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/17 July 1999

WCW Worldwide


Guest columnist: Mike Mousseau


Report is live via Mike's Dorm Room (w/fuzzy cable), Menomonie, WI. Current Conditions: Partly cloudy, 73. Humidity: 71%; Wind: 8MPH from the south.

First off, thanks to CRZ for the opportunity to post this report. The burden is now on me to prove that I am the best applicant out of the thousands that wanted to recap WCW Worldwide. As you read this, remember that Worldwide time is one week behind real time due to the taping schedule for the show. That makes for sometimes funny/interesting pieces.

Well, that's all I have for an opener. On to the show!

We open with Tony Schiavone and Larry Zbyszko in the "Worldwide Studio." They begin by talking about Owen Hart's tragic death, and how Bret Hart is dealing with it. They reference his speech at the Georgia Dome Nitro, and how Bret is unsure of what to do next. According to the announcers, Bret's stay in WCW thus far hasn't lived up to the fan's or his own expectations. Really? They say Bret has what it takes for a WCW World Title run.

Next the Hart video package is shown, complete with Tenay voice-over. You may remember this from such shows as Nitro and Thunder. If not, read those reports for details.

Standing with "Mean" Gene are the "United," the group formerly known as Steve Regal, Dave Taylor and Fit Finlay. Regal: "It's good to be back home in WCW." He adds that his group is sick of beating each other up, and instead they'll now beat up everyone else. According to Finlay, the group has a collective 65 years of experience, and they're going to push it down our throat. That deserves a wow. The upshot of the interview is that the group is now playing the "British Heel" role to American tag teams.


From the 5July99 Nitro we are shown the Hart speech (minus the beginning), which can summed up as: "I don't know what I want to do next."

A promo for Road Wild, presented by American Ironhorse (card subject to change) is shown. We see a "corporate guy" driving a red convertible. He stops at a gas station and is "taken hostage" by Medusa and others, all dressed in typical biker gear. Apparently, they are taking the guy to the PPV to force him to watch the show. Insert your own joke here. This is followed by another batch of commercials.

We are back in the studio with the Legend and Schiavone. Talk is made about Ric Flair giving his son David the US Heavyweight title. Schiavone calls it a travesty. Zbyszko calls it a misuse of power and a slap in the face of tradition. I call it humorous.

We go to the 5July99 Nitro again, where Ric strips Scott Steiner of his title and awards the belt to David. You see, David was the number one contender because he beat Nash by countout. Buff Bagwell takes umbrage with this, and out he comes to confront Ric. Jump ahead to the match between Buff and not-so-buff, where Big Dave retains the title.

In the studio, the treacherous two run down the Flairs and Piper.


Match #1 -- Villano V vs. El Dandy

Commentators are Scott Hudson and Mike Tenay. Your referee is Nick Patrick. Wow, Patrick looks like a pretty big guy there. They should use him in some type of angle . . . Looks like Villano is the heel here, by default I guess. Nice armdrag by the masked wrestler. Here's a lockup, into a hammerlock by Dandy, which is reversed by Villano into his own hammerlock. Escape by Dandy. Heel Villano shoves Dandy to the ropes and gives three solid chops to the chest before missing the fourth. Dandy capitalizes with a slap to the face, knocking Villano to the mat.

To the ropes, reversed, and a baseball slide by Dandy, who then misses the enziguiri. Oh, ugly dropkick by Dandy sends Villano through the ropes to the floor. Over-the-top crossbody block onto the prone Villano. Dandy has a headlock now, tries to post the heel but instead eats the steel himself. Back in the ring now, Dandy is whipped to the corner, but manages to get his boot up into the face of the charging luchadore. The advantage is short lived, however as he rushes headlong into the waiting arms of Villano for a powerslam, which Hudson initially calls a powerbomb. Kickout at two by Dandy. Jeez, El Dandy is pretty chunky. Villano has Dandy up, whips him to the ropes, and catches him for the hotshot. Villano, in full control now, drapes Dandy's neck across the bottom rope and hits the legdrop on the back of his opponent's head. Villano jaws with the crowd a little, then punches Dandy down. Here's a kick to the shoulder, and a hair-biel out of the corner. Villano talks some smack to the camera. Villano with a submission move, now releases. Dandy is whipped to the ropes and taken to the mat with a drop toehold. Now Dandy is whipped to the corner, comes out, dueling hiptosses, and a shortarm clothesline by Villano V. Lateral press gets two. Villano whips his man to the ropes, and a sunset flip attempt by Dandy is nixed by a punch to the face. Villano misses a senton backdrop. Out of nowhere, Dandy rolls up Villano with La Majistral Cradle for the pinfall (4:31). Thanks to Wade's Wrestling Stuff, I know that particular move is El Dandy's finisher. Hudson mentions that El Dandy has held many versions of the Heavyweight Title south of the border. Our Castrol GTX replay confirms what we already suspected: El Dandy won the match.


Match #2 -- Jerry Flynn (with Jimmy Hart) vs. Dave Taylor (without the United)

Kick by Flynn to start, and two chops send Taylor to the corner. Rapid kicks to the ribs by Flynn. Now he sends the Brit to the opposite corner, but a charge connects only with the turnbuckle. Taylor with a double-underhook, and he waits for about three seconds too long which can only mean one thing: a run-in by the First Family (Taylor by DQ, 0:42). Here's Hugh Morrus, met with a dropkick. Barbarian gets the same treatment. Flynn regains control with a spin-kick to the jaw of Taylor. The three then commence a beatdown. Morrus starts to go up top for the No Laughing Matter, but Finlay and Regal make the save. General brawling ensues. The men dutifully make their way to the curtain.

"Mean" Gene has the captain of the No Limit Soldiers, Konnan. Konnan makes a parallel of himself to Gene, that they are both established veterans with someone trying to make a name for themselves by taking their spot. What? I'll let you draw your own parallel between the two. K-Dawg works in his abbreviated catch phrases, and lets us know that nothing is settled with the West Texas Rednecks; in fact, they're getting on his nerves! How dare they!


Back to the studio now to wrap things up. Schiavone hypes Road Wild, and promises an update next week, where I bet we'll find out that a match has been setup between Hogan and Nash. Gotta love the Worldwide time-delay. Next item is the Flair situation, and the question is asked "What's next for Ric Flair?" Well, if you believe the sheets, a loss to Sting on Nitro and a trip to Japan with his son Reid. With that we'll say goodbye until next week. It's been fun.

Mike Mousseau

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