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Urban America Pro Wrestling - 01/14/02

What a way to start off but with about (8:15) of blank screen! Someone tries fixing it at one point and it doesn't come out of the show's time and it's not their fault. The problem is that most people probably gave up after a minute or two. They actually rewind the last infomerical on screen, that's some fine work. Color bars. 

Open, which is really loud after silence, you know? I'm still about two episodes from being able to ID everyone, I do believe.

Blade & Solomon (the Tank) vs naughty By nature (Rude #20 & Tully #6) - Your commentators are Rico Steele (play by play) and 9Mil (color.) 9Mil's actually a wrestler, the InnerCity Champion, but not active tonight. The commentators voices often get lost under the crowd, which I'd guess has to do with the micing - similar (high school gym-ish, 100-200 people) crowd as last week's WCPW show where there weren't those problems. Your ref is a Latino guy with long hair, black jeans, black sneakers, and a generic "WCPW" shirt with no stripes; casual Friday! This being "Urban", everyone's either black or Hispanic - I guess Asians haven't moved to this part of the city yet, ha ha. Steele accuses 9Mil of liking nBn because from the same area; they're from California, and 9mil spent time in the Cali prison system. Rude and Tully have home-ade shirts with their names (and numbers) on them, but take them off before the match starts - matching (kinda ugly) red and black tights underneath. Solomon (they call him Tank more during the match) is tall and big and wearing jeans and a muscle shirt. Blade has nipple rings. The ref's is actually checking everyone for objects. Rude and Blade start off, circle. Lockup, headlock by Blade into a hammerlock into a cradle for one two no. Rude backs off and complains that his tights were pulled - the ref buys it and warns Blade. Circle. Lockup, eyerake by Blade. Right. Chop. Chop. Whip, reversed, shoulderblock by Rude. Rude off the ropes, over, under, into a hiptoss. And another. And a dropkick. Rude rolls out and Tully confers. Rude to the apron, and he's slingshot in. Tag to Solomon. Double whip, double diving shoulderblock. Solomon covers after a pause, one two broke up by Tully. As the ref argues with him about that, Rude gets in a low blow, and then another to make sure it's felt. The ref was looking right at that last one, but doesn't do much about. Rude spits at Blade, Blade wants in, the ref goes for him, illegal switch for the stompdown. Whip, dropkick, one two no. Rude distracts so Tully can hit in a low blow. Tag to Tully, double whip, drop toe hold, elbow drop. Tully with a front facelock as they work the "moving towards my corner despite the submission hold" spot, which is of course topped with that tag the ref didn't see because the other heel was distracting him. I'm going on cruise control - there's a chain double clothesline, ref is slow to turn around to see so Tank escapes at two. Legdrop/splash combo gets a two and a big kickout. Choking with the chain. I think Naughty By Nature are a bunch of cheaters, but I'm not sure we've yet got the proof. Crowd is really behind the Tank for what's it worth. Rude misses a corner splash and Solomon finnaly makes the tag - Blade has clotheslines and slams for everyone. But then he gets tripped up out of the ring. Sidewinder on Solomon is called "tag team move" and there's the cover one two three. (6:21) No, they didn't pin the legal man. This is the kinda referee job you get when you allow such a lax dress code.

Blessed commercials.

The Riot Act (from Riot's fabulous van): Riot shows us his WCPWInc. Rookie of The Year trophy, and introduces us to his good friend, Willie "Da Bomb" T. Richardson. Willie's the UAPW champion - will he lose both his titles in premier shows? "Wonder Twin Powers Activate!" Anyway, GQ wants a shot at Willie's belt, but Willie talked to the commish and got a deal where GQ only gets a shot if he beats Riot. Riot slightly complains about all this set up without him knowing about it, but has no problems with taking care of it. Suddenly, G.Q. Quinn shows up and lets both of them know that he has no problem going through Riot if that's what it takes to get to Willie and the title. The cameraman must've tipped GQ off. GQ makes fun of the show and the set and the junkyard they're in. He likes calling Riot "Smoky" (all about forest fires) but really, if you're going to try to be a face here, please don't be wearing the New York jacket. GQ makes his threats and walks off. Willie threatens to call for help. "Hey I know 911! My fingers already on 9! Two more numbers!" "Do you have a phone?" "I don't have it with me - I could go get one." Riot's upset about the van being called a piece of junk.


Riot (w/UAPW Champion Willie "the Bomb" T. Richardson and Cinnamon) vs Germel "G.Q." Quinn in a "GQ must win or no title shot" match- Riot has a nice homemade shirt. Same ref. Riot pats down the ref for weapons, smooth. Either I wasn't paying attention, or the graphic in the last segment made it out that Germel had Q for a middle name. Oh well. GQ wastes no time getting in the ring and laying in the punches. Riot fires back but GQ gets the better of it. Off the ropes, and right into a Riot clothesline. Whip, back elbow. Whip, no short knee and a Russian Legsweep by GQ. Slam. Slingshot senton bomb but no one home - Riot rolled towards the rope and GQ overshot. Hanging vertical suplex. Whip, reversed into a short side kick by GQ. Whip, clothesline misses, jumping high knee. GQ with a slam - going up. Flying headbutt but Riot rolls in out of the way again! Going for everything and getting nothing. Whip, clothesline. GQ thrown out, and Riot goes to the apron - axhandle is caught in a punch. Riot is run into the post, but has enough wits about him to start running around the ring, setting GQ up for a Willie clothesline. That was so blatant the ref actually saw it. He doesn't do anything but yell - doesn't eject anyone. Willie throws GQ back in. Gut punch, short clothesline. Pulling him up for another. Pulling him up, yelling, thrust kick. Cover one two NO. Whip, reversed into a spinebuster. GQ's big on reversing whips into moves. Slow to get up, no cover - what's he going to do? Pull himself up, okay. Pull Riot up, I don't know about that. Turnbuckle smash. Corner whip, no reversed no reversed no Riot reverses it to a facedrop on the turnbuckle. Riot sets him up for an Unprettyer, but GQ pushes off, Riot off the ropes, Rock Bottom but it's blocked and there's some elbows, Riot pushed into the ropes, boot to the gut, Pedigree? YES! COVER HIM. GQ actually does, but Cinnamon is up on the apron and the ref rather talk to her for no good reason, except that allows Willie to slip to the apron with the belt. GQ is silly and confronts him, they "struggle", Riot finnaly gets over and charges, GQ moves out of the way but Riot stops just in time. Punch for Riot, corner whip, no reversed into a Riot spinebuster. Cinnamon and the ref are still talking and Willie's still hanging on the apron. Riot picks up GQ, corner whip, reversed, and as Riot moves out of the way, Willie finnaly clocks GQ with the belt. That's an awful convoluted plan. Fifty seconds after the ref first started being distracted, he turns around to count the one two three. (5:41) GQ will never get another shot at Willie for the Title, we're told. Riot and Willie celebrate on the microphone.


UAPW Commissioner Jimmy K spends a good minute or two establishing that he's an evil commissioner. Zom stands nearby and does nothing.

One Half Of The UAPW Tag Team Champions Casisus (w/Carnage and Neo Blackman) vs Eddie Cruz (w/o his partner) - Commish takes over color, and actually, this match only goes 2:14 before we get a "to be continued on the next UAPW show", so I can blow this off and finish it early.

WCPW next week.

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