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Hi there.

Well, by now you may have figured out that I'm not terribly happy with my "situation." This corner of the Web is the most current result. Basically, it seems to me that it shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

No editors.

No breaking up reports into more than one part.

No stupid photos that have nothing to do with the text. (Well, maybe one - of me.)

No frills. (for now!)

No money. (for now? :) )

Just the stuff you want.

How hard can this be?

Well, not too hard if you run your own show...hopefully.

I hope that this can soon become one of your many homes to get the information and commentary that you crave and desire (mostly to stave off boredom at work, to be sure, but hey, that's important stuff!)

It's a little bare bones right now - just the Monday night stuff. I hope to include a letters page ('cause I'm STILL getting some doozies) and a links page when I get around to it (if not sooner). I'll probably start doing a Heat report - I've meant to do that since the show started, only I forgot to tell Rick and Mike and they brought in that other guy - and, God help us all, I just might look for some outside help to do the other shows - might as well try to be comprehensive - we all KNOW the talent's out there, we just have to find suckers willing to do it because they love it and because they realise that "information wants to be free" - in more ways than one. ;-)

Anyway, that's it for now. Take a look around - see what I've got so far, and what it's got the potential to become. Let me know where you'd like the ad banners (ha!) and if the site design looks okay. My gut reaction is it'll probably work with default fonts, but if you've mucked about with preferences it might look REALLY ugly. Hopefully the reports look enough like they did on the other site to make you feel a little less sad about that site's eventual disappearance.

And I'll probably write a better note later. :) For now, I'm just glad it's live and I hope you find it worthy of a bookmark and a stop back in the weeks to come.

Christopher Robin Zimmerman
[slash] wrestling

PS Oh yeah, the name. Well, it's what came after "" in the URL - not terribly creative but it worked for me at the time (late in the evening or was it early in the morning?) while I was doing the mockups. If I ever come up with a better name, maybe I'll use that instead. Naaah. ;-)



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