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Windy City Pro Wrestling - 4/24/01

There are reasons for this latest gap, most of the them mine, some of theirs (like, put on a show I can care about more and I'd be more sure I wasn't gonna accidentally mss it) and some random (no show last Friday, what's with that?)

Battle of the Belts - the 13th, is oddly enough on May 26, 2001. A lot about this between now and then.

WCPW Bare Knuckles Champion Vito "Two Fingers" Fontaine meets a WCPW cameraman and shows off his neighborhood. Shockingly, he gets punked (by a ring announcer?) out in the deli on orders from WCPW Owner Sam Dicerno (huh?) but manages to lock the guy in the freezer. Various food items are destroyed and fake sounding Italian accents are used used. We'll just assumed they had no interview with Vito ready. 

Open. Seeing as this is all Battle of the Belts 12 footage, they're gonna need a new one soon.

They're gonna need a new "Buy the Battle of the Belts video" commercial too.

Kres (w/Krystal) vs Vito "Two Fingers" Fontaine (w/Sandra D & Nino "Boom Boom" Chinino) for the Bare Knuckles Title (1 Fall, 30 minutes) - We're reminded that they're the Krystal and Kres Konnection and the abbreviation of it (actually, wouldn't they be KAKK? Hmmm), but last time I saw him, he seemed to be going after the Heavyweight title.  Posing and stalling to start. Your announcers for this match are Richard T. Sin and Neo Blackman, manager of 2000CC. First contact :24 in when Vito asks Kres to show off that bicep pose one more time, and then clotheslines him while Kres is checking himself out. Stomp, pickup, push in the corner. Right, right, right, right, right, right, right, up to the second rope oops no he slipped up and fell to the mat, let's just put on a headlock and pretend that didn't happen. The crowd notices it. Now back up to the second rope this time, right right right right right right right right right right right (too busy booing the spot to make count to eleven) and Kres is tossed to the mat by his hair. Snap suplex. Kres is thrown out. Apron shot. Sin says the Bare Knuckles title has been "plagued" by hardcore matches - I assumed that was what the title was for. Walking around outside to another side of the ring, apron shot. Vito's been Bare Knuckles champion since before last years Battle of the Belts. Walking around outside to another side of the ring, apron shot, no, Kres blocks it and hits his own. Vito quickly hits a knee to take back control. Kres thrown in. Off the ropes - no, Krystal trips him up. Kres gets in a choke while the ref is reprimanding Krystal. Push in the corner, right, knee, knee, boot choke. Chop. Corner whip, , follow in clothesline. Kres and Boom Boom have words. Kres and the fans have words. Torture Rack! Boy I don't miss Luger in the slightest. Kres drops Vito without putting in much of an effort on the submission. Elbow drop, pushups! Elbow drop, cover, one two slow count there, ref. Elbow drop, this one misses.  Two finger drop by Vito hits. Two finger drop! Announcers notice it this time. Pickup by the hair, right, right, two fingers to the throat. Calling for the big first - and it connects. Krystal is beside her self in worry - she's going up to the apron to distract Vito. Vito gets ready the two fingers but she begs off, so Kres nails him from behind. Krystal deftly moves out of the way so Kres can choke Vito on the top rope. The ref pulls Kres off, so Krystal steps in to perform the worst "manager-type chokes wrestler over the ropes" spot ever. She's just hugging his head. Announcers speculate that she's kissing Vito. Kres takes Vito down with a side belly to belly for one two and wow this guy has a slow cadence. Stomp. "Vito" Chant. Whip, reversed, , tilt-a-whirl slam by Vito. Vito's calling for something - an Ironing board form his friends on the outside. He gets a chair as well. Nino is up on the apron holding a "steel" (acts more like aluminum foil) pipe for Vito to crush Kres' head into. Whip into the ironing board. Corner whip, no reversed and Vito goes head first into to the chair, ow. Sandra D had been holding up another pipe for Vito to use but dropped in the ring and got off the apron when Kres took back control there. Kres ops to stomp instead of using the pipe (probably realizing that it didn't hurt him all that much), right, right, kick to the ribs, kick to the ribs, Vito has a hold of the chair but Kres doesn't notice. Big right misses and Vito his him with the chair. Vito rolls the pipe out to Nino, and goes to the top rope - the pipe's given back to Vito and he smashes Kres with it as he comes off the top rope (completely bending it in half.) Vito celebrates, calls for the big elbow - now Krystal is in with a back scratch. Vito sells it for a second, then realizes he's supposed to be pretending he's so tough that Krystal's stuff doesn't hurt him and goes back to taunting Kres like nothing happened. Back scratch completely no sold this time - now he turns around and Krsytal gets two fingers to the throat. Kres recovers and carries Krystal to the outside - the count starts and I guess we can't have a pinfall in this match for some reason. (CO 7:59) See, countouts but not DQs. I dunno.

Battle of the Belts ad. Let me try do all the stuff once and then not worry about it again: It's Saturday, May 26, 2001, 7 PM, at the Hammond Civic Center. Advertised for the show are a 4 Corners Ladies Match (Cinnamon vs Angel vs Krystal vs Drusala (c) - set back up on the 2/9 show), 11 titles on the line (let's see: League, Tag Team, Six Man, Lightweight, Battle Royale, Woman, Lightweight, Middleweight, Heavyweight, Bare Knuckles and the battle of the Managers - that's a lot of matches) and a Stacked Ring Ladder Battle Royale. That's two rings, one of them elevated so that the top rope of the first ring is even with the apron of the second. To win the match, you've got to get from the first ring to the second ring, and then climb a ladder in the second ring to get the Battle Royale title. Seeing as how the second ring is elevated, falling off that ladder would be a long long fall and you know someone will. Tickets are $10 - $20 dollars.

WCPW Training Center - 773-978-7317

WCPW Hotline - 312-409-WCPW

Back to the battle royale from the 3/16 show. Steve Boz wins again.

Capri Pizza. Pure Power Audio. There's no telling how old these ads are.

Vic Ferrera (w/Sports Entertainment) vs Robby Dauber (already in progress) - I still have no idea how to spell the name of the actor-wannabe of the Sports Entertainment group, but at least we don't to hear Big Time or his music right now. Your Announcer is Richard T-Sin and Vic has on a leglock. I think Robby is a face here (as he's being cheered by the fans) just because of SE's overall heelness (no one likes Sports Entertainment) and it's not a permanent switch. Vic's elbow drop misses, Robby's doesn't. Cover one two and he's pulled off. Vic off the ropes, over, under, waistlock by Vic but Robb holds the ropes, of f the ropes and a flying headscissors. Vic. gets helped up by his friends. Vic gets on the apron, Robby charges at him, Vic moves out of the way and Robby ends up sliding to the floor - right in the middle of the Sports Entertainment faction. Robby gets the best of it for a bit and tries to charge back in the ring but gets pulled back down and beat up while Big Time provides the distraction. Sin losses it and thinks GQ broke one of Robby's legs (by stomping). "I don't think he's gonna be able to get up! I don't think he's gonna be able to walk!" Robby proceeds to get up, walk to the apron and pull himself to the apron. Sin's probably not a doctor. Jawbreaker over the top rope for Vic followed by a springboard spin kick. Cover one two kickout. Kick, kick by Vic, push in the corner, kick, kick, kick, slap to the face slap to the face, slap to the face, framing it, big spinning side kick misses and Vic crotches himself on the top rope. Robby  kicks butt, and then yanks the rope s a little more- springboard dropkick. Pescado on to all of Sports Entertainment. Dauber rolls Vic in instead of going in himself, which allows Big Time to grab hold of him and Vic to get in a shot. Big Time pulls him completely off the apron. Thrown back on the apron - suplex in, no Dauber falls behind, waistlock, waistlock reversal, Vic with a reverse roll up for two, Dauber pushes Vic off and he runs into Big Time on the apron (who had no real reason to be there.) Dauber goes to the apron - slingshot blockbuster cover one two three (3:48 shown) Sports Entertainment notice the pinfall too late, and we got out like that.

There's no Friday show again - is that gone from good? It'd be cool if someone who knew something read these things just so I'd know. (I'd just take any one reading these things, actually.)

If you're reading this before Saturday night and in the Chicago area, you've got a indy shows to go to on Backlash-eve: Midwest Championship Wrestling has a show in the city, featuring some ex-ECW talent (Julio Dinero, Roadkill, Chris Chetti and Danny Doring) and some high end indy names that have made the Jakked reports (Scoot Andrews, Mike Modest, Jayson Reign, Vic Capri.) Or, you could check out Windy City's show at Morton College; Mitch Blake vs Jethro King for the Middleweight Title and Robby Dauber vs SE's Nick Brunswick (maybe he IS turning face?) mentioned, and this is their last show before Battle of the Belts, so they'll likely shoot the angles that set that up. Check the respective websites (or for more info.

Hey, maybe I'll even go to one of these things. NAH. See you at Backlash. I'll be the one in the Cubs hat.

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