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/18 September 1999

WCW Worldwide by Mike Mousseau




Hello everybody, and welcome to this week's edition of WCW Worldwide! I'm too busy crying over both UW and the Packers losing this weekend to say much here. Woe is me! Anybody see the big fight Saturday? From what I hear, the fix was most definitely in. De La Hoya was the clear winner. Sheesh. But maybe that's just my biased friends.

Tony Schiavone and Larry Zbyszko are our studio hosts. They begin by hyping Vampiro and his angle of telling wrestlers that they 'owe him.' Let's go back to 30.8.99 Nitro, where Vamp and ICP watch Lash LeRoux and Scotty Riggs wrestle. Vamp gets up close and personal with Riggs, who now owes Vampiro. Later on that same show, Evan Karageous is thrown into the angle. Now we go to 6.9.99 Nitro, and Evan still owes Vampiro.

Back to the studio, where the announcers put the angle over some more, and mention Bret Hart. "Mean" Gene Okerlund has Lodi and Lenny in an interview. Lodi is Lenny's hairdresser. Gene says 'shoot.' Lenny and Lodi are happy just to be on TV.

Tony promises three matches for us this week. But first, let's put over Bret Hart. Did you hear that his brother died? Bret returned on 6.9.99, doncha know. Hey Bret it's 'WCW', not 'The WCW.' He wants to fight Hulk Hogan.

Up next: wrestling action!

Well first, Bobby Walker is put over (?), and the matches are previewed. Apparently, Barry Darsow was hit on the head with a tag team belt, and has been acting strangely since. Uh, OK. Harlem Heat will also be in action. Here we go!

Match #1: El Dandy v. Bobby Walker - Announcers are Scott Hudson and Mike Tenay. Referee is Mickey J. Heat machine is cranked to the max tonight. Slow action to start. Even matchup, so far. Test of strength won by Dandy. Dandy has a lethal right hand, in case you haven't heard. Walker controls with punches, and Dandy rolls outside. Back in now, Dandy gets a kick in. Powerslam by Walker, to the top, and off with a clothesline. That gets Bobby Walker the 1,2,3. (3:02) Standard Worldwide match, I guess. Our non- sponsored replay shows the endgame.

Match #2: Al Green v. Barry Darsow - What the hell?! We cut to the back, where Darsow is decked out in Soviet attire (Krusher Kruschev). Background wrestlers are Texas Hangmen and Johnny Attitude. Chas. Robinson tells Darsow to get to the ring, but Darsow says, "who's Barry Darsow?" cuz he got hit in the head and has insomnia and is reverting to past gimmicks. Gee, where have I seen this lately? Ref is still Mickey J. Match is on. Announcers are putting the angle over, with Mister Mister and 1986 references. Match is typical for these two guys. Darsow (Kruschev?) mostly controls. Hudson doesn't know what to call him. Tenay is just annoying. Magnum TA is mentioned. Kruschev makes Green submit to the Russian Backbreaker. (3:03) Not just angle development, angle creation on Worldwide! Butterfinger replay confirms what I already suspected: Barry Darsow is no Al Snow.

Cat-Bo thing airs. Hey, cable is crystal clear this week! Hurrah!

Match #3, For the Tag Team Championship: Chris Adams & Johnny Swinger v. Harlem Heat (ch) - Title defense on Worldwide. Pretty cool. Hollywood Blondes are mentioned. Nothing for the first 1:00. Shoulderblock by Booker T. on Adams. Adams gets control with a shortcut. Booker quickly reverses things, but Adams hits an enzuigiri. Swinger in now, choking Booker. Booker to the ropes, no, reversal, and T catches Swinger and hits a big spinebuster. Stevie Ray tagged in. Oh yeah, referee is Billy Silverman. Stevie is the king of funny faces. Swinger sent to the corner, and Stevie charges with a clothesline. To the other corner, no, reversed, but a charging Swinger eats a back elbow. Stevie comes out with a lariat. Down goes Adams. Stevie with mucho stomping in his own corner, and Booker begs him off. Stevie obliges. Tag to T. Swinger stays bent over for about an hour and a half so Booker can hit the axe kick. Cover gets two. T hits his 'arm wringer into a standing side kick.' Tag to Stevie Ray. Swinger to the ropes, and Stevie hits a powerslam. Booker back in, while Stevie sends Swinger to the ropes. Catch by Stevie, and Booker takes him out with the side heel kick (Harlem Sidekick?) to end things. (4:49)

To Gene again, this time with Dave Taylor and Steve Regal. I can't understand a word Taylor says. Regal cuts a nice promo--they'll bloody thrash somebody.

Back to the studio quickly to hype Barry Darsow and his insomnia. Stay tuned!

All in all, a nice edition of Worldwide. An angle plays out, and we get a title defense. Too bad we didn't get a rematch from last week's Kidman/Blitzkrieg mishap. And that's all I got this week, I guess. See all ya's next week.

Mike Mousseau
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