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Windy City Pro Wrestling - 2/27/01

I've got a video card, and while upgrading the drivers, I found that I could now tape shows on to my computer, just like a VCR. I normally don't get a chance to see the Tuesday WCPW show, because I'm taping WOW on the VCR and I've got a class that night, but I figured I could try taping it this on my computer, to see how it turned out. It looks good - but then, it's 4 gigabytes, so it should. (Good thing I didn't try this with RAW.)

At any rate, this will be the last WCPW recap for week or more - I won't be around a cable system that has them until I get back from Spring Break.


Richard T. Sin talks to Women's Champion Drusala - Richard hits on Drusala, Drusala blows him off.

Angel vs Drusala (w/Eryk and Julyan) for the Woman's Title - You know, I've been thinking - I need to watch more women wrestling. If Angel has a gimmick that could be summed up in five words, she doesn't do a good job of getting it over. "Cute looking blond chick" is a common type and not really a persona, but she is nice looking. The Warlocks don't have the tag belts with them - was this taped after the title change we saw last week? Was this taped before but they had it planned out? We don't stare into the strobe lights this week, which is a nice change. Eryk joins Richard T. Sin as announcer, while Julyan broods around. (That's a bit forced.) Lockup, headlock by Angel, crank, crank, off the ropes, bad looking shoulder block, off the ropes, over Drusala's drop down, ducking Drusala's kick to the stomach, whip for Drusala, right misses, Drusala's kick does not, whip but Angel comes off the ropes with a crucifix (HA!) rollup for 2. I'm shocked that only got two and I don't think we're supposed to be seeing so much of Angel's thong. Angel tries a hiptoss, Drusala blocks it, knee to the midsection, knee to the midsection and turning it into a backslide for 2. Drusala with a kick, forearm, kick to the back, and another, and now a choke takedown. Angel reverse it and pushes Drusala out. Angel's new to WCPW - Drusala (I think) did a photo shoot that they're gonna show us at some point. Drusala trips Angle up and pulls her partly out, smashing the leg into the apron, and another. Now dragging her to the corner - and that same left knee is smashed into the ring post twice more. Drusala in, and a boot choke for four. Turnbuckle smash. And another. Corner whip, but Angel moves out of the way of the follow up and rolls Drusala up for 2. Armbar. Wring, taking Angel down. Smashing that knee into the math. Picking Angel up by the hair, but Angel with an elbow to the midsection and a snap mare - the ref is a tad slow getting down for the two count. There's Drusala's thong. She takes control of her in the corner - hiptoss out. Cover for 2. Rights to the face - Krystal is in? She pushes Drusala around (DQ? 3:22) and then those two have a face of as Angel recovers and yells at both of them. Angel's not happy with Krystal breaking up her match, they're all not happy, but no one's fighting. Now Krystal is yelling at the ref. The official announcement is a no contest. You get the feeling that they're trying to set up a three way (maybe it's the way that Richard T. Sin said "three way") but nothing seems to come of it; just talking and talking and Krystal yelling at the ref. Now Angel pushes Krystal, but nothing comes from it either. Now Cinnamon is in the ring - last time we saw her, she was lost to Krystal with a little assist from Kres. That authority figure who's name I keep forgetting - Sam Discerino or something like that - is out as well. She wants to yell at Krystal, and pushes Drusala out of her way - now those two have words. Drusala starting yelling at Sam, who's coming into the ring. He's got a microphone - Krystal says something but I can't make it out. Sam does good by relaying it - Krystal wants a championship match, but he says you don't get by interrupting someone else's match. Krystal says she'll do what see fit. Sam says that since WCPW is the promotion of firsts, they'll find out who the number one contender is at the 3/3 show - in an all "girls" battle royale. Hmm, Sam doesn't watch WOW either - I wonder what he thought of the PPV? ad.

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Oh, wait - I figured the next show they were talking about was the 3/3 show - it's actually the show they had the title change from last week. So just like that, it's time for the...

8 Women Battle Royale, winner is #1 contenders - Everyone gets one big entrance, but I don't get everyone's name. The people we've met who are in here are Krystal, Cinnamon, Angel, Cheeks Manson, Lips Manson (the last two part of the Brotherhood) and Sandra D - I could've sworn she said she wasn't going in the ring. She's the only person with accompaniment, as Vito "Two Fingers" Fontaine and Nino "Boom Boom" Chino walk with her to the ring. There are also two ladies we haven't seen before, and who's names I don't get on either try - if they win, I'll figure it out then, but I'm not too worried right about that now. Neal Blackman (manager of the 2000CC tag team - he was here for the tag team title switch last week but never said anything that I bothered to put down) joins Richard T. Sin. I wonder what I have to do to walk on for one match as color commentator. 13:21 Sandra doesn't get in till after the match has actually started and doesn't look too happy to be there. Wait a second, Nino's not a women - what's he doing? Oh, helping Sandra out of the ring over the top (:35) - that way, she doesn't have to do anything. Nino then tries to hit on the remaining women - SOMEHOW, that just doesn't work.  They play along with it, the rip his shirt off and beat him down. I thing he gets a low blow somewhere in there. Cheeks Manson yells at Sandra from the ring - in perfect position for Angel to tip her over and eliminate her. (1:17) Lips throws Boom Boom out four seconds later. One of the two women that I haven't named yet is Lady Vixen - Richard dubs the other one "Headlights Are On". Cinnamon and Lips are fighting, and so are Angel and Krystal. Cinnamon tries to throw Cheeks, but Lips holds on the ropes. Bronco Buster on Angel, while Cinnamon finishes Lips out (2:23) Krystal tries to throw Angel, but Cinnamon breaks it up, and beats. her. Angel comes into help, and they take turns chopping her. Lady Vixen is out (2:53) having spent the whole match standing with the unknown women in the same exact spot, "battling" on the ropes. No one's reading this, I know, but it's too late to stop me now. Cinnamon goes for the unknown women - and she's gone. (4:25) Krystal, having taken over on Angel, goes after Cinnamon. Meanwhile, Angel goes up to the top rope - and slips to the apron. Well, at least she didn't fall to the floor. Now she's going to second rope as Krystal and Cinnamon look at her - double clothesline, but they were waiting for her, so they just basically caught her. Double pickup, both throw her over (3:42) It's Krystal and Cinnamon, but Drusala sneaks in the ring behind them - she flips Krystal (3:51) and Cinnamon (3:55 - there's an unwritten rule that all women's battle royales must be under four minutes) out - so who's the winner? Drusala sure thinks she is. Sam is out. The ring announcer says there is no winner. He talks, but I can't really make it out. Another guy talks, and makes the decision we could've made all the way after the last match - a four way title defense with Crystal, Cinnamon and Angel. Drusala says no way, but WAY. Oh, that was the commissioner Anthony. And that match is happening at Battle of the Belts. And that would be?

WCPW Hotline - 312-409-WCPW

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Richard T. Sin with Frankie Valiant - somewhere between the commercials and this interview, my sound and my video separated and now it's all out of sync and distracted. Add to that Frankie looking like Shane Douglas and speaking with an ear shattering high voice, and the fun is gone. Anyway, he wants the Heavyweight Title belt and Willie Richardson.

Milo Kash vs "Fabulous" Frankie Valiant (w/Studmuffin) - Total and probably awful guess on the first guy's name, who looks like a prospective member of the baldies. I don't know if Studmuffin is one word or two, but it's a guy. Frankie manages to get a kiss from the ring girl - but he's a heel. Synchronized posing in the ring. I wonder how long it took them to get that down? Richard T. Sin is joined by assorted members of the Brotherhood. Pose. Long pose. Milo poses on the turnbuckle and gets punched. Right, right, corner whip, follow up and Frankie eats a boot, then clothesline. Right to the back, body slam. Milo with a jumping legdrop - 2 count. Right, right, right, push in the corner, kicks to the stomach, snap suplex, 2 count. Shot to back ,right to the head, right, turnbuckle smash, right, right, pull into the ring, body slam, right, right, right, right, hip toss, elbow, cover for 2. Besides the continuation of an actual angle (though that Cinnamon/Krystal thing wasn't pushed that hard), this show is like the opposite of Friday's show. Frankie trips Kash through the ropes, and Stud Muffin, doing his Bobby Heenan impersonation, chooses not to get in a shot. He does keep Milo distracted when he's getting back in the ring, allowing Frankie to get a kick in and crotch him on the middle rope. Body slam, fist drop. Side slam. Strut. Richard T. Sin and the Brotherhood have a mutual admiration society going. Corner whip, clothesline, snap mare, all by Frankie. Frankie celebrates - going to the second rope - elbow drop. So he goes back up again - double ax handle gets a fist to the midsection, there's a shock. Milo off the ropes, clothesline, Frankie, who couldn't be more than 30 pounds heavier and maybe an inch or so taller, no sells it like he's Meng or something. Milo does it again, now he's staggered, third try, no, Milo has to duck a clothesline, then a back elbow, but doesn't see the Bossman Slam coming. Frankie walks around for no reason and taunts. Million Dollar Dream! Ripper says cobra clutch, which is good, but Richard says "in another federation" because it's apparently illegal to even faintly allude to a wrestler (say, Sgt. Slaughter) who was or is in any other federation or something. Milo backs into the corner and tries to break it up, but it's not break - my video goes out at just as I see the last arm raise, but the sound stick around long enough to hear the bell ring (5:19) to signal the submission.

That was 28:19 into the show - I don't know why my file cuts off there but I assume we just had a couple more commercials and it was over.

I thought there might be something here - for me - last week, but I'm not so sure again.

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