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Windy City Pro Wrestling - 4/3/01

So, Friday was a repeat of Tuesday - I rather recap Tuesday than Friday, I think. I dunno.


Richard T. Sin with Sports Entertainment - Big Time introduced his crew, but we've heard this interview like three times already.

One Fall, 60 minute time Limit: Sports Entertainment (Nick Brunswick, Gerald "G.Q." Quinn and Big Time, w/Mike "I look like a wrestler but never actually seem to" Masters and Vic the actor guy) vs Six Man Champs The Brotherhood (League Champion Terry Allen and Ripper Manson w/Lips Manson, Cheeks Manson and Psycho) & Battle Royale Champion Steve Boz - Brunswick is the bowler, GQ is the model, Big Time is the producer and I don't feel like guessing his last name this week. I think Mike Masters gimmick is to stand outside the ring wearing tights and a personalized T-Shirt, and do nothing else. Wow, they got (small and quick but loud) fireworks. Did Stone Manson not show up in time? I think I've figured out that the Brotherhood are supposed to be faces. There's only one more wrestler-type in the ring than out of it, which is always odd in a six person tag. Hey, what happened to GQ's brother? Your announcer is Richard T. Sin, who hypes this as a one time thing. Apparently, there was a challenge made earlier in the show, we just don't get to see it. Boz is a nice guy, the Brotherhood are biker thugs, so this is an odd fit, but anything can happen in WCPW when Big Time is involved. (Read: Stone didn't show up and we're making due without him.) "Boz" chant by the fans. GQ and Terry Allen compare crowd reactions. Lockup :55 in, and GQ gets the better of it, knocking Terry down. He celebrates - shouldn't that high five be a tag. Lockup again, wristlock by Terry Allen, GQ uses the hair to throw him down. Lockup 3, Allen gets the wristlock, then punches GQ before he can really go for the hair. Whip, reversed, reversed, GQ flying headscissors is reversed into a face first powerbomb. Slam. Going up to the top already - Swanton Bomb (or "Flying Plancha") connects, cover, and Big Time breaks it up. Right, GQ falls in his corner and tag Nick. Nick comes in, and immediately gets grabbed by the head and run into a Manson boot. He's tagged in while Boz holds Nick for some shots from Terry. Double whip, drop toe hold by Allen, legdrop by Manson. "You Suck" chant. Headlock, and a punch to the head. Eyepoke. Pickup, double choke and throw into the corner. Big Time wisely distracts the ref, pointing at fans in the crowd he wants the ref to reprimand, and while Ripper is celebrating, GQ passing the bowling ball bag to Nick for him to clock Ripper with. Terry and Boz probably shouldn't have told him to look behind him, but what are you going to do? Nick tags out to Big Time. Big Time is happy because Ripper's out, and he celebrates and gets a shot in the gut from Psycho on the outside. Back to the person in the ring - weak stomp, weak elbow drop - Big Time hurts himself with the elbow drop. Windup punch - and now Big Time's first hurts. Eye poke - headbutt knocks Big Time out. Ripper Mason hits with his own headbutt, and Big Time goes down. Up, whip, clothesline. Ripper steps on the back of Big Time's head, and asks the crowd if they want to see Steve Boz in for a bit. They seem to like the idea so he's tagged in - Big Time with a chop, no sold, repeat, repeat. Now Boz with a open hand slap, and Big Time is feeling that. Repeat. Whip, superkick. Superkick for Nick as he comes in, then ducking GQ's clothesline and giving him a 'rana. Big Time is back up, right to him, right to him, Ripper holds him for a double slap, then Boz pulls him in the middle for an inverted atomic drop and a jumping side kick. Whip, reversed, kick to the stomach, Big Time Rocker Dropper! That move Boz is selling. Choke on the mat. Big Time tags out to GQ, and holds Boz for a kick. Another kick by GQ, and he pushes Boz in the corner, kick, kick, kick, corner whip, reversed, Boz hits a spinning back elbow. Corner whip, GQ with a Flair Flip to the apron, and Boz with a springboard dropkick to take him to the floor. Boz sets up - running plancha through the ropes. Back in quick, whip, clotheslined ducked, GQ manages to hit a running knee. Snap suplex. Sin's using the "suplay" pronunciation, which would be cool if he didn't happen to be dumb before. Tag to Nick, GQ holds him for Nick's double hand slap. Choke. Picking him up so he can snap mare him down, and elbow to the head. Front facelock, Boz tries to make the tag, he may have but the ref was too busy conversing with Big Time to notice, so Allen is thrown out while beating on Big Time. All three get shots in (Masters even chimes in) while Allen is arguing with the ref. GQ is back in, whip, superkick. Corner whip, GQ charges into an elbow, but Boz charges out into a spinebuster. Tag to Big time, though GQ gets a few stomps in. Big Time says his knee hurts - and he accidentally falls into a low blow. Tag to Nick, Big time holds him for a kick, double underhook suplex as the fans are yelling loudly for Boz. Cover, broke up by Terry Allen. Whip, clothesline misses, double clothesline and they're both down. They're both really not moving - Tag to Big Time, tag to Ripper, who clotheslines everyone, then slams everyone. Allen in, as everyone who's not Big Time is kicked under the bottom rope - Allen goes off the top rope to the accumulated Sports Entertainment forces on the outside, while Boz confronts Big Time in a corner. Boz appears to reverse a suplex, then hit his reverse tilt-a-whirl into a face first powerbomb move for the win. (10:22)

Battle of the Belts 2000

Here's the car audio system we get every week - and here's the pizza delivery ad.

And here's the WCPW Training Center ad.

One Fall, 45 minute time limit: the Polish Crippler (w/Richard T. Sin) vs "Fabulous" Frankie Valiant (w/Stud Muffin) - Wow, he does manage someone. Didn't seem that way when Crippler was last on here. Frankie attacks Crippler when Crippler gets bored of watching Valiant and Muffin's pre-match antics. Rights and lefts! Corner whip, Crippler actually seemed to be kipping up before Valiant started running, but this ring is small. Your announcers are Heavyweight Champion Willie "the Bomb" Richardson and Big Time and they don't seem to be a threat to Sin right now. Willie wants to talk about the two guys in the ring as possible contenders to his title, while Big Time is concerned with the two guys out of the ring - they'll both be in that manager match at the battle of the belts. Back suplex by Crippler, and he'll celebrate while Frankie talks to Stud Muffin. He comes back in and gets clubbed back in the ring. Whip, back elbow. Stomp. Knee. Snap suplex. Crippler looks to follow up as Valiant gets back up, and Valiant just falls back down. So Crippler drops an elbow. Okay, now Valiant is begging off - just a ploy to get in the low blow. Richardson beat Crippler to get the title - but that was almost a year ago, at the last Battle of the Belts. Palm thrust! Whip, clothesline. Richardson said he's not a hard man to find, if they really want a shot. Fist drop. Big Time: "Willie Richardson, you talk about yourself almost as much as I do." Crippler with rights, fighting back, but Valiant with an eye poke and a slam. Cover, one. Shot to the back, whip, head down too soon, Crippler leapfrogs over and dropkicks Valiant. Crippler with a kick, forearm, shot to the apron, shot the the stomach. Frankie's thrown back in (which is good, because I can't really see outside the ring), right, whip, side slam. Crippler is slow to get up, now talking to Stud Muffin. Big Time and Willie make Polish jokes in regards to him not following up. Willie: "I guess you know, he's not the sharpest knife in the tool, or the dresser drawer, or something like that." Slap in the corner, Crippler is so proud of himself he turns around and lets himself get clotheslined. Or maybe he just did that so he can kip up and attack Valiant as Stud Muffin is on the apron, toweling him down. Who can say? Crippler pushes Valiant in the corner, then goes for a right - but Stud Muffin has powder and throws it in Crippler's eyes. There's a huge cloud of dust that the referee is oblivious to and Big Time screaming "MAKEUP", making it all so sad - Million Dollar Dream by Crippler. Stop yelling Big Time. Three arm drop and it's over. (4:38) Well, Richard T. Sin is a manager, but not a good one if that's any indication.

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