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/31 July 1999

WCW Worldwide


Guest columnist: Mike Mousseau


Sorry, no opening comments this week due to time constraints. I spent the weekend at a friend's cottage bass fishing, and Monday is my 21st birthday. Please pray for a speedy recovery ;-) Now, on to the show!

Our opening montage features Sting v. Ric Flair.

Ooh, this is interesting. "In for Tony Schiavone" is Scott Hudson, along with Larry Z. Well, this was taped the same week that Tony first was replaced with Hudson on Nitro, so maybe we shouldn't read too much into it. I guess Schiavone is getting some "much needed rest." Let's start hyping Road Wild and Hogan versus Nash. But the question we're all asking is "Who will sign the winner's paycheck?" Sting, according to the announcers. Lets go back to Nitro (19.7.99), where we see Sting face Ric Flair for control of WCW. Click here if you need the play-by-play.

Back to the studio for possible implications of Sting as President, including where this leaves the "Triad Rules."

To Mean Gene we go, with former Cruiserweight champion Billy Kidman. He loves summer--it's his favorite time. He likes beautiful women at beaches. Although he and Rey-Rey are friends, there is a little tension between the two concerning the CW title. Gene and Kidman joke a little, then giggle as they end the interview. Lets pay some bills with a few commercials.

Scott and Larry talk about Sid versus Hogan at 19.7.99 Nitro. We see Sid and Hogan's interviews, and subsequent (clipped) match from said Nitro.

The Studio Duo discuss the world title scene. Next up, Shane Douglas' arrival. Oh, that's right after a batch of commercials.

Next topic: West Texas Rednecks. They wrestled Saturn and Benoit twelve days ago, so let's watch that match! Let's listen to Shane Douglas talk about cancer and trash as well!

Back to the studio. The two talk about the "Revolution" of Saturn, Benoit, Malenko and Douglas. Larry says if you can't beat the old school, maybe you're not ready to replace them. Yeah, cuz they've had plenty of chances to beat the old guys. Whatever. Let's cool off by seeing some ads.

Match #1: Psychosis v. Vampiro - Mike Tenay and Scott (New F'n show) Hudson) are your announcers. Referee is Billy Silverman. Oh man. This match could rule. Standing side kick right off the bat by Vampiro, followed up by a running lariat. Now Vamp sets Psychosis up top. He hits a belly-to-belly superplex. To the ropes, duck, spinning backbreaker is eluded by Psychosis, who clotheslines Vamp over the top and to the floor. Psychosis to the top rope--he hits a cross body block (plancha) onto Vampiro outside the ring! Psychosis now sends Vampiro to the barricade. On the rebound, the luchadore hits a nice hurricanrana! Plenty o' action here! Psychosis rolls Vamp back in, and goes up top again! He hits a missile dropkick for two. Tenay notes that Vampiro has become the "darling of WCW Live." To the corner, whip, missed splash by Psychosis. Vampiro now to the middle rope, and he hits a nice spinning heel kick. Lateral cover gets a two count. Vampiro is now in control; here's a headbutt and a kick. The announcers discuss a possible allegiance between Vamp and Raven. Vamp with a rear waistlock, which Psychosis reverses with a standing switch. He tries the "drop his nuts on the top rope" spot, but it doesn't come off right. To make up for it, he punches Vampiro in the back of the neck. Psychosis hits a missile dropkick on the "crotched" Vampiro. Vamp to the ropes, no, reversed, a leapfrog by Vampiro, and he tries to kick Psychosis. Psy caught the foot, but Vamp hit's a spinning back kick (?) to put his opponent down. There's the Nail in the Coffin (called the Vampiro Spike by Tenay), and the 1,2,3. (3:48) Well, Hudson calls it the Vampiro Spike too, so I guess that's the new name. Our Tinactin(r) replay of the week confirms what we already suspected: Vampiro won. Good match for its length, and a great match for this program. Good luck on seeing something like that again in the near future. I'll catch my breath with some commercials.

Match #2: Lash LeRoux v. Ernest Miller (with Sonny Onoo) Lash gets the mic (!) and speaks some Cajun, which Tenay translates for us, of course. Apparently, he said, "Let the good times roll." I bet Ric Ocasek would approve of Lash's sideburns. For the record, I'm a big fan of Lash LeRoux. I think he is chock-full of potential. Oh no. The Cat's music comes on--at least we get to see Lash cut a rug to the tune. Hey, he's pretty good! The Cat appears to be upset at such fine dancing, as he sprints to the ring to clobber Lash. Referee is Johnny Boone. Typical Cat offense--kicks and punches. Lash gets a dropkick and two armdrag takedowns. The Cat takes a break outside, and comes back in with a hotshot. Cat with a nice front kick. Lash gets a sunset flip for two. The Cat now hits a standing side kick, and follows up with a body slam and an elbow. He covers for a tow count. The Cat tosses Lash outside; each man gets a couple barricade shots in. Lash tosses the Cat into the ring. For crying out loud--Ernest Miller cannot wrestle. Lash is on the apron with his head down, probably looking for a couple of shoulder charges to the Cat's gut, or maybe a sunset flip attempt. The Cat simply walks over to him and punches him. Get him the hell out of WCW. Now he does the "heel abdominal stretch by the ropes spot," and of course he does a shitty job. Ooh, another kick! Please end this soon. Oh my God. He goes back to the ab stretch spot. He is retarded. Another kick. Oh Christ. The same ab stretch. This time, the ref catches him, and Lash gets a hiptoss. Oh, I see. The first two times he got away with cheating, but the third time he was caught. Why do the heels always have to be greedy and go for stuff three times? They always get caught on the third attempt! Lash controls now with punches and an elbow. To the corner, and Lash gets 8 out of 10 on the count-along before Miller picks him up and drops his head on the top turnbuckle. The Cat does the worst Flair Flop I've ever seen. Lash ducks a punch, but the two blow an atomic drop spot. Lash hits a suplex where he started in the Northern Lights position, but went over sideways instead of vertically. According to Tenay, Lash calls that the New Orleans Lights suplex. Lash let's the Cat up at two because Sonny Onoo was supposed to be on the apron. He wasn't. When Sonny gets there, Lash decks him. Meanwhile, The Cat puts on a red slipper and kicks in the direction of Lash's face. That's the end. (5:49) Good showing by LeRoux, I thought. Oh, and the Cat sucks. The 1-800-COLLECT replay confirms my opinions.

Mean Gene interviews Hugh Morrus. Nothing important here, so I'll not comment. Gene does seem to enjoy his job this week, though. In the studio, Larry and Scott again hype Road Wild and the world title match. See you all next week. That is, if I don't drink myself blind! Ha Ha!

Mike Mousseau

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