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/27 November 1999

WCW Worldwide


by Jason Hanes


Okay, so I knew I had to work on Saturday and Sunday this week (which I normally don't have to do). Just to show you how dedicated I am going to be to this gig, I actually taped World Wide and Saturday Night. Here it is 1:35 a.m. early Tuesday and I'm finally getting done with the World Wide recap. Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll get to Saturday Night tomorrow on my day off fairly soon.

The glowing logo welcomes us, followed by the man in the control room preparing to beam the broadcast to a satellite high up in space. All this is necessary to bring you this edition of WCW World Wide!

The fun that we had with Bobby last week is out the window, as this week, your hosts are Tony Schiavone and Larry Zybysko.

This week, we'll be looking at the Powers That Be, Booker T and Midnight, but our top story this week (what is this 20/20?) is the war that's going on between the Revolution and the Filthy Animals. Rey Mysterio Jr. has been injured at the hands of the Revolution in a House of Pain match on Nitro. Let's take a look back at that night.

Flash back to Nov. 15, 1999 as Mike Tenay interviews Shane Douglas and the Revolution. Shane calls the House of Pain "the most dangerous structure ever built in WCW." That is, unless you don't count the WarGames cage before they souped it up to make The Warrior look great.

We get to watch the Revolution entrance as Tony explains the rules (shackle all the limbs of the opposing team to the cage). Shane joins the commentary team as the Filthy Animal team of Konnan and Eddie Guererro try to enter the cage, but Malenko and Saturn keep Konnan from coming in. Tony says THE LINE, and Douglas actually does a good job of commentating for four seconds before he has to get back in character. As Konnan finally gets in, Eddie is almost completely shackled to the cage with the exception of one leg. Konnan finally gets in and does all his crappy offense until he rolls under a Saturn clothesline and Malenko grabs him after the flip and tosses him into the cage. With Konnan down, Saturn and Malenko get Eddie locked up entirely. Konnan is getting beaten up and shackled, then Douglas and Asya come in so Douglas can beat up on Nick Patrick for a while. Rey comes down the aisle to save his buds, and gets some offense in before Asya completely levels him with a clothesline. Rey finally gets hung to the top of the cage by his bad leg, and Malenko and Saturn alternate drop kicks on the knee. The beat down continues until Doug Dillenger and security mosey on down to the ring to break it up.

In studio, Zybysko gives the advantage to the Revolution. Gee, do you think so Larry?

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As we come back, Tony tells us of Stevie Ray's suspension by the Powers That Be. Booker T is forced to come to the ring alone now, so the Powers That Be decide that since they're in the South now, it only makes sense to start oppressing the black man! Let's have him go two on one versus Creative Control!

So again we go back to Nov. 15, 1999 as Mike Tenay interviews Booker T. He warns us all that when Midnight strikes, it's all over for Patty and Geraldine.

We get almost all of Booker t's entrance (complete with more flames o' fire) and the entire Creative Control entrance. Tony breaks some big news during Booker's early match offense...Kevin Nash's retirement has been waved, and he will wrestle tonight. Tony then proceeds to speak THE OTHER LINE. Creative Control begins to dominate, and a big chant breaks out for Booker T (maybe he should be the "chosen one"). Whip by CC...double clothesline misses...dropkick on both men by T! Axe kick! Break dancing! Up to the top and a missile dropkick! by the other member of CC. Whip on Booker to the ropes...double pickup and slam! 1...2...3! A beat down ensues by CC until Midnight makes her sloppy save. I'm sorry, but she ain't as great as everybody is trying to say she is.

Back in studio, Larry has a comment on the Powers That Be. What is it? Stay tuned!

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In studio, Tony tells us of a new creative team that has taken over, and a lot of top athletes such as Hacksaw Jim Duggan have "fallen from grace." Larry thinks it's a change for the worse, and he's got two more cents for you after the footage.

Again from Nov. 15, 1999, we see Chavo Guererro Jr. selling Amway to Booker T (or trying to), Hacksaw saving Kimberly from the dark, then Chavo selling Hacksaw a fuse! Oh boy the hilarity that ensued!

Then we see almost the entire Goldberg vs. Hennig match. Goldberg did sell a lot (to his credit) and it was a fairly good match. A fairly even brawl through the back, until we finally make the main arena floor. Once out to the walkway, we cut to later when Hennig has the advantage on Goldberg. Hennig gets him in the corner and tries a chop, but he sees it's waking Goldberg up so he takes him down and works over the leg. Hennig gets a submission hold, but Goldberg with a punch to break it up. Field goal kick by Hennig. Taking Goldberg into the corner, but punches and chops by Hennig wake Goldberg up this time. Leg lock by Goldberg, and Hennig quickly gives up to keep his job. Post match, Goldberg goes ahead with a spear and jackhammer anyway, because he's such a good guy.

In studio, it's time for Larry to speak his mind. He doesn't like the Powers That Be. He's been in the sport for 25 years, and...well there's no real point other than to say that. He's proud that A.C. Jazz stood up to the Powers. If the big wigs don't clip the wings of the Powers That Be, soon we'll be "without a Living Legend." Hey, there's no need to bring the Dynamite Kid into this!

A Mayhem CD spot leads us into Jimmy Barron sitting pool side in late November to shill the 1-800-CALL-ATT Road Report. After tonight(?) we're heading east to Milwaukee!

The talking dolls promote the show again.

Back in studio, Tony tells Larry he could get in trouble. Larry says he doesn't care. He doesn't need this job anyway, and he could play golf another day a week if he lost it. Tony says, "Maybe your score will finally go down."

We go to the World Wide/Saturday Night Arena, as it's time for Scott Hudson and Mike Tenay to bring us some fresh matches! The fallout still is going on from Mayhem the PPV, Scott says, and we'll be told all about it next week. I can hardly wait....

Fidel Sierra vs. Prince Iaukea: Sierra's jacket and tights are all Cuban flag design, making him a heel everywhere except for Cuba and Baltimore. Sierra attacks Prince as he enters the ring, but Prince gets the advantage anyway. Prince with an enziguiri kick, and Fidel rolls out to stall. He trips up Prince from the outside, and gains the advantage climbing back in. Sierra gets Prince on the apron, but Prince bounces off the top for a sunset flip which Fidel doesn't go down for like he should. Prince still gets a two. They trade "offense" until Prince gets an inside cradle for two. Sierra is up and gets the advantage as Scott Hudson tells us who's in the main event this week...MENG! Back to the match, as Sierra goes to the top for...something...and...kinda...gets caught with a punch to the stomach by Prince. Whip and a chop. Whip and a back body drop by Prince. To the top rope he goes...cross body connects! 1...2...3! (4:10) Meng is next!

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And now...are you as excited as I am...!

Adrian Byrd vs. Meng: The crowd boos Meng to start with, as Scott hides "under the table" until Meng gets in the ring. Punches...kicks...choke...toss into corner...chop...choke...kicks...back rake...choke on ropes...such varied offense...eye rake...chop...foot to throat...head butt...BYRD COMES BACK! PUNCHING AWAY...DROPKICK misses! Time to do a little dance and make a little love, as Meng gets down tonight with the Tongan Death Grip! The crowd is going nuts. Seriously! 1...2...3! (2:06) Wendy's Spicy Chicken provides the replay of Meng's dominating win.

Next week, we'll run down the Mayhem card for you. As we go out, Larry says that WCW is not the place for the Powers That Be.

That's it for World Wide. Back next week with another fun installment!

Jason Hanes

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