, and why she might win this contest, is she has wonderful physical capability." Linda makes it. "She has energy executing from her every limb."

Jackie. I keep waiting for her to take her turn, but then it occurs to me that she wouldn't be able to go fast enough to get over with her knee, so she doesn't get to do it. Big: "Jackie, she's tough. She puts on the knee brace everyday, and she's been able to work in the ring. That shows me a hell of a lot, about her." 

Al: "They implicitly trusted me, which allowed them to open themselves totally and let go. And that made me proud." Big tells the kids that they'll end their training tomorrow, and it's important to leave a good final impression, so they need to make complete effort for the last days. 

Optimum Fitness, for the last time. Jake, Linda and Kenny work - Jackie's again limited to watching and cheering them on. Lots of working out and motivating each other. Raphael makes them yell "I love Optimum Fitness" on their last pull up. We take a look at the waves crashing on the beach. Big tells everyone to thank Raphael - Kenny shakes his hand, then puts down his drink - he's picking Raphael up and carrying him away., The other kids help carry him to the ocean - I think Kenny got more wet than Raphael did. "I'm not going to miss Optimum Fitness."

House. Everyone gets ready for a final dinner with the trainers. Linda explains that Bob and Big had a bet - if Bob's team (the Vikings) won, Big would have to work out just like Bob works out for two hours. But Big's team (the Ravens) won, so anything Big eats in a two hour period, Bob has to "do what Big does best." That would be eat. As soon as they get into the restaurant, Al and Big are picking out food items that Bob won't like, because they're not quite nutritious. Nachos and onion rings! Bob also has to drink all the drink (beer) that Big drinks. Bob: "So, I had to eat what he ate. He ordered the food for me. It was a bunch of crap! Polluted my body for two straight hours." Eating nachos. Drinking. "Ate some alfredo, with some extra sauce that will clog your arteries and give you a f[bleep]ing heart attack! He was out to destroy, Bob Holly, and that's what he did." Bob's fiancé helps him eat. Kenny laughs about it. Jake makes fun of him. Bob's fiancé walks with Bob to the bathroom. "You coming with me?" "I'll stay outside. I'll guard the door." Bob waves the camera man in. "Come on in. You can watch me piss. No, wait a minute, you can't watch me piss."

The last day. House. Everyone's packing. Linda: "You never know how much [bleep] you have till you try to move again." Lovely shot of Linda bending over to pack a suitcase - on the butt of her sweats, "Attitude" is written. Jackie opts to throw her bag down the stairs rather than carry it. Outside, Linda is cutting a promo to the house or the camera or maybe to herself (or maybe trying to make a dramatic farewell speech): "I meant it. My time has come for me to leave. I must admit, I had great days here, hell of a time! Now it's time to walk away form the palace that actually turned me into to the "Tough Enough 2" superstar that I will someday be." Jackie to us: "Linda will talk and talk and talk and talk and won't shut up." Linda, cont: "I have had a great time here, made great friends. Memories. What can you say? I mean, you're in California, living in one of the best houses in Encino, California." Jake to us: "It could drive a person insane. You wouldn't need an electric chair or a gas chamber. Just let Linda go at you." "As they say, all good things must come to an end. You have just been burned by Mocha."

Traz. Everyone shakes hi. Big reminds them that they started this nine weeks ago, and today is a special day, so make it special. Big introduced WWE Executive Producer Kevin Dunn to the kids. We see a little footage of him from the casting special. Jake describes him as Vince's right hand man. Kevin says this is their day, they'll see if they can do it or not. Jackie explains that each of them will cut a promo, and that each of them will them will have a match with a trainer. (That's why needed to cut to four. Maybe.) They'll be evaluated on both their promos and their work in the ring. Kevin points out the chairs of those who weren't Tough Enough - they are. Today, they'll see if they're good enough. "You've got one chance to do this."

You're looking live at Times Square. Tonight, there will be two new champions. Here's a song from Trust Company - it, and all the music you'll hear tonight (well, except for the dramatic interlude music with no lyrics, I assume) is on the Tough Enough 2 CD. Right now, back to Linda and Jackie's final day.

Interviews. Big walks Linda over to ringside, for a one on one interview with Kevin. "You think you can do this every day, the rest of your life? Can you take the punishment, the pain, the personality, the politics? Can you do this?" "I don't doubt myself, actually. I'm a very confident individual. Something I've learned from the time here is how to be humble with that confidence." Kevin smiles. They flip back and forth between Linda and Jackie (who can't walk, so we don't get the walking to the seat bit with her) interviews. 

Jackie: "The last nine weeks were awesome, and now we get a chance to battle out with out trainers." 

Kevin to Linda: "Did you contribute to the house? Did you think it was better for having you there?" "Yes, I do. I do think it was better. Because I felt that they really got to see someone who was willing to step up and say and say 'you know what? I do believe in myself.'" 

Kevin to Jackie: "You've got a great story. You got cut from Tough Enough 1, and you have no idea how close you were to not making this one. [footage - we don't see Ivory's inspiration, but we do see Jackie taking the dive] You know, if you didn't go in that pool, you wouldn't be here." "Yeah." "Did you know that?" "I didn't know that, but I kinda got the feeling-" "I'll tell you that right now." They're both laughing about it. 

Kevin to Linda: "What do you think of Jackie?" "Jackie - do you really think you're ready to sacrifice your life, and day in and day out go perform."

Kevin to Jackie: "What do you think of Linda?" "Linda's a great girl, she's a great competitor. But it seems like wrestling is just something that presented itself at that point in time, you know, I don't know if she has a real passion to do it." "Do you?" "I feel it so much in my soul, my heart, and it broke my heart when I found out this [knee] happened."

Kevin to Linda: "Are you the winner? Are you going to win this?" "I am the winner. I promise you."

Jackie: "There's two contracts to be given out, but one's already taken. We'll see who gets the other one." Jackie says it was really never racking to talk to such an important person, but she felt she said all she needed to say.

the Promos. They've set up a camera, and a red light, in the boy's locker room - the lockers are labeled in the background. Big counts down the seconds. Linda: "Ivory, one of the best women in the WWF. One of the most tenacious [pronounced weird], fiestiest [not a word]-" "Al Snow, been around the business for quite some time. Must I say, I've got some definite respect for you." "It's time for the student to teach the teacher a lesson." Big lets us in on the secret - the trainers they're facing are going to bust in on the promos and we get to see how the kids react. It's like Candid Camera, except not. Jackie: "But respect to me is a two way street. I don't -" Here's Al busting in the room. Actually, it's his twin we last saw in Africa - angry evil Al.  Jackie looks surprised, then scared in a selling way. She tries to continue but her words are kinda trailing off. Evil Al grabs her by the hair. "Haven't I taught you anything? Listen to me? Have I?" "Yeah, Al you have, and that's what I just said-" "Listen to me, this is no game, and this is not for these god d[bleep] camera!" Back to Linda: "I promise you - you will burn." Ivory busts in: "Let me guess, you're running that big fat trap of yours?" Linda doesn't back down. Back to Evil Al - he's got Jackie pushed against the lockers, still holding her hair. "After everything I've done for you, you CERTAINLY DO NOT BURY ME!" Ivory: "You're in shape, but you know what? You need to learn dignity [SLAP!] and I'm going to kick your ass to teach it!" Al: "Is that clear? [to the TE2 camera] And shut that damn thing off!" Evil Al is SCARY.

Ivory vs Linda. To be really cheesy, they show a program opening before each match, and echo Big's ring announcing as if they're in some huge stadium. This is the Backlash open. Linda makes her entrance - all the kids watch the match. Match looks good. Ivory gets most of the offense. Boston Crab! Rob Zombie plays. Linda kicks out of a move, but Kevin rings the bell for a time limit draw anyway. Everyone claps - Ivory and Linda give each other ten. "She actually got to really whip my ass, caught me with some blows in the ribs, smacked me, chopped me. You name it, she did it. And I think it was great. It was great for me." Ivory explains that she was having so much fun beating up Linda, she lost track of time and they rang the bell before Linda got to make her comeback.

Al Snow vs Jackie. Would make sense to have the head trainer go against the biggest injury risk. Old RAW fireworks. "If I blow out my knee, it's a risk I took to achieve my goal here." Evil Al, staying character during ring entrances and in match, works the injured knee with little mercy. You wonder if he really messed it up at times. KNEEBAR! MOONSAULT! That misses moonsault proves to be too much - backslide wins it soon after. Al stays in character after the bell rings, and Jackie sells (?) the knee all the way out of the ring. Linda: "I thought it was great to see her not give up and come out and be able to perform. I think she did well enough to do what she needed to do, I guess." Al, now out of character, checks to make sure Jackie's alright. "That right there, is heart and determination. She's not a quitter. Jackie did not let a knee injury stop her from getting back in that ring." Jackie says she didn't feel like she had a knee problem during the match - must be the darling. Jake says Jackie and Linda are the two toughest girls he's ever seen. 

Back live, and another shot of the four finalists. I think it was this shot where I noticed Pete sitting in the background of Kenny's shot, and realized that the past cast members were here. Coach (doing the voice over from off stage) sends it to Lillian Garcia. Why is she here? "Hey hey. It is now my privilege, to introduce to you to Tough Enough...Enough 2 lead trainer, and WWE Superstar, Al Snow!" Maybe she couldn't read the teleprompter. You can see a lot more ex-cast members here, but I know there's a better opportunity to try and name everyone who did make it later, so we'll wait. "We're here at the World, it's a hell of a night, and I know you're glad to be here, you're as excited as I am! [cheers] Let's give it up for these finalists! [cheers] Christ, why don't you stand up. Chris Harvard, you were here last year, you were here last year for Tough Enough 1 - tells us how it felt to sit here while Maven won?" Chris not only has a new official last name, but curly hair. "Well, Al, obviously I wasn't happy about that, 'cause I feel like I'm the better athlete, and I'm the better wrestler than Maven, and I still feel that way. [The boos start to get steam after that.] And I've gone out and proved that, because I've earned myself a developmental contract with the WWU-E, I didn't win it. [Al gives us shock and a little bit dismay about this development.] So, therefore, hopefully in the near future, I'm gonna get a chance to show everyone who's the better man." 

Al sends it to TE2 - and TE3 trainer - Ivory. Hey, Nidia wasn't abducted by aliens. "How do you feel tonight?" "I'm feeling great, how about you?" "Great. I want to congratulate you on being, forever, the first Tough Enough female champion." "Thank you so much. I'm excited to be here, man." "Nidia, tell all these people how it feel like, for the past year, to be a WWE superstar." "Ever since I won the Tough Enough contest, it totally changed my life. I've been doing promos here, and radio interviews over here, and just yesterday, I got to do my first Diva's shoot." "Let me tell the people here, I know you're a beautiful women, but I've seen you kick butt too, and you're tough as nails." "I'm working hard." "It's great to have you on board." "I can't wait to see you in the ring!"

Four finalists, but only two trophies. I suppose they could share or something, but this is the WWE. After a break, we'll see how the boys did on their final day.

The Interviews (part 2) Jake and Kenny take the walk. 

Kevin to Jake: "Tell me about the hair. Gotta know about the hair." "I've had my hair shaved for - since I was 13 years old." "It defines who you are." "I think you can tell a lot about me by looking into my eyes. You can say that I'm a very intense person."

Kevin to Kenny: "If you win this contract, you may go to  Cincinnati or Louisville and live there for two years, with a bunch of guys who probably won't like you, since you came in to the side door and you came in fast.  " "I know they're going to be pissed of at me because I came off a TV show, but you can't fake effort. I think that, if I'm busting my ass everyday, everyday, than I think people could see that."

Kevin to Jake: "You've to be smart. You've got to've got to be a quick learner-" "I'm not a quick learner. You know, most of the time, it takes me a lot longer than other individuals to, you know, pick up and learn." "Why do you think that is? "I've just been that way since I was a little kid." Linda and Jackie both acknowledged their biggest problems (attitude and knee), but in ways to show that they've grown because they've dealt with those issues here. Jake just acknowledge his problem - big difference. You know this if you've done interviews before, of course.

Kevin to Kenny: "If you lose, what's next?" "There's always another way in here, because it gets you in here [inside] and you crave it." 

Kevin to Jake: "You got charisma?" "Yeah, I definitely do." "You got charisma?" "I do." "Today's a big day, you've got to show us you've got charisma and you can perform. Looking forward to performing with Bob right now?" "Definitely." "You gonna kick the s[bleep]t out of him, or ishe  going to kick the s[bleep]t out of him?" "We'll see." "You're not sure, huh? I could help you with that."

The Promos (part 2) Kenny: "There's something wrong with Chavo Guerrero,. First, you've been buzzing around like a little mosquito around the WWF-" "Hey Hardcore Holly, this is Chisel! You say you're Hardcore? This [points to muscle] is Hardcore!" "Chavo, go find a nine year old around your size, and go do your thing." "You think you're bad? You think you're tougher than me?" "I'm gonna treat you, Chavo Guerrero, the high flyer-" "I wanna see how big, bad and tough you are!" "Like any other bug-" Chavo is in. "Whoa whoa whoa son" "Like any other bug." "Whoa whoa whoa-" "Got the never to get involved in my action-" "Shh shh shh - you talking s[bleep]t about me?" Back to Jake: "And I ain't afraid of nothing! You think I'm afraid of you?" And the door busts open - actually, Jake does seem a tiny bit afraid for a moment. "So you think you know me? You think you know Hardcore Holly?" It breaks down in to back and forth clips that are even more confusing to recap - Chavo slaps Kenny in the face and pushes his bad breath away. Hardcore and Jake push each other - then Hardcore headbutts Jake (not hard), which is hilarious.  

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Kenny - Smackdown fireworks. I don't like Chavo's chances here - he can't pull of any of his finishers on Kenny! "Remember, I'm still Chavo! I'm still the teacher, and you're the student!" Kenny gives Chavo a back suplex that's not quite as good as Chavo's. Holy crap Kenny pins Chavo with La Majistral! You can't beat the lucha libre guy with a lucha libre rollup! That ain't right at all! Jackie gives the match thumbs up.

Hardcore Holly vs Jake - Old Smackdown fireworks. This is your main event. Jake slingshots himself over the top ropes. "I was talking about Bob, and he gets in my face and then he headbutted me. Someone pushes you, you really get pissed off. You want to get a piece of me or what? Best Dropkick In The Business! Top rope elbow drop! Alabama Slam! Jake is done. "Bob's a really good wrestler. He's a lot better wrestler than me, I'll tell you that." "Jake did a hell of a job. I was really really proud of him." 

Big talks about how they've come a long way, and shown a lot of respect. So the WWF wants to give them respect back. Each trainers presents his opponent today with a white box. Inside...their own action figure. Everyone's thrilled, especially with the accuracy and the outfits they got. "This is hot! That's the Mocha doll!"

The trainers each get to say some final words to the kids. 

Ivory: "I'm so proud of y'all. And I feel so happy that you find something, this early in life, that you love this much, because most people, it takes they a lifetime to find something they love this match. So go to it, lady." 

Chavo: "Nine weeks; It seems like nine months, doesn't it? It's over. I know sometimes we had been tough sometimes at the start, but that's just trying to get you ready for this business. 'Cause, it is a cutthroat business, it's's a very hard business, but it a great business." 

Bob: "This is only the beginning. It doesn't get no easier. But I think you guys will be okay. Whatever happens, each and everyone of you. WWF has given me the best opportunities in my entire life, and they'll do the same for you. But for all the years I've been in the WWF, this is probably one of the my favorite parts of my whole career, is doing this with all you guys. So, good look to you all."

Al: "It never, it never comes easy to say good bye to you guys. I get awful close. Think about it. It started with thousands of people who send it apes. From there we got down to 25, from there we got down to 13. [Shot of the Tombstones - quick clips of the others come out as Al says their name.] Aaron, Robert, Danny, Matt, Alicia, Jessie, Hawk, Anni, Pete. I'm sure you know they all tired, and they all wanted it just as bad as you. You know, everybody has it in their heart. I hope that you never take for granted the gift that I've given you. And it is a gift. It's something that you absolutely love to do, that when people come up to you and ask you why you do this, you'll never be able to give them a proper answer. You know why? Because it's just something that you feel like you've got to do. 'cause if you don't do it, it eats you alive. You can't explain it, can you? [split screen - shot of kid, footage of kid doing something with Al.] I call you guys my kids, because you are. You'll always be a reflection upon me. I don't have any doubts that, you'll do me proud, that you'll do us all proud. Thank you all for trusting me, and letting me do this with you." Everyone talks about what the speeches meant to them, and how awesome Al's speech was. It was very awesome. Jackie will never forget it. Big: "We have a real tough decision to make out of these four. And only two of them are going to get the chance to become superstars."

"Hey guys, it's now time for you to help me welcome tonight's host for Tough Enough 2. He's the voice of Sunday Night Heat, and she's Mr. McMahon's personal assassinate - give it up for the Coach and Stacy Kiebler!" 

They enter to Stacy's music, because Coach has no music. Well, they could play the Heat music but the Heat music is kinda lame. (As is Stacy's. So never mind.) Stacy takes her time getting to podium. What's with that top? "What's up New York City? I'll tell you what Stacy, it's great to be in New York City, it's great to be live on MTV and I tell you what, we're in the heart of the toughest city on the planet for the Tough Enough season finale, , and I'll tell you what, tonight's the night we'll crown two new Tough Enough champions." Coach explains that JR was supposed to be here, but he's under the weather and at home. Stacy: "I'm so excited, I can't wait. I can't wait, because, we're gonna find out what really happened in that hot tub, with Pete and Jackie! I mean, I--" Shot of Jackie, who gives us "I knew someone was going say something, so I'm just gonna shake my head slightly and suppress my inner rage." Coach: "Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa WHOA tiger, tonight's all about making two people's dreams come true!" "And so was that hot tub! I mean, I can tell you, because me and Torrie, we were in that hot tub with Pete-" "Whoa whoa whoa nah nah nah, just tell everybody about the thirteen contestants." Shot of Pete, thrilled. "Okay. 8 men, 5 women, sharing one house. They lived together, ate together, trained together, and, uh, I think at least a couple of them slept together. You know what I mean, right? What's up Pete? [Wave - Pete waves back and blows a kiss]." "Jason [Jackie's boyfriend - who's there with her, and mockingly wiping the sweat off his brow - he's taking this in good humor], don't worry, that's in the past, that's in the past, and we're moving on. We're move on, no big deal." Shot of Jackie, laughing. Pete's laughing and waving again. Coach: "I'll tell you what, it was nine works of grueling training, and some other activities, but you know what? They're all tough, all tough, but only four were tough enough to make it here tonight as finalists, and in just a few moments, we'll find out which two have overcome incredible odds and have achieved their dream of becoming WWE Superstars." One look at all four - we'll be back later.

On Heat this week: Matt Hardy vs Justin Credible, X-Pac vs D'Lo Brown, Steven defends against Crash and Raven vs Stasiak. "Plus, the most brutal latter match in WWE history!" Well, the others weren't WWE matches at the time so I can buy that on some level.

Outside, it's a busy Thursday night at Times Square. In just a moment, the first winner. Coach: "But tonight's a reunion of sorts, because in the house, right, are cast members from Tough Enough 1 and Tough Enough 2." For some reason, we get a shot of Bob and his fiance - well, you can see some if you're looking right. Stacy asks the crowd who they think is tougher - Tough Enough One? Cheers - I spot Greg (with a new short cut and a ponytail, making him look like a Hardy Cousin), Darryl (I'm trying real hard to ignore him - he's grown his hair out a little bit), Josh (who's very quietly sitting next to Al and doesn't make much of a scene), Chris Harvard, Paulina, Chris Ni. (aka CK, who look tanner and has less hair - takes me forever to realize who that is) and I think that's Taylor but I'm not too sure. You don't get a good shot of Shadrick here, but I saw him earlier. Nidia too, of course. Maven's got better things to do. The successful family members never come back. Tough Enough 2 - louder over all reaction but I thought I heard some boos early. Lots of people stand up so it's tough to spot - besides our finalists, I pick out Pete, Jessie, Danny, Robert, Matt and Hawk. Chris Harvard makes a "rats" pantomime when he realizes he's lost, which is hilarious. Stacy explains Maven's situation - he broke his leg on Smackdown, but he finished the match. That's what about being Tough Enough is all about.

Just about time to name the first name, but one last look at the four finalist. For each person, we start with a split screen - their name in the Tough Enough font on one side, and an intense stare (from the action figure scan) on the other. And then on to footage, spliced with interviews.

Kenny: "When I was young, I used to watch wrestling all the time. Used to never think I would get the opportunity to be a pro-wrestler, but it's crazy and I've had this opportunity." Big: "As I've seen Kenny work in the ring, I'm very impressed. Kenny makes the other ones look good which is a very valuable trait to have." "Everything from my trainers to the experiences I've had to the other other superstars that have come, it's helped me. I just hope I can put this whole thing together and realize there is a whole another side to what we see on Monday." Kenny's not a big fan of Smackdown, apparently. Ivory: "Kenny is able to grasp the character side of sports entertainment. He would put his all into any expenses and he got it." Al:" "He works hard and he's got a hell of a personality." Chavo: "Kenny went above and abound, all of his technique was very good." "Whatever I set my mind to it, I can do it. 'Tough Enough Champion, Kenny.'"

Jake: "I'd love to be in the WWF. It's my kind of environment." Bob: "Jake has the physical tools, and is definitely Tough Enough to win, definitely." Ivory: "Jake loves the aggressiveness of wrestling. Somebody is driving a clothesline through his throat, Jake is having a good time." "I've always been a hard ass. I mean, that's jut my personality, I mean that's just the way that I am." Al: "Some kind of  silent brooding personality that causes the intrigue." Big: "Most WWF superstars, have a aura about them, not only in the ring, but outside the ring. When people look at them, they immediate say, Superstar." [That was taken from episode 6 where Big wasn't sure if that was true about Jake - and notice how he never says differently in that clip? They're putting words in his mouth, sorta.] "I'll do whatever I have to do to get the contract. Just want to kick in there and whip some ass, you know?"

Linda: "Right now, I think I'm fulfilling a dream actually, my focus and goal is to win a contract with the WWF." Big: "Linda's mindset is that she is going to win this. I mean, that's the type of person that she is." Al: "Linda knows who she is, what's she's got, and where she wants to go." Bob: "She's very intelligent, she's very well spoken, and she's very athletic. She stands out from the crowd." "I'm an athlete, I love doing things that challenge me, competing against another individual, to raise to the occasion." Chavo: "When I first saw Linda,  I said, you know, this girl, she's tough." Ivory: "Linda loves to wrestle and she loves the action she loves all of the drama." This business is not made for everybody. It's made for the strong, and it's made for the people that physically, mentally, are willing to step up to the challenge."

Jackie: "I want to be a wrestler, because I think I have the build for it and the attitude. I just think it's my calling." AL: "Jackie is obviously the model type women of the WWF." Chavo: "Jackie's got the strength, the look, the physical capability, and the desire to be a wrestler. It's good to see someone hungry." "Personality wise, I'm a total competitor, I'm a total athlete." Ivory: "She's somebody who knows how to work hard. She loves to perform and she's very capable of stepping up to the plate." Big: "She kicks ass, she's strong, she's determined, she has this business in her blood." "I want this so bad and I have so much in this I'll be damned if I'm going to be stopped here."

Coach says it's time for the first winner to be announced. Joining them on stage is Big - but all he really does is hand over the magic card to our hosts and stand mutely in the background. Stacy opens it and stalls. "And the first Tough Enough champion is...LINDA!" Wow. It takes a quarter-second for Linda to realize that her name - she's shocked. Jackie has a smile plastered on. Kenny and Jake are obviously nervous - they didn't want to have to wait for another ten minutes, but they turn it around and clap for Linda. So does everyone else. The camera person trips on something backing up from her. Linda raises her trophy - doesn't appear as heavy as last time. Shot of Jackie looking sad. Linda's arms look huge in her outfit, but I'm not a big fan of it. "First, I'd like thank God, thank God for giving me the strength and the energy to get through each day. I'd like to thank my family, my friends, my number one fan back in Cincinnati. [I can't go any longer without mentioning that Jake's brother, I assume, has a multi colored goatee. It looks weirder than Jake's hair] I'd love to thank my trainers. Al Snow, Bob, [breaks down a little bit] Chavo, and Ivory for, you know, just dealing with me, and helping me grow as an individual, each day. I would love to thank Big for believe in me and as he told me each day, 'Linda, finish strong' and I hope I am just starting, starting to work strong and finish strong and whatever I do in life. Rafael, I would like to thank you because you helped keep this body in shape. And Nidia and Maven, I would like to thank you for laying the paths and I'm ready to follow it. Maven-" and the music picks up to cut her off. She does get in an "oh my god" - I don't think she was as sure of this as she might have acted on the outside.

There's still one winner left - which one of these people will win? Well, actually, Jake's some how morphed into Nidia, so they eventually abandon the triple shot. A few moments too late, though. The other winner, next.

We're back. Linda is taking a deep breath of relief - she doesn't have to worry about ended this show as a loser! One more contract to go, but before we do that, Coach mentions that Tough Enough III is coming to MTV in September. Be out on the lookout for that. Time for the second envelope. 

Big almost manages to give the envelope without being on camera. Stacy: "And our second Tough Enough 2 Champion, are you sure about this one?, does Mr. McMahon know about this? Okay. Well, our next Tough Enough 2 Champion is...JACKIE!" I think Jake started to get up and realized that it only sounded kinda like his name. Kenny gives us "what the HECK they took both girls? I'm bummed out" and Jackie goes with "I have to act polite when they announcer the boy's name...oh my it's my name, wow, I have to get up now - OH MY GOD I WON HOLY CRAP" It tougher for Jake and Kenny to politely clap this time, no surprise there. Shadrick pops over to shake Jake's hand. Kenny is consoled. Jackie kisses the trophy and raises it. Jason's thrilled for her. Jake's a little bit in shock. Jackie doesn't know what to say, and then her prepared speech kicks in. "You wish up on a star, and you have a dream. And no matter what, your dream comes through. You keep pushing and pushing and pushing, and it'll work! It'll work! I've felt it my whole life. I felt it over a year ago, when I stood outside on Tough Enough 1, pushed through to Tough Enough 2, and through everyone who's helped me - Al, wonderful trainer, you're like a dad to me, you are. Ivory, Chavo, Bob, great inspirations from Tough Enough 1, and Everyone who've I trained with on "Tough Enough II", thank you. Jason, everyone here and my mom. Thank you Linda, for pushing. Thank you Jake and Kenny." Music kicks up when she's thanking Jake, so I wonder if they heard it. All the Tough Enough 2 kids (except Jake and Kenny) hit the stage - hey Shadrick don't cross in front of the camera.

Al talks to Jake: "Jake, you put your heart in it, your soul in it - you sitting here, you see two people win and you're not one of them, how do you feel? What's going through your heat and you're mind?" "I have to say I'm awful disappionted. I thought at least one guy and one girl would get contracts, but uh...I'm proud for Jackie and proud for Linda as well." "You're gonna give up or you're gonna keep going?" "I don't give up on anything I do!" Crowd cheers. Tech pops up out of crotch, notices that we're not off the shot yet and slinks back down.

Ivory talks to Kenny (as Hawk and Pete try to see who can more unnecessarily get in the shot - Pete wins): "Kenny, you've got a lot of fans here, I know how great you are. It looks like it was a night for the ladies tonight, how do you feel?" "Well, first thing, I want to say congratulations to the champions, and in my heart I want to say maybe the competition wasn't about athletic talent or skill or whatever, but I'm not gonna go that route [too late], I'm just gonna say, congratulations to the champions. This is disappointing, but this is not the end for me, this is not the last you'll see of me." "I can tell you right now, that this is just the beginning for you, baby." Kenny might have wanted to say something but Pete was making noise and we gave up with that. 

Both the champions stand on the podium with the other kids behind them - hey, didn't notice Aaron before. I probably noticed Anni but forget to mention her. I'm sure I missed someone  - I'm not surprised by no Jason, Victoria or Bobby Jo, but no Alicia? I'm disappointed. No Shad or Tom, ha. Darryl tries to see how many times he can walk back and forth behind them. Everyone says goodbye.

The Tough Enough winners (also) win Compaq Presario laptops and Erickson World Phones. 

Reaction Shots of Linda, Kenny (the first time), Jackie (the second time.) 

Tough Enough episodes air-ed Thursdays on MTV at 9pm CST, give or take three minutes and rerun a few times during the week (including right before Sunday Night Heat). Tough Enough's website is Raven went 1 for 2, I went 0 for 2. You know who to listen to.

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