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/13 November 1999

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Opening credits still feature Hollywood Hogan


First topic of discussion is Bret Hart's US title victory almost three weeks ago on Nitro over Goldberg, with an awful lot of (unanticipated) help from the Outsiders and Sid Vicious. This leads to a look back the 1.11 Nitro and Hart's words for the Outsiders which began the show. Hart then hit the ring to tell the world that he knows Goldberg got screwed and this isn't how he wanted to win the title. Sid Vicious then interrupted things, stated HIS claims to the title belt, and promptly punked him out. Before the final powerbomb, however, the Outsiders appeared and calmed down Vicious by handing him the title belt. Later, Nash dressed up as Jay Leno...err, Vince McMahon, and he and Hall tried to broker a finish in the title tourney match between Hall and Vicious. Even later that night, Hart limped out and broke his crutch over Vicious - but missed his shot at Hall. Hall, however, managed to sneak in a pinfall on Vicious - walking off with the United States Heayweight belt. Back in the studio, Hudson says that the two odds-on favourites in the tourney - Goldberg and Vicious - are now out.

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The IV Horsemen - the Revolution - the NWO - all have disintegrated from within...can we add the Nitro Grrls to this list? Let Us Take You Back Once Again to the 1.11 Nitro where Mike Tenay had the fateful interview with Kimberly, where she announced to the troupe that she had more important business to tend to. The seeds of dissension were sown when Spice used the fateful phrase "follow my lead." The first performance by the Nitro Grrls in several months featured an impromptu catfight when Jazz threw a punch. Backstage, the fight flared up again - featuring an unmuted "bitch" here and there. And one more clip featured good ol' Vince McMahon dropping a "Get It?" Go figure - Zbyszko takes the side of A.C. Jazz.

Again going back two weeks, David Flair mutters to no one while brandishing a crowbar. Later that night, in the cage, Chris Benoit was cuffed as the Revolution had their way with him. The Filthy Animals tried to come to the rescue, but using the patented "black ninja" style of attacking (one at a time), were having trouble gaining the upperhand. Just when things started to go their way, however, he came David - and there went the crowbar all over the backs of the Animals. Would he also lay into Benoit? No...instead, he freed him. At the top of the ramp, that coward Konnan still got his when Sting waffled him from behind to reclaim his baseball bat. It wasn't over then either! As he left the building (and happened to walk in front of an intrepid cameraman) - he found himself run down by a car...driven by none other than a hooded, zombified Kimberly. Even with two weeks of hindsight, I STILL can't tell you who's supposed to be the face in all this... At any rate, Hudson promises more news of the Pages and the Flairs next week on Worldwide. I ALREADY can't wait! Or...I *could* go read the Nitro report from the next week....nah

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Hudson announces that the Total Package gets a bye in the title tournament as Page is unable to compete. He'll face either Meng or Sting in the third round...or will he? Back to Nitro we go as Package and Elizabeth work their magic with Meng, attempting to implicate Jeff Jarrett is some nasty rumourmongering. This raised the ire of Jarrett, who demanded a public apology for not only making the accusations, but also for implicating him in the attack on Elizabeth a week earlier. Hey, whatever happened with Liz getting knocked out with that guitar, anyway? Meng later rushed the ring anyway when Jarrett made fun of his delay in taking down Madusa. This led to a macing and crowbar-bashing which took Meng out of the running. Getting to Sting, Package told him a tale and recruited him into a tag team title match. In that match, Luger promptly faked a leg injury, leaving Sting at the wrong end of a four-on-one beatdown. Konnan ended up stealing Sting's bat here....oh, out of head's starting to hurt! I STILL wish they could have found a way to give me that Meng/Sting match, though. I kinda wanted to see that one.

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SONNY SIAKI v. ALLAN FUNK - Siaki is kinda like the Rock - except not. This is his debut. Funk is a veteran of ... several weeks. Lockup - no, Funk ducks it and razzes him. Lockup, armdrag from Funk. Thumbs down again. That must be his thing, with the thumbs down and the raspberry shtick. Lockup, side headlock from Funk, Siaki with the elbows - off the ropes,over, leapfrog, arm drag, quasi-Japanese arm drag, drop toe hold, cover, 2. Side headlock from Siaki, to the ropes, off the ropes, but he holds on - Funk grabs a waistlock and drops backwards in a backdrop to break it. Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp. Springing off the second rope with a kneedrop. 2 count. Powerbomb - nope, up and over with a slam. Funk still stomping. I think he's found his niche! Stomp! Stomp! You go, Funk! Stomp! Now thumbs down and razz! To the rear chinlock. Siaki looking to get up - crowd not exactly bringing him to life. Elbows out - off the ropes, duck, but on the way back a lariat from Funk has Siaki flipping. Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! "Shut up! Thbbbbbpht!" Stomp! Stomp! Siaki manages a punch to the gut. Funk with a clubbing blow and a choke for a change of pace. Brief apology to referee "Blind" Billy Silverman. Stomp! Cover - but only 2. Clubbin' forearm to the back. Siaki hangs on to the whip attempt - press into a gutbuster and now both men are down. Siaki with "Iblockyourpunchyoudon'tblockmine." Siaki ducks some wild swings, then hits one of his own. Anothe right. Off the ropes - takes him up, and isn't there when he comes down. Off the ropes, big clothesline. Up for the backdrop suplex but just drives him down instead. 2 count for Siaki. Punch. Off the ropes, reversal, duck, gutshot, front facelock, "inverted DDT" (which never looks like it'd hurt, as the head don't hit the mat) and it's over. 1, 2, 3. Can't complain. (4:34)

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ERIK WATTS v. EDDIE GUERRERO - and YOU thought I was wasting my time watching this show. I miss Eddie's "diggin' the grave" pantomime. I also wish he wouldn't come out to "Psycho." Zbyzsko encourages all the kids to not wear their seatbelts so they'll live, just like Eddie did after HIS accident. Hmmm. Lockup, side headlock, to a waistlock, Watts elbows out. Off the ropes, Eddie clutches his knee - I think he's playing possum here. Yup. Dropkick to Watts knees when he relents. Kick, kick, right, right, right, uppercut with a Euro forearm, European forearm. Off the ropes is reversed, hiptoss is blocked so Watts tries "a version of the uranage suplex" which involves an armdrag setup but sees Watts drop him onto his back really hard. Watts with his "guns" hand jive and a late cover for 1. "Eddie" chant - is it real? Who can say? Watts takes him into the corner - got him up - powerbomb into the turnbuckle. Yowch. Lax cover gets 2 and Guerrero grabs the rope. Watts raining down rights on him. Now mocking an "Eddie" chant and possibly starting one in the process. Eddie takes Watts into the top rope (does a hot shot hurt when your gut is what hits the top rope?) - Watts down and there's a frog splash - it's acadmic. 1, 2, 3. (2:44) Replay brought to you by Castrol GTX - and it's mostly Watts doing his six shooter dance. Hey, I guess you were right about this show. Oh well.

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Hudson and Zbyszko have a few parting words. Well, Hudson does. Larry has one more leer for Jazz.


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