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Windy City Pro Wrestling - 2/23/01


Richard T. Sin is with Chip Winger, er, New Thing Robby Dawber. Whoever is is, he's a contender for the Light Heavyweight title (though Dawber is listed as a middleweight contender, how odd), and he doesn't being called by that last name. Last year at the Battle of the Belts, current champion Mike Masters through a bowling ball at his head and Dawber still isn't over it.

Nino "Boom Boom" Chinino (w/the Outfit's Vito "Two Fingers" Fontaine & Sandra D) vs "New Thing" Robby Dawber (by himself) - Dawber's got the worst music ever. EVER. I wonder if the guy who just cut an interview gets the win. Your announcers are Richard T. Sin and Vito" Two Fingers" Fontaine. Lockup, armbar by Nino, rolls out into a reversal, reversed back, Dawber with a Mexican armdrag to reverse it once and for all. ArmBAR, reversed again, into a test of strength, into a monkey flip by Dawber. Whip, flying headscissors by Nino. Corner whip, kip up into a headscissors by New Thing. Armdrag by Dawber, armdrag the other way. Headlock by Nino, take down to the mat, Robby rolls him over for a 2 count, then catches him in the legscissors. Somersault over for a pin, 2, reversed into a backslide for another 2. Off the ropes and they collide - double kip up (well, kinda by Nino) Stalling, and just when we were gong so well. Then again, they probably need a rest. Headlock by Dawber, off the ropes shoulderblock. off the ropes, leapfrog over, into a headlock take down for uno. Headlock, Nino tries to forearm out, Robby off the ropes, shoulderblock, off the ropes again, leap frog, ducking the clothesline, awkwardly getting in another whip (they have to walk all the way back to the rope) hiptoss is blocked but the Rocker Dropper is not. That's a long sentence and a two count. Turnbuckle shot, corner whip, reversed, and the other way, with Dawber going over the top rope. Nino with a somersault pescado, almost landing headfirst. Dauber's thrown in, Nino follows in. Dawber is pounding the mat in frustration - Vito says he's tapping out. Right, double underhook suplex Turner. The fans are chanting for Robby - I think he has family or something. Nino waits patiently for him to get up and turn around, ducks the clothesline and Nino hits the dropkick. Corner whip, reversed, Robby goes right into the back elbow, but still manages to hit the spin kick. Robby up first, pulling Nino up, whip, clothesline misses, Nino with waistlock, go behind by Rob, Nino grabs his arm between his legs and uses a crab cover 2. Whip, reversed, sleeper, sleeper reversal spot. Robby being pushed in tin to ropes, Nino off the ropes, double clothesline knocks them both down. Both up at 4, chop by Nino, slap by Robby, and another weak one, Nino with a chop and a really hard sounding one for Rob. He runs at Robby but Robby pulls the rope down and ducks, Nino going other floor. Springboard plancha to the floor. Nino thrown in, springboard spin kick gets 2. Turnbuckle shot, corner whip, Nino climbs the walk - WOW Crossbody gets reversed and Robby landing on top for 2. Nino manages a slam first, then goes to the top, but maybe taking too much time - 450 splash comes up empty. Robby goes to the apron,  stun gun on the top rope. Robby comes with a springboard Blockbuster for the win. (7:57) If they just crafted a story to back the action, that would have been sweet. ad

Battle of the Belts ad.

WCPW training ad - they're Keepin' It Real.

Hey, we're not in the WCPW TV (Slag Video) Studios and a different ring announcer and I'm so confused.

Los Mexicanos (Eddie and Rudo) vs The Warlocks (Julyan and Valyk (w/WCPW Women's Champ Drusla, Eryk, and Balbasur) for the Tag Team Titles - Champions come out second because that was a tradition at one point. The Warlocks have an epilepsy inducing entrance. Richard T Sin and a manager who's name I don't make out are our announcers. I think this is Julyan and I remember that being Rudo - he proves it by ducking the lockup. And again. It is Julyan, thanks Richard. Julyan gets sick of it and rushes him, duck under the and roll up for 2. Another for up for 2. Backslide for 2. Clothesline might help, that gets 2.  Julyan gets in the wrong corner and beating down in the corner, Eddie getting tagged in to the process. Eddie with lots of shoulders to the gut in a neutral corner. Whip, Julyan with a cross body and Eddie does his best Scott Hall impersonation. Rudo tagged back in, as Julyan's on the floor, now he's in just enough to make the tag to Valyk. Valyk rushes Rudo, right into a sidewalk slam. Rudo adjusts his elbow pad. Elbow drop, elbow drop, elbow drop with a flourish. Wow, the Warlocks are getting kicked in this match. Whip, reversed, kick to the gut and a high knee from Valyk, remind me not to speak so fast. Choke on the ropes. Valyk goes out - Rudo gets crotched on the ring post. And again. Julyan gets some shots in and is tagged in. Double whip, double hiptoss, no, they don't get him all the way over, so they put him back down and gets a double DDT. Right, and down goes Rudo.  ARMbar into a hammerlock, reversed, Julyan trying for a snap mare, trying for a leg trip but it's not going, so he goes down and ends up armdragging Rudo out of the ring. Punch for Eddie - and then a running springboard plancha to the outside. Double team on the outside by Warlocks. Rudo thrown back in, whip, shoulder block, spreading the legs and tag to Valyk. - shot to the going. Cobra clutch, but Valyk lets him up. Tag to Julyan, and they take turns kick him. Whip, head down to soon, and he gets a facebuster. Julyan charge at Rudo, but Rudo moves out of the way and Julyan goes down. Julyan's thrown back in by Erik, and it's the race to the tag - tag to Eddie, tag to Valyk. Back elbow, back elbow, body slam, body slam, Eddie's on fire. Valyk goes to the outside, double whip on Julyan, double back drop gets turned into a Double DDT - at least that's what I think happened, Sin seems to think that Los Mexicanos hit a double team move. Valyk is in - double clothesline for Eddie and Rudo.  Eddie and Valyk go to the outside to fight. Drusla has the ref's attention, Julyan holds Rudo for a belt shot from Balbasur, Rudo ducks, Julyan gets it. Rudo takes Balbasar out of the ring, then covers - the ref turns around, one two three. (7:21) Wow, we've got new tag team champions. Los Mexicanos opt to celebrate in the aisle rather then receive the mass beatdown, and it is a wise idea.

Ads. You can call the WCPW Hotline at 312-409-WCPW (9279)

Richard T Sin talks to Big Time and GQ - this is the same "casting couch" interview we saw on the 2/9 show.

Here's another Battle of Belts ad - I guess we were a little short this week and didn't have an interview with Los Mexicanos or the Warlocks ready.

The next WCPW show is the benefit for the family of Lee Sanders (Staff Sgt Storm.). It's Saturday March 10th, 7pm bell time @ Rowan Park, 11546 S. Avenue L, Chicago. Donation is $15 and all proceeds benefit the Sanders family.

Hey, this show wasn't half bad this week. How nice.

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