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/2 October 1999

WCW Worldwide by Mike Mousseau




Tony Schiavone and Larry Zbyszko are our studio hosts. They begin by hyping the Sid/Goldberg match for Halloween Havoc. Let's go to 20.9.99 Nitro, where Jimmy Hart called out Goldberg, who then destroyed Brian Knobbs. Next Goldberg cut a promo on Sid. Later, Sid took out Evan Karagias and Blitzkrieg after their match.

Local spot for the 1.11.99 Nitro in Minneapolis has Gene Okerlund interview the West Texas Rednecks. Hennig chats a little; Curly Bill gets a line in, as does Kendall Windham.

Tony and Larry put Sting over as a heel. We go back to said Nitro, where Ric Flair yells some and Chris Benoit makes a cameo. Later, Benoit makes Sting wrestle, and the Total Package interferes. Ric Flair makes an appearance, as does DDP, but Hulk Hogan saves the day, naturally. FFWD to Flair v. DDP. Flair has the figure four cinched in, but Sting runs in. Package appears, then Hogan.

Hogan v. Sting is set for Havoc. Hogan's knee is shot, thanks to Sting.

Back to the studio, and Berlyn is next up to be hyped. He's a German machine, dontcha know. Back again to that one show, where Berlyn's bodyguard helps his man beat Scott Armstrong. Big Brother Brad makes the save.

We hype Berlyn some more before heading to commercial.

Let's run down the Havoc card (heh):

  • Hogan v. Sting for the World Championship
  • Sid v. Goldberg for the US Heavyweight Championship

    Two matches so far? That was really worth it.

    Match #1: Silver King v. Prince Iaukea - Announcers are Scott Hudson and Mike Tenay. Referee is Nick Patrick. Did you know that Iaukea wrestles 40% of all Worldwide matches? Silver King sure is stocky. Almost enough to deceive me. He charges off the bell and misses something butt first. Iaukea with a standing side kick. King goes crotch first to the corner. Iaukea hits a springboard legdrop for two. Silver Kings nails Iaukea with a whirlwind DDT for the two count. Silver King is gassed a minute in. King gets a tilt-a-whirl slam for two. He tosses Iaukea outside. King attempts a double axehandle, but Iaukea hits the gutshot. Back inside they go, and Iaukea gets caught coming in second. King with a couple chops sends Iaukea down. Announcers: "Sid, blah blah, Sid, blah, etc." Well, they don't say et cetera, but you get the point. Silver King hits a standing moonsault for two. Rear chinlock is applied. Prince powers out, and starts his comeback. He misses a charge, though, and SK is back in control. I'm bored. There's a few moves back and forth. The end sees Prince Iaukea hit the Northern Lights suplex for the pin. (3:45) I *knew* that was his finisher! That match sucked.

    "Mean" Gene back in a local interview. He has Rick Steiner, who gets all up in the camera's area. He's pretty ticked off, I guess. On the Wilt Chamberlain count, Gene is at about 30 or 40. 'Kay.

    Match #2: Adrian Byrd v. Saturn - I hope Saturn kills Byrd. Saturn sure is a good looking guy. Referee is Mickey J (in her eye). Mat wrestling to start. My girlfriend says Taz is black. I disagree. Who's right? Saturn's working on Byrd's left arm. Methodically. Here's a horizontal hammerlock. He misses a lionsault. Byrd with a lariat, and follows with a powerslam. There's a front slam. Byrd covers for two. Now Byrd lowers his head early and gets kicked. Saturn with the standing side kick, and hits the head and arm over the top suplex. Hudson calls it a T-Bone suplex. Is he right? Has anyone read this far? Saturn hooks on the Rings of Saturn for the submission victory. (3:12) The heat maching goes wild!! Out come the Revolution. Saturn has the stick. Heat machine is cranked. Shane Douglas talks next. New catchphrase: The Revolution is the solution. Shane begs the crowd to say it. They don't. He hits the old catchphrase, and that's it.

    Tony and Larry bring up the friction within the Revolution. Larry says Douglas is "aggressive." Hey, I bet he's turning heel! Matches are hyped for Havoc, and we're Audi. See ya's next week!

    Mike Mousseau
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