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/14 October 2000

WCW Worldwide by E.C. Ostermeyer




This is the WCW Worldwide recap for Saturday, 14 October 2000. I'm your recapper, ol' E.C. himself.

Opening Credits.
Terry Taylor runs out of quarters and trashes the Lenox Square Mall's arcade in a stupid, screaming rage.

Your hosts are Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, and Scott "The Dome" Hudson.

We are still receiving these transmissions from two light-weeks ago, so the show's still a trip down memory lane.
WCW was getting ready to head Down Under, and Juventud Guerrera was still with the company.

The studio table is completely free of the WCW Merchandising gnomes' influence. Looks like your letters had some effect. Thanks, fans.

Heenan makes the "okay" sign. We all hope you're "okay" as well, Ms. Heenan.

Topic One is the meteoric rise of Booker T to become the WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Heenan says that a lot of people, (read "Bobby Heenan") said that Booker T was too hurt, to old, and too mid-card to ever achieve the Title, and, what's more, defend the Title. Heenan's big enough to admit he made a mistake, since Booker T proved everybody wrong, and "showed everybody that he's the real deal!"

Over to Mike Tenay, Tony Schiavone, and Stevie Ray at ringside. I think this "Worldwide" was taped from the Erie, PA Thunder show. Yep, there's the one-third full arena with the darkened balcony seats. Quite a change from the sold-out venues in Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia, huh?
Schiavone's beginning to show the strain, don't you think?
Well, you can't blame it on jet lag, now can you?

Ringside chatter concerns Screamin' Norman Smiley, who may be the only wrestler ever to give a Title BACK to WCW. Stevie Ray says that Smiley did it because he was being challenged each and every week, and no Title, Hardcore or otherwise, was worth the constant punishment. Tonight, Smiley takes on big Kevin Northcutt. In addition, we'll get a whiz-bang of a six-man match between Three Count and the Filthy Animals.

No "Mean Gene" microphone-in-the-bazoo interview this week. Maybe Okerlund's working off the "public service" portion of his DUI sentence?
Wonder what the judge has him doing?
Asphalt sealing on the Florida Turnpike?
Trash pick-up at Port Everglades?
Cage-cleaning at "Jungle Larry's?"
Hee hee.
We miss ya, Mean Gene!

Back to the studio, where Scott and Bobby chew over Vince Russo "winning" the Title, and then putting it up for grabs between his hand-picked contenders, Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett. WCW Commissioner Ernest "The Cat" Miller had other ideas, choosing Booker T and Sting as HIS two contenders. This sets up a compromise match that pleased none of the parties involved.

Footage from Nitro of two weeks back (Taped in San Francisco, CA) shows a (heavily medicated?) Vince Russo telling the entire world that he proved that, "at any time, I could become the WCW World Heavyweight Champion," but that he's 1) not an athlete, and 2) he fears getting mashed into a moist spot and a memory by Bill Goldberg. A Yankee's jersey-clad Jeremy Borash massages Russo's shoulders for him, which looks REALLY disturbing.
Over to Pamela Paulshock, who's revealed herself to be a really lovely young lady once she ditched that crack-whore make-up job they had her wearing early on in her tenure with WCW.
Ms. Paulshock says that "The Cat", as WCW Commissioner, has decided arbitrarily to make the contender's match be between Sting and Booker T.
Cut to Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner, who are confronting "WCW Dark Side" Commissioner Mike Sanders about who gets the Title shot? Steiner, with the extremely pneumatic Midajah in tow, says that, if Sanders makes the wrong choice, he's a meat popsicle with Steiner's lead pipe as the stick.
Then, Kevin Nash comes along to provide Mr. Sanders with the, ummm, "proper motivation" for his confrontation with "The Cat."
And Sanders duly comes up with a Tag match: Booker T & Jeff Jarrett against Scott Steiner & Sting, with the winners of the match to face each other for the Title later that evening.
Messrs. Jarrett and Steiner are not happy, to say the least, until Sanders calms 'em down and explains things.
Having the members of the Natural Born Thrillers there as backup helped, too.
Over to the match, where it's all Booker T, even to having Sting get "El-Kabonged" by Jarrett. Booker T pins Steiner, though we don't see that part.
Later, during the hilarious four-pole "San Francisco Forty Niners" match, ("Beetlejuice" clobbering Jarrett with a Giant Splash? I ask you!) Booker T cracks open Box #4 and "wins" the Title back.


We come back, and Goldberg's situation is the topic of discussion. Vince Russo, enraged at the manhandling he received from Goldberg, decreed that Goldberg has to repeat and beat his 176-0 record to get another shot at the Title. If he fails at any point, he's gone from WCW.
Heenan says that, compared to what Goldberg faced the first time he climbed the ladder, (i.e. the usual promoted matches from the WCW bookers) he's got one heckuva tough climb this time, since Russo's going to throw every one of WCW's tough customers and tag teams in Goldberg's way to make sure Goldberg doesn't get the Title shot. "This is a vendetta. Russo's going to win this one!"
Footage from Nitro, shows a "Nitro-troned" Russo raging at Goldberg. "Your career is MINE!"
Later, Borash drives WCW's version of the Pope-mobile to ringside, with Russo in the "goldfish bowl." Goldberg disposes what's left of "B&R Security," (remember them?), as Russo spells out the coming events in Goldberg's life.
Win 177 consecutive matches, and the Title shot is his.
Lose once, and he's gone for good. Goldberg just grins, squashes Borash, drags him out of the car, and is about to climb into the driver's seat...
...when who should show up but Meng! One Tongan death-grip later, and Russo's bacon is saved once more.
This, of course, sets up a Goldberg/Meng match which starts off the new winning streak with a bang. Spear/jackhammer, and Meng's reappearance is over and done with.
(Hey, you think maybe Rikishi is right?)
Post-match, enter Kronik in their new role as minions of the Dark Lord of the Sith to deliver a "High Times" finisher for Mr. Goldberg.
Still later, Terry Taylor catches Goldberg backstage as he's leaving, and says don't go just yet, that Mike Sanders has him booked in a match. This leads to a pointless squash of the (God help us!) Harris Boys, including a sloppy jackhammer on Heavy D, and Goldberg's record stands at 3-0.

Back to the studio, where Hudson draws comparison with Rulon Gardner's Olympic win over Russia's previously unbeaten Alexander Karelin, snapping his 14-year winning streak.

Heenan: "With every victory, it's going to get tougher for Goldberg, because Russo's there thinking, 'Uh oh, he got by this guy. I'll put somebody even tougher in there for him to face next time. I don't see any way that any human being can go through 176-some opponents that Russo's hand-picked. No way!"


Session three finds the topic of discussion mark Jindrak & Sean O'Haire's becoming the WCW World Tag-team Champs.
Heenan's not surprised, what with NBT member Mike Sanders becoming the "Commissioner", and "Coach" Kevin Nash
calling the plays.
"Things looking up for the Natural Born Thrillers, " says Hudson.
"When you've got the 'stroke'..." says Heenan.
Footage from Nitro shows the Natural Born Thrillers' Reno retaining the WCW Hardcore Title after "Dark Side" Commissioner Mike Sanders reverses MIA's Sgt. AWOL's win of the Title, owing to "outside interference" (in a Hardcore match?) from a revenge-minded Big Vito, who clouted Reno with the stickball bat.
Next, Sanders and Coach Nash square off against "Prime-Time" Elix Skipper in a handicap match (read "squash") that puts the Cruiserweight Title around Sanders' waist.
That's four Title belts for the NBT, if you are keeping score.

Hudson is peeved, to put it mildly, at Mike Sanders' blatant abuse of his powers as Russo' handpicked Commissioner.

Heenan sees it differently
"Sanders is just doing his job. Russo made him the Commissioner, and he's doing his job the best he knows how. If they gave YOU a job, Scott, wouldn't you do the best you could?"
"Well, yeah," responds Hudson.
"Wouldn't you make sure you told those under you exactly what to do, and how to do it?"
"Of course," says Hudson.
"Would you crack the whip and fire them?"

Heenan points off stage.

"I'd like that guy fired right over there; he hasn't done anything in the past half-hour. I don't even think he works here."

"Which one Br-, will you STOP it? Give him a break! When we come back to Worldwide..."

"Shhh," says Heenan.

"Ooh!" says Hudson. (Talks softer): "When we come back it's 'Ask WCW..."
"We shouldn't wake him u- hey, I think he's passed out!"
Now Hudson's peering at the apparently snoozing guy. "How can you tell, Brain?"
"There's a tag on his toe..."


It's time for "Ask WCW."
Our question this week comes from Mike Fenner of Sacramento, California, who wants to ask "70's Guy" Mike Awesome, "Who isd your favorite '70's TV star? Awesome, who's really improved on the stick from his days of rage-and-snarl stick time in ECW, says his favorite 70's TV star is Lee Majors, because "I'm a 'Six Million Dollar Man" just like he was!"
(Is this a possible inkling as to the size of the contract WCW offered to get Awesome away from ECW? And they've STILL got him in this lame-ass gimmick? Sheesh!)

Heenan's favorite 70's TV star was Mean Gene Okerlund.
"He wasn't working in the 70's, Brain," responds Hudson.
No, but he's 75 years old!" retorts Heenan, who grabs for the phone and starts dialing.
"Halloween Havo-, who you calling?" asks Hudson.
"Gene," says Heenan, who stops dialing, apparently lost in thought.
"Have you got him yet?"
"No, I don't know the number for the Home for the Terminally Bewildered."
Hudson (sigh): "Call Information."
Hudson then runs the card for the "Halloween Havoc" PPV.

As regards the PPV match between General Rection and Lance Storm, Heenan likes "the NEW Hacksaw Jim Duggan, his new attitude, and his new way of thinking. Canadian. Eh?"

Hudson gives Heenan "The Look."

Heenan also thinks the world of "The Franchise" Shane Douglas, who, with Torrie Wilson on his arm, looks like they both stepped off Rodeo Drive. "And then you've got their opponents, the Filthy Animals' Konnan and Tygress, and you figure they've just been to a garage sale in Des Moines."

"Aw, for cryin' out loud, Des Moines?" says an exasperated Hudson.

Heenan's back on the phone.

"Huh? Okay, I'll call back later."
Hangs up.
"What?" asks Hudson.
"They're bathing him now," says Heenan.
Ooooh!" Hudson winces. "NOT a good visual!"
"He loves those little bubbles..."
"Eeeegh!" says Hudson.

And we're sent back to ringside for our first match.

Match #1: Screamin' Norman Smiley d. Kevin Northcutt, ("Norman Conquest" finisher/submission, 2:41)

Haven't seen Kevin Northcutt in a while, and he's bulked up considerably since his last appearance. The training regimen must be agreeing with him.
Smiley's giving away both a height and a weight advantage, but appears to be confident and unconcerned at the discrepancy.
Fans at ringside are imitating Norman's scream, and doing a good job of it, too.
Smiley starts the match off with an arm-bar on Northcutt, followed by a cross-ring whip. Northcutt reverses the whip, and tries for a side-body drop, but Smiley does a float-over, grabs the arm, and snap-shoulder rolls the big man to the mat. Snap mare by Smiley rolls Northcutt into the near corner. Wiggle from Smiley, and a lunge from Northcutt, who Smiley arm-bars and then kicks in the gut. Whip to the corner, and Smiley charges in. Northcutt executes a good back body drop to the outside of the ring, but Smiley lands on the ring apron instead. Northcutt's grinning to the crowd...
...and gets jerked off his feet by a Smiley hair-pull. Smiley stands on the top rope, and he favors the crowd with another "Big Wiggle" from his perch. Northcutt puts a stop to that with a quick punch to the pants, and a massive sit-out powerslam. Cross-leg cover by Northcutt, 1,2, Smiley kicks out! Kick from Northcutt on Smiley's back, followed by a snap mare, and a double mule kick to Smiley's back that really rocked him a good one!
Northcutt bounces Smiley head off the turnbuckle, and follows up with a chop (but no "Whoooo!" from the crowd, who are busy chanting "Nor-man! Nor-man!")
Suplex attempt by Northcutt, but Smiley wiggles free, does a shove-off the near-side ropes, and executes a sweet Victory Roll into a schoolboy press. Northcutt rolls on through, to hands and knees, and this gives Smiley the opportunity to do a BIG "Big Wiggle", complete with the "doin' it up the butt, and smackin' mah bitch up!" moves.
Northcutt, not happy with his role in that little tableau, nails Smiley with a superkick to the face. Scoopslam by Northcutt. Going outside the ropes, Northcutt vaults back over the ropes and into a Swan-ton Bomb, with Smiley at Ground Zero. Northcutt drags Smiley to his feet. Another attempt at a cross-ring whip by Northcutt, but Smiley blocks it, and counters with his "Norman Conquest" submission finisher for the win.


Match #2: Filthy Animals (Konnan (but no Tygress) & Juventud Guerrera & Rey Mysterio, Jr. (w/horns and family at ringside) d. Three Count,( Evan Karagias & Shane Helms & Shannon Moore,) (Rey Jr. w/top-rope leg-drop on Moore via triple-team "make-a-wish"/Schoolboy Press/pin, 6:10).

The match opens with Shane Helms squaring off against Juventud Guerrera. Charge-in by Juvy gets a body slam from Helms. Finger-pointing/trash talking session ends with a shove from Helms and Juvy responding with a bitch-slap.
Cross-ring shove by Helms meets a juvy shpoulder block on the rebound. Quick cross-ring work by Juvy, who ducks a swung fist from Helms, and then executes a tilt-a-whirl flying headscissors that tosses Helms across the ring. Evan Karagias leaps in to cold-cock Juvy, which brings Rey-Rey into the fray to settle Karagias' hash with a clothesline. This gets a snap clothesline from Shannon Moore on Rey, but Moore gets clobbered by one of Konnan's rolling clotheslines. The ring looks like the aftermath of Pickett's Charge, with bodies just all over the place.
Konnan's first up, and does a cross-corner whip on Shannon Moore. Moore spots Konnan charging in, tries a float-over, but Konnan grabs Moore's ankles and tosses him over the ring ropes to the floor, nearly landing him in a "WCW Magazine" photographer's lap!
While Konnan goes outside to administer the stomp and whip-song on Moore, Karagias and helms are double-teaming Juvy in the ring, but Rey breaks that up. Double cross-ring whip by Karagias & Moore, but Juvy & Rey each reverse and then land a massive cross-body block, driving their opponents out under the bottom rope to the floor. Juvy follows up by vaulting the top rope and nailing Shane Helms with a plancha. Rey does the same to Evan Karagias a moment later.
Meanwhile, Shannon Moore and Konnan are back in the ring. Cross-corner whip by Moore, but Konnan does a float-over of his own, a back somersault, kicks Moore in the gut, then DDT's him, which Moore sells like crazy.
Konnan locks Moore in a full nelson, then drops to the mat on his back, leaving Moore's chest wide open for a Swanton Bomb from Rey Mysterio. Rey's momentum carries him across the ring, where he puts a Big Right Hand in Evan Karagias' puss.
Cros-ring whip by Rey on Shannon Moore, who reverses, sending Rey into the ropes. Rey does his patented "quick reverse swing- around," but walks right back into a spinning heel kick from Moore that sends him to the mat.
Moore stuffs Rey into the near corner, and starts belaboring him with punches and slaps. His cross-corner whip gets reversed by Rey, who then nails Moore with a facebuster as he rebounds out of the far corner.
Running jump by Rey gets him caught in mid-air by Moore, and the rest of Three Count come in to triple-team a massive powerslam. Ouch!
Cover by Moore, but referee Charles Robinson doesn't even get to a 1-count before Juvy's in to break up the attempt.
Cross-ring whip by Moore, who then nails Rey with a knee lift.
Back of the knee facebuster by Moore, who then covers, but gets only two. Tag by Moore to Shane helms, who comes into the ring and trash-talks the prostrate Rey Mysterio, then starts punching and stomping him into the far corner. Big cross-corner whip by Helms slams Rey into the near corner. As Rey staggers back, he gets a superkick right in the bazoo from Helms. Scoopslam by Helms, who then tags to Moore. Moore leaps off the top rope and lands astride Helms shoulders. Helms then shoves Moore off, and he nails Rey with a Giant Splash. Cover by Moore, 1,2, Juvy breaks it up!
Moore and Helms leap at Juvy, who wisely retreats through the ropes. Charles Robinson, distracted by trying to get either Helms or Moore out of the ring, doesn't see Evan Karagias nail Rey Mysterio with a top-rope flying elbow. Moore's apparently the legal man, and he promptly hurls Rey into the far corner. His charge-in gets Rey's boot in his face, and Rey scoots across the ring, tries for a body scissors on Evan Karagias, who counters the move with a huge powerbomb. Karagias then trash talks the prostrate Rey, and then nails a forearm shot on Juvy and Konnan in the corner.
Karagias tries the cross-corner whip and charge-in this time, and Rey boots him in the face as well. Rey's attempt at a float-over gets countered into a scoopslam by Karagias. There's a blatant chokehold by Karagias on Rey, which referee Robinson is quick to break up.
Tag by Karagias to Helms. Triple-team cross-ring whip by Three Count on Rey Mysterio, who ducks a Karagias-Moore double clothesline, and nails Helms with a leaping sit-out facebuster. Rey gets stunned as well, but not so badly that he can't avoid a Karagias' top-rope springboard pescado. Karagias misses, and lands hard.
Now it's a race to see who tags first, and the crowds cheering like crazy. Rey wins with a hot tag to Konnan, who promptly nails Karagias and Helms with a running clothesline. A cross-body block attempt by Shannon Moore on Konnan gets blocked, Moore spins out of Konnan's scoopslam attempt and lands on his feet. Just in time to get Juvy's top-rope flying double dropkick that squashes him to the mat.
Clothesline by Konnan sends Helms over the top rope and out of the ring. Ditto from Juvy on Karagias on the far side of the ring.
Konnan and Juvy then double-team a massive wheelbarrow slam on Moore, planting him face-first on the canvas. Rey goes up top, Konnan and Juvy "Make a Wish" with Moore's legs as the wishbone. Rey leaps and hits a towering senton leg-drop right on Moore's "in-seam." YEOWTCH!
Schoolboy press by Rey gets the pin and the win.

Great match by six of the best lucha-style workers in WCW. Thanks, guys!

Valvoline Replay shows the end of the match.


Hudson and Heenan shill for the "Halloween Havoc" PPV some more, with special emphasis on Goldberg's "Handicap match" with Kronik. Heenan says that the match with Kronik will be Goldberg's sternest test, and it may be that Halloween Havoc may be he last time we see Goldberg in WCW, if Vince Russo has anything to do with it.
Heenan also thinks that Scott Steiner will whomp up on Sting at "Halloween Havoc." "Bet the farm, bet your kids, bet the bank account on it. Steiner is one big opponent for Sting. Maybe too big."

Hudson gives the date of the PPV once more, and we're done.
Closing credits.

See you next week.

E.C. Ostermeyer
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