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Call Vegas: I didn't want to pick yet, but Mike forced me to - so it's Jonah and Nick for me. He took Matt and John if you care, but I don't think anyone really does.

I noticed watching the replay that Big said something along the lines of "let's keep the group as we have it" when they were meeting to decide the final 13, which means the physical challenge meant nothing.

This year, instead of the usual "candid shots of them doing something" for the opening name sequence, they all have REALLY GOOFY POSES. TV PG L. Justin looks like the biggest dork, but in a way, they all do. 

Previously: Ah, the previously "clips we never saw" bit - it's like coming home after a long hard day, isn't it? Everyone hates Scott (the Asian guy with the red hair who couldn't bike) because he's a bit of a goof. Jonah and Jill have really strong Boston accents.

We pick up about a minute from the last show - Big's telling them about their new home. They're all in awe - bleeping awe, in some cases. Rebekah's (Christian virgin) hair looks so much better this week in confessionals, I didn't believe it was the same person. Scott jumps on Jonah's (big Boston two-timer) back in happiness, which doesn't really make Jonah happy. Big wonders why they're still standing there - run! Run to your house!

Everyone runs through the house. It's really nice, which some great big window views. Lots of single colored room paint schemes, and not as much noticable WWE decor this time. Jonah and Eric (um...let me get back to you on that) quickly claim the Red Room by putting their shirts on the bed. Jonah talks Jill (two-timed) into taking the third bed in that room. There's a great view from that room. Nick (Asian guy without red hair - I'll work on it) likens the "shirt on bed" system to "a dog peeing on a tree", which seems right. Big tub inside. 

Eric talks about how smart he was to get a room first, while Chad (looks old, has one real eye) complains to us about looking around the house and coming back to find out he has last choice. Eh, he should've watched one of these shows before. Chad gets the Yellow Room with Rebekah, and Rebekah worries about rooming with a guy, as she hasn't done that before and her mom isn't happy about it. I thought her mom didn't want her to be here anyway? Ah, that was last episode, who's to remember.

Narrator Lisa (soccer chick) explains the rooms situation to us:
Yellow: Chad and Rebekah
Green: Nick, John, and Justin
Blue: Matt, Kelly, Lisa
Orange: Jamie and Scott
Red: Jonah, Jill, Erik

Intermixed with this, we hear Jamie wondering why Scott just asked her if she was a lesbian. That's not a good sign. Scott claims randomness and Jamie's already fearful of how this is going to work out. Why don't Chad and Jamie switch rooms or something? Maybe Chad doesn't like Scott either.

In the Red room, Jonah says "wicked", which makes me think of airplane commercials. Jill talks about how she's SO CLOSE to Jonah. Jill is awestruck at being here. 

Establishing shot of the moon and darkness to let you know time has passed. THANKS! Some of the kids go to the outdoor hot tub, which is just another chance to reiterate the Jonah/Jill relationship - Jonah cheated on his girlfriend with Jill, Jill was unaware he had a girlfriend, Jill talked to girlfriend and it all broke down. Seems like it's building back up.

We move to Rebekah voicing surprise that Scott made the house. Scott is apparently always talking - right now, it's about his character being "the Korean Firecracker." There are three different "hidden meanings" in there, apparently - Matt points out "Korean" isn't exactly a secret. Moving on, some of the girls are talking about San Fransico's Exotic Erotic Ball and the city in general, so Scott blurts: "Is it true - are there a lot of fags there?" Record screech. Scott says he's never met a gay person in his life, but what that has to do with anything is only in his head. My guess is he's planning a trip. Anyway, everyone's shocked and appalled that Scott would say such a thing. The discussion's moved on a bit by the time we get back to it, but Jamie asks what Scott would say if she said was a lesbian - Scott says he would look forward to watching it. Matt thinks Scott's just doing it for attention - hopefully he's not this dumb.

Next morning. Jill explains what I missed last show - the reason the bumps were hurting her is that she (unwisely) got her wisdom teeth pulled just before she got here. She's still sore and bleeding, yeech.

Trax. Last week, I didn't get a chance to mention the cool wall covering they have hanging up this year. Instead of having oversized former PPV posters adorning walls, they've got original graffiti banners, with the names of the PPVs and TV shows and such. One has the former winners listed at the top. There's also a black space between a couple of the banners, so as a first day "let's see how creative they are" thing, Al has each of them spray paint their name in the blank space. They're all mostly better than I'd ever do. Scott makes his look all really messy, because he's nuts.

Bumps. Ah, it's nice to see you again, Mr. "one person starts to do the move, nearly undetectable camera cut, another person finishes."  The first one we get to see land on their head is Rebekah. Scott  lands on the back of head. Jill says the dentist isn't happy with her doing this because not only is it making her hurt, she's healing slower. "I'm not quitting now - it's too late."

Moving on. Al (or Bill) is going to get on all fours, and the trainee is going to press off of them into a handstand bump. The key is to make sure to plant your hands in the middle of the person's back, so you can get all the way over and not kill anyone. We start with some good ones, but the problem a lot of people have is not getting the lower body up on the way down, so either they land almost feet first (looks bad, hurts the ankles) or butt first (hurts the butt) instead of on their back. Al warns Jonah that he'll kill of his brain cells if he keeps landing on his butt like that. The butt bumps seem to happen when they do push off enough and don't get enough distance to land on their back - that's what happens to Rebekah. Jill either doesn't know to keep her legs up or is subconsciously scared of the pain and trying to prevent landing on her back, because she keeps landing almost standing up, even when Al is there to get her in right position. Jull talks about being in a lot of pain. "I don't know if this is the right think I'm doing right now."

Scott's turn - Scott never really gets the press going, more doing a somersault into Bill's side than anything. Scott looks up dazed - Bill looks at him unhappy. Again - Scott does the same exact thing, clubbing Bill with his body. Bill pins him down in an armlock (w/forearm to the jaw) and then screams about 3 inches from Scott's face: "DO YOU LISTEN? I WILL NOT END MY CAREER EARLY BECAUSE YOU'RE A DUMB ASS!" Scott tells us that Bill makes him feel uncomfortable - we see Bill with the forearm in Scott's jaw - and he's never been yelled at like that before. I think Scott might be so intimidated that he's screwing up, but he could just be a screw up. Al: "I think the lesson we've learned today, kids, is not to land on Bill." Al says Scott has drive and heart, but he's "got the emotional status of an eight year old." Bill revert to a former gimmick/quotes movies ("what is your major malfunction") as we go to the break.

Back. People still sucking for the large part on this. Jill actually lands on her feet this time. Jill (outdoor): "I was in so much pain...I wasn't even thinking about wrestling, I wanted to be home." Bill gives Jill a threatening pep talk. 

Scott is doing it even worse with Al, about killing him with legs into the back. Scott has his own personal low-tech confessional booth, it looks this time, and while he talks a good game, it doesn't mean anything. The camera half misses it, but Scott tries to do the press off Al's back - without actually having his hands anywhere near Al's back. Either he doesn't get what he's supposed to be doing or he's really freaked out - Bill yells at him some more. Bill tells us that Scott is "spaz." Bill explains for him one more time - he's got to push off. He comes closer than usual, but he's still really bad. John more or less says Scott's gonna be cut soon if he can't pick it up, while Nick is bitter than he's losing out on ring time because Scott's a screw up who takes forever. Scott tries again - and screws up badly again. Al tersely tells him "Get up, get out" and for a second I think we've got another insta-cut, but Al just wants him to sit down. For now. He's in deep.

Back to the house. Scott (on what could be his own video camera for all I know) says he was really close to quitting, because he was afraid he'd hurt Bill or Al. See, that's why I think it's not that he's a big moron (medium sized moron), but that he's intimidating by what's going on that he's just trying not to screw up. I don't actually know much.

Scott calls him. Scott's dad and Scott seem to get along like Jackie's mom and Jackie did - Scott and his dad have yelling arguments about Scott, going to college, leaving this, and confidential agreements. He's gonna go to jail if they tell anyone about wrestling! Anyway, Scott's sad because he doesn't get any support from his family.

Elsewhere, Jonah flirts with Jill. They're all dressed up to go out to eat with Big - it's his birthday, and there's nothing better he'd like to do than go out to a restaurant and club with a bunch of twenty year olds. I'm assuming. Big blows out a birthday cake. Later, we move to a game of "tell me one thing you learned today", and Jamie's is "Scott is difficult to live with and doesn't knock on a bathroom door when it's closed and the light is on." Scott's: "Jamie has pierced nipples." Moment of shocked silence, then laughter. Scott is aware enough of himself to realize that he's the oddball of the house and doesn't want it to be that way, but he apparently doesn't know to stop being odd. 

Big asks who's going to quit. They're all like no, but Big points out that every year someone quits. More than one person. He doesn't want to happen, because he thinks it's a disservice to themselves.

Scott: "I wasn't really happy that day, so I turned to alcohol. A lot of people turn to alcohol to get happy." That's not a good sign. Scott [to shots]: "I must take shots!" Clubbing. Dancing. Drinking. 

Back home. Scott's passed out on the sofa from drinking, and everyone else is a little appalled. Matt notes that whenever Scott would get some attention, he'd get up and stumble around, trying to get a little more. Matt didn't buy the act. Now we see him (from a kind camera angle) that he's standing up peeing in someone else's bathroom. With the door open. They're not too happy to find him there. Around the house, various groups wonder if he's this dumb or trying to be dumb for attention. No one seems really pleased with trying to figure him out, although Jamie is nice enough to bring a bucket to the couch (where Scott is "out" again) so he has some place to throw up. Break.  

Day 2. Establish shots. Mike decided that was a coyote roaming there, and who am I to argue. Scott is a thoughtful mood, outside by himself. Jill doesn't look to be doing great. Downstairs, some guys are discussing Jill with Jonah - it appears that Jonah did get back with his girlfriend, so all the flirting he's doing with Jill is just a repeat of last time. Again, Jill doesn't know that Jonah's committed to someone else - though she's gonna overhear if they don't talk about it quieter. Jonah says everyone knew but Jill. Jill confirms that.

Jonah and Jill have a talk - it's mostly Jonah groaning a lot. In a not good way. "You're such a scumbag, you know." "Why are you mad at me now?" "I just don't even like you." 

Jill calls home to Dad, who has an even stronger accent than Jonah or Jill. Jill: "I just want to leave." "Get out." "Yea I do." "Why?"
 "Because I don't want to." "You don't think you can win?" "I don't want to." Jill seems overwhelmed - she says it's because she want to cry all the time and it's "friggin' boot camp", but we're supposed to know better. Her dad supports her, and Jill dials the number she's been playing with in her hand all call long - it's Big.

Trax. Big wants to take care of business first - Jill has decided to quit. I had read a girl was leaving early, but I didn't figure it'd be her. Looking at her outfit now, it's obvious that the outdoor interview I pointed out earlier was actually taken as she left. Big has Jill pull her chair up in front of everyone, and gives the opportunity to say whatever parting message they want to her. Kelly: "I think it's a bunch of BS, 'cause I watched seven people walk down a hill, that would have died to been here." Rebekah says she's a competitor, and she's happy there's one last person she has to deal with. Jonah says she's got to what's right for her, but wants her to stay. You can tell he feels like this might be his fault.

Noticeable, Jill (wearing a baseball cap to shade tearing eyes) isn't even looking at the group by this point (which seems to be "all 12 others have spoken"), but just at her shoes. Big: "So now it's my turn. And we made this casting process long and difficult this year for a reason. Because we wanted to make sure that people understood that this is not a game show. This is us given someone an opportunity to become a WWE superstar. I'm ashamed of myself that I cut seven other people who would have given their right arm to be here. I cut them. I sent them home in tears, so that you could quit and I have to live with that shame." [to us] "I have a responsibility for all the people who want an opportunity to be a WWE superstar, and I'm angry and mad that I let myself be duped by her, believing that she wanted to be a WWE superstar." Back to the group: "You conned me and you lied to me. You spit on all of them, and you spit on me. You spit on me, and I spit on you. Get up and leave."

Jamie says Big was not easy on her to quit - she'd start crying if it was her, and it looks like Jill did. Al tells them that they shouldn't feel sorry for her, they should resent the fact that she wasted everyone's time. Al then goes to cover up Jill's name on the wall with spray paint - of course, he uses red instead of black, so it kinda just becomes a big reminder. Probably on purpose. Al reiterates that it sucks to have sent someone home for someone who didn't want to be here.

Scott cheap-cams that he doesn't want to be a quitter like Jill (which reveals that all of these bits were taped after she left) and wants to stop sucking. Back to the all fours handstand bump - Scott takes that new attitude and promptly crashes into a AL again. Lisa recoils in horror. Al tells him to act his age. Scott psyches himself up - and gets it. I know we're supposed to be happy for him and all, but all I can think is "about time." Scott hopes they'll understand he's getting over his problems. Flashbacks - here's the conspiracy line that had nothing to do with anything and was thrown in as a red herring - with people giving difference views of Scott. Not many positive - I would not bet large sums of money on him.

Next: Lisa isn't active enough in the ring, and her inactiveness outside the ring annoys her housemates when it's an "all go or no go" situation. Scott jams his thumb playing beach volleyball.

Odd that they made it seem a lot "the quitter just wanted to be on MTV"-ish when talking about it before when it came off like "she folded like a cheap tent under the pressure."

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