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WCW Worldwide by E.C. Ostermeyer




This is the WCW Worldwide report for Saturday, 27 March 2001, and I'm your recapper, ol' E.C. himself.

Opening credits.
Terry Taylor plays "Spot the WCW Superstar Who WON'T be Part of the WWF/WCW!" with the correct answer being, "Everyone In the WCW Worldwide Opening Credits!"

Your hosts are two more guys whose future employment is now in doubt. Scott Hudson, and "the Perfesser", ol' "Iron Mike" Tenay.

Topic of discussion is the events surrounding the "Greed" PPV. Though, in light of the events of this past week, the results have the relevance of two-week old news. Which, of course, they are!

We open with footage from the Knoxville, TN Nitro, with Stacy "Ms. Hancock" Keibler coming down the ramp pushing a baby carriage, containing the latest attempt to jump-start Shawn Stasiak's moribund career. And out comes Stasiak to "git him some." No, no that! I mean "push!" The crowd is as enthused over Stasiak's appearance as they would be if they found a flaming sack of dog poopie on their front porch. The so-called fruit of their union is a stack of 8x10 glossies of Mr. Stasiak.
Y'know, watching Stasiak give Stacy Keibler a kiss is like watching a carp get it on!
Back to the studio, where Tenay looks slightly ill. Hey,
"Iron Mike!" At least you weren't there and have to watch it in person. Like I was.
Tenay says that Stasiak has departed the Natural Born Thrillers and former team-mate Mark Jindrak in order to pursue a more lucrative career in singles competition.

WCW Trivia question: "What was Hugh Morrus called when he wrestled in Japan?"

I'm guessing "Sir!"


WCW Upcoming Events Calendar:

3/26 - Panama City Beach (Nitro)
Tickets are FREE, on a "first come, first served" basis.

We come back, and lo and behold, we've got Hugh Morrus live (on tape) via satellite. We learn that:

1. Hugh Morrus is a bit peeved at Mike Tenay for some reason.
2. Morrus is also p.o.'ed at Tenay because he's talking to them via satellite, rather than in person.
3. Hugh got into wrestling through his father, who took him to Brooklyn, NY where he met the "unpredictable Johnny Rodz, and the rest, as they say, is history! But you should have known that. Mike!" Tenay's doing the "Whad I do? Whad I do?" routine.
4. Before his debut with WCW, Morrus toured Japan as "Jason the Terrible" and "Crash the Terminator." Morrus corrects hudson, saying (for the 14th time) that "'Jason the Terrible' was NOT me; it was some other fat guy!"
5. In September of '95, continues Morrus, "BOOM! I'm part of the WCW roster!"
6. Hugh started out on "WCW Worldwide" and "WCW Saturday Night" as "'The Man of Question,' facing Randy Savage but this was before they knew what to do with me. Then they put me in the 'Dungeon of Doom', and things took off from there."
7. His name isn't pronounced "Hugh Morrus" but rather like the word "humorous. Mike!" "Yeah, get it right, Mike," chimes in Hudson. Tenay's just about had enough of this.
8. Though he arrived in WCW with a "hardcore match" reputation, Morrus has grown to enjoy the non-hardcore type matches, whether in singles, tag, or group competition.
9. Morrus' favorite match was "the one I WON! I think it was against Chad Brock. I beat him and then he became a country music star..." as footage is shown of Brock in concert.
10. Morrus' only Title was winning the WCW US Championship twice during his angle with the Misfits In Action vs. Team Canada.
11. Titles don't mean that much to Morrus. Getting in front of the fans and doing what he does best is what he enjoys the most.
12. His biggest peeve with Mike and Scott is that they keep giving his weight wrong. Morrus weighs 290 lbs, not 350 (Tenay) or 325 (Hudson). Sheepish looks from Your Hosts.
13. Returning to the previous topic, Morrus says that the fans are who brought you to the dance. Pleasing them should be the name of the game for every wrestler, and that Titles and fame and the merchandise are al gravy to him. "If it wasn't for the fans and the people, you'd be just another Joe Schmoe," says Morrus.
14. His "No Laughing Matter" moonsault grew out of fear of losing his job in Japan, where he was told that, if he didn't do the moonsault, he's never work in Japan again. Morrus can't explain how he does the move, but it's become his signature move that the fans want to see.
15. Other than Kevin Nash, "who's, what? 7'6"?" snickers Morrus, he holds everyone in WCW on the same level. Ric Flair, on the other hand...
16. If he wasn't a wrestler, he'd be pursuing a career in commercial art, "but that would probably kill my 'tough guy" image, right?"
17. Speaking of art, Morrus is a big fan of Lash LeRoux's caricatures.
18. Morrus reiterates in no uncertain terms that he's 290 lbs to Mike Tenay. Tenay says that the next time Morrus weighs himself, he should try letting go of the shower curtain rod! Morrus gives Tenay the raspberry, as Hudson gives Tenay "the Look."


Time for the "Ask WCW" segment. This week's question comes from Christina Lara of Watsonville, CA, who wants to know if, given Sean O'Haire's background as a kickboxer, would he have continued kickboxing if he hadn't gone into wrestling? A follow-up question from Lara speaks to O'Haire's affinity for comic books and Spider Man; would he be writing for the comics if he wasn't a pro-wrestler?
Over to Sean O'Haire, who says that he stopped kickboxing and Ultimate Fighting because there wasn't any money in the former, and the latter was illegal. As for the comics, he'd rather leave that to the professionals.


A profile of Jason Jett, (ECW's "EZ Money) is next, and, surprise, we get a repeat of Jett's win over Alex Wright from the Knoxville Thunder tapings. Tenay says hats off to the efforts of WCW Talent Acquisition for coming up with such a great young star.


Totally Buff gets the "Pulp Fiction" treatment this week. Much use of rock music and orange lighting gels. Either that, or WCW Makeup's using WAY too much bronzer.


Answer to the WCW Trivia question: Hugh Morrus was called "Crash the Terminator" when he wrestled in Japan.

Professor's Pick of the Week: Konnan d. Hugh Morrus, ("Tequila Sunrise"/submission, 8:18) Grudge Match, "Great American Bash" PPV, 15 June 1997.

Before the match is shown, Tenay gives a synopsis of what caused these former tag partners in the Dungeon of Doom to become such bitter enemies.
Doing the play-by-play are Tony Schiavone, Dusty Rhodes, and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan.
Match opens with a nose-to-nose stare-down between Morrus and Konnan. This leads to shoving, which in turn degenerates into a slug-fest. Morrus takes command with a massive running clothesline.
"Mr. Morrus, do not waste your time with this man," says Heenan, "you either put him away early, or that's what he's gonna do to you!"
Cross-corner whip by Morrus, but Konnan does a float-over. Morrus ducks away, then hits a double dropkick to level Konnan in the center of the ring.
"One of the most agile 325 lbs. men you will ever find!" says Schiavone.
Legsweep by Morrus drops Konnan to the mat, where Morrus starts pounding on Konnan with a hailstorm of right fists. Konnan wallops Morrus across the forehead with the flat of his hand, then tosses him through the ropes. Outside the ring, Konnan clips Morrus' left knee. "No matter how many times you put him (Konnan) down," says Heenan, " he just keeps coming back to hurt you!" Morrus gets tossed headfirst into the steel steps. Then as he slowly climbs through the ropes, Konnan hammers him with a flying double dropkick, tumbling him into a corner. Cross-corner whip by Konnan, who follows it up with a first-ever "Rolling Thunder" lariat. Cover by Konnan, 1,2, no!
Reverse chinlock applied by Konnan so everybody can take a breather. After a bit, Konnan breaks the hold then slingshots off the ropes to delivers running double dropkick to Morrus' noggin, and then does it again.
Konnan locks on a reverse toehold, hyper-extending Morrus' left knee and hamstring again. Morrus crawls to the ropes to break the hold. As Konnan takes a breather by sitting on Morrus' head, Morrus slides out from under him and starts stomping a mudhole in his opponent. Konnan bails out, only to have Morrus pursue him and whip him into the steel steps. Morrus tosses Konnan back into the ring, and goes for a cover, but only gets a near-fall. Morrus locks on a crucifix submission hold, but Konnan won't submit, even when Morrus armbars his right arm. Cross-ring whip, but Konnan stops it. No matter, Morrus does a waist-lock release suplex that piles Konnan in a heap next to the ropes. Cover by morrus, but no pinfall. Morrus hooks the armbar on Konnan's right arm again, but Konnan reverses it into the "Crunch" submission hold. Morrus won't submit, so Konnan reverses it into a version of the "Code Red" submission hold. Morrus still won't submit, so Konnan decides to help matters along by stomping on Morrus' face with a right foot.
"Morrus is hearing some birdies right now, I can tell you!" says Heenan.
Konnan lands two forearm shots, but Morrus fires back wih a series of Big Right Hands that kncks Konnan to his knees.
Quick chain-wrestling sequence ends with Konnan getting whipped into another standing armbar. Konnan rolls through the hold, then rolls back to kick Morrus in the head. Cross-corner whip by Konnan, but Morrus does a floatover into a sunset flip, but Morrus kicks out. Morrus pokes Konnan in the eyes, dropping him to the mat. "They both workin' so hard, both are jus' gaspin' fo' air!" says Dusty.
Morrus goes up top, and sets for his "No Laughing Matter" finisher, but he takes too long, and Konnan knocks him off the turnbuckle stack. Morrus gets "snake-eyed" face-first on the top turnbuckle. Konnan hits a snap suplex, then locks on his "Tequila Sunrise" finisher, but Morrus is unconscious from getting "snake-eyed", and Konnan gets the win.

Tenay brings us up to date on the careers of Hugh Morrus and Konnan, with Morrus the "spiritual leader" of the WCW locker room, and Konnan's "stepping up to the plate" to take on WCW CEO (and Dark Lord of the Sith) Ric Flair's "Magnificent Seven." "What a difference!" says Tenay, "From being bitter enemies in 1997, to 2001, where Hugh Morrus and Konnan are now tag team partners!"

Hudson shills for next week's show, and we are done.

See you next week.

E.C. Ostermeyer
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