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/4 November 2000

WCW Worldwide by E.C. Ostermeyer




This is the WCW WorldWide report for Saturday, 4 November 2000. I'm your recapper, E.C. Ostermeyer

Opening Credits.
Terry Taylor is high bidder on Bill Clinton's Ebay auction of NORAD'S old Air Defense System. Lots of blinking lights and cool looking neat-o radar screen thingies. The North Koreans were high bidder for all the missiles, though. I understand that, as they have no rocket fuel, they plan on using a huge rubber band hung between two trees as the launch facility.

Your hosts this week are Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, and...?...!


Heenan is looking at Schiavone with undisguised contempt.

"What have you done with Scott Hudson?"

"Scott's fine, he'll be back next week," purrs Tony.

"You're gonna be with me the whole time this week?"
"Right here on Worldwide," says Schiavone.
Heenan gives the camera his best "Jack Benny Look."

Tony then goes into great detail about the "bright new day" at WCW Worldwide.
This sounds ominous.
The last time WCW tried something like this, "WCW Saturday Night" sank like a rock.
Mike Tenay will be out a little later, and we will crack open the WCW archives for a classic match from the past. Then, we'll all take a look at Goldberg's streak. Will he make it to 177-0? An "Up-Close" segment on Johnny the Bull will be shown.
We will also be inaugurating a new segment called "Win the Brain's Money!" Bobby The Brain will put up $1000 of his own money, and contestants will challenge Heenan's (considerable!) knowledge of wrestling.
This week's contestants are:
Kwee-Wee and Paisley!

"Boy-oh-boy, did you see what they're wearing?" asks Heenan, "With the glitter and the pink and all? Eat your heart out, Regis!"

We start things off with something called "Match of the Week." From the Nitro in Little Rock, we get the brutal match between Crowbar and Vampiro.
Heenan says that Crowbar lives for pain; anything that hurts him makes him stronger. "Vam-pye-roh", being wired wrong at birth, is not only abnormal, but he scares the beejeezus out of Heenan.

"That's Vam-pee-roh," corrects Tony.

"Him too!" retorts Heenan.

Footage from Nitro shows the final moments of the match, with Vampiro doing a scary-as-hell look as he prepares to chokeslam Crowbar off DJ Ran's stage and through a table. Referee Charles Robinson is REALLY concerned about Crowbar, as Vampiro stalks back up the ramp. Grabbing a microphone, he lays the whole blame for his anti-social behavior at Mike Awesome's door. This because of an Awesome Bomb delivered through a table some two months previous.

Back in the studio, Tony says that we haven't seen the last of this feud.
"No, and you won't until it's all over," says Heenan. "Vam-pye-roh..."
"That's Vam-pee-roh..."
"WHATEVER, he knows who he is," says Heenan, irritably. "And that "70's Guy" with all that polyester, better watch out, or 'Whis-s-s-t!' Up in smoke real quick!"

Tony changes the subject, shilling for the "Win the Brain's Money" segment.
"Nobody's gonna beat me when it comes to wrestling knowledge," pontificates Heenan.
"Because you're 'The Brain'."
Because I'm 'The Brain,'" says Heenan, who suddenly takes a real close look at what Schiavone's got on.

"Well, I'll be...polyester!"
Tony looks like he does when Madden farts at the Nitro announcers' table.
Face it, bub, Heenan's got your number.


We come back, and Goldberg's win streak is the topic of conversation. At least, it is for Tony Schiavone.

Bobby Heenan is busy rubbing his head, doing neck rolls, etc. He's huffing and puffing like a steam engine.

"What're you doing, Brain?"
I'm working out," replies Heenan. "Doing 'brain-sets.'"
"Yeah, one more and I'm done," retorts Heenan. "Gimme a spot here, would you?"

Footage from Nitro shows Goldberg squashing Sean Stasiak. Spear/jackhammer, 12-0.

It's time for "Ask WCW."
Last week, Adam Leslie from Atlanitc, Iowa, had a question for Bobby Heenan about Disqo. Specifically, what's up with that duck? Heenan's rather flippant answer apparently did not meet with the producer's approval.

"What's up with the DUCK?!" snorts Heenan. "Now we're getting mail from Bugs Bunny?"

Over to Disqo, who's got on a pair of Gargoyles, and holding the duck. And is trying REAL HARD to look hip.

Sort of like the time the county sheriff wanted a car for drug deal stings. He got an old police cruiser, and painted a big yin-yang on the hood, trunk, and doors. Didn't change the black 'n' white or the lights, though.

Disqo is out to prove that the fiberglass duck he holds will get over not only better, but QUICKER than 90% of the current roster in WCW. "10,000 screaming fans, all chanting 'We want the duck! Gotta have the duck!"
10,000 huh?
WCW must be comping a LOT harder than even I gave them credit for.

"Who let the dogs out?"
I ask you!

Back to the studio, where Heenan's shaking his head in disbelief, as Tony shills for WCWdotcom.
Or, as it's written on the screen, "WCW - COM."
Try shoving that in your URL, and see what it gets you.

"We'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line. We mean it. We read everything. And we'll answer you back. Bet your ass! Free sex and booze for the first ten hitsters. I'm not joking! Hello? Anybody there?"

Tony's desperation can be sensed just under his plastic exterior, like dark currents under an ice field.

"The man and his duck," snorts Heenan, "are out of luck!"
"You know anything about ducks, Brain?"
"ME?! What would I know about ducks?" retorts Heenan, who then brings a fist up to his mouth and coughs, expelling a huge cloud of feathers.
"We'll be right back..." begins Tony.
"Don't ever eat at Wong's," says Heenan, which cracks Tony up.


We come back, and it's time for the "WCW Classic Match."
Mike Tenay is sitting in for Bobby Heenan, as we go way back to "Halloween Havoc: 1995." The Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, MI.
Tenay sets the stage for you. WCW Monday Nitro had been on less than two months. Hulk Hogan was in the midst f his first EVER Title reign.
Ric Flair was feuding with, believe it or not, Arn Anderson. Sting and Brian Pillman made up the other halves of the respective tag-teams for this show. Pre-match, an attack backstage by Anderson and Pillman left Flair injured, and therefore not able to wrestle, so Sting decided to go it alone.

Classic Match: Arn Anderson & Brian Pillman d. Sting (w/ Ric Flair), 1995 "Halloween Havoc" PPV, (Triple-team/DQ, we saw 4:00 or so.)

Joined in progress, we arrive just in time to see Arn Anderson walloping Sting with a double axe-handle blow across the shoulders. Anderson tries for a piledriver, but Sting blocks it, reverses, then catapults Anderson into the near corner, neatly crotching Pillman on the top turnbuckle. As Anderson rolls around on the canvas, Sting goes over and launches Pillman off the top turnbuckle and hot-shots him off the steel guardrail at ringside. Sting goes to work on Anderson, and bounces Anderson's head off that of Pillman. Low blow from Anderson doubles Sting over. Flair shows up at ringside, and the crowd goes nuts. It's standing room only. Pillman and Anderson double-team Sting, as Flair rips his own shirt off, bellowing for Sting to tag him in, and hollering "Whoooo!".
Sting's trying to reach for the tag, but Anderson's got a leg and holding him back. As Flair reaches in just a little bit farther, Pillman shows up and yanks him off the ring apron. We are treated to Flair chasing Pillman around the ringside area, before finally climbing back up on the ring apron. Anderson has meanwhile wrapped Sting up in an Abdominal Stretch. Sting breaks free, and it's punches in bunches time. In comes Pillman, just in time to get a Sting chop across the forehead, and down he goes. Sting and Anderson connect with simultaneous running clotheslines, and they both go down. Flair's trying to reach in to make the tag, and finally does, as the crowd erupts with cheers. Flair does some stylin' and profilin' moves...
And then walks right up to Sting and punches him full in the face,
Sting goes down like a sack of potatoes, as Flair, Pillman, and Anderson start the beat-down. Sting tries to rally, and even seems to hold his own for a bit, but soon gets overwhelmed by superior numbers. Flair's just chopping away at Sting, who's arms are being pinioned by Arn Anderson. The referees arrive to stop the madness. Post match, we get a treat; Ric Flair on the stick, telling Sting how he 1) should never jump on Arn Anderson (Anderson does the "four" sign, grinning nastily.) Next Sting should never put his hands on Flyin' Brian Pillman, (Pillman does the "four" sign, and goes "Whooo!"). Finally, he should never, "EVER mess around with the Nature Boy! Whooooo! And finally, you don't walk, talk, or breathe, without the Horsemen let you!"

Back to the studio, where Tenay and Schiavone talk about how much things have changed in WCW since then.
Tony then sets up the next segment, "Win the Brain's Money", by introducing our contestants, Kwee-Wee and Paisley.
Hoots and wolf whistles from the camera crew, as Kwee-Wee and Paisley make their entrance.
Tony asks if they've got their four questions ready for Bobby the Brain? Paisley says "Absolutely!"
Kwee-Wee says responds to Tony's question of "Why the Hardcore Title?, by saying that that is a different side of Kwee-Wee, but that today, THIS side of Kwee-Wee is very interested in taking Bobby the Brain's money away from him.
Tenay reminds us all that it's not a good idea to make Kwee-Wee angry, something that Heenan should take to heart.


We come back...
And Heenan's got his graduation cap and gown on, so that must mean it's time for:

"Win the Brain's Money" with your host Tony Schiavone. Heenan is busy with some last minute cramming, as Tony says that if Paisley and Kwee-Wee win, they will donate their winnings to charity.
Yeah, how about the "Save the Power Plant" foundation?
Brain can pick a couple of his friends as a "lifeline" (huh?) in case he gets stuck.

"What of you don't have any?" asks Heenan.
"Well, then, you're S-O-L," sniggers Tony.
Heenan looks pained, but determined. HE begins chewing on his cap's tassel.

Tony says that Heenan can also refer once to the WCW Reference Book, authored by Mike Tenay and Scott Hudson.
He can also poll the studio "audience", at present composed of cameramen and technicians.
"You call that a lifeline? Half these guys are out of work!" sneers Heenan.

As we get started, Heenan wants to know if "Key-Hole" or Paisley will be asking the questions.
"It's Kwee-Wee, Brain," chuckles Tony, who's smug smile gets wiped away when he sees the look on Kwee-Wee's face.

Paisley has Question One ($250):
Name the wrestler who defeated Sid Vicious at Mayhem '99?
a. Ric Flair
b. Goldberg
c. Booker T.
d. Scott Steiner

Heenan's got the answer without hearing the four choices!
"It's Goldberg. I called the match. It was a mess. Goldberg kept coming, Sid Vicious kept coming..."
Tony: "Uh, Brain, we DO have a time limit..."
Heenan: "Oh, really? (To Kwee-Wee & Paisley): "Well, sorry you lost, but thanks for coming..."
Tony: "Wait a minute, you still got three questions left!"
Kwee-Wee getting testy, says Heenan has to wait 'til the four possible answers are given, too.
Heenan gives him The Look.

Paisley with Question #2 ($500):
In what city did the first "Mayhem" originate in?
a. Toronto
b. Detroit
c. Jacksonville
d. Indianapolis

Tony: "Take your time Brain. Use a lifeline if you have t-"
Heenan (irritably): "Shut up! I can't concentrate with you thinking!"
He goes for the phone.
Heenan (dialing): "Yes, I AM USING A LIFELINE, OKAY?!"
(on the phone) "Hi, how you doing? Yeah, it's Bobby the Brai- !"

Bobby, nonplussed, dives into the WCW Reference Book.
"What year 'Mayhem' was it?"
Tony: "There's only been one 'Mayhem', Brain, that was last year, '99."
Heenan: "It was cold. I remember it was cold..."
Tony: "It's ALWAYS cold in November. Unless you're in Australia."

Heenan gives Tony The Look... and then the "light dawns."
"Toronto. Toronto, Canada. I was there."

Score two for "The Brain."
Heenan: "Aren't we running short of time here...?"
Tony: "Ques-tion Three, if you please, Paisley."
Paisley: Question 3 ($750):
What type match did Vampiro and Alex Wright have at Mayhem last year?
a. Cage match
b. Texas Death match
c. Vampire on a Pole match
d. Chain match.

Heenan (lost in thought): "What about 'All of the above'?"
Tony: "That doesn't work, Brain."
Heenan: "Of COURSE! 'Vampire on a Pole!"
Tony: "Wrong!"
"You are so-o-o-o wrong! Congratulations, Paisley, Kwee-Wee, you just won $750 of the Brain's money..."
"My MONEY!!!!" squeals Heenan in shock.

Paisley's laughing and clapping her hands.

Tony: "...but you now have a chance to win it all, if you get the answer to next, $1000 question right. Paisley, Kwee-Wee, you can stop right here with $750, or you can try for $1000. But remember, if Brain gets the right answer, you will lose the $750 as well."
Heenan: "If they decide to quit right now, I gotta come up with 750 fish, right? But if they stay, we go for...!"
(to Paisley & Kwee-Wee) "You gotta go for it..."

Paisley says they need to keep the money because Kwee-Wee "needs more glitter."
Heenan (desperately): "Nonono, you gotta go for it, and I'll tell you why. You walk away with $750. Hey, I TIP $750 each day, it's nothing to me. But a GRAND? You beat The Brain for a GRAND, and you're in the Superbowl! (To Paisley): "You'll be in Halftime Show there, and you," (Kwee-Wee): "you'll be in the St. Patrick's Day Parade!"
(Boy, that's a disturbing image!)

Kwee-Wee decides to ask 'The Brain' one more question, "because there's no WAY you'll get it right!"

Heenan looks relieved, even a bit confident.

Paisley: "Question #4 ($1000):
How many new champions were crowned at "Mayhem" in '99?
a. 3
b. 0
c. 1
d. 2

"I'm dead!"
Heenan's crushed. He literally does not know where to turn.
He dives for the phone.
"No phone calls, Brain," says Tony, while deftly extracting the Reference Guide from Heenan's nerveless fingers. "You've used these two lifelines, already."
"I thought I got nine lives? I got four cats, that's thirty six..."
"I guess you can poll the Studio Audience..."
Heenan looks around wildly, then spots his salvation.

"Tenay! C'mere, quick! I need a favor."
Tenay (suspiciously): "What kind of favor do you wan- ?"
"Hey, wait a minute now..." says Tony.
Heenan (to Schiavone): "Beat it! We're talking shop here!"

Tony (to Paisley & Kwee-Wee): "I'm sorry..."
Kwee-Wee is getting provoked at Heenan's antics

Heenan's busy mumbling to Tenay: "...answer...champions...!"
Tenay: "Well, what's in it for me?"
Heenan appears shocked that his GOOD FRIEND Mike Tenay would stoop so low as to ask for payment.
Heenan: "Dead presidents."
Tenay: " It better be dead presidents. And no more of those rubber checks..."
Heenan: "Rubber? I never gave you...!"
Tenay: "Oh no?! There was that one time..."

Tony: "You going to be all day over there, Brain?"
Heenan: "I can take as much time as I want!"
He turns back to Tenay.
"You got an answer?"
Tenay: "Let's see the money."
Heenan reaches into his pocket, then blocks the camera's view with his gown to keep the, ummm, "transaction" private.
Kwee-Wee's on his feet and getting madder by the second.
Tenay: "Three."
Heenan smiling broadly, turns to Paisley and Kwee-Wee: "It's one, two, THREE strikes, and you're OUT!"
He then flips his tassel in triumph.

Tony: "Uh, that IS the right answer, even though Brain..."

Kwee-Wee: "CHEATED! You cheated the Kwee-Wee! You made the Kwee-Wee very angry! The Kwee-Wee's gonna put you through a table...!"
Paisley: "Yeah, you cheated...
Heenan's edging away from Awful Danger. "Somebody de-Kwee-Wee 'em!"
Tony: "Uh, thank you for being with us..."
Kwee-Wee (being dragged off by Paisley): "He cheated! He cheated!"

Tony: "Well, that's it for this installment of "Win the Brain's Money!" We'll have more Worldwide wrestling coming right..."

Heenan: "I'm here to pick up my grand."
"You didn't WIN the money, you KEPT your money, Brain."
Heenan looks puzzled, then exasperated.
"Man, I gotta talk to somebody about this, because this is a rip-off!"
He walks off in a huff.


We come back.

Schiavone is talking to Heenan.
"You will do ANYTHING to keep your money, won't you?"
"You weren't supposed to talk to Tenay."
"Why not? He was part of the 'studio audience,' wasn't he?"
"By 'studio audience' we meant the crew (gestures towards the cameras), and NOT Mike Tenay."
"Would you look at these guys? You can't ask them a question. Ask 'em to spell "cat", and give 'em the "c" and the "t", and they'd mess up the rest of it!"
Tony (to the crew): "Guys, we're sorry. That's the Brain talking, and not me."

Tony (disgustedly): "So you keep your money?"
Heenan (just realizing this, brightens considerably): "Yeah, I keep my money!"
Tony: "You know Tenay's gonna be here every week..."
Heenan (REALLY brightening up): "Yeahhhh?!"
"...but you're not gonna be able to ask Tenay, next time."
Heenan (indignant): "You can't make the rules up about MY show when it involves MY money! Can you tell Vanna not to turn that number? Would you tell Wink Martindale not to "Name that Tune? Well, you don't tell me what to do, 'Wink'!"

As Heenan sits there in a righteous snit, Tony introduces a short biopic on Johnny the Bull, "one of the up and coming stars of WCW. Johnny the Bull is a man we will be able to hang our hat on for years to come."
Heenan: "Well, most bulls do have horns...!"

Schiavone gives Heenan The Look. Again.

Heenan: "...but it's a shame what happened to him. The dedication he put in at the Power Plant, the hours and days and weeks and months he's put in, and to keep getting injured, well, maybe ... I have a friend, Nick DeFazio, he owns a pizza shop in Omaha..."
Tony: "PLEASE!"
Heenan: "...and he can train under Nick's sister, "U-Turn" Laverne. Fastest pizza driver in the world!"
Heenan picks up the phone.
"'Fat Man' Fazio, please..."
Schiavone's got his head in his hands.

From 1999, Johnny the Bull gets the "Pulp Fiction" treatment this week, up-tempo rock mix, funky video montage and all.
We learn:
1. He 6'1" 265 lbs.
2. He boxed.
3. He has several snazzy tattoos.
4. He hung around with the wrong crowd.
5. He could have taken it to the next level, i.e. "crime", except for a
6. Fight, where he got stabbed five times, once in the abdomen, once in the chest, once in the forehead, once in the cheek, and once in the back of the head, which
7. Not surprisingly, this made him re-evaluate his life, and change it's direction.
8. Debuting in mid-December, he credits Big Vito with helping him get over with the fans.
9. Re: injuries. He's had a busted bladder and a torn urethra (YEOW! Think about getting THAT stitched up, guys!), prior to the currently broken ankle.
10. He got tired of watching the same old wrestlers doing the same old moves, so he wanted to do and BE something different.

Back to the studio, where Schiavone shills for WCWdotcom again.

"Stabbed five times..." muses Schiavone.
"You know," said Heenan, "My cook cut her finger making cole slaw the other day, and it bled ALL OVER..."
"Will you stop it?! You can't compare Johnny the Bull getting stabbed to your cook cutting her finger?"
"Yeah, you're right. But we did have to send out that evening."
Footage is shown of Johnny the Bull's injury in a match with Kwee-Wee in Australia.
Schiavone: "We hope Johnny the Bull is on the mend and will be back with us very soon."
Heenan (wiping away a tear): "That' sad." He puts his head in his hands, silently weeping.
Tony eyes Heena for a bit, then sets up our next match, one that involved Johnny the Bull, and was taped prior to the Australia tour.
Heenan's peeking through his fingers to see if Tony's watching his "Display of Emotion."

Match #1: Reno & Johnny the Bull d. "Wildcat" Chris Harris & Scotty Patrick, (Johnny the Bull w/ guillotine legdrop on Patrick/pin, 5:07)

Your "ringside" (I.e. "voice-over" with taped crowd noise) announcers are Mike Tenay and "Wrestling's only Living Legend," Larry Zbyszko.

LarryZ characterizes Bull and Reno, both members of the Natural Born Thrillers faction, as "robotized sheep, and don't even know it, yet!"
The match opens as a Pier Six brawl, with Reno and Patrick going at it hammer and tongs in the near corner, while Johnny the Bull and Wildcat Harris are grappling cross-corner.
Things settle down, allowing Reno and Patrick to square off. Patrick takes command early on with a series of chops and kicks. Cross-ring whip by Patrick, who then spikes a spinning heel kick right in the rebounding Reno's puss.

LarryZ's still going on about how the NBT's haven't had any real competition to speak of; they haven't wrestled somebody the caliber of say, Ric Flair.
Or himself.

Patrick hooks a drop toe-hold on Reno, driving him face-first into the mat, and Chris Harris hits Reno with a top-turnbuckle legdrop. Harris hooks the far leg, 1,2, Reno kicks out.
Harris tries a cross-ring whip, but sets the back body drop too early, and Reno tries for a float-over into a Sunset Flip. Reno's grip slips, and he winds up against the near-side ropes. Harris capitalizes, nailing Reno with a dropkick right in the head.
Cross-ring whip by Harris, Reno ducks, but not low enough, and Harris hits him hard on top of the head. Johnny the Bull comes in for the save, and clobbers Harris right in the face with a running fist.
Two punches to Harris head, followed by a cross-ring whip. Bull sets for a clothesline, but Harris ducks low, alowing his partner Patrick to slingshot a high cross-body block off the top rope, levelling Johnny the Bull.
Patrick gets in a punch, then tags in Harris once again. Cross-ring whip by Patrick gets Johnny the Bull "rochambeau-ed" courtesy of an Atomic Drop from "Wildcat" Harris.
Harris tries to capitalize, but gets spine-bustered by the Bull, who follows up with several stomps and kicks.
Johnny the Bull tags in Reno, and they double-team a cross-ring whip, Bull driving a fist into Harris breadbasket, while Reno finishes him off with a standing double-dropkick. Reno and bull start in with a good ol' stomp-fest on Harris, as Patrick tries for the save, only to be stopped by the referee.
Johnny the Bull leaves Reno to deal with Chris Harris, which he does with stomps and knee-drops, finishing with a headbutt to the sternum and a cover, 1,2, NO!
Attempted scoopslam by Reno goes sloppy, and he covers nicely by stomping on Harris some more. Reno tries once more, and hits a T-bone suplex on Harris. Reno stomps Harris once more, then hits Patrick with a running forearm. Patrick tries to retaliate, but is stopped by the referee, as Reno drags Harris into the Wrong Part of Town, where he and Bull stomp the tar out of Harris. Double-team Gorilla Press on Harris ends with a drop onto a dual-knee gutbuster, and that's GOTTA hurt! Reno with a cover, 1,2, Harris gets a shoulder up.

Cross-corner whip by Reno, but Harris rebounds strongly, and we get a double clothesline, knocking both wrestlers to the mat.
Now the race to tag is on, which Harris wins, followed a split-second later by Reno.
Patrick zooms into the ring with punches in bunches for Johnny the Bull, and standing double dropkicks for both NBT members. Johnny the Bull tries a reversal, but Patrick does a leaping dropkick, nailing the Bull in the head.
Side-suplex by Patrick on the Bull, and a cover, 1,2, no!
Harris leaps off the top turnbuckle and nails Bull with a Flying Elbow that would make the Macho Man proud. Now we've go tall four men in the ring. Reno sends Harris over the top rope to the floor, as Patrick bounces Bull's head off the turnbuckle, then follows it with a couple of kicks. Cross-corner whip by Patrick gets reversed, and Patrick ducks first one clumsy clothesline from Reno, then another from Johnny the Bull. His rebound out of the corner runs into a Reno chokeslam, and Johnny the Bull finishes Mr.Patrick off with a 180 degree guillotine legdrop. Cover ,1,2,3!
Your winners are Johnny the Bull and Reno.

Castrol GTX (Drive HARD!) replay shows Johnny the Bull's match-winning guillotine legdrop.


We come back to Tony Schiavone, busily shilling for next week's WCW Worldwide. An in-depth review of Halloween Havoc is planned, along with a look-ahead to "WCW Mayhem", Nov. 26th in Milwaukee, WI.
"You had a lot of good matches and good times in Milwaukee, didn't you, Brain?"

"I had a lot of great times in Milwaukee!"
Heenan looks positively beatific in his recollection.

"I remember the Flying Bratwurst Sisters..."
Schiavone cracks up.
"...I was at this bowling convention one time..."

Schiavone (laughing): "Why did I even go there? Why did I lead you into a line or two?"

Heenan looks hurt.

"So you get to keep your money for another week, huh?"
Heenan: "Well that's ri - (!), I'm not playing that every week! I'm not putting a thousand dollars of MY money on the line every week!"
Tony: "So maybe we'll do something a little bit different to try to get The Man" away from his money, huh?"
Now Heenan looks hurt AND really concerned..

Mike Tenay will also return with another match from the WCW Archives.
Speaking of which:

"How much did you pay Tenay for that answer?"
Heenan: "He didn't give me an answer! When I turned to Mike, I was going to ask for an answer, but what happened was, I looked over there, (pointing) and I saw Camera Three, and right away, I had the answer! So I turned to Tenay, as he handed me some money saying, 'Here's for the orphanage in Guam, Brain', and I said "I can't take it. You be sure and mail that in!'"

Tony(shaking his head): "Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan, folks..."

Heenan: "...I mean, sure, those kids are by all by themselves, but..."

Tony (throwing up his hands in exasperation): "We'll see you all next week..."

Heenan: "...and they may not have anything to eat or to do, but I'm..."

Closing credits.

Well, that's the first show of the new format for "WCW Worldwide."

Let me know how you liked it.

See you next week.

E.C. Ostermeyer
[slash] wrestling

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