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Ritchard T. Sin and Sam DeCero hype up the show. They focus last on the intergender tag team match (Drusla/Julyan of the Warlocks vs Angel/ToBeAnnounced) and send us to the back to find out who that mystery person is.

Angel (w/WCPW Women's Title) introduces us to her partner - "someone who knows Julyan better than anybody else, probably knows you [Drusla] a lot more than I want to know" - oh hey, it's Eryk, who's an ex-member of the Warlocks now, I'd guess. Unless Angel is really dumb. Eryk yells that he's tired of living in Drusla's world and Julyan's dumb. He's going to show who cared who when they were tag team champions.

Julian the Warlock and Drusla vs WCPW Women's Champion Angel and Erik - Drusla's looking a lot less goth since the last time I saw her (brown hair, white shirt, kneepads and boots to go with her black shorts) while Julian remains the same and is crawling on the floor. Also, the Warlocks as a group used to have an really annoying "y where i belong" habit but either this split changed that or the graphic guy didn't get the memo. This will take a little effort to get used to. Julian says that Erik walked on him when they had the tag team champions, so he's to blame. You know, when I last saw this feud, it was Angel as the face and Drusla as the heel but I'm not totally sure that's still is true - no one's acting overly one way or the other, so maybe the commentary will make it clear. Oh wait, Julian and Drusla just punked the other two out from behind, ignore that last sentence. Punches and chops and Angel is whipped, Drusla hiptoss is blocked, clothesline is ducked, Angel with a cradle but the ref is caught in between the other fight and doesn't even get to count before the kickout. Backslide one two NO. Clothesline by Drusla, one two no. Outside, Julian gets thrown into the steps. Snap suplex, chain it into another suplex (camera watches Erik throw Julian into the commentators desk), chain it into a third suplex, float over one two no. Erik is still beating on Julian. Beal by Drusla. Kicks to the midsection. Corner whip (Angel does a little hop to get going), Angel jumps to the second rope, headscissors to take out Drusla. Angel celebrates in the ring - she's going up as Julian has been thrown in - 'rana! Listen to Sin steal from Mark Madden. Erik back in - SUPERKICK! If someone would just cover Julian now - oh, wait, here's Baltazar (also a Warlock) to hit Erik with a chair. (DQ 1:48) Chair shots to the leg - he's like ignoring Angel is in there, mostly because she's just standing and staring. Here comes Drusla to hold angle back as Julian recovers - setting up the chair around Erik's left leg, and Julian grabs another - SMASH and there goes the ankle. Another and another. Angel runs to the locker for for help - Scorpion Deathlock on Erik ("figure four" says the play by play man, but before it was fully on) and Balatazar adds the stomps - Angel's back with Steve Boz and Terry Allen and they break up the scorpion death lock pretty quick. The Warlocks prefer to go to higher ground rather then challenge Boz (in tights) and Allen (in dress clothes with a tie) right now. Erik looks in bad shape. 

The Junkyard with your hosts Psycho and Ripper Manson - oh their guest is Vic Ferrari so I can completely tune this out. 

Now we're looking at Baltazar with a manager type dude Abbadon I've never seen before and they're talking - they want Baltazar to get Terry Allen and his WCPW League Title. There's a little "Nightbreed" graphic here - if it's now "Julian the Warlock" is the group name Nightbreed? Maybe they'll explain this all later.

Zero vs Baltazar (w/Lil' Ryan) - Zero almost wipes out flipping into the ring. Ryan is a kid Baltazar is caring oh his shoulder. He's not much of a bad guy if he's carrying a (his?) kid around. And then, after a interview that didn't go anywhere, he brings the kid in the ring. Ah, he was the winner of some sort of contest. Baltazar gives the kid his (over) shirt and then he's helped out. This will be a squash. Hard knee, forearm, forearm, right, whip, head down too soon, Zero tries to flip over (I guess) but Baltazar reverses into a back suplex. Stomp. Whip, kick to the gut, stomp stomp stomp stomp. Whip, clothesline is too high, Zero tries a 'rana and gets dropped. Baltazar loudly questions the logic there, and then slaps him. Headlock and talk to the camera. Right. This is the "plug the sponsors" match. Throw in the corner. Whip, reversed, Zero kick ducked, Ski Hi. Oh, it's the Offering. Is he going to cover? No. Kick to the gut, pumphandle side slam. One Two Three (1:52) That's "the Sacrifice." How about one more? You can't Sacrifice a guy multiple times! That's just plain wrong!

the Great Milenko looks nothing like Dean OR the Insane Clown Posse. He tries to convince us that he has a shot at winning the Middleweight Title.

Great Milenko vs - let's go backstage where Mike Anthony doesn't know who he's facing but promises to win.

Great Milenko vs Mike Anthony and an ad break - I guess he said nothing to Sam DeCero there.

Great Milenko vs Mike Anthony for the WCPW Middleweight Title - He did! He's got a new title belt. DeCero says "I hear you" even though we have trouble making him out. Milenko attacks from behind as Anthony is fixing his knee pads. Right right whip reversed 'rana reversed into a powerbomb. Anthony rips off Milenko's homemade shirt. Chop. Chop. Right. Chop. Kick. Whip, clothesline. Right. Chop. Snap mare, kick to the back. Spreading the legs - will he? Yes, dropkick to the midsection. Forearm forearm forearm. Announcers are shameless in squeezing in ad plugs. More forearms and Milenko ain't moving all that much. Ref stop? (repeated forearms to the back of the head 1:44) "That was it?" Anthony can't believe it's over that quick either. Anthony go gets his belt and leaves. That's the main event, hmm.

WCPW Bonus Match: Polish Crippler (w/Ritchard T. Sin) vs Acid Jazz (Taft High School 12/15/01) - This seems like a tryout episode for the TV. One of the biggest vs one of the smallest is the point here. Sam DeCero handles the commentary by himself and talks about Jazz formerly being in UAPW (which makes me believe we're supposed to consider them separate, despite Willie's cross over) and then starts naming WCPW stars for no particular reason. Sin and Jazz argue, then we have a match. Lockup, no Jazz ducks under. Again. Again, this time Jazz gets a waistlock. Crippler quickly turns it around and throws Jazz. Lockup, no Crippler with a knee, forearm. Whip, clothesline to high, spin kick hits but Crippler is barely moving, spin kick again and now he's to one knee. Push in the corner, series of kicks, corner whip, charge in, monkey flip NO pushed away. Acid Jazz asked for this match, we're told. Right, whip, side slam. Slam. Jazz is dead. "This looks like practice." Hanging vertical suplex. Crippler going up - flying fistdrop misses! Stomp stomp stomp - Acid grabs Crippler head in snap mare position, runs up the ropes and flips over - like a super reverse DDT! Cover? No. He's moving him into position - now he's forearming.  Stomp.  Pulling him. Going to the second - third rope - PHOENIX SPLASH NO COVER! What are you thinking? He's thinking he'll go up again! PHOENIX SPLASH misses! Whip, press slam. Right. Forearm. DeCero makes fun of Sin. "Some guys are so annoying." Double underhook suplex. Celebrating on the second rope. And now he's making fun of Crippler. ChokeSLAM. One knee cover, one two three. (4:40)

WCPW Battle Royale Champion Vic Ferrari and Stud Muffin shows us Vic's wide range of acting ability...

Sin and DeCero close it out. And UAPW is next week. They could at least hype a match?

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