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WCW Worldwide by E.C. Ostermeyer




This is the WCW Worldwide report for Saturday, 17 March 2001, and I'm your recaper, ol' E.C. himself.

Opening credits.

Terry Taylor updates his resume.

Your hosts are Scott Hudson and Mike Tenay, who are promo-ing the heck out of the upcoming "Greed" PPV, less than 24 hours away, at this point.
Opening topic is Dusty Rhodes' return to WCW, restarting the legendary feud with WCW CEO (and Dark Lord of the Sith) Ric Flair.
This whole thing got started over Dusty taking exception to a (pretty funny!) Jeff Jarrett/Ric Flair skit on Nitro.
Appropriate footage of Ric Flair as faux Dusty getting his ass kicked HARD by the genuine article!
Tenay says that the Flair/Rhodes feud is as bloodily legendary as any other in pro-wrestling.

WCW Trivia: How many Title reigns has Scott Steiner had in WCW?

WCW Upcoming Events Calendar:

3/19 Gainesville, FL (Nitro)
3/25 Mobile, AL (House show)
3/26 Panama City Beach, FL (Nitro)

Please note that tickets for the Panama City Beach Nitro on 3/26 are FREE for the asking, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Booker T's return to the ring is discussed. Hudson says that Booker T wants payback from Scott Steiner for the five months he spent on the shelf. Needless to say, Ric Flair's been doing everything he can to protect Da Champ, and that includes shoving Scott's brother Rick in Booker T's way. Footage from Nitro shows Booker T's return, and subsequent set-to with Rick Steiner. Tenay says that Flair is doing everything he can to eliminate anyone who could come between himself and the new owners.
Afterward, Hudson reminds us that Diamond Dallas Page will square off against Scott Steiner at the "Greed" PPV. DDP's playing mind games with Steiner is shown, and Tenay says that DDP's gonna have to bring more than just mind games when he finally faces Scott Steiner in the ring.


Time for "Ask WCW."
This week's question is for Scott Hudson, and comes from Ed Eastman from Marina del Rey, CA. Mr. Eastman asks," What do I have to do to become a WCW announcer, and what classes do I have to take to become an announcer for World Championship Wrestling?"
Over to Mr. Hudson, who says that he should take journalism classes if he's of high school age. Tenay says that his springboard was in broadcasting, and a national radio show.
Hudson has a surprise for "Iron Mike." How about Tenay's audition tape where he's interviewing Terry Taylor?
Not to be out-done, Tenay says that HE's got a surprise for Hudson, and plays a very grainy first audition tape featuring a young Scott Hudson with way more hair, interviewing a slightly tipsy Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. In the clip, we get the first known instance of Hudson giving Heenan "The Look!"
Even snookered, Heenan can run rings around any of the current WCW announce team!


Hype time for "WCW Spring Breakout 2001", with numerous clips from the past three weeks. Vertical Horizon appears ot be having the most fun, and they'll be at the final to-do in Panama City, FL, along with the Pat McGee Band and Sister Hazel. Tenay, predictably, gets the names twisted around. "Horizontal Horizon?" "Sister Mabel?"


Hudson runs the fight card for the upcoming "Greed" PPV in Jacksonville, FL, with appropriate Tenay insight added as needed.


Answer to the WCW Trivia question is that Scott Steiner has had eleven Title reigns of one form or another over his career with WCW.

Professor's Pick of the Week: Pretty Wonderful (Paul Roma & Paul Orndorff) d. Stars & Stripes (The Patriot & Marcus Alexander Bagwell., (Orndorff w/ piledriver on Bagwell, Roma/pin, 11:46), WCW World Tag Title defense, "Fall Brawl" PPV, Roanoke, VA, 1993.

Your play-by-play announcers are Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, and Tony "When's My Voice Gonna Change?" Schiavone.

The hot Roanoke crowd gets on Pretty Wonderful's collective nerves with a LOUD "Paul-a! Paul-a!" chant. Orndorff's in full-bore kayfabe mode about this, raging at the fans, stars and Stripes, and referee Randy Anderson.
Roma and Bagwell are first up, with Roam dominating in the early going. Forearm smash across Bagwell's shoulders. Bagwell rebounds with a cross-body block. The near fall attempt gets backed up with a hip-toss and an armbar. Bagwell tags his partner, who keeps the armbar locked down on Roma. Two quick shots to the patriot's face by Roma, and he tags in Paul Orndorff. "Mr. 1-derful" tries a fly move, but meets a Patriot Big Right Hand on the way in. Armdrag by the Patriot keeps the hurt on Orndorff. Tag to Bagwell, who hammers a powerful double axehandle from the top rope across Orndorff's elbow. Armbar by Bagwell drops Orndorff to his knees, after a brief offense attempt by Orndorff, Bagwell hits a cross-body block and almost gets the pinfall. Tag to the Patriot, who repeats the whole move sequence. A lunging tag by Orndorff brings in Paul Roma, who's just grist for the Patriot's mill, as HE gets locked into the armdrag/wristlock as well. Tag to Bagwell, and Stars & Stripes does a tandem hiptoss on Roma, before Bagwell tries a pin attempt that's ALMOST successful. Bagwell hammers Roma to the mat with a shoulder block. As Bagwell winds up for another walloping of Roma, Orndorff yanks Bagwell to the mat with a hair-pull. Orndorff clobbers Bagwell as Roma distracts referee Randy Anderson. Chinlock by Roma, and everybody takes a breather. Bagwell gets tossed into the corner, where Orndorff nails him in the throat with an elbow smash. Orndorff follows up with a punishing series of shoulder smashes. Bagwell topples face-first to the mat, where Orndorff nails him with a hard knee drop. Cross-ring whip, but Bagwell, in desperation, tries a Sunset Flip, only to have Orndorff regain his balance, and sit down HARD on Bagwell's chest. Orndorff's attempt at a pinfall gets reversed when Bagwell rolls through the pin attempt, getting a near fall for his efforts. Orndorff tags in Paul Roma, who connects with a missile dropkick. Snap scoopslam by Roma, who follows up with a flying elbow smash on Bagwell. A pin attempt by Roma gets thwarted when the Patriot drags him off Bagwell. Both Orndorff and the Patriot are in the ring, now, and we've got us a Pier Six brawl in progress. As the Patriot and Roma hammer each other in the ring, Orndorff tosses Bagwell out of the ring. He bounces Bagwell's head off a drinks cooler, then hammers him with the cooler itself! Ice and bottled water goes everywhere! Bagwell gets up, only to get clotheslined by Orndorff. A follow-up piledriver gets sidestepped by Bagwell, but Roma tags in and hammers an elbow smash into Bagwell. Front facelock by Bagwell, who then tries to finish with an Atomic Drop, but Roma avoids it. Bagwell shoves Roma into the Wrong Part of Town, and tags in the Patriot. Unfortunately, referee Randy Anderson doesn't see the tag made, but that doesn't stop the Patriot, who just unloads the whole arsenal on Roma and Orndorff!. Anderson's dancing around, waving his arms, and trying to get the Patriot herded out of the ring. Double clothesline hammers the heels to the mat, where the Patriot dropkicks Roma out of the ring. Orndorff rolls out of the ring, then goes after Bagwell. At ringside, the Patriot dropkicks Roma once again, then goes after Orndorff. Paul Orndorff hits a clothesline/piledriver combination to soften up Bagwell. Orndorff then tosses Bagwell back into the ring, where a groggy Paul Roma makes the cover for the pinfall.

Tenay does his follow-up, and has some interesting bits of trivia. For instance, Fall Brawl 1994 was the last time Dusty Rhodes appeared in a WCW ring, until this year's "Greed" PPV match. Fall Brawl 2000 saw Paul Orndorff suffer a career-ending injury, though he still trains up-and-coming wrestling hopefuls at the WCW Power Plant. Paul Roma retired from wrestling to become something of a sensation as a professional boxer, while the Patriot wrestled successfully in Japan and elsewhere, before getting injured and retiring to Columbia, SC, where he now has a career selling cars.

Hudson and Tenay shill for the "Greed" PPV one more time, and we are done.

See you next week.

E.C. Ostermeyer
[slash] wrestling

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