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this is WJYS TV - 62 and 34. "It's your inspiration station" - that means it runs almost as many religious informericals as the channels owned by a church.

Steve Boz: "Willie The Bomb, you better train hard, and you better get ready, because tonight, I'm taking the title, if you know what's good for you." 

Willie "The Bomb" Richardson: "MMMM. On tonight's show - tonight's the night! - Steve Boz, this is your last chance at my heavyweight title. Steve, I only have three words to say to you, man: Fear - The - Potato [holds fist to face]"

Here's our open. They might have added and changed more clips. I don't know. That horrible weak looking trash can shot will never be taken out, which is sad because there's a really nice stop sign shot after it, so the trash can shot looks worse.

Our hosts Ritchard T. Sin and Sam DeCero and someone got graphics for Christmas! YAY! Names and correct spellings that I don't have to go figure out and I'm almost gonna give them a free pass this week just for that. You know, given the choices, I hope "Ritchard" is a typo. Anyway, they're here to hype the rest of the half hour: Acid Jazz vs Robby Dawber for the Lightweight Title and Steve Boz vs Willie "The Bomb" Richardson for the Heavyweight Title. In case you've forgotten in the three weeks since WCPW's been on, Sin's still a tool. Let's go to Acid Jazz - 

Interview Chick With No Apparent Name catches up to Acid Jazz right before he goes through the curtain. Acid gets graphic treatment, she does not. Acid says Dawber's a great athlete but he wants the belt.

Acid Jazz vs Robby Dawber for the Lightweight Title - Jazz does some breakdancing in his entrance, while Dawber interrupts his to field a question from ringside interviewer Sam DeCero - plug the show, hype Acid Jazz, but say he's just that much better. Your announcers are Scott Thomas and Richard T. Sin, and it's a really good thing they've got a straight guy out there to do the play by play instead of Sin's goofyness all by himself. I got a second while Dawber fools around and Acid Jazz gets a look at the belt - Dawber is a white skinny guy, with shoulder length brown hair, no (Minnesota State) shirt, and green and black tights. Acid Jazz is a slightly short skinny black guy, short hair, white shirt and big jeans that say "ACID" on one leg and "JAZ" (sic - only one Z?) on the other. Circle. The ring seems kinda small. They do a double fist touch to confirm that they're both on the same side. Your referee is Terry Hopper. I think I can start with the action already. Lockup, armbar by Jazz, crank, crank, crank, right crank. Thomas on Jazz's jeans: "How many clowns can you fit into those pants?" Dawber rolls out to a reversal of the armbar. Twisting. Twist again, Jazz flipped to the ground. Jazz kips up. Armbar reversed, cranked. Dawber gets to the ropes and ropeflips to take control (weird shot of the announcers snuck in here - not "live", but taped at some other time and having nothing to do with anything - didn't look like the spot was blown) then hits a hiptoss, but Acid lands on his feet. Off the ropes, Jazz hits a spinning headscissors. Dawber in the corner, Jazz monkey flips him out and kips up again. Kick, whip, lazy clothesline gets turned into a DDT by Dawber. The crowd is behind Jazz here and against Dawber, which doesn't seem like the idea the commentators are pushing. Dawber goes to the second rope but takes too long and Jazz gets in a shot - off the second rope split legged facebuster/X-Factor, Acid Jazz calls it the Acid Drop and it looks great. Cover one two NO. Fisheman's Suplex one two no. Jazz sets up Dawber, going to the top - 450 splash but Dawber moves (good thing since Jazz landed kinda in between the splash and landing on your feet spots - would have killed Dawber with his knees.) Dawber with a chop, corner whip, Jazz runs/hops up and tries a moonsault bodyblock but no one's home but he lands on his feet behind Dawber. Jazz tries a kick, but Dawber catches it, flips him (Jazz lands on his feet) and hits a spin kick. Crowd isn't happy. Dawber calls for something and goes to the apron - springboard blockbuster. One two three. (2:39) Announcers put over both guys.

Steve Boz (talking to nameless interviewer who's giving us a shrug): "Willie "the Bomb", it's you and me, one last time, for the heavyweight title. Willie, if you think you're gonna to beat me tonight, it's impossible! One more time, it's you and me, the title, it's coming home, to Steve Boz, all that."

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Ripper Manson and Psycho talk for quite a bit to explain that they're going to have an interview segment called the Junkyard at some point in the future.

AM Vishion vs we'll get back to it - Vihsion has a Nova full body suit with a Justin Credible bald head. 

Backstage, Vic Ferrari hits on the women with no name and promises to win this match. Awful nice of him. Frankie Valiant and Stud Muffin stand nearby and say nothing.

AM Vishion vs Vic Ferrari (w/Frankie Valiant & Stud Muffin) - If you remember and you're wondering, Big Time isn't around anymore - remind me sometime to better to bring up the whys. Anyway, Valiant and Ferrari is a tag team, and Ferrari's hair is a lot more blond then the last time we saw him. Stud Muffin still looks like Bobby Hennan and Valiant has a leopard print suit (w/leopard print Santa-style cap) and I guess they're going talk to Sam DeCero now. Muffin sounds nothing like Heenan - he's going places in 2002. Valiant says nothing, thanks for showing up. Bell. Circle, Vishion is apparently a goofball because he has a lot of arm tattoos. Kick by Vic, front facelock, swinging neckbreaker. Ferrari more hops then walks right now. Turning AM around, legdrop, legdrop. Sin says Ferrari wants to challenge for the lightweight title, but he's sure a few Happy Meals over the mark. Here's a hesitation legdrop. hand to the ear. Whip, lazy clothesline misses, waistlock by AM,  Ferrari grabs the ropes, AM bounces back. Vic charges, over, under, right into a dropkick.  AM going to the second, no top rope - moonsault overshoots and Vic is up out of the way. Slam for AM. Vic dances around the ring. Vic hangs himself in the Tree of Woe, does some inverted situps, then pushes himself out into a splash on AM. One two three. (1:43) That's a weird finish, for sure. Vic takes off his pants and shows some very very short tights. And then he does the splits and humps the mat. Thomas apologizes and he should.

Commercials HERE. I don't feel like reporting them.

Steve Boz vs Willie "the Bomb" Richardson (w/"Boz Must Die" sign) for Heavyweight Title - Boz tells DeCero that the belt is coming to him tonight. Taped earlier: Willie says it's teacher vs the student, and once again, he's going to prove that he's the better man. Oh, it says "Fear The Potato" on the other side. Ad break before we even get done with the entrance.

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Bomb has a towel signed by various people - all heels? I saw Valiant's name so he contributed something. Richardson tells DeCero to read the sign. Willie gives the sign to the announcers. Now he's in the ring and we're ready to go. Boz slaps Willie upside the head when he's looking at the crowd and then there's a face to face confrontation in the middle of the ring. Exchange of rights. Willie gets in an eyegouge. Oh, his right hand is the Potato. Whip, spinning headscissors from Boz. Willie rolls out and starts to talk to the announcers, but gets hit by a tope. Head to the table. Chop. Kick to the midsection. Push into the corner. Right. Whip, reversed, clothesline misses, kick by Boz, springboard dropkick to the head. One two no. Right. Whip, head down to the mat, Richardson grabs it, swings all the way through a swinging neckbreaker back to the starting position and hits a suplex, that was odd. Willie off the ropes, stomp. Gets on the fans and the fans get on him. Stomp. Running elbow drop. Thomas gives a summary of Willie's career - long time fan favorite who had some down times but battled to the world title, then turned his back on the fans to keep it. Cover, one two no. Thomas says that Willie forget where he came from. Sin: "Steve Boz hasn't forgotten where he's come from - the tanning salon!" The heck? Why say something like that? Willie picks up Boz, elbow to the head, whip, hiptoss blocked and reversed into a reverse neckbreaker. Willie up to his knees and Boz hits the Tajiri knockout kick. Boz covers one two no. Boz argues the count, and Richardson hits a low blow. Snap mare. Rolling Thunder! One two leg on the ropes. Boz tells the crowd - POTATO. Boz drops to his knees but waves Willie on - he wants another. Too bad Willie's talking to the crowd. Now Willie sees him - kicks him. Up, whip, slam, Boz slip behind, kick to the midsection, swinging DDT one two NO. Whip, swinging high kick one two no. Big slam. Going to the top - don't pose - cross body one two NO. Head to the corner. Kick to the midsection, kick to the shoulder, kick to the shoulder, spinning heel kick. Yell by Boz. Corner whip, Boz charges into a Potato. The announcers proclaim it a Idaho one. Boz is out in the ring so Willie decides to go out and borrow Richard T. Sin's chair. The ref makes no attempt to stop him - he tells him it's a bad idea but Willie doesn't appear to be listening - big swing, and a big miss. Boz with a spinning heel kick into the chair into Willie (Sin: "Van Bozinator!") - SUPERKICK one two THREE. (6:15) Steve Boz is your NEW WCPW Heavyweight Champion.

Commercials here. You know, we got as many title changes in this run as I did all in the last run. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing.

Boz talks to Sam DeCero - at least he was until Ripper Manson makes a challenge for the belt. Boz agrees and squeezes in a catchphrase.

One more set of commercials - is this break 5 in a half hour show? They're all the WCPW commercials anyway.

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Next week's UAPW wrestling.

Sin and DeCero summarize all we just saw. On the next (WCPW? I guess) show, Angel vs Drusla in an intergender tag match and the Great Malenko (I'm pretty sure he's dead - must be thinking of a different one) vs Mike Anthony for the middleweight title.

Credits. Ritchard's a repeated typo. Ritchard is a mistake, for SURE.


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