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/25 September 1999

WCW Worldwide by Mike Mousseau




Badgers lost to Michigan, and dropped out of the polls. If they lose next week to Ohio State, the season's over. All attention turns to Ron Dayne's run for the Heisman. Now that would salvage a season! On to the show!

We open with Scott Hudson and Bobby Heenan in the Worldwide studio. First item of business: review Fall Brawl. Let's see some still shots from said PPV. You all know the results by now; I'll skip ahead. Sting is hyped as a heel next. Then, we see that one Sting video package. It was all a charade, you know.

Local spot for a Nitro coming to Minneapolis on 1.11.99. West Hollywood Blondes enter. Lenny Lane is from the area, see. He refuses to put over the Twin Cities, though. Tickets go on sale 1.10.99!

Back in the studio, Ric Flair is hyped, and Heenan talks fastly and tries to be funny. Let's go back to 13.9.99 Nitro, where Flair came back so he could put over heel Sting and Luger. Of course, Hogan hogs the spot. Read CRZ's report if you need more detail. Later, Hart and DDP became involved (not like that, sickos). Hudson and Heenan put over the main players of the previous scene. Anybody remember when Heenan was funny?

How can a movie be made about that school-girl skit from SNL? By the end of the skits they're s-t-r-e-t-c- h-i-n' to be funny. Also, how can I watch Smackdown! on UPN Thursdays *and* on Fox on Fridays? Is this legal?

The announcers recap Benoit losing to Sid and beating Malenko. He lost the US title and won the TV title.

Let's go back to that one Nitro again, where Benoit does indeed beat Malenko. Then he cuts a promo calling out Sting. Out comes Rick Steiner, who dominates Benoit, but drops the strap. I hate Rick Steiner very much. Benoit now has a target on his back, according to Hudson. Heenan saddens me.

Match #1: Chavo Guerrero Jr. v. Kaz Hayashi (no entrance) - Referee is Billy Silverman. Match announcers are Hudson and Mike Tenay. I think Silverman ref's about 80% of Worldwide matches. This match should rock. Lockup, headlock by Chavo, who is tossed to the ropes. Shoulderblock by Chavo sends Kaz down. Chavo to the ropes again, stepover, and he stops short to headlock Kaz. Headscissors by Kaz, and Chovo kicks out. Drop toehold by Chavo, who floats up into a side headlock. Kaz attempts a back suplex, but Chavo flips out and goes back to the headlock. Go behind by Kaz, switch by Chavo, Kaz elbows out and hits the ropes. Dueling hiptosses ends with a knee to Kaz's gut. Scoop by Kaz, escape by Chavo and Kaz hits a release northern lights suplex. I'm hit with a huge wave of déjà vu--have I seen this before? Running lariat by Kaz. If this were on Nitro, Sid would now make an appearance to ruin a quality match. Kaz with rights, and Chavo is slumped in the corner. Chavo is sent to the opposite corner, but a charging Kaz eats boot. Repeat. On his third attempt, Chavo moves and Kaz goes shoulderfirst through the corner. Now Kaz gets to flip out of a back suplex attempt, and he hits a falling-down-backwards hotshot. A right, and a snapmare by Kaz. Of the ropes, and here's a "Kaz Elbow." Muta's name gets dropped. Chop on Chavo, who is then tied in the tree of woe. Kaz with a sweet looking dropkick to Chavo's face. Kick, and another snapmare on Chavo. Rear chinlock applied. I guess Kaz is the heel here. He's being quite "heelish." Chavo powers out. Dropkick misses, but Chavo hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Here's a head scissors takeover by Kaz. Kaz hits an enzuigiri without the setup. Cover gets our first two count of the match. Rights back and forth, Chavo gets the advantage (chop), European uppercut, right, Kaz to the ropes, no, reversed. Kaz goes for a press whatever , but Chavo counters with a nice spinning DDT (Tornado?). Chavo floats over for the pin. (4:19) Sweet match, sweet finish. Our 10-10-321 replay confirms what we already suspected: These guys can wrestle.

Next up, a Revolution promo airs, which features too much talking by Shane Douglas.

Match #2: Blitzkrieg v. Juventud Guerrera - Referee is Chas. Robinson. I have yet to see Blitzkrieg win a match. Well, I'll do my best trying to call the match, but no promises. Kicks are matched, and Juvy is sent to the ropes. He sends Blitz to the mat with a shoulderblock. To the ropes again, Blitz ducks a clothesline, Juvy flips out of a German suplex attempt and floors Blitz with a clothesline. Juvy with a suplex attempt, but Blitz slips behind. Juvy elbows out, hits the ropes, but Blitz hits a spinning heel kick. Blitz hits his double flippy-flop combo, and covers for two. Rear chinlock is applied. Where's Sid? Chop, chop sends Juvy to the corner. Juvy to the corner, no, reversed, and a charging Juvy finds no one. Shit. Bad cable kicks in. Uh, probably more moves, uh, OK, Blitz is sent to the ropes, no, reversed, and Blitz misses a dropkick. Elbow dropped by Juvy. Does anyone mind that I ignore the announcers for the most part? Juvy covers for two. Blitz reverses Juvy into the corner, and he hits a handspring back elbow. Powerbomb attempt goes nowhere for Blitz. Blitz to the ropes, no, reversed, Blitz puts his head down and gets kicked. Wow, these guys always reverse the whips. Juvy to the ropes, caught in the wheelbarrow position, and he bulldogs Blitzkrieg. Juvy plays to the crowd. Blitz slips out of a Juvy-driver attempt, goes up for a head scissors, and comes down with a cradle for two. Blitz to the ropes, comes of the middle one with a moonsault, but Juventud catches him and plants him with the Juvy-driver for the 1,2,3. (3:23) Another tight match. I love WCW Worldwide!

Interview time, as "Mean" Gene hypes the local Nitro coming up and welcomes in ICP and Vampiro. I hate ICP. The fat one yells some. It degenerates from there. Ugh.

Back to the studio to wrap things up. Hudson and Heenan ramble to end things. Heenan: "I can say goodbye for myself." Hudson: "Feel free." Heenan: "Don't tell me what to do!" Ha. That's it for this week's show. Two superb Worldwide matches; what else could I ask for? Thumbs up for this week's show.

Mike Mousseau
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