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/18 March 2000

WCW Worldwide by Tanvir Raquib




The Official [slash] Worldwide Recap (Like.You. Care.) for March 19, 2000

Opening Montage

Scott Hudson and Bobby Heenan welcome us to the show. Hudson says at Uncensored, Sid will finally get Jarrett by the neck. Heenan compares Sid - Jarrett to the tortoise and the hare. Heenan says Jarrett is smaller, but he has a plan. Hudson says the Harris Boys may be the intangible factor at Uncensored.

Clips from Nitro
We see footage of the Harris Boys H-Bombing Johnny the Bull. Now an H-Bomb for Disco Inferno.

We cut to more footage, with the Harris Boys H-Bombing a security member. One Harris pushes a "cop" off the canvas.

We now see the Harris Boys handcuffed. Jeff Jarrett complains that they were scheduled in a match with him.

Jarrett tells the crowd that he will be tagging with the Wall. He says that Vampiro and Sid better watch out, 'cuz the Wall is gonna stir some shit up.

We finally cut to the actual match. Sid on the offensive against Jarrett. Chokeslam by Sid. Vampiro with a top rope spinning heel kick. Eventually, the ring clears with Sid and the Wall in the ring. Wall attempts the chokeslam, Sid counters with his own attempt, but Jarrett with El Kabong for the win.

Hudson asks how long Jarrett's luck will last. Heenan doesn't care who is champion but his pick is Jarrett.


Hudson says that the Wall maybe the toughest out of all the big men in WCW. Heenan says that the Wall means business, citing his attack on Crowbar from Thunder. Hudson says that we're gonna see an exclusive view of the Wall.

Clip from Thunder
Wall's chokeslam of Crowbar from the apron through the announce table.

Clips from Nitro
Wall's chokeslam of David Flair from the apron through two tables. Wall with a grin on his face.

We see Flair wheeled out by medical types. Bam Bam Bigelow tries to talk sense into the Wall, but he responds with a punch; sending Bigelow through a table.

Clips from Thunder
Bigelow tries to say "I'm so sorry" to Crowbar and Flair. He says some stuff about knowing him for a long time.

The Wall and Bigelow eyes each other face to face. Wall responds with a punch and a clothesline. He proceeds to beat down Flair & Crowbar. Wall looks under the ring for some tables.

The Wall chokeslams Bigelow through a table.

The Wall beats down Flair & Crowbar.

Hudson sells Wall as a soulless individual. Heenan says that the Wall maybe have associated with Bigelow in the past, but he's looking out for himself now.


Hudson says feuds go back a long time, but not like Rhodes - Funk. Heenan says this feud will never end.

Clips from Nitro
Rhodes glosses over his asskicking of Terry Funk.

Rhodes says he brought some barbed wire for Funk, so he can make him bleed.

Funk compares Rhodes to his father. [An overbearing, obnoxious, eggsucking dog, if you wanna know.]

Funk says he has Dusty Rhodes' illegitmate child, which happens to be a chicken in a diaper. Funk says he's fat and his ass stinks just like his daddy. He proceeds to throw it at Rhodes.

Funk body slams Rhodes and wraps him in the barbed wire.

Clips from Thunder
We now see Lash Leroux vs. Dustin Rhodes. Rhodes squashing Leroux and ends this with a bulldog. Funk arrives with the chicken. Funk hits him in the head with the chicken. Funk with the KO with the "salmonella left" (tm CRZ).

Hudson displays his shock at Funk's actions with his chicken. Heenan concurrs with that fact.


Hudson glosses over Jarrett's current stint in WCW and how Jarrett gets his title shot at Uncensored. Heenan is confident that Jarrett will win in a lot of words.

We see a video package of Jarrett's current stint. Jarrett smashes more guitars than the Who! I'm sure Pete Townsend will be glad to hear that. Basically, this package hypes the PPV match.

Hudson shills Uncensored. Heenan hypes it as well.


Hudson says time is flying by and Uncensored is coming soon. They shill they shill, theyshill theyshill theyshill, shillshillshill, shillshillshill, it's time for Worldwide Matches!

Tony Schiavone and Mike Tenay calling the match.

Circle - lockup - to ropes - Barbarian with punch to gut - chop to throat - chokehold - break. Lockup, but Finley with kick - elbow to head - at corner, forearm to head. Barbarian pushes Finley around into turnbuckle - chops - scoop slam - kick to head. Finley backs up - lockup - Finley nerve hold - elbow to head - Barbarian out - Finley follows - Finley with forearm to head - drive Barbarian to canvas - punch to gut - whip  - reversal - Finley to railing. Barbarian slams Finley's broken arm to steps - Barbarian in ring - Finley in slowly - Barbarian kicks his arm - scoop slam - Barbarian to top rope - clothesline - covers for 1 - whips Finley to ropes - Finley with a kick - forearm to head. Ref holds Finley - pushes him to the side, but recieves the KICK OF FEAR for 2. Barbarian whips Finley to ropes - clothesline attempt - ducks - Finley with Firearm's carry into foreward roll for 3.(3:47) Mariah Carey is a whore.


El Dandy & Chavo in the ring to start. El Dandy pushes Chavo, so Chavo pushes back. Dandy kicks - to the ropes - shoulderblock - Dandy pushes La Parka. Dandy runs the ropes a couple times, Chavo with some leg thingy. (Go read Cub Fan's recap. He's good.) Dandy with a chop and a kick - Chavo leans on ropes - Dandy runs toward him - Chavo back bodydrops him out of the ring. Chavo attempts baseball slide - gets a kick - European uppercut. Chavo throws him in ring - whip - Dandy with kick to head. Chavo tags in Parka -Silver King in as well. Oh, god. These guys are moving fast! King to ropes - Parka with leapfrog - King with shoulderblock - attempts pin - Parka pushes out - King with another shoulderblock - attempts pin - Parka pushes out - King with missed backelbow - Parka with chop and a strut - clothesline Dandy who comes in - King with his owv clothesline of Parka. Dandy crosscorner whips Parka - King misses the splash on Parka  - Parka with something on Dandy (Damn, I'm no lucha expert at all.) - Japanse armdrag on King - Dandy misses the backfirst drop on Parka - Parka with spinning heel kick on Dandy - Corckscrew tope suicide (I think?) by Parka! - In the ring, King misses dropkick on Chavo - Chavo whips King to ropes - Misterio-like spinning rope showoff thingy - Chavo with dropkick, which sends King out of the ring - Pescado by Chavo! - In the ring, we see Parka set up Dandy and he hits a split legged moonsault! This match rules it! - Covers for 2 - Parka crosscorner whips Dandy - Parka goes shoulderfirst into post - Dandy with headbutt - tages King - Parka running ropes - leading to a double spinning toe hold - stereo kciks to front and back - King with cover for 1 - Chavo saves - Tornado DDT by King for 2 - Chavo saves again - Dandy with punches for Chavo and Parka - Parka's knocked out cold! - Dandy with a slam - King with senton - Kign with snap suplex - Dandy on the second rope....elbowdrop - covers for 2! - Dandy places Chavo on the 2nd rope of Chavo's corner! - Parka tags Chavo's back to get in - Parka piggybacks Chavo! - King in the ring (that rhymes!) - Chavo with a crossbody on King! - Parka slams Dandy facefirst! - King and Chavo throw themselves out of the ring! - Parka to the top rope! - Parka with the corckscrew crossbody type thingy! (You call it.) - Parka covers and WINS! -The crowd is and was HOT for this! Hey, if there's a saving grace in WCW, it's these four guys.

Hudson says that Uncensored is where the wrestling world revolves around - Hudson runs down the Uncensored card - Heenan doesn't know the specs for the Yapapi Strap Match between Hogan and Flair - Hudson runs down some questions that will answered at Uncensored.

Scott Hudson, Bobby Heenan and I bid you adieu.

Tanvir Raquib
[slash] wrestling

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