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Windy City Pro Wrestling - 2/9/01

Intros. That's one ugly looking 3D on somebody. Road Warrior Animal! Okay, now that's nice triple team move. This is a lot of clips of the Battle of the Belts show.

Richard T. Sin talks to Big Time (w/camera) and Gerard "G.Q." Quinn, representing Sports Entertainment. Big Time says his casting couch is working over time, more than I needed to know. Big Time run downs his stable again, and says together, they're wearing the casting couch down, stop it already. Big Time talks about Quinn's stamina, too, but this is supposed to be funny and not disturbing. Gerald Quinn is too sexy for that shirt, oh yeah. He's a model, you know what I mean. He does a little run on the catwalk, yea, the catwalk, does his little turn on the catwalk. GQ says he won't leave Big Time hanging. This isn't going anywhere, so I'm going back to singing. Oh, wait - GQ's got a big brother, Jomal (I don't know) Quinn, and now we've got a tag team.

One Fall, Twenty Minute Time Limit: Gerald "GQ" Quinn (with Mike Masters, Jomal Quinn, Big Time, Vic Ferrera and camera) vs The Polish Crippler (w/no one? HUH?) - I thought everyone had to have friends. I guess I should describe these people - Polish Crippler looks like Brakkus, GQ looks like (or at least is dressed like) the Hardy's black brother. Crippler shows the camera his muscles. GQ shows the Crippler a forearm. The back of his head, anyway. Slap to the chest, no sell, slap to the face, no sell, shoulder to the chest works better. Corner whip, charge in to a boot. Crippler to the second rope - missile shoulder block. Crippler yells at Sports Entertainment, then a suplex for Quinn. Richard T. Sin, the only announcer for this match, goes nuts for that; I wonder if that's a sign. Right, right, whip, back elbow. Crippler looks at the crowd, Big Time slides in to look at GQ. The ref shoes him out, Crippler goes after him. GQ hides in a corner, kick, right, double slap. GQ wants to go out but Crippler won't let him - right. Suplex. Whip, wait we need to back into the ropes, okay, clothesline misses, GQ is supposed to be caught going for the cross body, but he isn't caught Crippler picks him up and doesn't follow through right, GQ landing on his side. Everyone goes quiet for a second, but he's okay. Right. Slam. Sin lets us know that we're just waiting for SE to get involved, as they've got the ring surrounded. Right. Whip, clothesline misses, lunging clothesline is half sold. Another one, Crippler's still not going down. Third does the trick, and it's the end of the world on commentary. GQ waits for the big man to get up, while a ringside (not like there's that much other area) fan blows a horn right in Masters' ear. GQ tries forearms, no effect. Crippler's punches have more affect. Kick, DDT. GQ's done. Crippler going to the second rope - talking to the fans, then going after Big Time; I'm thinking he's not supposed to be the smartest person. Kick, Right, whip, kick to the gut, side belly suplex. Crippler doesn't cover, why? Oh, because the 280 pound guy wants to do a standing moonsault first, okay. It's would have been better if it hit, but still, that's unexpected. (4:10) Sports Entertainment opt to drag off GQ, rather than get revenge.

WCPW Hotline plug.

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Sam Discerino talks to the Kres Krystal Konnection. You can figure out the acronym - Krystal is black, and speaks very softly. I think Krystal used to be a face, but now she's a heel who thinks she looks good - so does Kres (who's nice enough to talk in to the microphone.) She wants the Ladies title back, and Kres wants to get the heavyweight title.

Krystal "the diva" (w/Kes, er, Kres) vs Cinnamon (w/Heavyweight Champion Willie "the Bomb" Richardson) - that's how the ring announcer said it, anyway. Is that a dance version of O Fortuna? When did I learn that song's name? Krystal shakes her bootay going in the ring - she's showing a good part of it. I mean good both ways, I think. Cinnamon comes out to "Ghetto Superstar", which should make her the face. Willie has "Get Well Storm" on his wrist tape - that's for former WCPW wrestler Staff Sgt. Storm, who was fighting a terminal illness at the time of this taping, and unfortunately passed away a few days ago. A memorial show is planned for March 10th at the Rowan Park Field House.

Kres holds Cinnamon from coming in the ring so Krystal can get a cheap shot or three in and snap mare. The Outfit's Sandra D is on color commentary - like usual, she says nothing, but she's yet to slap Richard. Push over, cover, 2 count. Somersault senton, 2 count. Stomp, stomp. Punches to the head as we remember that these ladies want to fight Drusala, the current Ladies champ. Cover for 2. Kick to the stomach in the corner, boot choke by Krystal. Sin runs down the storyline: Cinnamon and the Bomb are long time crowd favorites, and Krystal used to be a nice girl, but she's got full of herself over the last few months. Sandra talks! She says she doesn't plan on wrestling soon. Corner whip, Krystal charges into an elbow. Body slam. Pulling her up, and another slam. Whip, clothesline, and Krystal is going to distract the ref. Kress is in, the Bomb apparently busy trying to get the ref's attention back - DDT on Cinnamon and the ref had a perfect view. He does call for the bell (DQ 2:12), but from the looks of Cinnamon, Krystal and Kres might have eliminated some competition and gotten the attention of the heavyweight champ. They seemed to be rather pleased with the way that turned out. Cinnamon's up and okay, so we move on.

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Richard T. Sin and Sam Discerino talk. They both liked that Battle of the Belts 2000 show, but promise that 2001 will be better. Also, they added a new league - Urban American Pro Wrestling. And it's time to hype it.

We see UAPW highlights. Same basic concept as the show that's been trying to get on BET; a big focus on minorities, in order to draw them in. It looks like there's some cross over, as Big Time shows up there (he's everywhere, that man) and we see the two guys who were glorified jobbers on Tuesday's show, Acid Jazz and Zom, holding up the tag team belts.

Apparently, they're not still the champs, because the two fellows now being interviewed by a man with no name are Naughty By Nature, and have the tag belts. One of them is Pokerface, but he gets to say nothing because the other one (by what's listed on the WCPW site, either Rude or Tully) gets five second in and we're thrown to another interview. Chi Town T is the UAPW commissioner, and he's got a nice looking women with him. Willie the Bomb is the UAPW Heavyweight champ, Cinnamon is the Ladies' champ (she's got a belt but they don't say so I'm guessing.) Neo introduces himself and Zom, his protection. A three men team of Loco, Eddie and Rudo promise to take those belts from Naughty By Nature. "'cause we're Mexican, dammit." Alright. Big Time talks. He's here to entertain us. Here are some more highlights - and here's Willie Richardson beating up on some one. Big Time is there, but it doesn't look like anyone we've met. Top rope legdrop for the win. Here's clips from - Acid Jazz and Zom vs Rudo and Loco, with Naughty By Nature doing commentary. Here's a look at all the wrestlers.

Here's a look at the WCPW champions.

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