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Windy City Pro Wrestling - 2/16/01

We come in - late. My VCR's behind 20 seconds.

Sgt Staff Storm (already in the ring?) vs "the Physical Fascination" Brandon Bishop (w/League Champion Steve Boz and Lightweight Champion Terry Allen, Devastation.) (Battle of the Belts 10 - 5/16/98) for WCPW Middleweight Title - Richard T. Sin and Scott Thomas are your announcers. This is apparently Storm's first singles matches, having been part of a tag team previously. Circle, lockup, wristlock, Bishop throws Storm by the hair, but Storm kicks him away, then drops him with a toe hold. Headlock on the mat, countered into a legscissors, both up. Bishop with a kick to the stomach, Storm answers back, whip, leapfrog, Storm off the ropes as Bishop is off him, leapfrog by Bishop, he celebrates and  turns around into a flying forearm. Suplex into a cover. Right, whip, pick up in a sidewalk slam, walking around, drop to the mat. Cover, 2 count. Bishop buys himself some time with a thumb to the eye, but Storm is back on him, picking him up, headbutt, whip, back elbow, off the ropes, charge, and backdropped to the floor. Devastation beats him on the outside and throws him out. Bishop throws Storm in the corner, right right, corner whip, celebrate. Steve Cain is your referee - remind me to make some meaningless complaint on him another weak. Corner whip, celebrate. Slaping the face, corner whip again.  Kick, kick, suplex.  Bishop waits for Storm to get up - springboard forearm with a twist. Cover, 2 count. Signaling - YOU CAN'T POWERBOMB STAFF SERGEANT STORM. The powerbomb is Bishop's finisher, okay. Storm is slow but up to his feet. A little woozy, and he gets kick to the stomach, DDT.  Cover, 2, kick out. Right, right by Storm, armbar into a Northern Lights Suplex-like, but no bridge. Cover for 2. Whip,  head down too soon and Bishop with a slow 'rana and a weak cover for 2. Another cover, 2. The announcers blame the extraordinarily warm weather for some problems. Storm with a right, gutwrench suplex, cover, 2. Kick, throwing Storm out. Kane counts Storm out, and Bishop hits a dropkick through the ropes to knock him down. Restarting the count, and here's a plancha. Storm is crawling back in first. Bishop on the apron, , and gets crotches coming in.  Pumphandle overhead slam - that's the Section 8, Storm's finisher. Cover, one two kickout. Now what? Kick ot the stomach by Bishop, and he's going to the top - Storm to his feet - missile shoulderblock. Cover, one, two, weak cover allows Storm to get his shoulder up. Devastation argues the count, as Bishop goes up again -  slowly -  Missile shoulderblock caught into a powerslam, one, two, Storm lets go? He says it's not over - going to the top. 10 minute announced time is about a minute. Frog Splash - and now they're saying this is the Section 8. Cover, and I think that was three but it looked like Storm pulled the shoulder up. Wait, no, we're not sure. Yea, the shoulder is up and Bishop is being told (guess Cain is a heel ref), which allows Devastation to come in and beat down Storm. Double whip, double clothesline misses, double dropkick. Too bad Bishop still punches him in the face. Now what? Right, putting Storm on the top rope, right, right, Storm fighting back  Super powerslam, cover , one, two, three! This time for real! (10:43) Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a new champion. The rest of the Armed Forces come to celebrate. with him. Wow, fireworks from the flag, that's neat. Not only do we have a new champion, we have a new belt. Storm shows the belt to the crowd, and walks off.

Some Interviewer Guytalks to Staff Sgt Storm, a year later. He's facing the Greek God Michael Londos at Battle of the Belts 11,  and in Greek, tells Londos that he's going home with the belt. That was (I assume) Storm's last interview as champion, as he lost to Londos on 5/22/99.

Dinner with the Stars' 99: Staff Sgt. Storm receives the Best Technical Wrestler award.

Back to pre-Battle of the Belts '98, where the Armed Forces introduce themselves, and say they have a 10man at the show. They don't know who they're going against, but Storm assumes it's "some unpatriotic Southerners from Mexico somewhere", well okay.

Armed Forces: Staff Sgt. Storm, Cpl. Jeff Jacobs and Prvt. Jenkins (w/flag) vs the Brotherhood: Ripper Manson, Slash Manson and Psycho (w/Lors Manson and "Iron Mike" Sampson) (??/??/?? - pre BOB 10, I'd assume) - Slash and Storm start off, headlock by Slash, off the ropes, no, slide to the stop. elbow, elbow, off the ropes, shoulderblock by Slash, off the ropes, hiptoss by storm. Armdrag into an armbar. Legdrop on the arm, and back with the armbar. Wring, wring, shot to the arm, and another, and another, twist, wring, wristlock. Twist, right to the head. Side suplex, cover for 2.  Tag to Jacobs. Right, right, twist, reversed, right, right, whip, clothesline by Slash. Rolled over, cross arm breaker. Now a hammerlock and a knee to the back. European Uppercut. Stomp, mock salutes for everyone! Tag to  Ripper - knee to the midsection. Double whip, double spinebuster, cover for 2, pulled up. Slash is really into the saluting. Ripper with a boot choke. Stomp,  Thrown in to his corner. It's Jenkins's turn, and he gets pounded. Slam. Side backbreaker. Whip, powerslam. One, two, let go off the cover. Ripper argues with the ref, and Slash is in - double Boston crab, but Storm is in to break it up. Jacobs in in to take down Psycho. Storm and Slash fight ion the floor, with Sampson helping out there. Meanwhile, Ripper with a Samoan Drop on Jenkins, and that's it. (5:08) Armed Forces regroup in the ring as the Brotherhood celebrate out of the ring.

Staff Sgt Storm talks to Some Interviewer Guy: They talk about the opponents for Battle of the Belts again; "All I know is it's a bunch Hispanics with masks, sir. We're not really sure how they fight. We don't know if they're flying from the rafters or crawling up from under the ring. Either way it goes, we're sending them back across the border"

Here's Storm's sons, Joseph & Robert, winners of the Hot Summers Nights Contest.

Already in progress, Sgt Storm  works the leg of someone while his own leg is hurt. Is that's another member of the Armed Forces? Figure four! His opponent is Hunter. Reversed but Storm puts in an ankle lock.  TO the ropes, and Storm lets go. Armbar, armdrag. Push in the corner, corner whip, powerslam. Storm's music replays that of the announcers, and we watch him go to the top - and move on to

"In Memory, Lee Sanders, Staff Sgt. Storm, 1971-2001" and one last look at him holding up the his newly won middleweight belt.

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