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/11 March 2000

WCW Worldwide by Tanvir Raquib




Like. You. Care.

Opening montage

Tony Schiavone and Larry Zybysko welcome us this week. They shake hands. Schiavone comments on Sid vs. Tank from Nitro. Zybysko says Tank made a bad move challenging Sid. Schiavone intros us the footage.

Clips From Nitro
Sid is attended to by medics. Wee also see a broken guitar on the floor. Could Sid *POSSIBLY* have gotten hurt by the guitar? Is THAT what's being implied here?

Mean Gene gives us the bad news that Sid has been warned not to get into anything physical. Sid barges in and cuts a short promo on Jarrett and Abbott.

We cut to the match! Sid breathe heavy! Tank yells at the crowd! Sid gets up! Sid with a sleeper....into a Crossface! Sid wins! Sid rules the world!

Schiavone hypes Sid as a great champion. Zybysko adds that Sid has great endurance which sets him apart from other big men.


Schiavone says that the big shock is that 3 Count is the Hardcore Champion. Schiavone asks if Zybysko likes 3 Count. Zybysko says some long, winding stuff. (I'm not transcripting this stuff anymore.) Schiavone compares 3 Count to some boy bands.

Clips from Nitro
We see footage from Knobbs vs. 3 Count. The pre match taunting by 3 Count leads to......brooms, trashcans and trashlids! Knobbs single-handedly squashing 3 Count! Pitty City! 3 Count bumps for this fat fuck! 3 Count wins with a trashcan to the head! Where's the psychology? Ha!

Zybysko and Schiavone talk a little more about 3 Count. ('Bout :30 worth)


Zybysko says that the Ric Flair - Total Package alliance has another victim - Vampiro, the last person to have recieved a broken arm. Zybysko says that Flair and Package have egos galore, so it's very fitting that they are together.

Clips from Thunder
We see footage from Vampiro vs. Package. Package working Vamp's back. Luger with pedestrian offense. Vampiro with the spinning heel kick and a top rope clothesline. Here comes Ric Flair. Elizabeth with a batshot to Vampiro's back after Flair's interference. Package with the Torture Rack and the win. Team Package whips him with the HULKSTER belt and break Vamp's arm.

Vampiro denies help from the medics. Fit Finley beats down on his helpless opponent for Uncensored. Oh yeah...thanks for NO RESPONSE for my last recap! Now go jackoff to CyanIndigo! This job RULES it!

Schiavone hypes Vampiro as a big star, but asks Zybysko what more does he have to prove. Zybysko says Vampiro has a big future, if he can avoid injury.


Schiavone hypes Hogan vs. Flair for their strap match at Uncensored. He also says this is a huge feud. Zybysko sucks up to Hogan and puts down Flair. Maybe a REAL clear-cut HEEL announcer for this show would be nice. How many are out there nowadays? No, "that guy" isn't HEEL enough for me.

Clips from Nitro
We see the whole, unedited footage of Hogan's backstage interview. He's been on the juice. I mean, c'mon, back when I used to workout 3 times a week, I used to kill myself just so I could get a little cut up. Creatine just doesn't do that, folks. Oh, yeah, the interview. Here's the rundown in the least amount of words possible: Blah Blah Blah.....Yapapi, brother!....Whip'em, Hulk!.....(2:04 that I'll never get back)

Schiavone hypes the Uncensored card.


Schiavone and Zybysko talk about Bobby Heenan. They also hype our Worldwide matches. We're going to seeing Mona and also a match between the Mamalukes vs. El Dandy/ Silver King.

Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan and Madusa join us for the match.

Mona vs. Sherri Martel
Sherri attacks Mona before she's even in the ring. Sherri takes off Mona's shoes....and her skirt, which Sherri strangles Mona with. Sherri in the ring first. She pulls Mona by the hair in. Sherri with an eyepoke and some knees to the gut. Crosscorner whip - Avalanche - strangles Mona on second rope - back rake - punch - whips Mona to ropes - clothesline - whips Mona to ropes - camera pans to Madusa. Crossbody by Mona for 2 - chops - whips Sherri to ropes - back elbow - foot to gut - slam head to turnbuckle - kick - crosscorner whip - gymnastic back elbow - crosscorner whip - reverse - Mona boosts herself behind Sherri - rollup for 3. (2:18) Madusa talks trash to Sherri. Sherri and Madusa yell, but walk away. WCW bleeps "ass."

Silver King / El Dandy vs. The Mamalukes
Mamalukes outside the ring with their backs toward Los Fabulosos. Dandy responds with a pescado. Silver King with a springboard plancha. They throw Johnny the Bull into the ring. Dandy with a punch - whip Johnny to ropes - to the other ropes - double leapfrog by King and dandy - Double armdrag - King armdrags Dandy onto Johnny backfirst - covers for 2 - save by Vito - King with a kick - whip - reverse - Johnny picks up King atomic drop style - Vito in - runs the ropes - lariat. Mamalukes kick King - whip - double sledge - stomps - chop by Vito - whip - clothesline. Tag to Johnny - whips King to ropes - backelbows by both Mamalukes - Johnny with kick - Vito with neckbreaker -stomps - Johnny covers for 2. Tag to Vito - Vito with punch - King punches back - eyerake by Vito - whips King - King with sunset flip for 2. Vito attempts clothesline - King ducks - Yakuza kick by Vito - whips King to ropes - King backs off against the ropes - Vito attempts running clothesline - King with back bodydrop to the floor. Johnny in (NO TAG HERE) - double droptoe hold - stereo kicks to Johnny's chest and back - Dandy covers for 2 - Vito saves - 10 punch count count - around 7, Vito and Johnny counter with powerbombs - Vito throws King out - Johnny with kneelift on Dandy - Vito with Implant DDT for the pin. (3:45) Harris Boys comes in and attack everybody. H-Bombs for everyone!

Schiavone thanks Tenay and Heens for their call. Schiavone and Zybysko comment on Scott Hudson's performance. Schiavone hopes he is back next week. Schiavone talks about Jeff Jarrett vs. Sid Vicious at Uncensored. Zybysko says Jarrett fears Sid, but Jarrett has a plan. Tony Schiavone and I bid you adieu.

Tanvir Raquib
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