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And right to commercials.

Upcoming Events:
WCPW, Saturday 2/23, Taft High School, 7:30 Bell, GA $15, call 773-978-7317 
WCPW, Sunday 2/24, 115 Burbon Street, 6:00 Bell, GA $15, call 708-388-8881
WCPW/UAPW, Saturday 3/2, VFW Post 9323, Lake Station, IN, GA $10
This Year's Battle of the Belts 14 is 5/18 (awful early, isn't it?)
Call 312-409-WCPW for more info or check out their website

Back to commercials. Maybe they're getting them out of the way early so they can have longer segments?

2000CC (w/Neo Blackman) vs Eryk and Valyk (w/Balatzar, Julyan and Drusla) vs Los Mexicanos for the WCPW Tag Team Titles, from Battle of the Belts 13 - Your announcers are Ritchard T. Sin and Mitch Blake, who add little. Blake's spends most of the match putting himself over and has since vanished, so maybe they should've done new commentary? Assuming there is a point to show this match anyway - it's a couple title changes ago and the Warlocks are different now. Lighting isn't well and I still haven't gotten used to some of the intra-team differences, so I'm going guess that's Cassius attacking Eddie Cruz to start this match off. Powerslam gets one two no. Whip, reversed, clothesline is too high, Cassius with a cross body but Eddie catches it and throws him. Clothesline. Clothesline for Carnage. Clothesline for Eryk (I think.) Eddie's looking around for someone else to clothesline, but Rudo's not getting in the ring - here's Valyk to hit a clothesline of his own, but Rudo comes in to stomp him down. Cassius guy gets thrown in the ring at some point here, but we end up with Los Mexicanos holding the ring. Tag to Rudo, hold for a second rope ax handle. What's bizarre here is that Mexicano's are playing the faces, but Blake (who I believe was a face at this point) is talking about how much he doesn't like them and Sin's talking about how much the locker room doesn't like them - is that an inside joke I'm not gonna get? What's annoying is how small that ring looks from the long shot. Sidewalk slam for Cassius. Rudo tries to go off the ropes, but Neo grabs a leg. While they argue, Carnage sneaks over and drops him on the top rope, rebounding him right into a reverse DDT. One two broken up by I guess Eryk. Tag to Carnage, double whip, double flapjack. Pose. Whip, spinning back elbow. I guess that's Valyk making the blind tag to come in. Sin talks about Druslas having problems with Valyk for some reason. Kick, forearm, hard corner whip, dropkick to the head (Mitch: "to the throat!") It is Valyk, good to know. Slam, going to the second, hop to the third, turning missile dropkick. Cover but everyone's who's not a Warlock is in to break it up. Tag to Eryk, double whip, double press slam. Cover one two Eryk lets go before it gets broken up. Whip, well what was supposed to happen here was Eryk's dropkick would be caught by the legs by Rudo, but for some reason, Valyk didn't get his feet up at all and kinda dropkicked with his knees, so they both go down. Rudo grabs the legs and uses them for a pin one two no. Valyk rolls out and Julyan jumps in the ring to take his place and start stomping. Inverted atomic drop. Corner whip, Eryk holds so Julyan can punch. Running head to the gut. Eryk knocks down Rudo and Julyan covers (ref still not having noticed the switch - they both have long hair and I guess the lighting is bad - it's like if Edge and Christian would do this) but the ref is distracted by someone and slow to come over, one two broken up by 2000CC. So Julyan dives at them, then goes back to Rudo. Whip, reversed Rudo hits a clothesline. Julyan rolls out, 2000CC distracts and Eryk is into to take Julyan's place. Forearms. Slam, no Cruz falls behind and hits a reverse DDT. Eryk rolls out, 2000CC come in for no reason to stomp, Eryk rolls back in (was he expecting Julyan to take his place again?) and just stops a tag in time. Punches, whip, clothesline. Right for Eddie. Right for Cassius. Valyk comes in to beat on Rudo as Eryk pulls in Carnage - then leaves the ring (huh?) for an axhandle off the apron on Cassius (oh) but Neo Blackman hits Valyk with his Kwanza Stick (delayed sells there) to take him out. Back in the ring, Valyk throws Rudo out of the ring (why?) and pulls Carnage back in again. Valyk calls for a chair from Drusla (we don't actually HEAR this, but they act as so) and holds Carnage - there's a shot to the head. Everyone's fighting everyone else outside the ring, and Valyk asks Drusla to leave the ring, so she hits Valyk with a chair and takes off. Now Julyan and Eryk are back in (just having missed Drusla walk by) and eventually hitting a double superkick on Carnage. Eryk covers, Julyan gets the ref - one two three. (6:58) Mexicanos lose their titles without losing, and Drusla's attack means very little. 2000CC argue with the referee and the announcers, while Mexicanos stand on the apron to celebrate. Warlocks don't seem to be to upset about Drusla turning since they got the belts.

It's the Junkyard, and their special guest is - oh, you knew they were going to have Riot show up on this show soon enough. They yell at Riot and Riot hypes the UAPW show and that's it. 


Steve Boz vs Willie "The Bomb" Richardson for the WCPW Heavyweight Championship from Battle of the Belts 13 - We've seen the end of this match already, and it wasn't really good enough to go back and see it again. I guess we get nothing new this week. Willie does NOT come out to Ghetto Superstar, because he's no longer a face. Boz tries to be all cool and start up in the top ring (remember, this is the show with an elevated ring right next to the normal) and dive out of it on Willie, but he dives short and gets caught in the ropes - it looks funny bad. They try to turn into a sunset flip and the referee counts the pinfall - despite the fact that he hasn't signaled for the bell yet. Kickout at two anyway, and then he calls for the bell. I'll tell you if anything else funny happens. Boz is so made at him that he lets come in the ring pose instead of attacking more. Then they do the face off and punches. Bulldog off the apron on to the announce desk. Wow, nice dropkick from Willie. There's that spot where one guy jumps off the top rope with no particular offense in mind and he gets dropkicked. We're not gonna even get the finish? Wow, I'm glad I didn't bother. (6:43) Neither did they, this week.

I think I'm remembering why I didn't mind all that much losing this show the first time.

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