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Windy City Pro Wrestling - 3/16/01

I can't even remember the last time I did a show - let me see. 17 days? Okay, the 3/2 show was a rerun of the Tuesday show I did do. I didn't get 3/6 and 3/9 on tape (I could blame that on my roommate, but I could've actually told him that I was taping stuff while I was home on vacation), and I didn't think about getting the 3/13 show via my VCR till it was too late. So we continue here. 


Big Time (w/WCPW Light Heavyweight Champion Mike Master, the Quinn Brothers and Vic Ferrerra) vs Mike Anthony - Big Time wrestles? Wow. No, wait, he's gonna talk - very briefly. Ha Ha, Mike Anthony uses Linkin Park. Mike Masters joins announcer Richard T. Sin. Big Time ambushes before we can even here the lyrics. Whip, flying shoulderblock! Right, chop, elbow, elbow, right by Anthony, whip, clothesline. Big Time smartly rolls out. Up on the apron and Anthony slingshots him in. Hanging vertical suplex. Anthony is a former champ and Big Time should have no chance, or that's the story. running knee drop, 2. Gut wrench suplex, 2 count. Low blow by Big Time. Big time with a right, and an eye rake. Sin fills us in on the story: Anthony used to be a heel, now he's a high school wrestling instructor; I guess he's going against one of the bigger heels to cement that new face status. Big Time with a whip, Vic gets a knee in it. Corner whip, springboard dropkick by Big Time!  "Did you see how pretty that looked? Did you see it?" It looked good, I'll give you that, now go bad to the match, Big Time. Right. double chop. Whip, reversed, tilt-a-whirl slam for 2.  Big Time with an eye gauge. Back scratch. Right. Chop.  Anthony takes over in the corner, chop, chop, corner whip, reversed,  Big Time with a back suplex, slow to cover, 2.3 count. Pulling him up, facebuster. SE is planning a run in. Whip, reversed, sleeper by Anthony. No, wait, that's like Tazzmission. Masters claims it's a hair pull. Big Time yells for help - Vic is on the apron, Anthony lets go (they ALWAYS let go), and kicks Vic off the apron. Big Time tries to roll him up - but Anthony rolls through and grabs the arm to turn it into a cross armbreaker - Big Time taps quick. (5:05) Mike Anthony is the Royce Gracie of professional wrestling. Sin goes nuts for the win (it's BIG TIME, dude.)  

Richard goes for an impromptu interview with Anthony, basically to get over what he said on commentary, Anthony's a face now. Anthony tells us that he's going to be champion once again - he's fighting his way back to the top. ad

The next big show is Saturday April 21st - Madonna High School, 7:30 Bell, and ringside tickets are $15. Battle of the Belts is 5/26, in Hammond Indiana.

Richard T. Sin is with Willie The Bomb Richardson- Everyone's gunning for the strap - the Polish Crippler.

Richardson wishes us a happy new year - well, a few months late. What's he going to do this year? The same thing he did last year - kick people's butts. It don't matter who it is, he's still going to be heavyweight champion.

Kres (w/Krystal) vs - wait, Krystal wants us too look at Kres's look. He's all natural. We all wish we could look like him. The champion is a FAT COW, that's harsh.

Kres (w/Krystal "the Diva" Karmichael) vs WCPW Heavyweight Champion Wille "The Bomb" Richardson (w/Cinnamon, wait, no) for the Heavyweight Title - Hey, if you hang around long enough, an angle moves on! Cinnamon is announced but doesn't come out. Frankie Valiant, Heavyweight Title contender (and, with a name like Valiant, he's under requirements to be an arrogant heel) joins commentary. Kres stomps him as he enters the ring - whip, clothesline. Elbow drop. Elbow drop. Push in the corner. Open hand slap, kick, kick, kick. Right, corner whip, Kres-er Splash. Corner whip, Kres-er Splash misses. Willie's wrestling a thinking man match, Sin tells us. Right, right, spin right. It's always the third one. ALWAYS. Bomb celebrates a lit, pulling up Kres, slamming him, elbow drop. Vertical suplex. The ring looks really bouncy - maybe that's because of Willie. Slam. Going to the second rope- big elbow drop. That gets only 2. Pulled up, right, whip, dropkick (dropkick?) but Kres holds the ropes. Elbow drop, elbow drop. Kres loves the elbow drops. Choke in the corner. Whip, side slam. 2 count. Belly to belly isn't gonna work because Kres isn't strong enough. Oh, it's bearhug now. Here's your three arm raise - he gets it up on the third one! But Kres keeps on hugging. It's the submission move of LOVE.  Mongolian Chop. And another! Kres pushes him in the corner. Knee, boot choke. Whip, head down too soon, forearm by Willie and he follows up with a Russian legsweep. Slam. Running elbow drop. Raise the roof. Body slam. Valiant tries making up lyrics, and botches the one he was trying to get it right - SUPER LEGDROP. Well, that'll do it. (6:26) Kres can use as many Ks as he wants, but he's still not going to win. Krystal, who had stayed uninvolved this whole time, is on the apron, Willie grabs her - and? Well, Kres hits him with a chair in the back, so it doesn't matter.

Power Pro Audio. Capri Pizza.

We go back to 2/3 for a "everyone in the back" battle royale - There's like 40 people in and around the ring, so I have no chance and won't even try calling it. Hey, there's WCPW Middleweight Champion Jeffro King - he does exist! Jeffro is the last one and tries to hide out on the apron without officially coming in, but he gets brought in, then he and his partner Mitch Blake get eliminated at the same time and they throw punches - but then seem to make up. Hey, even the women are in there - I'm rooting for Angel again. Especially since she looks totally lost. There's about 15 left (lots of people gone in a short time), and she's still in there. More quick eliminations. Maybe 10 now, and she's still around. The lighting isn't good so I couldn't tell you who's left. Oh, no, don't get on the second rope to push her out - awww, flipped out from behind by Krystal, who gets flipped out by Terry Allen who gets flipped out by Drusala - wait, no, Terry realizes he's bigger than Drusala and doesn't fall over. Julyan and Steve Boz are also left, and that's it - this ring got empty quick. Richard T. Sin talks about it being an impromptu battle royale - how exactly does that work?. Julyan gets Terri Allen over the top, and we're down to three. The two Warlocks with a double whip, double clothesline for Boz. No, don't hold Boz from behind, Drusala - of course that backfires. Boz hits a double chop and Julyan does flip over the top rope. Boz is celebrating - I guess he forget about Drusala and here's a low blow to remind him. She's stomping a mudhole in him! Oh, wait, I forget - Steve Boz is the WCPW Battle Royale champion, so that makes this a title match. Double Gold for Drusala? TORNADO DDT! (Or a tilt-a-whirl DDT if you're Richard T. Sin.) Julyan is watching form ringside, everyone else took off quickly. Suplex, no  Boz blocks it easily and reverses it. Boz wonders what to do, conflicted about hitting a women (but suplexing is a-okay, man) - looks at his fist, looks at the crowd, doesn't look at Julyan coming back in and clocking him with a clothesline. I don't think that's entirely legal, but no one's stopping him, so maybe it is. Whip, suplex, reversed - I have no idea what that is, but that looked good. Let's say "Face first belly to back powerbomb/Face First Blue Thunder." Julyan rolls out to recover, but Drusala gets in rights and kicks on Boz, NO DON'T GO TO THE TOP - well, she gets knocked off, but lands on the apron. Boz thinks about the punch - is he going to hit a women - no. He'll superkick her, sure (5:47 shown) but he won't punch her. Give him his belt. That was different.

WCPW is now enrolling people who'd like to be trained.

And we're out.

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