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Windy City Pro Wrestling - 1/27/01

Windy City Pro Wrestling (WCPW is the abbreviation, although you'll occasionally see people drop the Pro and then get a slightly different, but familiar three letters) is a Chicago area indy that's been around near fifteen years. (Or so they claim - I don't know that's wrong, or right.)  You know how people say "Support your local indy"? Instead of navigating the El to places in Chicago I don't know so well to see shows, this is a good substitute. 'cause even if I'm not going, this may trick one of you into, ha.

The big difference that separates WCPW from other federation's I've seen is lots of different divisions: 

  • League Champion (the top guy in the group - currently Terry Allen)
  • Battle Royale Champion - Steve Boz
  • Bare Knuckles (Hardcore) - Vito Fontaine
  • Heavyweight (240lb and up) - Willie Richardson
  • Middleweight (211 to 240) - Jeffro King
  • Lightweight (210 and below) - Mike Masters
  • Tag Team - the Warlocks
  • Six-Man - the Brotherhood
  • Ladies - Drusala
  • Midget - Lone Eagle

On with the (half hour) show


Plug for

Plug for WCPW's Battle of the Belts 2000 tape. 120 Man Three Ring Battle Royale! That Chris Daniels guy! Presumably lots of title matches.

The Brotherhood talks about how the Warlocks won't take the six man belts away from them. "You'll have to find a lot better than two gothics and one cripple to take us out."

the Warlocks (Eryk and the Tag Team Champions Valyk and Julyan) w/Woman's Champ Drusala and Baltasar vs The Brotherhood (League Champion Terry Allen, Ivan Manson and Ripper Manson) w/Psycho and Cheeks Manson for the Six Man Titles - Someone was a big fan of Berlyn. The Warlocks dress like goths, duh. Like the Hardy Boys when they were the New Brood. The Brotherhood look like a cross between your Southern Hillybillies/Biker Gang. Saying "there's more people in and around the ring then in the stands" is a totally unwarranted (and untrue) cheap shot and I'm sorry I thought it. There's a big ol' ad for (Vic?) Capri Pizza on the side of the ring. Richard T. Sin and Mitch Blake are your announcers. Blake was one half the tag team champions before the Warlocks won the belts from him, but in the same match, Blake's partner in the Furies Jeffro King picked up the middleweight belt from Valyk. (Don't ask me how that works - I'm just reading the results.)  No one's seen much of King since he became champion, not even his partner. Is that confusing enough? I have time to tell you this because the announcers are fawning over the woman (one of those two names on the Brotherhood side is a woman, I haven't figured that much out yet) and also, I have a pause button. Oh, Cheeks is the woman with the Brotherhood. Terry Allen welcomes back Eryk - this is the first time he's been back in a ring since he broke his neck a year ago. Allen solicits a round of applause and gets it. Terry wards him that he can get it broken again, and Eryk throws him down. Stomp, stomp, whip, reversed, big clothesline by Allen. Tags too...oh, I don't know. Announcers save me by saying it's Valyk who's putting the arm wringer on Ivan. Whip, reversed, clothesline by Ivan misses, Valyk with punch, punch, charge misses and Ivan beats him in the corner. Bulldog gets pushed off and  Ivan goes into the corner as the announcers talk about Jeffro still being missing. Ivan trips up Valyk and drops elbows. Cover, 2 count. Big clothesline. Big clothesline. Ivan's basically like every other Ivan you've ever seen, I think. Valyk rolls out and stalls. Cheeks is going for a chair. Valyk back in, gets a punch to the gut, shot to head, push into the corner. Tag to Ripper, who gets a knee in off the second rope.  Stomp, stomp, whip, pick up, powerslam. weak cover gets 2.  Right chop to the throat. Distraction so Psycho can get in a shot from the outside, Baltasar is over to take Psycho on. Whip,  kick to the gut, axe kick by Ripper. Cover, 2. Ripper works over Valyk, tag to Terry, drop toe hold, dropkick to the head. Five minutes time is right on. Baltasar helps Valyk back in the ring. Terry with a vertical suplex. Chin lock. Surfboard. Leg go, chop to the head, cover, 2. Tag to Ivan, double whip, double clothesline. One handed cover doesn't get 3, and Ivan doesn't look altogether surprised.  Whip, clothesline misses, face crusher by Valyk.  Valyk grabs on to Ivan's leg and make a tag to Eryk, who drops and elbow and covers for 12. Elbow to the back, elbow to the back, choke on the ropes.  Distraction so Ivan can get beat from the outside. Everyone in this match is a heel, I get it. Even the announcers. Eryk dumps Ivan to the floor so, well, it'll happen if Baltasar stops stomping Ivan, okay, so Julian came come off the top rope and hit a splash to the floor. Unfortunately, he does it right in the Brotherhood's corner and they come over to interrupt. Ivan gets helped back in, shot to the back. Shot into the turnbuckle, elbows as Julyan tagged in. Double whip, double shoulderblock, Julyan and Valyk take turn dropping elbows, Julyan finishing with a legdrop and cover, but he's pulled off by Ripper. Ivan's whipped into the Warlock's corner and they choke him before the referee notices. Julyan draws in ripper again so he can get a low blow in. Shot to the back. Stomp. Stomp. Choke to the back of the neck? I guess. The announcers are even confused. Julyan distracts the ref so Ivan can be pulled out and beat up. Looks like Ivan is now bleeding - from what?  Julyan stomps Ivan as he tries to get back in. Then he lets him in so he can slam him. Cover, two. Psycho is walking around with that chair. 

Ten minute announcement is four seconds early (the five minute one was spot on, though.) Julyan distracts Terry Allen, Terry Allen distracts the ref, Julyan with a whip, reversed, and Julyan's back meets the chair.  Ivan opts to crawl for the tag instead of covering.  Tag to Terry, tag to Valyk. Terry's got elbows for everyone, and now bodyslams for everyone. Now what? He picks up Valyk, dropkick to the had. Suplex? He's pointing up. Vertical suplex. Glad you pointed. Now he's pointing again. Going to the top. Signaling. Terry hits something in the Swanton Bomb family, with a slight bit of corkscrew. Cover is broken up by Eryk. DDT by Valyk, and everyone's a little slow to get moving. Eryk makes the tag to Eryk. Valyk holds for the second rope double ax handle. Eryk with a front facelock, maybe trying for a DDT and Allen not going, Allen gets in a couple shots to the gut while still in the hold,  Allen battles all the way to his corner and makes the tag to Ripper. Eryk, still with Allen in the hold, pulls back to his corner. Oh, the ref was distracted by the rest of the Warlocks and didn't see the tag, so Terry is still legal. Ripper argues this, distracting the ref for a three man beatdown.  Eryk with the snap suplex. Cover, 2.5. The announcers argue. Eryk throws Allen in a neutral corner, choke.  Terry gets a corner whip, splash by Eryk. Eryk is pumped. Cover,  way too close the topes and Allen gets a foot on it. Whip, sunset flip by Allen, one, two, kickout. Eryk gets the shot to the back on Allen, Whip, Allen with a wraparound DDT into a Twist of Fate. That would have been a great time to bring up Eryk's neck injury again, but the announcers are talking about who Mitch Blake might get for a new partner. Race to the tag again. This time, Valyk and Ripper. Ripper takes out all the Warlocks. Whip for Valyk, big back body drop. Ripper picks him up in a Torture Rack and falls backwards, two hand press cover, the fifteen minute countdown is correct, and the ref is slow to count - one, two, broken up by Julyan.  The announcers note that Warlocks don't seem to be kicking out of the pinfalls at all, only escaping because the pin is broken up. Julyan with a jumping DDT on Ripper and he covers, one, two, Ivan breaks it up. Ivan with a sidewalk slam, one, two, Eryk in to break that up. Inverted DDT on Ivan, and Terry breaks that cover up. Allen with a Snow Plow (Eryk lands right on his neck, that can't be good for his recovery) and covers, but that's broken up by Valyk. Whip, powerslam by Valyk and that's broken up. Ripper breaks it up.  Boot choke. Eryk seems to be okay on the outside. Ripper picks him up,  slow roll up by Valyk. Ripper kicks out at 2. Another rollup, but they're both in the ropes.  Valyk with punches to the head. Kick to the chest, but Ripper's hulking up, Valyk is off the ropes and he gets knocked down wit ha  shoulderblock. Elbow drop. Cover, ref is out of position, 2 count, Valyk kicks out. Choke.  Shot to the turnbuckle. Corner whip, Ripper misses the charge in, Valyk with a rollup, one, two, Ripper escapes with a little help from Psycho. At 17:53, the ring announcer mentions that two minutes are left in this match. (Wow, haven't had one of THESE in a long time.) Valyk chokes. Both men are slowly get to their feet, with Valyk getting a dropkick to the chest in.  Roll up again, but Ripper gets out at 2.  Julyan having a discussion with the ref - but that backfires, as Valyk has another roll up and the ref doesn't see it, before Terry Allen coming in to break it up. 1 minute (or 65 seconds, if you're a time purist) as Ripper gets a two count.  Indian Deathlock by Ripper, with an eye rake, but Valyk isn't giving. 30 (33) seconds left, maybe you want to go for a pinfall here? No, camel clutch.  Is Valyk going to give here? 20 seconds left (that's right.) Ripper lets it goes and signals to the crowd, killing a few seconds.  Whip, double clothesline, everyone's down. Time slows down as the ring announcer counts the last ten down, but it doesn't matter too much. (TLD 20:05)  It takes a few moments for both sides to figure out what's going on. The announcers wonder about a five minute extension - but no. The Warlocks aren't happy, triple attack from behind, whip, reversed, triple clothesline. Warlocks head for higher ground, while the Brotherhood stand strong in the ring with their belts. The ring announcer goes over the decision one more time for the slow. Let's watch them pose in the ring.

WCPW Windy City Pro Wrestling training Center plug

And how about a plug for pure Power Audio? And for Capri Pizza. And for the WCPW Hotline.

That's it.

Wow. That sure was a good use of time. (Whose?) If a match is long just for the sake of being long, that doesn't make it good, I'm thinking. 

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