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/19 August 2000

WCW Worldwide by E.C. Ostermeyer




This is the WCW WorldWide recap for Saturday, 19 August 2000, and this is ol' E.C.
Y'all just sit back down and nobody gets hurt, y'understand?
Now, hang on! It's gonna be a bumpy ride tonight!
Four matches, each called by the hapless Tony Schiavone and the always popular Mike Tenay, with Bobby "the Brain" Heenan's antics plaguing an exasperated Scott Hudson back in the WCW Control Central Bunker. A bumpy ride, indeed!
And it's to the Bunker we go, where Hudson and Heenan are discussing what Vince Russo's going to do next.
Hudson said that Russo raised the bar at "New Blood Rising", and what's he going to do at the upcoming Nitro at Buffalo, NY?
Over to the ring where Tenay and Schiavone are hyping the upcoming Nitro we spoke of earlier. WCW Security is in evidence over the steel guardrail behind them. Looks like we won't have a repetition of last week's unfortunate incident with the fan and his finger.
Tonight's matches include the Jung Dragons squaring off against the (God help us!) Filthy Animals in a six-man tag match, and the "Artist Currently Masquerading As Raven" against Big Vito.
Over to "Mean Gene" Okerlund, who's shoving a microphone in Big Vito's bazoo. According to Big Vito, "the Artist is a tough competitor. He's just like everybody else wanting a piece of the pie. But Big Vito's gonna do it "Wrestling 101"- style, mano a mano, fist to fist, ain't no garbage cans, ain't no sticks, we're gonna do it "Big Vito's Neighborhood"-style!"

Back to Tenay and Schiavone, where Tony wants to see what Paisley will bring to the Artist/Big Vito match later in the show.
If I were you, I'd be worried about Paisley taking over where you're sitting, Tony.

Back to the studio for "WCW Week in Review," with your hosts Scott "Check-Out-My-New-Cheesy-Power-Tie" Hudson and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan.
Heenan does the "A-Okay" gesture at the camera, and let us fans all send our best wishes out to you, too, Ms. Heenan. Y'all get better now, y'hear?

We get started with Hudson reviewing the Booker T/Lance Storm match from two weeks back at the Denver Nitro.

(This bodes ill, as it indicates, from the producers' standpoint, that there was nothing to review from this past week's Nitro. Ergo, the producers have decided to lose the 14 August Nitro from Kelowna, BC altogether.) (Umm, EC, Worldwide is ALWAYS two weeks behind. You haven't noticed? - CRZ)

Storm's attempt at the "Grand Slam" of WCW titles was foiled by Booker T's defense. Heenan marvels at Lance Storm holding three WCW Titles at once, comparing him to Tiger Woods.
Booker T, on the other hand, gets "Heenanized" when Bobby once again reiterates that Booker T should be looking out for himself and his own health, instead of defending the Heavyweight Title week after week, "for the people."
"You are going to get hurt real quick," says Heenan, "Storm had you in a bad way, a bad, bad way. You're a very lucky man, Booker!"

Footage from the Denver Nitro (8/7/2K) shows Booker's Title defense, with Lance Storm almost winning the Title with his "Maple Leaf" submission hold, Booker escaping, and nailing Storm with the "Book-End" finisher for the win.
Post-match, Jeff Jarrett comes out to work over Booker's already damaged left knee.
Jarrett also goes after Storm, whipping him into the steel guardrail in front of the announcer's table. An "El-Kabong" gee-tar finisher misses Storm and whacks Mike Awesome's then-"girlfriend", the pillow-y Heidi.
Heenan says that Booker T "...paid a very, very heavy price. This has to be the toughest two to three weeks in this man's career. He may still have the Title, but he's bruised and battered, and he's got a bad wheel. Taking that kind of punishment before Vancouver (the then upcoming "New Blood Rising" PPV), what's he going to have left to defend the Title against Jarrett? There could be a new champion out of this. He can only take so much!"
Hudson wants to show Booker T's performance at the PPV.

Heenan, however, has other ideas.

There's some additional footage he wants to show the folks at home, "so let me get the boys in the truck to cue it up, while you do whatever it is you do there, Scott."
Heenan grabs for the phone and starts dialing.
Hudson is perplexed, not to say apprehensive of what Heenan's cooking up this early in the show.
"Footage?" says Hudson, "What kind of... what's ... is this wrestling related, a home video or something?"
Heenan, interrupted in mid-call, sneers sarcastically, "No, they're stag movies. What do you think I'm calling in? Sheesh!"
"Well, I can bet they're not stag movies, folks," says Hudson, as Heenan's talking very animatedly with somebody named "Sparky" in the truck.


Buy a Vampiro T-shirt for twenty bucks and you, too can meet zaftig chicks in graveyards.
Face paint and snotty attitude are your own look-out.
Oh, and oogly-boogly, your destiny's beyond your control as of right now.
NitroGirlsdotcom. I see they still can't dance a step together.
Castrol GTX says that, unlike your girlfriend, your car thinks a little gas is a GOOD thing!
Butterfinger (tm) candy bars, featuring, umm, ol' whatshisname with the bad shave job and his kid with the jaundice.
Slim Jim commercial. Eat one. Go swimming. Get a cramp. Die. You get cool "Perfect Storm"-style water effects, though.
Local commercial block.
Fat rednecks in La-Z-Boys. Again.
1-900 Free Love. Who IS that gorgeous woman, anyway?
Local jeweler pushing Cubic Zirconiums as the next best thing to diamonds.
Yeah, like breathing pure nitrogen's just as good as breathing pure oxygen, bud!

We're back, and Heenan's setting up the footage he's so hot to show.

"I don't know if you've seen this or not, Scott."

Hudson, head in hands, shakes it "no."

Heenan, grinning, continues.
"It's a tag match. You got Buff Bagwell on one side, and Kris Kanyon on the other. Bagwell has as his partner, "Mean Gene" Okerlund..."

Hudson, head in hands, is shaking his head "yes" now, as if he knows what's coming.

"...and Kanyon's got Madden!
And it's not John Madden, it's MARK Madden!"

Now Hudson, trying to look serious, is near to bursting with barely contained mirth.

"Roll this, I'm not sure we've even seen this," says Heenan, "and then we can go get a couple of ice picks to poke our eyes out! Roll the tape."
"This is from Thunder in Colorado Springs," says Hudson, giving Heenan a look that says, "ICE-picks?!"

Footage from Thunder shows the match, beginning with Kanyon clobbering Bagwell a good one.
Mike Tenay, incredulous, hollers "Madden wants in!" and "S-s-s-smokin'!" Mark Madden, obviously wanting his own piece of "Buff Daddy", has his request granted.
Bagwell tags in Okerlund.
"Mean Gene" ducks a clumsy Madden clothesline, and then uncorks a huge right elbow on Madden's bazoo!
Another Okerlund elbow hits the bullseye, and Madden collapses hard enough to set off seismographs across the country.
A groggy Madden gets to his feet, (not a mean accomplishment on it's own!) and gets a Big Right Hand in the kisser from Okerlund that spins him around.
This allows Bagwell to nail Madden with a towering "Buff Blockbuster" off the top turnbuckle!
Okerlund rolls Madden over, (yet ANOTHER "no mean feat!"), covers, and hooks the far leg.
Bagwell shortstops Kanyon's save attempt, and referee "Slick" Johnson counts 1,2,3.
Post-match, the crowd's going nuts as Bagwell and Okerlund embrace in the center of the ring...

And back we go to the Bunker, where Heenan's almost rupturing himself, he's laughing so hard.
"!" says Hudson. "Gene Okerlund and Mark Madden on Thunder. THAT'S what you wanted us to see?!"

"Hooo hoo hahahaha!" laughs Heenan, "Did you see Okerlund's legs? Looks like a caterpillar got into his pants!"

Hudson's got that "I feel a stroke coming on!" look.

"And Madden, ho ho hahaha, Madden looked like an unmade bed! Haaaahahahahaha!"
"He wanted to see it, folks," says Hudson.
"Roll it again!" hollers Heenan.

"Nononono! Don't do it!" pleads Hudson, "It's time for 'Ask WCW' you MIND, Brain?"
"Go on, go on!" giggles Heenan, gasping for air and wiping his eyes.

"Well, you log onto WCWdotcom, fans..." starts Hudson...

... but he's interrupted by Heenan snorting a booger onto the set.

Hudson, shocked, rounds to see where Heenan's little "present" landed, then

"Could we get a mop?" he pleads.

Sounds of suppressed laughter coming from the floor crew and the cameramen.
(The cameraman's obviously laughing because the camera's jiggling up and down.)

Heenan's got himself under control, but just barely.

"Please send us your "snail mail" name and address," said Hudson, glancing at Heenan warily, "because if we use your question, we'll send you a WCW T-shirt. Maybe the one Madden wore on Thunder."

"Yeah, you can use it to cover the garage!" and Heenan's collapses with a fresh round of laughter again.

"Boy, are we gonna hear about THAT," says Hudson sadly, turning to his computer. "This week, our..." He frowns.
"Oh no, not again..."
Looks like Hudson's having problems with the laptop again.

"Give it here, " says Heenan, "You need tools."
"Tools? You got tools?" Hudson is perplexed.

"Sure," says Heenan, as he reaches down, grabs a toolkit, and dumps a whole lot of tools all over the desk. Bobby the Brain starts rummaging through the pile, tossing screwdrivers and wrenches left and right.
"I need a hammer," says Heenan. "There's no hammer. I can't fix this thing without a hammer. Maybe I'll use a wrench, instead..."

"Ooohh boy!" sighs Hudson, as Heenan starts to work on the laptop.

Holding a screwdriver against the case, Heenan gives it two sharp whacks with the flat of a crescent wrench.

On the third whack...
...he gets fingers instead of screwdriver.

As Heenan's busy nursing his hurt digits, Hudson picks up the laptop and checks for any damage from Heenan's "repair" job.

"Ah, here you go, gotta turn it on," says Hudson, pushing a switch.

" 'You have committed a fatal error.'," says Hudson, reading the screen. "Boy, I'll say!"
Our question this week comes from Kevin McGraw, Jr. of Collinsville, IL, who asks Major Gunns if, when she was growing up, did she ever think that she'd be a part of WCW?

"I think I need a ride home," whines Heenan, still cradling his hurt fingers.

Over to Major Gunns, live on tape, who says that, early on, she had no idea that she'd be with WCW. I thought I'd just be an average girl, stayin' at home, havin' children, havin' a family. But instead, I gotta chance to live my dream, and I'm out here with guys like Booker T and Sting, and MIA, and I get to live it and be the star, be Major Gunns!"
Back to the Bunker, where Bobby the Brain's busy cleaning out the toolkit pouch. He blows down into it, raising a big cloud of dust. Hudson, grimacing, is busy waving his hands around, trying to disperse the cloud.
As Hudson is giving the pertinent "Ask WCW" info, where and when, and such, Heenan's noisily putting his tools back in the pouch.
"Do you mind?!" asks Hudson archly.
"You go do what you do, and I'll do what I do, " retorts Heenan, still tossing tools in the pouch. And missing a couple of times.
"You gotta be neat, so I'm putting my tools away."

"Bobby," asks Hudson, (catching Heenan poised with a big wrench in his hand,) "When you were growing up, did you ever think that you'd be a part of WCW?"
Heenan snorts, "Of course!" and slams the wrench home with authority.
Unfortunately, the wrench doesn't hit the toolkit pouch, but winds up
landing with some force right in Bobby's lap.

"Ooooooohhh!" says Heenan, doubling over.

"Wow, THAT'S gonna leave a mark," says Hudson, "We'll call the EMT's while we send you fans over to the ring, where Mike Tenay and Tony Schiavone are ready to call tonight's action."

Hudson looks back at Heenan with some concern. Heenan's doubled up at the desk, clutching himself and making gurgling sounds.

"Are you all right, Brain," Hudson asks with some concern?

"No-o-o!" squeaks Heenan in a small, pained voice.

Match #1: M.I. Smooth d. Mike Rapada, (full nelson butt-buster/pin, 2:46)
Well, this ought to be good.
Match opens with Smooth, still clad in his street clothes, complete with tie, shoving Rapada around the ring. A knife-edge chop drives Rapada into the corner, where Smooth starts elbowing him in the gut. Referee Billy Silverman drags Smooth off Rapada for some reason, and Smooth's not happy about it, arguing right in Silverman's face to make his point. This, of course, gives Rapada time to recover, and mount some offense of his own. Rapada with a go-behind, then spins Smooth around and sets up for a DDT. Smooth blocks the attempt, delivers two stiff shots to Rapada's gut, then snap suplexes him. There's another, followed by a cover, and a two count. Smooth picks up Rapada, and hits a Samoan Drop that finds Rapada halfway across the ring. Rapada crawls to the corner. Smooth tries the charge-in, but gets a boot in the kisser from Rapada, who follows this with a kick and a running clothesline, staggering Smooth. Rapada's attempt at another running clothesline gets countered when Smooth converts Rapada's momentum into a vicious scoopslam, followed by a Giant Splash, and a cover, 1,2, and Smooth pulls off to break the count. Straddling Rapada, Smooth hits a big sit-down splash, then grabs some cheap heel heat from the crowd. Rapada crawls to the corner again. Smooth tries the charge-in, but again, Rapada gets out of the way, and Smooth eats a whole lot of turnbuckle. Rapada, riding a power surge, unleashes a barrage of lefts and rights. Cross-ring whip, and Rapada slams Smooth to the mat with a hip-toss. There's a scoopslam on Smooth for a follow-up. Another cross-ring whip by Rapada, but Smooth grabs the far ring-ropes, and Rapada's standing double drop-kick finds nothing but air. Smooth moves to capitalize, hooks Rapada into the full nelson. One butt-buster later, and Smooth does a lateral press for the win.

Same old same old.

Match #2: Shawn Stasiak (w/Chuck Palumbo) d. Chris Harris, (senton powerbomb/pin, 4:05)

(N.B.: Cheesy "Sixties-Italian-Macho-Flick" entrance music is now used for Perfect Event.)

Mr. Palumbo joins Messrs. Tenay and Schiavone at the broadcast position.
Palumbo gets defensive about Tenay and Schiavone talking about his career with WCW, but is quickly calmed down by some blatant ass-kissing from Schiavone.
Meantime, Harris takes control of the match early on, only to lose it when Stasiak boots Harris in the face, then clotheslines him.
After stomping away at Harris, Stasiak drapes him over the bottom rope and tries for a submission by sitting on Harris' back. Whip to the corner by Staisak, but his charge-in eats Harris' big boot. Harris with two Big Left Hands, then a cross-ring whip, but Stasiak blocks the hip-toss, and nails Harris with a flying elbow. Stasiak works the crowd, trying for some cheap heel heat, allowing Harris to recover. An attempted punch by Stasiak gets blocked by Harris, who then counters with a flurry of punches, driving Stasiak back into the corner. Cross-corner whip by Harris gets reversed, and Harris eats the turnbuckle stack. Stasiak follows this up with a big running lariat in the corner, followed by a bulldog in the center of the ring. Cover by Stasiak, 1,2, Harris gets a shoulder up.
Stasiak ties on the reverse chin-lock, so everybody can have a rest. After a few minutes, Harris begins to power out of the chin-lock hold, with the crowd hollering encouragement. Two elbows to Stasiak's gut, followed by a flurry of punches. Harris ducks a half-hearted clothesline attempt by Stasiak, slips into a go-behind, and does a Victory Roll-up that gets only a two count as Stasiak powers out of the pin. Stasiak then ducks a Harris running clothesline, and counters with a boot to the gut. Hangman's neck-breaker, and Harris is on the mat. Cover, 1,2,no!
Stasiak, frustrated, hollers at the referee about the slow count, then starts stomping away at Harris. Whip to the ropes, and Stasiak tries for a tilt-a-whirl body slam, but Harris counters with a spinning DDT that sort of misses, but Stasiak sells the heck out of. Harris is the first to recover, and he gets in a couple of punches on Stasiak's kisser, followed by a whip to the near ropes. Boot to the gut by harris, followed by a spinning neck-breaker. Cross-ring whip and a big back body drop by Harris rocks Stasiak. Cover by harris, 1,2, Stasiak kicks out. A cross-corner whip by Harris ends badly, as Stasiak reverses the clothesline attempt into a devastating senton powerbomb. Cover, 3 count, and Stasiak gets the win.

Nitro's in Wichita, Kansas, but you already knew that, didn't you?

Nothing to see here, folks. Move along, please.

Match #3: Filthy Animals (w/Tygress) d. Jung Dragons, Six Man Tag-team match, (Rey Mysterio w/ guillotine legdrop to Yun Yang's "inseam"/ pin, 5:56).

Filthy Animals are out first.
Disco and Rey Mysterio, Jr. do the "Wazzup?" bit.
Konnan hollers his "Arriba la Raza" schtick with Juventud Guerrera accompaniment.
Disco Inferno tries on "wuhrd tuh yuh mutha", but it comes out "Word to your mother."
As the Jung Dragons make their entrance, Konnan joins the broadcast duo, to provide his own play-by-play.
An intense Kaz Hayashi almost looks like Yoshihiro Tajiri's little brother. Both Yun Yang and Jaime San have been hitting the gym, and it shows.
Jaime San and Rey open the match with a test of strength, followed by some great chain wrestling moves. Rey goes for the hurancanrana, but Jaime San blocks and converts it to a massive spine-buster. Cover, 1,2, Rey kicks out. Corner to corner whip by Jaime San, but he eats Rey's big boot on the charge-in. A series of go-behinds and reverses ends with Jaime San nailing Rey with a snap suplex, and a cover, but only a one count. There's another snap suplex with a bridge finisher, and a two count for this effort. Tag to Kaz Hayashi, who drops an elbow from the top turnbuckle on Rey's outstretched arm. Cross-ring whip, and Rey tags Juventud Guerrera in, who promptly nails Hayashi with a flying mare that dumps him in the corner, then swarming up top to deliver a flurry of punches and kicks. Juvy's got a mad on, obviously. Kaz reverses a cross-corner whip, and then nails Juvy with a snap hurancanrana in the middle of the ring. Kaz goes to the top turnbuckle, and unloads a huge pescado onto Juvy who tosses Hayashi off. Hayashi ducks a clothesline, hooks on a rear waist-lock, and does a snap-suplex, but Juvy rolls on through and lands on his feet.
Boot to Hayashi's gut doubles him over, allowing Juvy to nail Kaz with an inverted powerbomb.
Juvy's up with the crowd, who are up with him, and show it.
Tag to Disco, who hits an elbow on Kaz's neck. Meanwhile, Tenay and Konnan are discussing the proper pronunciation of "hurancanrana," with Schiavone adding his two cents worth.
Kaz tags in Yang who boots Disco in the gut to get his attention. Cross-ring whip gets reversed by Disco, who then nails Yang with an elbow.
Cross-ring whip by Disco goes slightly out of control, and both Disco and Yang end up on the ringside flooring.
Rey decides to join the party on the floor with a baseball slide into a spinning head-scissors takedown on Yang at ringside. Kaz Hayashi joins the fun with a reverse angle swan dive that flattens Rey and Disco, and, inadvertently, Yang as well. Juventud joins in with a springboard giant splash from the top rope to the floor, Whoops, here's Jaime San to make it a full house at ringside.
Jaime San grabs Yang and rolls him back into the ring.
Where, unfortunately, Disco is waiting.
A boot to the gut doubles Yang over. Cross-corner whip gets reversed, then Yang does a run-in, and runs right up Disco's front.
A missed clothesline on Yang only gets Disco a double helping of Jaime San's boots to the head.
Cover, but Jaime San only gets a two count. A poke in the eye by Jaime San causes Disco to wander into the "Wrong Part Of Town", and get further beat up by Yang and Kaz for his troubles. Cover by Kaz, 1,2, no!
Juvy tries to interfere, only to get summarily tossed out of the ring by Jaime San.
Yang's just pummeling Disco, then tries for a whip. Disco reverses it and as Yang rebounds off the ropes, Rey grabs his ankles and trips him onto the mat, hard. Still pinioning Yang's legs, Rey sets him up for Juvy to nail him with an "Air Juvy" legdrop from the top turnbuckle.
Cover by Juvy, 1,2, Kaz comes in to break it up. Yang's back with two kicks to Disco's gut, followed by a spinning heel kick to the head. Rey goes after Kaz, nailing him with a "tope con hilo" over the top rope.
A pin attempt only gets Rey tossed across the ring by Jaime San.
Jaime San whips Rey into the ropes, but Rey does that spin-return thing of his back into the ring.
Double-team clothesline by Rey and Juvy gets ducked by Yang, who promptly eye-pokes them both a la the Three Stooges, which gets a big laugh from the crowd.
Kaz tries to nail Disco with a DDT, but he gets shortstopped by Juvy who caroms him off to Rey, who tosses him over the top rope to the floor. Yang tries to make the save, only to get booted by Juvy right into Disco's "Chartbuster" finisher. Juvy and Disco "make a wish" with Yang's legs and Rey does the top turnbuckle guillotine legdrop, with Yang's "in-seam" as Ground Zero. Cover by Rey, 1,2,3 and the Filthy Animals get the win!
Great match, with the crowd on their feet cheering through most of it.


Match #4: Big Vito (w/ custom pool cue) d. The Artist Currently Masquerading as Raven (w/Paisley), (Float-over DDT "Canolli Drop" finisher/pin, 5:05)

The Artist is in full-bore Raven mode, even to the sneer-y looking expression on his face. Hey folks, anybody else see this as a deliberate dig by WCW aimed right at WWF for hiring Scott Levy?

Big Vito comes out to a rousing cheering section that's hollering "Vi-to! Vi-to!"
Vito looks surprised at first, but pleased, and acknowledges his new-found ringside fans.
The bell rings, but the Artist is still doing his Raven imitation, and a pretty good one it is, too. The crowd at ringside still thinks he sucks though, and boy, are they letting him know it!
The match then starts with the Artist shoving, and then spitting on Vito, who doesn't mind the shoving, but draws the line at spitting, and wallops the Artist.
Clothesline by Vito levels the Artist.
Vito goes up top, and nails the Artist with a flying headbutt.
Cross-ring whip and a big clothesline decks the Artist.
Big scoopslam by Vito. The Artist crawls to the corner, and gets bitch-slapped real good by Big Vito.
Yikes, Vito just wound up a "ba fongool!" and spat right in the Artist's eyes!
The Artist is hollering, digging at his eyes, and staggers to the far corner.
Vito follows, and bitch-slaps him some more.
Cross-corner whip by Vito, but the Artist recovers and counters with a running clothesline.
The Artist drags vito to the center of the ring, "makes a wish", and "adjusts" Vito's in-seam with an elbow!
AACK! The Artist goes for the "Bowery Booger Blower" (and gets booed for it!) Vito's writhing on the mat digging the mess out of his eyes.
Two Big Right Hands from the Artist find their mark on Vito's bazoo.
A cross-ring whip gets countered with a float-over, and Vito's got the Artist off balance, setting up a Sunset Flip.
That is, until the Artist reaches out and touches someone. In this case, that someone is referee "Slick" Johnson, specifically Johnson's ummm, in-seam.
Now Johnson's the one doing the wobbling, as the Artist regains his balance.
(Schiavone says that Johnson was grabbed on the belt buckle, but Tenay knows better.)
Vito takes the opportunity to pull the Artist down into a schoolboy press, but only gets a two count. Vito misses with a running clothesline, but doesn't miss getting an elbow right in the chops from the Artist.
Big knee-lift to the face floors Vito, and the Artist takes the opportunity to jaw some more with the crowd.
Cross-ring whip by the Artist and a spinebuster drives Vito into the mat.
The Artist spits a big loogie (w/ "streamer" and everything! OOG!)
He then rolls Vito up for the pin, but doesn't get one.

Snap mare by the Artist, who then climbs to the second rope and hits the leg-drop. Lateral press, cover, 1,2, Vito gets a shoulder up.
Cross-ring whip by the Artist ends in a sloppy Atomic Drop that Vito nevertheless sells like it was real.
Another cross-ring, but Vito sidesteps it and sends the Artist face-first into the turnbuckle. The Artist staggers back to the center of the ring, and eats a "Mafia kick" that nearly takes his head off!
Vito's had enough.
Down comes the singlet straps, and he's daring the Artist to "come get some!"
The Artist complies, and gets three Big Rights in the kisser in return. Cross-ring whip by Vito, and a towering back body drop.
Suplex, followed by a Big Vito top-turnbuckle flying elbow.
With the fans on their feet cheering like crazy, Vito goes for the cover, 1,2, but the Artist gets a shoulder up.
Vito's attempt at a suplex gets shortstopped by the Artist, who delivers three punches to Vito's face, topped off with a jawbreaker that staggers the big man. Cross-ring whip by the Artist, but Big Vito ducks the clothesline. He then blocks the Artist's boot to the gut, then counters with one of his own. Vito then nails the Artist with a really vicious-looking DDT, and gets the pin and the win.
Post-match, Tenay calls Vito's finisher DDT the "Canolli Drop", which makes even Tony Schiavone gag in disbelief.

"Canolli Drop!"
I ask you!

Nitro Girls promo. They still can't, who cares, they're all gorgeous!

A repeat of the promo stack from the first quarter-hour.

Back to the Bunker, where Scott Hudson says that it seems that every five or ten years, there's a major upheaval in pro-wrestling. Bobby Heenan agrees, but says that, "with Vince Russo in charge, the 'upheavals' are now coming every six WEEKS, and you've got to watch all the programming, you've got to get the PPV's because if you don't you're going to be WAY out in left field, way left out!"

Hudson then says that next week will have all the results of what went down at Vancouver, (huh?) and an update on the card for "Fall Brawl" PPV that's tentatively scheduled for September 17th.

As Hudson gives the sign-off, and the theme music is playing, Heenan can be heard asking him,

"What are you doing this weekend, Scott?"

"Well," says Hudson, "I thought I'd go back out to the lake, maybe do some fishing..."

"Can I come too?"

Hudson gives him a look.

See you next week.

E.C. Ostermeyer
[slash] wrestling

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