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Windy City Pro Wrestling - 12/10/01

It's the open. Yes. This show has no rating. I could give it one but it seems like that'd be wrong. 

Richard T. Sin and Sam DeCero go through someone too scripted (and annoying) lines to remind us tonight, we see how all the champions became champions. This may take a while, because WCPW has about twenty champions (I may be exaggerating, but only slightly. They don't say that, at any rate) Coming up, the heavyweight title change, the lightweight title change, and later on, the ladies title.

WCPW Training Center. has a horrible java menu bar interface that takes forever to load.

"He's All That" Steve Boz vs Willie "The Bomb" Richardson (c) for the WCPW Heavyweight Title (Battle of the Belts 2001 and it's dual rings, in progress) - If I remember right here, Richardson just got tired of both the champion and a nice guy, so he beat the crap out of potential challenger Boz in a six man one day. Boz with a kick, Stunner off the top ring's apron into the bottom ring. Boz covers, but Riot (not WOW - a guy we haven't met before who was doing color a second ago) pulls out the ref and throws in a chair. Boz stands up, leans on the ropes, and watched the argument on the floor. Guess he missed the chair being passed in, but the Bomb did not. Whack to the back. Again. Again. Again. Ref Terry Hopper isn't blind but he's deaf, and now he's coming back in as the chair is being passed out - one two kickout. How lame - Sin totally telegraphed the lame kickout (if four chair shots aren't going to kill you, nothing should) to top it off. Willie argues the slow count and muscles Hopper in the corner (no DQ?) and goes back to Boz, but Boz rolls him up in to a small package and here's a super fast one two three. (1:27) Why did they bother to do more stuff after the Stunner? That was a perfectly fine finish - much better than we got. Bomb is up and running Hopper out of the ring, then turning his attention to Boz. Punches, whip, clothesline is ducked, superkick by Boz. Boz does a little pointing to the fans, and now Riot's in - his punch is blocked, Boz nails him with his own, and then does his funky facebuster finisher. Celebrate with the belt.

Willie "The Bomb" Richardson vs "He's All That" Steve Boz for the WCPW Heavyweight Title (Fairberry(?), IL outdoor show, joined in progress) - Whip by Boz, reversed by Willie, Willie's clothesline misses, Boz with a headscissors. Stomp. Picking up, right to the head. Corner whip, reversed, Willie celebrates (?), charge in but no one's home. Boz sets up - superkick. Clapping, then covering one two foot on the rope. Boz has a huge problem with Hopper now (why? He helped you out to win this title the first time?) and teasing a punch, but notices Richardson getting up and gives him an axhandle. Richardson pushed in the corner, corner whip, Boz runs right into a knee. Richardson with the double leg takedown and feet on the ropes and of course Hopper isn't going to notice it this time (nice of the kids in the front row to run up to the ring and point it out) one two three. (1:25) Willie celebrates, and then we clip again to Boz beating him up after the  match.

Clip of a Robby Dawber interview - he challenges Mike Masters to a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match. "And that means the first person who goes out of two of three tables will be the loser!" Ah, a TLC match as done by Shane Douglas and the Wall.

"The New Thing" Robby Dawber vs Mike Masters (c) (w/Sports Entertainment) for the Lightweight Title (clips) - Robby Dawber was just turning face when I stopped watching, losing a match against Sports Entertainment because of their interference. Mike Masters always silently annoyed me - he was the only guy in Sports Entertainment who dressed up as a wrestler (as opposed to...well, you'll see later on) but he never wrestled. This is all spots. Various members of SE do color commentary during the match. Masters puts Dawber through a table with a powerbomb off a ladder. Dawber gets whipped into a ladder. Here's them battling on a ladder, teasing doing a superplex that would take them out of the ring and maybe through the commentary table, but instead just doing the one that lands in the ring. From the top ring, Masters takes a chair shot off the apron through a table. So it's 1 all. Springboard blockbuster. Now they're battling on a ladder again. The announcers let drop that Masters didn't want any help from his group so of course SE's manager Big Time is in the ring, setting up a table, climbing up the ladder on Masters' side and trying to punch Dawber off. It doesn't work, and Dawber ends up punching Big Time into Masters, and that's that. (2:41) Yay, another lame finish. 

Do you need an attorney? Or auto parts? Or both?

Coming up in the next group, the middleweight title, the ladies title, the battle royale title - actually the champion, Vic Ferrari is now with our hosts and acting really annoying so let's get to the clips.

"The Hooker" Mike Anthony vs Balatazar (w/Valyk, c) for the Middleweight Title (jip, Taft High School, Fan Cam) - Last time I watched, Jethro King was Middleweight Champion so something must've happened there. Either Mike Anthony has a hook for a hand and Balatazar is a Pokemon, or Anthony is doing a MMA gimmick and Balatazar is the goon of the goth Warlocks, whatever sounds better to you. I hate all Fan Cams. Valyk's sure wearing a lot of orange for a goth. Maybe it was Halloween. Valyk is liberally cheating for Balatazar till it all goes wrong. Anthony takes him down into a Rings Of Saturn type move (haha) and gets the win. (:30) Here's a German suplex and a submission for Valyk too.

Drusla (w/the Warlocks, c) vs Angel for the Ladies Title (jip, Taft High School, Fan Cam) - Drusla is wearing a lot of white for a goth. Slam, no Angel reverses to a reverse DDT. Pushing Drusla into the corner - Sin: "ascending to the heavens from which she supposedly came from" - moonsault looks great but no one's home. Drusla pulls herself up, forearms, to the second rope, swinging DDT. One two three. (:55) "Angel later regained the Ladies Title from Drusla." So why didn't you show that match instead?

Angel vs Drusla (w/the Warlocks, c) for the Ladies Title (jip, Slag Valley Studios?, Fan Cam) - Oh never mind. Vic does the commentary (he filmed the footage himself) instead of Sin here, so maybe the lost the tape and found it again after he left. It kinda looks like the studio but you'd think they have a normal camera for this then so who knows. I guess I could go check. Your ref is masked! Anyway, Drusla goes for the swinging DDT again, but Angel pushes him off. DDT. One two three. (:23) Angel celebrates and then falls to her knees - "she fell down because her pants are too tight." Have I mentioned how small and unimpressive looking the Ladies Title is? It looks like one of those kids ones the WWF sells.

Battle Royale (jip, Taft High School, Fan Cam) - I'm getting tired of this. Four people left in the ring - I gues the ex-champion is out. Robby Dawber throws out Frankie Valiant, and Valiant pulls him out. That leaves Mike Masters and Vic Ferrari. I guess Masters has now left Sports Entertainment. The Tarantula doesn't seem to be the smartest thing to put on during a battle royale but that doesn't stop Masters. Valiant is still hanging around here - and Valiant pulls down the top rope so out goes Masters. (1:30) Wait a minute, Ferrari was champion at the Battle of the Belts show so I don't know why he and Masters were fighting there. Oh who cares.

Battle of the Belts 2000, but they did add a graphic for the new one to it.

Next, the Bareknuckles Title and the Tag Team Championship.

Vito "Two Fingers" Fontane (w/Nino) vs Extreme (w/Richard T. Sin, c) for the Bare Knuckles Title in a ??? match (Battle of the Belts 2000, clips) - This is last year's Battle of the Belts, this is Balatazar's previous gimmick and this is one weird gimmick. They had three rings set up for the 120 person battle royale, so they used them all here. Each ring, there's a different (and only) way to win by - one is win by pinfall, one is win by knockout, and the last is win by submission. I don't care any more. Vito loads up a glove and punches Extreme to knock both people out, that's odd. Oh, he gets up by 10 and wins by knock out. (2:38) Longest match, least play by play. But it's clips so who cares.

The Brotherhood (w/Psycho and Cheeks Manson) vs the Warlocks (w/the other Warlocks) vs the Mexcianos (jip, Slag Valley Studios?, Fan Cam) - Los Mexicanos are beating on one person from each team as we come in but they're being pushed out of the ring. While the ref is doing that, Psycho strolls in and hits the Warlock in there with a pipe. And then the Brotherhood does an illegal switch just to make sure they're totally cheating and gets the one two three. (1:33) Then they beat the crap out of both teams. Then Angel wanders out for some reason and gets it a fight with Drusula but we don't see much of that. More beating. They're your champs.

WCPW Hotline is 312-409-9279

Up next, they'll finish up with the League Title. 

Terry Allen (w/the Brotherhood then but not now) vs "State of the Art" Jayson Reign for the League Title in a no DQ match (c, jip, July 2000, Sandwich, IL) - not Sandwich. ANYPLACE BUT SANDWICH. Anyway, this is another outdoor show. Swanton gets the win. (1:24)

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Sam DeCero tries to sum up the last two shows - also, they were on the cover of a magazine (well, Angel was.) Also, next week is UAPW, so tune in. Vic and Richard act like cartoon characters.

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