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/28 August 1999

WCW Worldwide by Mike Mousseau




Short report this week--busy moving.

We open with Sid ranting from Nitro. Cue opening Worldwide sequence. Mike Tenay and Larry Zbyszko are our studio hosts. They discuss Road Wild--who won, who lost, who retired. Next up we get a still photo package of the PPV, with Larry and Scott Hudson commenting.

Back in the studio, there is more talk concerning Hogan, Nash and Sid. Let's go to an interview.

"Clean" Gene Okerlund interviews Sid, who is blah-0. He's undefeated. No gum this week for Sid. He's the millennium man, don't ya know.

Tenay and Larry hype Sid and the faux winning streak. They are setting up a Sid/Goldberg bout down the line. Let's go to 16.8.99 Nitro, where Sid interrupted matches, and spoke. Later he wreslted. He did none of this well.

There is more hype of Sid, Hogan, Rick Steiner and Sting. If you were running WCW, would you focus on these four wrestlers?

Let's go to 16.8.99 Nitro, where Kidman got beat up by Nitro girl Kim's husband. Here's how you spell respect: R-E-S-slap! Then there was a match, and DDP lost cleanly (not shown here). Kim has juggs (in full effect here).

New World Order black and white is in disarray, because Stevie Ray left to reform Harlem Heat, and Bryan Adams has a new bad gimmick. Let's go to 16.8.99 Nitro once again and watch this play out.

Berlyn promo airs.

Match #1: Lenny Lane (w/Lodi) v. Scott Armstrong - I don't do Lodi signs. Scott Hudson and Larry Zbyszko are the announcers. Lenny isn't wearing his Cruiserweight belt due to the time delay factor, and Hudson covers this fact nicely. I can't hear the match, due to bad cable. Scott with a hiptoss, an armdrag and a dropkick. Lenny runs outside to be consoled by Lodi. Lenny in control. Armstrong misses an enzuigiri. Referee for this match is Billy Silverman. Lenny calls spots from the rear chinlock position. Lenny in firm control until he misses a corner splash. Punches, and a back body drop on Lenny. Scott pulls Lodi's hair, and Lenny rolls him up for the 1,2,3. (4:03) He "retains the Cruiserweight belt."

Match #2: Villano V v. Disciple - Referee is Charles Robinson. Hudson calls all of Leslie's names. I hate the Disciple. Thankfully, the bad cable really goes to town so I can't see most of this match. I think I just caught a glimpse of the Trix bunny. Oh, there's Villano, looks like he's in control. Umm, lines, uh, OK, the ring is back. Villano has a rear chinlock. Disciple with elbows to power out. Heh, there's some kid's shampoo commercial. Alright, the Disciple with the thumb across the throat, and the cable is back just in time to see him hit a shitty DDT for win. (3:08) I'll bet I didn't miss a **** match. The 1-800-COLLECT replay confirms my suspicions.

"Spleen" Gene hypes Fall Brawl. He brings in Steve Regal and David Taylor. Regal pushes his muscle up with his finger. Regal runs down Harlem Heat, and gives the "tag champs" an open challenge. Too late, they already dropped the belts to the Windhams.

Back to the studio to wrap things up. Fall Brawl is the next PPV, so that gets the required hyping. Hogan is the champ, so he gets hyped as well. That's about all.

Either it was a shitty show this week (even by Worldwide standards), or I just didn't have the right mindset. Oh well. Be sure to email me to tell me how much I sucked this week.

Question of the week, if anyone cares is: Which wrestler would you most want to back you up in a bar fight?

I promised to mention Shirley Manson, so there you go. See ya's next week!

Mike Mousseau
[slash] wrestling

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