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I taped over this in my sleep. Really. 

As space filler, here are the results. In this interest of complete disclosure, I skimed through these sites (mostly because I could get to the reports easy through to get the results. They have fine and full recaps of all the action.

And now, the matches:

  • Cole and Loyd are still your hosts
    • Cole was notably annoyed all night about the Wedding and RAW.
  • Reverend D-Von beats Shannon Moore by a slingshot into the exposed steel turnbuckle followed by a pulling reverse mat slam 
    • That move - which is D-Von's non flying finisher if you're not buying my description - is now the Saving Grace
  • Randy Orton over Billy Kidman via Overdrive/Play Of The Week
    • That twisting Rocker Driver variation, yep. No name there yet.
      • Randy Orton needs to choose better finishers, but I've mocked him about this before.
    • This was pretty good, all account say    
  • Albert defeats Funaki via gutbuster
    • All the cruiserweight wins turned around in one night, how about that.
    • This is Albert's first win since 07/20 against Nick Dinsmore
    • Funaki did his spiel post match and Albert punked him out
  • Crash (8) and the Hurricane (9) win over Tajiri (6) and WWE Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble (1, w/Nidia) 
    • Crash used AJ Style's Style Crash on Tajiri for the win
      • All the descriptions I read of the Styles Crash make it sound really tough to describe.
      • I'll see if I can do any better if he actually uses it again
    • This match does change the ladder.

Confidential was peachy but I don't recap that.

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