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WCW Worldwide by E.C. Ostermeyer




This is the WCW Worldwide report for Saturday, 17 February 2001, and I'm your recapper, E.C.

Opening credits. Terry Taylor puts Nash's and Goldberg's picture on Ebay, and doesn't get a nibble.

We are back in the WCW Worldwide studio, along with your hosts, "The Professor", Mike Tenay and Scott Hudson. The WCW "Superbrawl/Revenge" -PPV is tomorrow, so you can bet tonight's show is gonna be one long promo
First up is the Main Event's principals, defending WCW World Heavyweight Champ Scott Steiner, and the challenger, ol' "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash. We getr footage from Nitro showing Scott Steiner putting three Cruiserweights in a Wsteiner Recliner all at once. Then, in match #2, Diamond Dallas Page nails Steiner with a his "Diamond Cutter" finisher, but runs afoul of Jeff Jarrett and the returning Kris Kanyon. The Main Event was Scott Steiner squaring off against Kevin Nash and newly crowned WCW US Champ Rick Steiner in a Handicap match. Surprise, Rick swerves Nash and the Steiner Bros. clean house on Big Sexy.
Back to the studio, where Hudson still can't believe Rick Steiner swerved Nash. Neither can Tenay. Looks like the PPV will resolve this little dilemma.
Time for this week's trivia question: What's Rey Mysterio Jr's. signature move? I'd say it's a toss-up between that 1swing-thru 180 he does between the middle and top ropes, and a hurancanrana.


We're back. After jabbering with each other for a bit, Tenay and Hudson discuss the cruiserweight #1 contender tourney at Superbrawl, along with brief biopics of selected participants. The crafty schemes of the current Cruiserweight Champ, Chavo Guerrero, Jr. are examined. Footage from Nitro shows Chavo getting whomped by the mysterious "El Nino", whose moves reveal Rey Mysterio in disguise! Footage from Thunder shows Rey once more in his role as "Giant Killer", taking out the Wall with a moonsault following a vengeful Hugh Morrus' "No Laughing Matter" moonsault.


Time for "Ask WCW". This week's question is about injuries. It's from Jason Amos of Seattle, WA, and is for referee Charles Robinson. The question is, "What is the scariest injury you've ever witnessed in the ring, during a match you were calling?"
Over to "Lil' Naitch" Robinson, (remember that nickname of his?) who says that he's witnessed not one, but two: Brian Knobbs' match with Fit Finlay, where Finlay went through a table and ripped the back part of his calf off (Yeowtch, indeed!). The second on happened to Robinson himself, when he fell prey to a "Macho Man" Randy Savage Elbow Drop that collapsed his lung. "I couldn't breathe," shrugs Robinson.
Well, Jason Amos gets a "WCW Worldwide" T-shirt for his winning efforts. Losing entries get Mike Tenay's truss, according to Scott Hudson. All this talk of injuries sets Tenay off, and he starts on the LONGEST "shaggy dog" story about a match between Mike Awesome and Bam Bam Bigelow, that has Scott Hudson frantically looking for the escape hatch.
"Awesome slammed Bigelow into the broadcast table..."
"I was there, Mike!"
"...Bigelow sort of slid across the top of the broadcast booth..."
"Mike, I was there, remember?"
"I took the full force of Bigelow's body in my ribcage, went flying backwards out of my chair, hitting my head on the steel guardrail..."
"Mike! Hello-o-o-o, Mike!"
"...the hospital, I had to get over 40 stitches in my say something, Scott?"
"The next time you answer a question, Mike, could you include a point?"

Buff Bagwell for WCW Mastercard.
Master the possibilities.
Buff did, and look what he got!

"Pulp Fiction" time, as Nitro Girl Chiquita gets the treatment this week. The music mix they use sounds like Sir Mix-A-Lot's backup group.
Tenay and Hudson promo the upcoming kick-off for "Spring Breakout 2001: Party Gras" from New Orleans, LA, on Saturday, 24 February 2001. Tenay ogles the various Nitro Girls in the latest issue of "WCW Magazine;" Nitro Girl Chae gets a mention. Hudson then gives the "Spring Breakout 2001" schedule:

3/2 - Clemson, SC
3/9 - Knoxville, TN
3/16 - Gainesville, FL
3/23-26 Panama City, FL


Hudson and Tenay run the fight card for the Superbrawl/Revenge PPV.
But you know all this, don't you?


Time for the Professor's Pick of the Week. We've got tag team action between two tag teams: Harlem Heat, who held the Titles ten times, (more than any other tag team), and the Outsiders, the team destined to have a Title reign of 51 weeks, the longest uninterrupted stretch ever.
Tenay tries to use the "Magic Clicker", but discovers Hudson has switched it for his hairbrush. (A hairbrush? HUDSON?!)
And yes, this bit looks as lame as it sounds.

Match #1: Professor's Pick of the Week: The Outsiders d. Harlem Heat (w/ "Sister" Sherri Martell and Colonel Robert Parker), (Nash w/"foreign object" on Stevie Ray/ Hall pin, 10:25), WCW World Tag Team Title match, "Halloween Havoc" PPV, 1996.

We open with a sort-of cool "Professor's Pick" chyron, then point the Wayback Machine at Halloween Havoc '96.
Your announcers are Tony Schiavone, and (hooray!) Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. The "American Dream," Dusty Rhodes, is along to provide the "color commentary
We arrive just in time to see Harlem Heat make their entrance. 'Sister' Sherri's looks prove that "it's not the years, it's the mileage!"
Yikes! Col. Parker's in even worse shape! How Booker T and Stevie Ray ever got saddled with these two carny-trash yahoos is beyond me.
Kevin Nash and Scott Hall are already in the ring as this sad, shabby circus ambles it's way down the ramp.
As "Sister" Sherri jaws with the referee, Nash reaches around and takes the Tag Title belts from the befuddled ref's hands! The Tag belts get hoisted aloft while the crowd cheers and starts up a "Die-sel! Die-sel!" chant. Nash and Hall model the belts for a bit, while Harlem Heat look on, glowering. Booker T starts off against Scott Hall, who does his trademark toothpick flip and "Ooooo, I'm scay-ured!" routine, complete with finger wiggle.
"Scott Hall..." says Dusty Rhodes, "He can play the game. He knows how to play the game!"
We are just about to get underway, when everyone's attention, crowd, wrestlers, referee, the works, is distracted by something off to the left.
"Is it Hogan?" asks Bobby the Brain, fearfully.
"Naw," says Schiavone, "It appears to be a disturbance between a couple of fans..."
"Hey, the REAL fight's in the ring, bwahs!" says Dusty Rhodes.
Collar and elbow tie-up gets things started, and Booker T quickly dominates with an armbar, and a snap mare takedown. Hall, getting to his feet, shows more of his trademark arrogance to Booker T, then backs it up with an armbar of his own. A couple of Hall shoulder blocks into the twisted left arm of Booker T drops him to his knees. Booker T reverses the armbar, then hammers Hall to the mat with a Harlem Sidekick.
Crowd's attention has now returned to the ring. Booker T taunts Hall as he slowly gets to his feet.
"All Harlem Heat have to remember," says Heenan, "is that the Outsiders have to beat THEM to win. In this particular situation, you're better off just holding on, and getting out of their with your Titles."
Hall gets in a boot to the midsection that doubles over Booker T. headlock by Hall gets countered with a cross-ring whip by Booker T, but Hall stops short of the attempted back body drop, and nails Booker T in the head with a Big Right Hand. Headlock from Hall gets another shove from Booker T to break it. Hall reverses and tries for a hip-toss, but Booker T reverses it and counters with one of his own that sends Hall over the top rope, and out of the ring. As Nash and Booker T get into a shouting match in the ring, Stevie Ray "helps" Hall to his feet with a running clothesline of his own, then tosses Hall back into the ring.
Booker T tags Stevie Ray as Hall rolls back into the ring and staggers to his feet. As Stevie Ray moves in, Hall spits on him, then does some more taunting. Kevin Nash takes a BIG step over the ring ropes, as Hall slaps him on the back for the tag. Elbow shots to the face by Nash get things rolling again. Stevie Ray is staggered back into a corner, where Nash goes to work alternating forearm smashes with knee-lifts. Cross-corner whip by Nash, but he runs into a big elbow with his face, dazing him. Stevie Ray completes it with a running clothesline that sends Nash to the mat. Hall attempts the save, but gets warned back by the referee. Stevie Ray shoves Nash into the far corner, then begins raining overhand rights onto his opponent's head and shoulders. Nash winds up in a heap from this hail of blows he's received, and "Sister" Sherri's there to hot-shot the back of his neck off the bottom rope. Tag to Booker T, and a boot to Nash's gut doubles him over. Booker T hits a springboard Axe Kick that chops Nash face first to the mat. Cover by Booker T, 1,2, Nash powers out big-time. Tag to Stevie Ray, who's hammering Nash with Big Right Hands, one of which almost causes Nash to hit his head on the camera behind him. Cross-corner whip, but Nash escapes, reverses, catches Stevie Ray on the rebound, and counters with a massive sidewalk slam! Tag to Hall, who hammers Stevie Ray with three Right Hands, then tries for a cross-corner whip. Stevie Ray reverses it, but Hall climbs to the second rope, and hits a bulldog off it that drives Stevie Ray's face into the mat. Small package by Hall, 1,2, no! Hall gets to his feet, does an armbar, but Stevie Ray counters with a snap clothesline before staggering over to tag in Booker T. Cross-ring whip by Booker T, who then hits Hall with a flying forearm smash to the forehead. Lateral press, 1,2, Hall kicks out! Reverse chinlock by Booker T, and everybody gets a breather. Cross-ring whip by Booker T gets reversed, and Nash is there to lay a Big Boot to the back of Booker T's head. Vicious clothesline from Scott Hall pounds Booker T into the mat. Lateral press by Hall 1,2, Booker T gets a shoulder up. Hall tags in Nash, who whips Booker T across the ring, then hammers him with a Big Boot to the face on the way back.
"Big man's lookin' onery," says Dusty Rhodes, as Nash has his "game face" on now.
Nash picks up Booker T in a fireman's carry, then hits a snake-eyes off the far top turnbuckle. As Booker T reels away from that catastrophe, Hall swings a big forearm over the ropes and clotheslines him to the mat. Nash tags in Scott Hall, who slings Booker T across the ring. "Sister" Sherri's screeching like a fishwife as Booker T rebounds off the ropes, blocks Halls hiptoss attempt, and tries one of his own. Hall blocks it, then counters with a knee lift to the breadbasket. Hall sets, then hits a sloppy chokeslam on Booker T. Lateral press, 1,2, but Stevie Ray stomps on Hall's back to break the count. As Stevie Ray argues with the referee, Hall drags Booker T to his feet. Booker T tries to get an offensive going, but gets a Scott Hall thumb in the eye, followed up with a cross-ring whip. Booker T ducks the clothesline on the rebound, then tries his cross-body block. Hall sees it coming, and catches Booker T in mid-air. Samoan drop by Hall, who spots "Sister" Sherri on the ring apron. Sherri's just cussin' like a bosun's mate, to which Hall does the ol' "collect-the-sweat-and-flip-it-at-Sherri" routine. Sherri responds with a ringing slap across the face of Mr. Hall. Hall grabs a handful of Sherri's hair and plants her a big ol' smoocheroo right on the mouth! Col. Parker's beside himself, as are Harlem Heat. As "Sister" Sherri collapses on the ring apron, (and I'm wondering who should get the gamma globulin shot,) Scott Hall turns, and gets a spinning heel kick from Booker T that sends them both crashing to the mat. Meanwhile, Sherri's on her knees at ringside trying to get the taste of Scott Hall out of her mouth. (Sort of tastes like a mixture of Jack Daniels, Percodans, and southern yellow pine, doesn't it, Sherri?) Cross-ring whip by Hall, who locks a sleeper hold on Booker T. Booker withstands the sleeper, then reverses it with a cross-ring whip. Nash tries a fake-out tag on Hall, but the referee warns him off. With the referee distracted, Hall drops Booker T's "in-seam" a-straddle the top-rope for a "minor adjustment." Booker hangs there like a week's wash, then tumbles into the ring. Hall covers, 1, and adds feet on the ropes for leverage, 2, but Booker T STILL powers out! As they get to their feet, Booker T rams Hall into the ropes. As Hall rebounds, both he and Booker T knock heads, and down they go again. Looks like we've got a race to see who tags first. Booker T wins it going away, and Stevie Ray leaps in to wallop on Scott Hall some more. Nash tries for the save, but Stevie Ray's got something for ol' "Big Sexy" as well. Big Right Hands all around, followed up with a series of running clotheslines. Sloppy-looking gorilla press slam by Stevie Ray tosses Hall onto Nash in the corner. Tag to Booker T, and Harlem Heat double-team clothesline Kevin Nash over the top rope.
As Booker T hits a sidewalk slam on Hall, Stevie Ray goes up top...
Wow, I had forgotten Stevie Ray knew how to do fly moves like that! The referee tends to Booker T. near the ropes, as Col. Parker and Kevin Nash climb into the ring at almost the same instant. Parker tries to whack Nash with his cane. Nash takes the cane away from the Colonel, then whacks Stevie Ray right in the head with it. Then he does it again and again. Nash tosses the cane away, and steps over the ropes, leaving Stevie Ray and Scott Hall both unconscious in the ring. As the referee starts the count-out, Scott Hall groggily revives on four, and gets a forearm across Stevie Ray. Booker T looks on dazedly from the ring apron as the referee counts 1,2,3 for the pinfall!
What a stupid ending to a slow, but otherwise good match!
Hall and Nash got the belts, by the way.

Back to the studio, where Tenay brings us up to date on Booker T, Stevie Ray, and Kevin Nash, whose careers now all seem to be inter-twined, in one way or another, with the current WCW World Heavyweight Champ, Scott Steiner.
One final bit o' promo-ing from Tenay and Hudson for Superbrawl/Revenge, and we're done.

See you next week.

Oh, and here's an R.I.P. for ol' #3.
We shall not see his like again.

E.C. Ostermeyer
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