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/6 November 1999

WCW Worldwide by Mike Mousseau




This is it. My last Worldwide report for the [slash]. I'm movin' on up (to the east side) to recap Thunder! for this very site. Kind of like escaping the 9th level of Dante's WCW . . . only to find yourself on the 5th. Before I start though, I would like to present all four of the emails I got in the past week regarding the show.

Letter #1:

From: Joshua Hilden
Subject: Worldwide

I always read your World Wide recap, and I did notice last weeks absence but I wasn't going to bitch about it even though I had to read the DDT Digest report :) Also I always hyperlink your report to my site because I can't get anyone to recap it for me. You do good work.

Josh Hilden - (Citizen Lazlo)

Lazlos Wrestling Arena. - ""
Citizen Lazlos Dominion. - ""

Josh--I don't think anyone would blame you if you bitched about having to read the Worldwide report from DDT Digest. That writer is clearly mediocre. Also, thanks for the compliment.

Letter #2

Subject: Worldwide Local Spot

The Worldwide I saw had a local interview with Jimmy Hart, which was really cool...and somewhat questionable. First, Jimmy asked how WCW could put the Mayhem album out without having Mean Gene singing "Tutti Frutti" (In case you didn't know, Gene covered "Tutti Frutti" on 1985's THE WRESTLING ALBUM). Then, Jimmy talked about all the great teams he's managed, including the Hart Foundation, the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers, and the Natural Disasters. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but at least one of those names is intellectual property of the WWF. Just thought you'd be interested.

Soon to be returning to [slash],
Dan Doomsday

Dan--Aren't *all* those names WWF property? Thanks for the info. Now everyone go read all the back issues of The Device!

Letter #3

From: The Cubs Fan
Subject: Re: Worldwide

Mike... I had to plug you...Ultimowrestling is really slacking off on TV reports, and GP Ryan doesn't seem to be doing them anymore...And you're pretty good, but that's beside the point ;)

The Cubs Fan

Cubs Fan--Hmmm, don't know those sites . . . I bet I'm probably OK without them. By the way, is that what is called a back-handed compliment? Oh, remember what I said before about DDT Digest? I was kidding. Go read the Cubs Fan's work. He's been at it a lot longer than I have. You could say I'm Arn to his Ric. ;-)

Letter #4

From: Pizzathief
Subject: correction

on your october 30th worldwide report you said mona is from philadelphia. shes from forest lake, minnesota.

Pizzathief--Thanks for the correction. I was just writing what the announcer said. I thought that she was from Minnesota, I was just too lazy to check.

So that's that. My first and only airing of my incoming messages. And now, on with the show.

Our studio announcers this week are Scott Hudson and Larry Zbyszko. Halloween Havoc was 24.10.99. Let's take a look at what happened, courtesy of and WCW magazine. Stills are shown of Disco Inferno/Lash LeRoux, First Family/Harlem Heat/Filthy Animals, Saturn/Eddie Guerrero, Brad Armstrong/Berlyn, Chris Benoit/Rick Steiner, Notluger/Bret Hart, Goldberg/Sid, DDP/Ric Flair, and Sting/Goldberg.

Discussion of the World Title fiasco follows; let's go back to 25.10.99 Nitro, where Sting is not happy about stuff. He looks for JJ Dillon. He throws stuff. He calls out Dillon. Dillon tells him he is not the champ. Sting beats him up. Goldberg saves. Read CRZ's report for more information, if you'd like.

Obviously, Sting is a sore loser. He didn't take the news that he was not the champion very well. When we come back, footage from first round matchups of some tournament from Nitro.

Hall and Nash roughed up Goldberg before his match with Sid. That angered Goldy. Back we go again to Nitro. Hall and Nash come to the ring. They say lots of cool stuff. Goldberg rudely interrupts. The Outsiders are both next. Later, Hall and Nash were in the ring with strippers, and Goldberg speared people. Later yet, Goldberg and Bret Hart wrestled. Nash, Hall and Sid all interfered, for about three minutes, and Bret Hart covered the man to win and advance in the tournament.

Hudson thinks this may all be settled at Mayhem, come 21.11.99. Next, we go inside the arena for exclusive Worldwide action! Stay right with us!

Match #1: Rick Cornell v. Kid Romeo - Match announcers are Scott Hudson and Larry Zbyszko. Cornell is a graduate of the WCW Power Plant, and has a shaved head save a long ponytail in back. Once again, Romeo does the Blackman glow stick routine with the lights dimmed. Yay! Speaking of WWF wreslters with no heat, there's the Shamrock ankle lock by Romeo. There's a sign in the crowd for Chuck Palumbo. I'm guessin' it's his wife. Northern lights suplex by Romeo, no bridge, followed by two leg drops. There's a, um, one handed quasi-chokeslam type move by Cornell. He's a big, juiced-up looking guy. And the ponytail's not doing a lot for him. Back and forth action for a while. Cornell with a corner whip, but misses a wild, spinning kick. "T-Bone" suplex by Cornell. Is a T-Bone any suplex where you grab a limb or two and toss him over your head, or what? Cornell follows that up with more work on Romeo's back. Cornell misses a wild, spinning knee drop. Romeo up top, and off with a mediocre 'rana. Right, right, wind 'em up, and a standing dropkick. Spinning heel kick, and hit's a body slam/piledriver hybrid. Along the lines of the Snow Plow. That gets the pin. (3:54)

Match #2: Disciple v. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan - Hudson hits the nicknames, of course. Disciple wears an ugly yellow robe to the ring. Duggan brings a 2x4 and an American flag. USA chant immediately. Makes sense; I think Ed Leslie has hailed from Parts Unknown previously. Referee is Nick Patrick. This should be quite the scientifical matchup. In-between moves, insert kicks and puchches. Kneelift from Ed. Later, three clotheslines by the quite rotund Duggan. Next, high knee to the back by Leslie. Greco-Roman choke on Duggan. Rear chinlock by Disciple. After 7 seconds of that move, Duggan is out of it enough for the hand to drop two times. Of course, we get a thumbs up on the third attempt. Power out, bodyslam, running clothesline, Old Glory kneedrop, pin. (2:56) I'm glad my last match for Worldwide was such a classic.

What the hell? WCW Mayhem promo, WCW Mastercard commercial, 3 1/2 minutes of commercials, Rey Jr. jersey shill, local station commercials, UPN spot, then right into the Saturday afternoon movie? Um, what happened to the end of Worldwide? This must've just been a local screwup or something. Uh, check out DDT Digest to see what you missed, I guess. I'll do the same. And no interviews this week? Huh. Fine way to end my reign of syndicated WCW programming. See you on Thursday for Thunder. It's been fun!

Mike Mousseau
[slash] wrestling

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