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They're still killing time this week, so am I too.


and right to the Commercials. Battle of the Belts 2000, web site.

Terry Allen vs Rob Van Dam (w/Ritchard T. Sin) for the WCPW League Championship in the Super Main Event, continued - We come in with RVD in control on the outside; don't remember if that's where we left off. There's the apron dive twisting legdrop on to the guardrail. RVD takes time out to bow in the ring, reminding me what I said about being glad he's in the WWF and not stalling now. RVD waits for Allen to come back in the ring - slingshot legdrop on Allen on the apron, that looked nice. RVD takes time out to talk to the camera man. Oh, now he's going to try for a pin, doesn't work. Heel announcers complaining about ECW marks. You don't want to know what it sounds like when you have two heel color guys "calling the action." Sin: "I used to be pretty!" Now the fans are chanting at each other, that's always annoying. Those ropes don't look too stable - there's a top rope superplex but everything was shaking. Fans chant for RVD. The "you whip me, I kick you, then I whip you" spot is so annoying when anyone does it. Hey look, the Glitter Buster. Terry Allen doesn't cover after hitting Kwee-Wee's finisher. In fact, he goes up and is promptly pushed off the top rope by Naughty By Nature, and they're beating him up for reasons that aren't clear for me. (DQ 13:30) I thought for a second they were going to get out of doing a finish by having RVD and Allen team up against nBn but RVD's just kinda recovering and watching - there's a 3D for Allen. Sin takes credit for the run-in but say he didn't want it to happen now. Fans have a non family friendly chant for this ending. RVD talks to the referee, talks to himself, points to the fans, points to himself - here's the ref to say "this should be a DQ BUT since we're WCPW (please like us and come back for another show) IT MUST GO ON."

Terry Allen vs Rob Van Dam (w/Ritchard T. Sin) for the WCPW League Championship, take 2 - And RVD, who was waiting on the second rope, hits Allen with a missile dropkick to start it off - nice cheapshot. There's a half hearted WCPW chant - it's too many letters. Totally springboard pointless flip to set up the Van Daminator. There's a Allen reverse powerbomb onto unfolded chair (though it was obvious RVD got his hands to block the blow) for a two count. Missile dropkick gets a two count. Big Time says Allen is winning over the crowd (questionable) just like Rocky 4. You'd be surprised how many times Drago comes in up conversation in my life. Fisherman's buster (Sin: "Oh what a suplex") for, well cover him, okay here's your two count. Allen gets caught going up - RVD knocked down, Allen slow to the top, I guess this was what he was going for before - swanton bomb. He took so long to hit it I was sure RVD was going to move, but instead it's another two count. Sin: "Every fan in attendance is on their feet!" Of course, it's followed by a shot of lot of people sitting down. RVD hits a running corner Van Daminator, and know Allen's knee is hurt. Five Star? No, the Brotherhood is out to attack RVD and help Allen. (DQ +3:45, 17:15) There's kinda a choke Flatliner. You think, just maybe, they'll rule for the match to go on? "You know the drill? Ring the bell!"

Terry Allen vs Rob Van Dam (w/Ritchard T. Sin) for the WCPW League Championship, take 3 - Big Time: "This is insane!" Insanely blown spot. It was supposed to be a reversal to a floatover DDT on to a chairspot and didn't quite work out that way - Allen quickly pulls out a Diamond Cutter to make it not look horrible. Slow to cover for the two count. Oh wait, only a one count for a Diamond Cutter onto a chair. There's the ref going out of the way to get bumped, and then get kicked in the face. Here's a back up ref and let's hope he's not evil. Mexican surfboard! Oh god lord he's not gonna count RVD down in this, is he? Now RVD slides Allen's shoulders down but we have TWO REFEREES COUNTING PINFALLS and I don't even have to tell you what that means. (double pinfall +1:59, 19:14) Why am I watching this show? What better time to take a break.

Commercials. Upcoming shows get no mention from me; I don't want to be responsible for you seeing booking like this. How can you be pinning a guy when he's holding you off the ground? 

They're still discussing what just happened as we come back. RVD gets the microphone for the ref, but before he can say the match goes on again, nBn is back out and the Brotherhood is back out and both wrestlers in the match are beat up. Both sides totally ignore the other side running in, and RVD and Allen get to make comebacks. RVD and Allen talk, RVD helps Allen up, both arms raised. Sin: "What a contest! What a showing of sportsmanship!" Fans boo. Allen and RVD talking more. Still talking. Now RVD gets the microphone so we can hear them talk. RVD does the "put over the promotion and guy I'm wrestling this weekend" - there are some annoying RVD fans here. RVD wants a high five from Allen - I guess not. RVD asks for five more minutes. Sin: "You only get a finish like this in WCPW." Thank god. You know, normal people just use chinlocks to take a break, not match stoppages.  

Terry Allen vs Rob Van Dam (w/Ritchard T. Sin) for the WCPW League Championship, take 4 - I hope this isn't a shock to you. They're taking a while setting it up since it's five minutes and five minutes only. We get a countdown till the bell rings. RVD is working that knee that bugged Allen at the end of the last fall. There's that chick who's been standing around that same corner for two weeks now but hasn't gotten mentioned once. RVD getting all the offense, including a kick off the elevated aisle. Allen thrown into to the crowd and now they're fighting on the wrong side of the barricade. They don't exactly have security clearing the way there. Allen comes back in and some how takes control. 3 minutes to go. DDT. Two Count. Choke hold. Chin lock! Sin: (totally out of context) "Am I getting a little loopy?" They've finnaly found their way to the top ring, you had to see that coming.  There's a ladder set up there for reason's I don't know, and we're under two minutes now. Does a pin there count? The ref isn't going up. Five Star Frog Splash in the top ring. RVD can't cover and Allen has time to roll down to the bottom ring. RVD tries a legdrop from the top ring, but Allen moves as we're under one minute left. Big Time: "Jesus, what else can be done?" I don't know, maybe some can win. There's a Pedigree that RVD doesn't land right - maybe that's why it was a two count. 15 seconds. RVD takes his time, and the ring announcer counts down the last ten slowly, otherwise he wouldn't have time to hit this split legged moonsault and come up just short. (time limit draw +5:05, 24:19) Crowd: "oooooooooh - Five More Minutes!" Allen's as announced as champ, RVD declares himself the winner - he got WCPW's love and respect. Awww. End the show already.

And they did.

I don't know what this means, but CURLING is far more interesting than this right now.

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