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Windy City Pro Wrestling - 3/27/01

There was no recap for last Friday's 3/23 show because it was a repeat of the 1/27 show. Which makes me wonder in what order any of this episodes are. It's kinda confusing. Anyway, to make up for it (and since I thought about it), I taped the Tuesday show (or most of it), and here goes.

Intros, I assume.

We start with WCPW Middleweight Champion Jethro King in the ring. If you recall (if I remember right), Jethro King managed to win that title in the midst of losing a match, and then did a little disappearing act, angering everyone - including his Furies tag team partner Mitch Blake. The Furies are face painted baseball players, but that I can't explain. As we come in, WCPW authority figure of some sort (he's the owner and the other guy is the commissioner, I think - I've been doing this for two months and it's sad that I still don't remember ) Sam Decero is out to complain about that disappearing act. King hasn't defended the title once since he's got it and he's been ditching bookings. Tonight, Sam's gonna - well, first, he's gonna call out Mitch Blake (w/bat). Jethro seems happy to see his partner, so I guess he hasn't been watching this TV during his vacation. Jethro goes for a high five and is ignored. Mitch gets the mic. "Jethro, suck!" Mitch wants Jethro gone, since he's such a punk. Sam has a better idea, since Mitch is here, why not a title defense right now. Jethro tries to beg out of the defense. Mitch seems okay with it, but he wants to do it "man to man." Handshake offered, and accepted. Mitch is stupid and turns his back - Jethro has the bat ready and smacks Mitch with it as he turns around. Your announcers are YELLING VERY LOUD. Jethro celebrates. I guess the match isn't now. Willie "The Bomb" Richardson and someone I can't identify run Jethro out of the ring, but he's still pretty happy with himself. 

Battle of the Belts 2000 video - buy it now before the new show happens!

WCPW Hotline is 312-409-9279

Mitch Blake vs Middleweight Champion Jethro King (w/bat) for the Middleweight title - They still have the same entrance music, which means I've heard the same song four times in the last 5 minutes. Mitch wants to attack Jethro before the bell, but the ref is keeping him in the ring. Jethro takes his sweet time getting in the ring. Your announcer is Richard T. Sin. These guys were tag team champions. But not now. Face off, push by Jethro, Mitch comes back with a spear, punches, stomps, throwing him out, plancha off to top turnbuckle to King on the floor. Blake beats him on the outside, but gets a whip reversed into the stairs. Blake climbs the guardrail - missile dropkick! King with a right to knock Blake down, roll in and out to reset the count, throw Blake in and cover for 2. Your ref is Terry Hopper. A right knocks Blake to the apron, but he rolls back in - whip, clothesline, relaxing cover for 2. Argue over the count, schoolboy roll up for 2. Choke by King. Stomps by King. Push in the corner, open hand slap. Yell at the crowd and another slap. Right, not it's block and Blake is fighting back with a right, right, right, yell, looking at King on the mat, picking him up by the mohawk, whip, clothesline misses, King turns around and hits a kick wham Blake pushes him away into the ropes and knocks him down with a big boot. Blake going to the top - flying knee drop misses. King right up - well, I don't know what King was trying there, but Blake rolls out of the way. Both quick up, Blake's kick is caught, enzuiguri is not. Blake rolls out to the floor and gets a chair - that's probably be a DQ and - people start randomly running in? Huh? Apparently, someone decided that the match had gotten out of control when Blake got the chair, despite the fact that he hadn't got himself actually DQed yet, nor had the ref actually called for help. (No Contest 4:31) Anyway, the wrestlers break it up, but then can't, because they want each other THAT bad. That was such a lame finish. "Brothers in Paint - I think NOT!" Okay, that was kinda funny. There they go again. Now they're broken up, but we keep looking at them so yea, here they go again. They're finnaly taking Mitch Blake to the back - someone (Sin says Anthony Ziack, that must be the commoner) takes the mic and says that on April 3rd, they'll get a rematch in a lumberjack match. The heel guys are celebrating with Jethro on retaining his title, ha.

Usual plugs here.

Sam Decero talks to Neo Blackman, the manager of the tag team 2000 CC. There's that big manager match at Battle of the Belts - but he's not it in. He's upset, because he already knows he's the manager of the year, and he wants the trophy that goes tot he winner. Here's 2000CC. They're Carnage and Cassius.

Here's the same UAPW thing we saw on the 2/9 show. I notice this time that Naughty By Nature are wearing nBn shirts.

Sam Decero talks to Richard T. Sin about his participation in the manager battle royale. You know, I know they've said Sin is a manager before, but who exactly does he manage? Besides managing to annoy me. Anyway, my recording ends there - and I think, so did the show.

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