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/11 September 1999

WCW Worldwide by Mike Mousseau




Hey everybody, it's Worldwide time! I'll be flying through the report this week due to an abundance of Accounting and MIS homework. Quick self-plug: my homepage has undergone a makeover, and I'm looking for people who would like to write articles for the site. All topics are welcome--sports, humor, fiction, politics, etc. Links to my page and my email are at the bottom of this report; send me any thoughts or suggestions on the matter. On to the show!

Studio hosts are Tony Schiavone and Larry Zbyszko. They begin by hyping Hogan and Fall Brawl. Whoa! We're going to the ring already for

Match #1: Adrian Byrd v. Prince Iaukea - Match announcers are Scott Hudson and Mike Tenay. Referee is Johnny Boone. Prince is of course the heel, which I rather dig. He sneers on the way to the ring. Prince with the early advantage. Back and forth action. Nice snap suplex by the Prince. Prince tosses Byrd to the outside. Chops in the corner. Into the opposite corner and the Prince follows with a clothesline. Chinlock now in the middle. Legdrop gets to for Prince. Another chinlock. Byrd elbows out. Prince sent to the ropes, and Byrd with a dropkick. Byrd dances, and gets kicked in the gut. Enzuigiri by Prince. Nice THUMB IN THE EYE by Prince. Prince hits the Northern Lights suplex for two. Did that used to be his finisher? Snap mare into *another* chinlock. Well, this was a quick one. Prince with a forearm to the chest of Byrd. Prince misses an enzuigiri, and Byrd is really sloppy. Byrd with a slam, and follows with a back-body drop. Prince to the corner, Byrd charges and, well, he stops and picks up Prince, but Prince grabs the rope and lands on Byrd for the 1,2,3. (4:05) Postmatch, Byrd is dumped to the outside again.

Tony and Larry rundown the Luger/Sting/Hogan angle. Let's go back to 30.8.99 Nitro, where Luger promises "irrefutable evidence" against Hulk Hogan. Hogan denies. Luger reiterates. Luger shows Sting a picture. DDP punches Hogan, and Macho Man makes a cameo. Here's "Mean" Gene Okerlund with the First Family. Jimmy Hart looks hideous without sunglasses. Hugh Morrus makes a lame DQ/Dairy Queen joke, and Knobbs yells about the Revolution. Thankfully, Barbarian gets no mic time.

Tony and Larry hype Berlyn as a hungry, viscious and cocky wrestler. Back to 30.8.99 Nitro, as Berlyn makes his debut. That's an awfully short limo, Tony. Bad lighting rules here. Ugh, the lighting and my bad cable really do wonders for Ute's complexion. Time to FFWD.

The announcers hype Berlyn and Buffy Bagwell for Fall Brawl. Oops! Winner of this feud, and still undefeated: Buff's ego.

In the studio, there is hyping of Sid's "streak" and his inevitable meeting with Goldberg. We go back to that one show again, where Sid destroys Disorderly Conduct. Later, Benoit cuts a promo about Sid. Benoit: "You're gonna have to powerbomb me a lot more than once." No, Chris, I believe one time did the trick.

Back in the studio, Benoit is put over as a legitimate match for Sid at Fall Brawl. "Mean" Gene runs down the PPV card. Nothing to note here. Larry puts Van Hammer over before his match, and we're promised a Kidman/Blitzkrieg match! Whoo- hoo!

Match #2: Van Hammer v. Johnny Attitude - Referee is Billy Silverman. According to Hudson and Tenay, Schiavone has worked for WCW since 1985. No comment. Attitude starts with some hard chops in the corner. Elbow, kick, kick, kick, to the corner, reversed, and Hammer misses a charge. Attitude hits a clothesline from the second rope for a two count. Hammer with a huge kick to the face of Attitude. I'm now officially saving myself for the next match. Top rope biel by Hammer. He follows with a vertical suplex. Tree of woe now, and Hammer wrenches on Attitudes neck. Choke on the top rope. To the ropes, and a standing lariat by Hammer. Here's a hiptoss. More moves, and Hammer finishes off the squash with a cobra clutch slam. (3:08)

Gene again, now with DDP. Page says he and Goldberg's match is the only one that means anything. DDP says Goldberg thinks this is real. OK. So Worldwide is booked for smarks now, I guess. Page puts his book over to close the interview.

Match #3: Blitzkrieg v. Billy Kidman - Referee is Nick Patrick. My fingers will try to keep up. Hudson hypes Kidman as a four-time CW champ. Crowd is alive for Kidman. Has Blitz won a match in WCW? Kidman with a backdrop suplex. Blitz to the ropes, Kidman ducks, and Blitz spins over him. Kidman hits a spinebuster for two. Blitz spins out of a hiptoss attempt (!), and does other fancy stuff. Hudson says it was a standing enzuigiri. Cover for two. Snap mare on Kidman. Blitz off the ropes hits a corkscrew bodydrop, an elbowdrop and legdrop in succession. He covers for two. Bodyslam, and now a reverse chinlock. Kidman powers out. Kidman to the ropes, but Blitz gets the knee to the gut. Cover for two. Chops on Kidman in the corner. Whip across, and Blitz misses a handspring back elbow. Kidman hits a "short powerbomb." Is that the Rydeen Bomb? That gets a two count. Wicked rana by Blitz sends Kidman's skull straight into the mat. Two count. Whoa, Kidman is clearly woozy as he blows a couple spots, including You Can't Powerbomb Kidman(tm). Wow, that gets the pin for Kidman (3:36) in the compromised ending. Closeup shows Kidman quite groggy. The replay confirms what I already suspected: cruiserweights rule the world. Good match, but it could've been quite sweet.

Tony and Larry hype Fall Brawl to end the show. Can you trust Hogan? I dunno.

That's it this week for Worldwide. Check out my redone page, and if you're so inclined, drop me a line. See ya's next week.

Mike Mousseau
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