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/16 December 2000

WCW Worldwide by E.C. Ostermeyer




This is the WCW Worldwide report for Saturday, 16 December 2000, and my baloney has a first name...

Opening Credits

Terry Taylor does some last-minute Christmas shopping over at Amazondotcom.
An error in billing results in 400 old Furbies being sent to Terry Bollea's house.

There's a big-ass Christmas tree on the set.
Somebody call Lenox Square Mall Security and tell 'em we found it, okay?

It's Starrcade weekend and your hosts Scott Hudson and "The Perfesser", Mike Tenay both seem to be in full-bore "shill" mode.
Or is it full-shill BORE mode?

We got YOUR Pick of the Week on tonight's show, along with exclusive Worldwide action featuring Buff Bagwell.
How the mighty have fallen, eh?

Hudson jams the controls of the Wayback Machine to two weeks ago, and gives us Nitro footage from Lincoln, Nebraska.
Natural Born Thrillers' got the back of "Oklahoma," who decides to rattle Sid Vicious' cage in public.
Stomp City on Oklahoma from Sid, getting him a free ride to the hoosegow from Lincoln's Finest.
If I were Oklahoma, I'd ask for my money back from the NBTs.
Scott Steiner is understandably disappointed, especially when WCW Dark Side Commissioner Mike Sanders tells him that CEO Ric Flair was the one that set the whole thing up. Later, we see a Steiner Recliner being applied to Gen'l. Rection, but it is small compensation.
Arn Anderson also gets Steiner-ized.
From the Thunder taping, a barely-controlled Ric Flair nearly strips Steiner of the Title, but relents when Arn Anderson tells him to let Steiner destroy himself. Better yet, let Sid Vicious squash him at Starrcade.

Tenay says that despite the best efforts of Mike Sanders to get Steiner out of his Title match at Starrcade, Ric Flair & Co. will see to it that the match takes place.


We come back, and the current situation in the hot Tag-team division is the topic of discussion, in particular the new InSiders team of Diamond Dallas Page and "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash.
Tenay reminds us that DDP and Nash originally broke into the Tag Division as "The Vegas Connection" way back when. With numerous Titles won, the InSiders are even more awesome now than when they started.
However, nothing is as permanent as change, as the InSiders found out in Lincoln.
Footage from Nitro shows Nash walloping 3 Count's Shannon Moore with a jackknife powerbomb, and DDP nailing Shane Helms with a Diamond Cutter.
Sanders comes out with footage from the Mayhem PPV showing that Nash was the Wrong Man in the Ring, and therefore the InSiders are not the Tag champs. This is confirmed, reluctantly, by Ric Flair, who strips the InSiders of the Titles, and returns them to the Perfect Event.
Tenay says that the InSiders will be reprising their roles as challengers for the Tag Titles at Starrcade.


It's time for "Ask WCW", and our question this week comes from K. Jr. of Seven Hills, OH, who wants to know what happened to referees Nick Patrick and Randy Anderson?
Over to Nick Patrick, who's now behind the scenes, doing production work for WCW, and as a road agent for the company, "Making sure everything runs smooth."


We come back, and Chad Damiani has replaced Scott Hudson. Even better, a Nitro Girl "Jamie' has replaced Mike Tenay.
Jamie's wearing an "I (heart) ME!" T-shirt.
Damiani's got a Santa hat on.
Looks like we've got this week's "WCW Worldwide Interview" all set up.

We learn that:

1) Jamie's new stage name is "Naughty-a," so-named because WCW wanted a "heel" Nitro Girl. Hey, neat gimmick, WCW!
2) She just got out of jail. (They let Clinton walk around free, but they put HER in jail? In this case, justice is not only blind, it's got a bag over it's head.)
3) Baby used to dance for the Atlanta Hawks, before that at the University of Tennessee, before that on her High School dance team, and before that as a "backyard dancer", self-taught.
4) Both she and her brother are wrestling fans, and were quite star-struck when they met "Mean Gene' Okerlund. Okerlund apparently took her to dinner, where they! The hound! Has he no shame?
5) Her favorite wrestler, hands down, is Goldberg. She really digs all that pyro and his... cute smile?! GOLDBERG??!!

Naughty-a is replacing Nitro Girl "Baby", who's heading off to college.


Hudson and Tenay bitch about how Chad Damiani gets to do a sit-down with "Naughty-a" and they got stuck with each other. And not only in the studio, but on the road, since Tony Schiavone made them travelling partners.

Footage shows Bryan "Wrath" Clark and Ernest "The Cat" Miller doing WCW's part in helping out the US Marines with the "Toys for Tots" program.

The Marines hand out eight MILLION toys each year?
I wonder if Schiavone's still contributing his old car batteries?

Tenay and Hudson run the fight card for Starrcade. Again.


"Professor's Pick" time.
The fans have spoken.
Owning 40% of the votes cast, (and no dimpled chads allowed, bucko!) we get the tag team match from the August, 1997 "Road Wild" PPV from Sturgis, SD. The Outsiders, in the midst of remaking WCW into their own image, took on the Steiner Brothers in a wild match before a cheering crowd of bikers and other hard-asses.

Professors' Pick: The Steiner Bros. (w/ mgr. Ted DiBiase) d. The Outsiders ("FrankenSteiner" finisher/DQ, we saw about 6:15) WCW World Tag-team Title Match, 1997 "Road Wild" PPV, Sturgis, SD.

Calling the match are "The American Dream," Dusty Rhodes, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, and oh yeah, that Schiavone guy.
Joined in progress, we see Scott Steiner squaring off against good ol' Scott Hall. Shoving match ensues, with Hall ending it with his signature toothpick flip. Steiner responds with a paintbrush slap that nearly takes Hall's face off. Hall get's busy, checking for loose toofers, then grins, and beckons Scott Steiner to bring it on. Steiner does, and gets a couple o f boots in the gut for his pains. Hall with a punishing shoulder block, an underhook, and a back body drop. Hall maintains control with a straddle armbar that's got Scott Steiner on his knees. Hall does some paintbrushing of his own on the back of Steiner's head. Hey, that's enough for two coats there, Hall!
Oops, too much paint. It got Steiner mad, whereupon he promptly leveled Hall with a snap clothesline that nearly knocked him out of his boots. Belly-to-back suplex. Double underhook by Steiner into a powerbomb. Kevin Nash with the run-in for the save, but Scott Steiner's not havin' any o' THAT, and Nash gets walloped all over the place. Hall tries a recovery, but Rick Steiner leaps over the ropes and takes Hall out, literally. The Outsiders regroup at ringside. Heenan says this respite will allow Scott Hall to get all his teeth back in his mouth, and in proper alignment.
Hall climbs back in the ring, and is immediately chased all over the place by Rick Steiner, who is in full cry as the "Dog-faced Gremlin." Hall's backing away real fast from this devil dog, then goads him by spitting full in Rick's face. Tag by Hall to Kevin Nash, who takes his time getting in the ring. Referee Nick Patrick wants Nash in the ring quicker, but one look from "Big Sexy" tells Patrick just who is REALLY in charge of the match!
Once in the ring, Nash gets to work chopping Rick Steiner down to size.
"He's big and he's MEAN," crows Schiavone.
Cross-corner whip with a hammering forearm smash by Nash that slams Rick Steiner back into the corner hard enough to make the whole ring shake.
Nash picks Steiner up in a shoulder carry and tries to use him as a battering ram against the turnbuckle stack. Rick, staring Awful Danger in the face, wiggles out of the hold and gives a HARD shove to Nash, who slams chest first into the turnbuckle stack. Ouch! Fall-away suplex rocks Big Sexy some more. Rick and Scott Steiner double-team an axe-handle off the top turnbuckle against Nash's shoulder that looks painful as all get out.
Cross-ring whip y Scott Steiner gets a quick reverse from Nash, and Hall clouts Steiner as he rebounds off the far ropes. Scott shakes it off, then wallops Hall off the ring apron with a stiff elbow shot to the face. Scott Steiner turns...
...and gets a Big Boot from Kevin Nash right in the face. Tag to Scott Hall, who's doing a war dance and trash-talk around the woozy Scott Steiner. Cross-ring whip by Hall gets reversed, and Scott Steiner tries for a hiptoss, only to get it blocked, and then countered with a Scott Hall chokeslam.
Segue to later in the match, as Hall's doin' the "DX Crotch Chop" for Rick Steier's benefit. Whip by Hall sends Scott Steiner into the corner. Shoulder block squashes Steiner in the corner even more. Flying bulldog off the middle rope,and Scott Steiner's in trouble. An attempt at the "Outsider's Edge" gets shortstopped by Rick Steiner running in to make the save, and a DX Crothc Chop of his own.
Belly-t0-belly suplex by Scott Steiner rocks Hall down to his toes, but knocks Steiner out as well. Now it's a race to see who tags first. Scott Steienr gets close, and you can hear the crowd at ringside revving their engines, (Sturgis, SD, remember?) as Hall's holding onto Steienr's ankle while trying ot tag Nash in simultaneously. Tag to Rick Steiner, who's got punches in bunches for both of the Outsiders. Scoopslam for Hall, and a scoopslam for Nash. Scott Steienr wallops Nash over the ring ropes as Rick nails a devastating elbow drop on Scott Hall. "FrankenSteiner" finisher from the top turnbuckle on Scott Hall. Nickl Patrick gets to a 2-count before being dragged out of the ring by Kevin Nash. Patrick dives back into the ring calling for the bell, then holds up the Steiner Bros. Arms in victory. Ted DiBiase dives into the ring with the Tag Title belts, but referee patrick takes them away from DiBiase, calling the Steiner's winners by DQ, and therefore not entitled to wear the belts. DiBiase is mightliy p.o.-ed at this little turn of events, but it looks like WCW's gonna have to wait until latere to get the Tag Titles away from the Outsiders.

Tenay compares and contrasts what happened then with what's coming up at Starrcade, when Kevin Nash, as a member of the InSiders tag team goes for the WCW World Tag Title, while Scott Steiner defends his World Heavyweight Title against Sid Vicious.


Match #2: Buff Bagwell d. Drew McDonald (Buff Blockbuster/pin, 3:05)

From the WCW tour of the United Kingdom way back when, comes this match from the sold out London Arena.
McDonald's built like a larger version of the WWF's Tazz, and, according to Mike Tenay, has had some association with WCW's Fit Finlay.
Bagwell comes to the ring, and does his usual pose-down numbers for the crowd. Tenay says that Fit Finlay describes Drew McDonald as one tough character. More posjng for bagwell, only to get walloped in mid-pose by McDonald. Drew does a side suplex on Bagwell, then draped him neck first across the middle rope.for some choke time, with referee Charles Robinson calling for him to break the hold. Drew with a cross-ring whip, but bagwell ducks the clothesline, and hammers McDonald with a cross-body block. Kick by Buff to Drew's gut, there's another pose-down, followed by a spinning neckbreaker. Buff with some "stylin' & profilin'" and then a "Ten-Count Punch-Down" in the corner, with the fans counting along.
Drew staggers out of the corner a few steps, then falls like a big tree.
Cross-corner whip by Bagwell gets reversed. Drew with the charge-in, but Buff does a neat float-over, lands a boot to the gut, and a vicious-looking double underhook DDT. Cover, 1,2, Drew kicks out. Second pin attempt by Bagwell gets nothing as well, and Buff argues the call with referee Robinson.
Oops, that cost him, as McDonald clouts him a good one with a solid right to the breadbasket. There's a right cross to the noggin. McDonald hammers Buff across the face with a double axehandle. Big falling headbutt by Drew rocks Bagwell, and a cover, but McDonald only gets a 2-count. Drew with a gorilla press into a sit-out scoopslam. Nonchalant cover only gets two from referee Robinson. McDonald loses his focus momentarily as he simultaneously climbs the turnbuckle stack, while jawing with the local crowd. Buff sees what's coming and forestalls the Giant Splash with a Missile Launcher of his own. Bagwell dares McDonald to get to his feet, then does two quick, running clotheslines to knock him back down again.
Buff goes up top this time, and hits the staggering McDonald with the "Buff Blockbuster", getting the pin and the win.

Instant replay shows the "Buff Blockbuster" coming down, with Drew McDonald the unwilling passenger.

Back to the studio, where Hudson and Tenay run the fight card for "Starrcade" PPV once more.

Closing Credits.

See you next week.

E.C. Ostermeyer
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