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Windy City Pro Wrestling - 2/6/01

I missed the 2/2 show because - I don't remember. I think I forget to tape it.

Did I mention before that this is a thirty minute show, on Tuesday and Friday, but I only usually tape Friday because Jakked or WOW is on at the same time on Tuesday? I did now.

Things happened and WOW wasn't on, so, here's an extra report.


Richard T. Sin talks to Mitch Blake (our announce crew last time I did this) about his partner in the Furies, Jeffro King. I remember that the Furies dress up in baseball outfits and facepaint, but I forget why. Anyway, Blake's made about King having the Middleweight singles gold, and points out that they've got rid of members of the Furies in the past, so he's willing to do.

Acid Jazz and Zom vs Mitch Blake (#27) (30 minutes time limit) - the first duo comes out to a Mortal Kombat remix, so they're heels. The ring announcer does the combined weight for the first two, so I'd think this is a tag team match but we're short a person Before we can have this interview, let's have some else talk to Blake - I'm guessing this is some person of authority, because he's not happy that Jeffro King has again no-showed, this time for this tag match. Blake doesn't know either, and he's not happy about it either. The problem is, we've still got a tag match. But he found himself a partner - Steve Boz.

Acid Jazz and Zom vs Mitch Blake (#27) and Battle Royale Champion Steve Boz (#27) (30 minute time limit) - You may be familiar with Boz from his appearances in WWF squash matches. He's wearing one of Blake's jerseys, with the name Boz taped over Blake's and his Rob Zombie music, so he must be a heel as well. Announcers for this match are Richard T. Sin and Big Time of the Sports Entertainment group. Big Time held that Battle Royale belt before Boz won it, so they talk about that, as well as this new Furies combination, while I try to figure out who's who. Lockup, Blake pushes the guy in the red shirt in the corner and works over him. Corner whip, Blake misses the clothesline, the guy in the red shirt runs to the other corner, Blake follows and red shirt moonsaults over him, kick to the stomach is caught, Blake tries to flip him backwards but red shirt lands on his feet, only to get clotheslined. Kick to the gut, snap mare by Blake. Elbow to the chest. Tag to Boz, double whip, double hiptoss, double elbow drop. Whip by Boz, high kick.  Off the ropes, dropkick to the head. Acid Jazz is the guy in the red shirt, but I'm not going back to change it, because I don't think it matters much. Whip, reversed,  punch misses, Boz hits a series of kicks topped with a spinning heel kick. Body slam, and Boz with a dancing legdrop. Double chop, right to the head, push in the corner. Blake gets out of the way as Boz gets in an axehandle to the chest, while Jazz is facing away from the corner, and then - hmm, I guess we'll call that a reverse Thesz Press from the second rope until otherwise notified. Cover, pulled up 2.  Thrown into the corner,  Zom charge sand misses the clothesline, eating a spin kick. Right to the head, tag to Blake. Bodyslam on Zom, Blake to the top, he puts on the flying goggles (he puts on the flying goggles?) and hits a flying kneedrop for the pin. (3:04) Boz got in a superkick on Jazz just as the pin was being counted, and now Blake and Jazz are thrown from the ring. Boz and Blake hug.

WCPW Training Center promo. You can be like Greg Valentine. 

WCPW Hotline promo.

Unnamed authority figure talks to Big Time (w/video camera) - the guy who I've yet to name makes fun of Big Time crying about losing the title. Big Time doesn't find it funny, and claims that Steve Boz kissed butt to get the title. I'd think it would have more to do with winning a match. Anyway, he claims that Boz is totally useless and says he never got beat in the ring for the title and he wants it back. He's going to get the belt back, yep. "Thank you big time, don't ever come back"

Here's a list of the current WCPW champions - pictures would be neato here.

Here's an ad for the WCPW 2000 Battle of the Belts - 3 rings, 120 men, one battle royale. (That's how Big Time won the belt in the first place, although I think he's not being totally honest when he says he eliminated 119 people.)

Richard T. Sin talks to the Outfit (Bare Knuckles Champ Vito "Two Fingers" Fontaine, Nino "Boom Boom" Chinio , Sandra D) - Sin asks why they call him two fingers and they all get pissed at him, with Sandra slapping him and pushing him away before walking off. Anyway, he's two fingers because he has two fingers. And he's willing to take out anyone. Also, Sin is stupid and don't know how to handle the ladies. 

Richard T. Sin talks to Sports Entertainment - Big Time earns points with me by introducing his (recently remixed?) stable: Big Time is your Hollywood producer, Nick Brunswick is the best bowler EVER, Vic Ferrera, the best actor ever, Gerard "GQ" Quinn, super model. GQ shows us his best Rock pose. Anyway, Big Time is going take them all to success in 2001.

Vic Ferrera (w/Big Time, Light Heavyweight Champ Mike "the Masterpiece" Masters, Gerard Quinn and a camera) vs Vito "Two Fingers" Fontaine (w/Nino "Boom Boom" Chinio, Sandra D, a shovel and an ironing board) for the Bare Knuckle Titles - Mike's the only Sports Entertainment member with a belt, so of course he's not in the interview. All the seconds except Sandra look ready to wrestle, hmm. Big Time is upset that Vito has a shovel. League Champion Terry Allen joins Sin for this match in an attempt to make me loose track of what's going on. So many people. Nick doesn't want to take Vito's punch and hides in the ropes to prevent it. Vic's got some shiny tights. Headlock by Vic to start off, a show of matt wrestling just gets it back to a headlock. Now into a a hammerlock. Vito don't like this mat wrestling, but he reveres the hammerlock, Vic quickly escaping with an elbow, getting back the headlock and taking Vito down. Armbar. Twist - splits for comedy. And again, into a hammerlock, push into the ropes, clothesline misses and Vito's hits. Two finger drop into the neck. And again. And an elbow drop. And now a stomp. Picking him up by the hair. Push into the corner, 10 punches in the corner. Big time bites Vito's foot to get him to stop. Corner whip, clothesline follow in. inverted atomic drop, and a shot to the throat. Shoulder to the gut, shoulder to the gut, right to the face. Vito is distracted by the ref and Sports Entertainment - low blow by Vic. Legdrop to the midsection. Right to the head. And again. And a third, but note of these really have hurt him, and Vito decides to show what punches should be, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, big right, now alternating shots to the gut and I'm going stop counting. Shot to the back. Vic begging off, Vito looks to the crowd, and gets another low blow. Vic is slow to follow up, and sets up a facelock, suplex. 5 minutes have passed. Vic pulls down the straps! And now he does the splits. Perhaps he'd like to hurt Vito at some point. Now he's celebrating on the second rope and showing off his, er, interesting body. Knee to the gut on Vito, whip, revered, big knee to the midsection. Begging off again, but getting kicked this time. Again with the punch and Vito looks to the ground, and now looking to his friends on the outside - Sandra gives Vito the shovel -  shot with the handle to the gut - shot with the metal to the head. Here' s the ironing board shot to the back - Vito threatens Big time with it than hits a running shot Vic. Big Time on the apron to argue with the re as Vito whips Vic in that direction. Amazingly, Big Time doesn't get bumped off the apron, but when Vito charges at both of them with the ironing board, Vic gets out of the way and Big Time does not. The ironing board falls out of the ring, but Vic's too busy celebrating to the crowd and signaling that the belt will soon be his to notice Vito's right behind him. Waiting for him to turn around, kick to the gut, look at Big Time, I guess Vito hit a Flatliner while we weren't looking, because we see the end of it. Rolling Vic over, 2 finger cover, and that's goo.  (7:27) Vito kicks Vic out of the ring, and then jumps off the apron with a double axe handle for Big Time. Masters tries to escort him to higher ground while Vito celebrates.

Capri Pizza ad. And here's the one for Pure Power Audio.

Random guy and Richard T. Sin talk to Sandra D. Actually, they apologize - apparently Richard was looking down her blouse. He ask if Sandra could please - hit Richard on the other side of his face. Sure.

And that's it.

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